04.05.18 Clear skies and a late morning!

Today’s wake up call, much to the joy of the campers,was delayed by an hour due to the tiring, cold and wet weather that greeted us yesterday. The weather today, to our surprise, was warm and welcoming.We headed to the slopes taking full advantage of the good climate and enjoyed a long and satisfying pre-lunch session of skiing. The T-Bar claimed the most victims today with a lone ranger accidentally taking it too far and almost reaching Italy! Another incident took place when a skier fell off and in an attempt to get back on, claimed the spot of two other skiers on the T-Bar.

After a nourishing lunch on the slopes, we came back to the hotel. Skipping our post-lunch skiing session, we went on a shopping spree in Zermatt Village instead. Souvenirs, chocolates and ice creams were the popular choices of the day. Once back from our outing, we split into our groups for the various courses.

After dinner we split into our different clubs. The photography club was sent to make a short film for which they started gathering footage already. The journalism team went and asked thought provoking questions to a plethora of people, trying to understand their insights on the given topics. As for the sports coaching club, they were sent out on a walk to the indoor sports center of Zermatt where they started practicing techniques for coaching. Thinking that shouting the loudest means you win the argument for your side, the debating club valiantly fought between each other in an attempt to reign victorious. And lastly, the baking club baked cookies in which, each of them added a secret ingredient to spice up the mix.


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