07/05/2018 – Verbier Arrival Day

The day started off with most people leaving the camp after a great week at Zermatt. The Elves woke up at 7:30 in the morning with a healthy and filling breakfast and headed towards their morning activities which included Olympic Games for the little ones and hiking for the older ones. The hike was an 8km long one that took them all across the entire town and over a few hills with splendid view. Some of us got the opportunity to go paragliding in Verbier which was absolutely breath taking. The view from up in the sky and the feeling of flying like a bird was overwhelming. The view gave the older ones a chance to take multiple pictures and have a little photo session of their own. While the big ones were out and having a fun time trekking along the town, the little ones were fully engrossed in their own little Olympics on the camp at Verbier. The little ones were asked to make up a country with its own flag and national anthem. This activity displayed the hidden energy in these little kids which surpised and made the instructors proud of them all.

There was a barbeque for lunch which the Elves found to be a taste from home. After lunch, the younger and older kids switched places with each other. The younger ones went on the hike while the older Elves partook in the Olympic Games making their own countries and national anthem. They participated in the competition with all their might with the nation of Kronos coming in the first place. After everyone ate some evening snacks, they separated into their courses while the hailstorm and rain proved to be a bit much for our mountain biking crew so they joined the bushcraft course.

After dinner, we distributed the prizes for the Olympic games to the winners. This was followed by everyone going into their clubs. The Apprentice and Photography club joined together to make groups in which they came up with the basics of some ideas  and products which they have to present at the end of the week along with a fully detailed pitch and an advertisement. More interviews were collected by the Journalism Club to put into the magazine which was being edited as well. As for Sportscoaching, they were first given a brief on the 3 main skills to have when teaching sports, mainly to know the students, how to keep them engaged and being safe. Then, they took part in a competition to test each of their personal skills.