08/05/2018 – Excursions to Italy and the cheese and chocolate factories!

The day started of with an early wake up, leading up to the long awaited excursion. The excursion for the first time students was the cheese and chocolate factory, and returning students to a small town in Italy called Aosta. After a long bus journey the Elfes hastily headed towards the chocolate factory. By that time the kids that were headed to Italy had reached a beautiful castle for an amazing photo session.

The kids were split into groups for the tour which was very informative about the history of chocolate. After the tour, the children were trying out various exquisite chocolates made in the factory. After the enriching chocolate experience they went to a cheese factory. The children went on an exciting journey to see how cheese was created. They were given cheese to try which the children seemed to love. They had lunch outside the factory itself.

Meanwhile, the returning students had an amazing time roaming around the beautiful town of Aosta and learning about the interesting Roman history. They ate Italian pizza for lunch and came back to the camp.

After a lovely South Indian dinner, everyone went to their clubs and made immense progress.

Now after a tiring and exciting day, the Elfes are now asleep.