10th of January. Skiing, excursions, escape rooms, fashion show and casino night

We started a busy day full of energy with a big and nice breakfast. All the kids were ready for different excursions they had chosen already the days before. Some of the kids went to Skiing to improve their skills while other two groups went for a excursion. Some of them visit the Olympic museum and the others had the oportunity to visit the Charlie Chaplin museum.
After a long day out all the kids came back to Les Elfes where they could chill for a bit, to take some snacks and hot chocalte.
In the afternoon the kids signed up for different activities; some of them had the chance to enjoy going to the escape room and other could go to the village to do some shopping. After that everyone came back for dinner when they got to know the different choices for the evening activities. Some kids chose for fashion show and the rest were doing Casino night.
After a long day everyone went to sleep and to rest!



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