11th Feb Skiing, afternoon activities and La Fureur

What a great day to start the new week at Les Elfes, with fresh snow falling gently from the sky. For many of our new arrivals that come from all over the world, this is a very special week for them, one they have been waiting for all year!

Since breakfast this morning, our campers were extremely eager to get going, and hence, were up and ready in no time. They left with a sense of wonder on their faces as the snow kept falling all around them. For those who come from more exotic countries, the Swiss Alps are a magical landscape.

They came back from the slopes later in the day, and enjoyed some snacks and warm hot chocolate, satisfied with their start to the week. In the meanwhile, they signed up from a range of optional activities, which they attended before dinner.

After dinner, our school groups all participated in our musical-themed game known as La Fureur. Instead, our individuals went to the sport center to play the les Elfes Olympic Games. Such a lot of fun !

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