13th July – rock climbing, mini golf, sports day and ropes course!

We kicked off today with languages for all students, with some finally cracking basic conversational phrases in their new languages! The morning was very productive and the teachers were very happy with the progress that their students have made over the past few days.

The discoveries headed to the rock climbing wall in Verbier to learn how to tie ropes and climb like a pro! Everyone got involved and even helped those who were slighty more apprehensive to climb. After climbing, we all had an icecream (or two…) and then went to the mini golf course for a competition. The Chinese students ended up winning, with several hole-in-one’s flying around!

The explorers had sports day today! They split into 3 groups, the first group heading to play golf at the driving range. We saw some excellent hits, and some not so excellent hits! The second group went to play tennis at the courts in Verbier. Everyone managed to nail the forehand and backhand, so the coach Rob was very impressed! The last group started off with basketball and football at Les Elfes, with a few tournaments going on. Everone seemed to get really competetive with huge smiles and laughs all round, which is the kind of attitude we love at Les Elfes!

The pioneers spent the day at the ropes course in Sion. Everyone tried at least the beginners ropes course, which was great! Some even tried to show off by going upside down on the ropes!!

Dinner was scrumtious tonight! We had mexican fajitas, with all the trimmings, followed by our patissier’s famous pinapple cake!  

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