Ropes Course/Mountain Biking…

Today we had breakfast and were with so much energy to start mountain biking, we went and discover the nature around us. Later we play tennis and had so much fun. After lunch we went to Sion and did the ropes course, it was amazing share this time together under the trees, chasing each others and playing around the park. The weather has been really nice!!!

Welcome individuals

Today we had new arrivals. They came and had dinner and after we had an easy night, all individuals came from Zermatt abd were really tired, so we watch a movie, play some games and went to bed early!!!


Today we had our new school, the weather was beautifal. We recieve them with some games outdoors and snacks. In the afternoon we had a lovely walk in town and start doing the verbier hunt. We discover everything about the town having so much fun, when we get back the camp we had dinner and an easy night!!!

Hiking/Boys vs Girls

Everybody was so exited we had breakfast and got ready for the hike. We start hiking the mountain till the top, discovering al kind of nature in this wonderfull place, we see animals, plants, waterfalls it was a really nice experience, we had lunch in the top and later we continue hiking down the mountain. In the afternoon we play some foot-ball and basket- ball, made some crafts and went to town for some shopping. In the evening we play boys vs girls, we had so much fun!!!

Ropes Course/Mountain Biking…

Today we start biking all around the mountains, it was very nice the experience some children enjoy it a lot some others start learning and they did it very well. We had lunch in a place far away from here above the mountain and play al kind of games. In the afternoon we went to the ropes course place, it was amazing adventure and jump from tree to tree by the ropes and swings. We had so much fun we came to the camp and had dinner after we play la fureur!!!

Rock climbing/ Aquapark…

Today we went to a small towm near verbier to rock climbing. The children enjoy doing it, some of them didn´t think they would do it and they did it very well. We play foot ball, base ball. We had lunch behind the Acuapark and get ready for have so much fun. The aquapark was really amazing the kids really enjoy every tobogan they did the river, the waves pool, everything was so much fun. In the afternoon we had prize giving and the disco. We had so much fun wuth you this week you were an awsome school thank you so much.



Today we had new arrivals. They came and had lunch and after we start the olympic games so much fun. We start with ping pong match, water bowl. Many games and they really  enjoy it. The weather was so nice we could stay for hours playing footbal, basketball. We had dinner and after we did the music video, it was amazing!!!

MOvIe nIGhT!!!

Today we had some departures and arivals who came from Zermatt. They had a long ski week and they came back to the camp in the afternoon. We had dinner and play some games, watch a movie it was an easy night. Children went sleep early so they can have enough energy tomorrow to wake up early and start enjoying the spring camp activities

Ropes Course… 06/05

Today we went to the ropes course, it was fantastic. The trees were amazing and hold courses from above 10 mts. The kids really love the activity. In the afternoon we went mountain biking all around the place. We had lovely weather had some snacks and in the evening we had the music video with lot of enthusiasm, we dance and sing!!! We are really having a great time.

Disco Night

Today we went biking all around the camp the weather was really nice. Later we went paragliding over the mountain we took a deep breathe and start feeling the air flying in this amazing place. We had lunch and after we went to a magical place doing ropes course. In and under the trees having so much fun. We had dinner at the camp and took a shower for the Disco, so much fun.

Excursion to Geneve

Today we woke up and get ready to leave the camp for our excursion. We went to Geneve and had lunch at the park, we walk around the lake. It was an awesome weather!!! After we did so much shopping we went to many stores and buy many things. In the afternoon we had Boys vs Girls and had lot of fun together girls won and was very funny!!!


Prize Giving

Today we had many activity options around the camp and play many games. After lunch we went to an amazing park called Laberinth. In the evening we had prize giving and talent show, we had great time together and we wish you the best kids, you are amazing, thank you so much for coming with us and had great time.

Bridge swinging and rock climbing!!!

All children get ready to go bridge swinging. They were really enthusiastic and nervous about jumping. They had so much fun doing it and enjoy the long swing some of them really get scared when they saw it but they were brace and did it. After we went rock climbing and it was exahusted but funny. We had some snaks at the camp and stay playing some games. In teh evevning we play boys vs girls and had so much fun.