HOT day !

Today in verbier was a nice and hot day! Group A played a game called escaping from les elfes and then enjoyed all afternoon in the outdoor pool, Group B went trottinette and after to the pool. Group C went to lake geneva and after to the jazz festival in Montreux. At night group A and B played family feud!

tapas, masks, football, drama, ice skating…and more

Today the kids enjoyed one of our famous sports and arts day ! They played football, basketball, tennis, trampoline and more. The art kids went for a nature walk and picked some flowers for a special project they are making! In the afternoon we had club Les Elfes. They had the chance to pick an activity like tapas, masks, football, drama, outdoor experience and more. At night we went ice skating!

Natural History Museum, Evian, Lauanne, Aosta, Italy – AMAZING

Today the kids went on excursion . Group A enjoyed visiting Geneva and the Natural History Museum, Group B walked around Evian and then took the olympic boat to Lausanne , Group C visited Aosta, Italy. They all had an amazing time! At night we made the music video with the song call me maybe!

Arrival Day

Today we had new arrivals coming in all day! The kids met there group and there group leaders. Rules were explained and some of them got to go to the outdoor swimming pool. The rest stayed in les Elfes enjoying a great lasagna lunch. We walked around town and watched a movie at night.

Gorgeous day up in the mountains

Today we woke up to find out it was a gorgeous day up in the mountains. We all took a little hike and explored the area. After group A visited the famous and biggest Labyrinth in Europe, Group B went to the sunny shores of Lac leman and group C to the ropes course. At night the kids enjoyed watching football and playing Boys vs. Girls.

Perfect day

Today was a special day for the kids! Each group went to a different place up in the mountains for a overnight. The weather was perfect for a campfire, smores and camp songs. They had a great time!!!

First day of Camp

Today was first day of camp! All the kids were really excited to start with the new activities. It was a perfect day to do Arts and Sports. Most of the kids played football, tennis, trampoline, basketball and more. The Arts kids made beautiful things to hang around camp. At night we played our famous game LA FUREUR!!!!!

Departure Day

Today was a sad day!!! Everyone in camp left really early in the morning. The kids that stayed with us enjoyed a free day! They went rock climbing, swimming, shopping and more. Hope they enjoyed there stay with us.

Last day

Today was the last day for alot of our campers. After there last language class we had an amazing BBQ up in the mountain. A few of them had the oportunity of going paraglyding. In the afternoon we packed and walked around town for the last shopping spree. At night we had prize giving and the Talent show. They had a great time saying goodbye and enjoying there las night in camp. We are going to miss them alot!


Today was excursion day! Group A went to cheese and chocolate factory and after to the wonderful town of VEVEY. Group B enjoyed a tour around the UM and shopping in Geneva. At night our famous DISCO took place were the kids danced all night long!

Carnaval night

Today the kids enjoyed a nice and warm day playing sports like tennis, football, MTB, basketball and more. The art students helped out making some amazing posters for our new CARNIVAL night! At Carnival the kids had the experience of a life time. Each one received 15 tickets to go around and play some games or challenges.  At the end the kid or the team with most tickets had the chance to throw a pie to one of the monitors! They loved it !


Today in Les Elfes was a special day, INTERNATIONAL DAY! They spent all morning in languages investigating and preparing everything about there country. At noon we had the most amazing International feast. We had food from Saudi Arabia, Italy, Mexico, Russia and India. After lunch every team had the chance to talk a little bit about there country. The kids were so excited to learn about each others cultures. At night we played our famous game LA FUREUR, a musical and challenge experience for the kids.

Amazing day

Today we had an amazing day by the shores of Lac Leman with Group A. The kids went swimming, tubing, played football and more. Group B went to Aigle for an incredible experience on the ropes course. At night the boys watched some football while the girls had a spa night!

What a nice weather

The kids had an amazing day today, they enyojed the sun and the good weather!!!!!! A few of them volunteered to go up the mountain to pick up everything that was left after the snow melted. Some them found some poles, gloves, trash and more . After they enjoyed an amazing picknick and felt so good for helping keeping the environment clean. Everyone else went to rock climbing and mountain biking. In the afternoon we went to the outdoor pool and had alot of fun!!!!!! At night we had the most wonderfull time learning how to ice skate. The kids loved it.

Quiet day

Today all the students had a lie in for an extra hour. Today the was no language apart from intensive courses, so in the morning the students played a big game of capture the flag after lunch all te students went on hike in the forest. Tonight group A is oing to play bin bag fashion show and group B will play music quiz.

Fun climbing

Today all the students went to languages in the morning, After lunch Group A went to the rope course this was really fun climing across the bridges and zooming down the zip-wires after they returned to Les Elfes just in time for a quick shower and then dinner. Group B had the choice to join a Arts and Crafts class or sports day in sports some went to play Golf, Tennis, Football or Badmington at 5pm they had free time where they could sign up for shopping, swimming or games at Les Elfes. After dinner tonight Group A will play Werewolves which is a skill game. Group have the choice to either eat in Les Elfes or go to dine out and eat in a restaurant.


What a day! (excursions)

Today the students did not have languages as it is excursion day. Group A set off for Geneva in the morning and visited the UN (United Nations) and learnt all about what it is that they do in the UN, and they visited most of the conference rooms and had a guided tour, this was really interesting and they learnt alot. After a picnic lunch next to the lake they headed off for a tour of Geneva and even managed to do some shopping. Group B headed to Vevey after a tour of the city and visiting Charlie Chaplins statue they went for a bit of shopping in the mall. After they all headed to the lake for a picnic lunch and fed the ducks. After filling there bellys with good food they went to the Sensalles cheese factory where they make the famous Gryuere cheese and they all got to sample the cheese and have a refreshment. After this they went to the famous swiss chocolate factory of Callier were they learnt how chocloate is made and the history of it, they even got to taste all the different types. After dinner both groups went downstairs for a disco, everyone loved this and danced the night away.

Long story short…

On Tuesday the students went to language lessons in the morning. After having a BBQ lunch the two groups headed off to the mounatin huts for the day and night. Group A went to a place called Emosson this is a really cool Dam right next to the border of France. To get up to the mountain hut the students took one of the steepest finicula’s in the world, after they took a mountain train which is really fun and you can see some amazing views from the train, after anouther small finicular ride they arrived at the top of the mountain Emosson. When they reached the top it was snowing which was amazing as some of the students have never seen snow before. After a walk around the dam they sat down for dinner, after a nice hot dinner the students played games until bed time.

Group B left camp after the BBQ and headed off to Lac Taney after an hour bus journey we arrived at the bottom of the mountain we all put our rain jackets on and started the 1hour 20mins hike up to the lake which is where the hut is located, after a long and rainy walk we arrived at the chalet the surroundings were beautifull! Big lake, green trees and flowers everywhere. After drying off and having a snack and drink we played card games until dinner. After dinner we braved the weather and built a fire and roased marsmellows yum yum we played games around the fire as the rain finally stopped, after it was time for a well earned rest.

Today all the groups returned to Les Elfes in the afternoon and had the choice to go swimming play sports or arts and crafts. Tonight all the students will start to prepare for the talent show which will take place at the end of session 1.

Mountain biking or Golf

Today we started the day with our chosen languages either intensive or conversational after a lovely lunch of Risotto Group A headed off for Mountain biking or Golf which was really cool. Group B braved the rain and went up the mountain for Trottinettes, which is like a big scooter that has breaks to control our speed and we ride these down the mountain back to camp, this was really fun and had all our adrenaline pumping.