Excursion! This time must be the most exciting time for everyone.

Group A have a trip in two countries, can you believe it? The France and Switzerland. What is  more, two famous cities all over the world—— Evian and Lausanne. Is it a French Brand of mineral water in our mind, all the exprience water come from here. The well-known town is on the south shore of Lake Geneva. After visit Evian, we go to Lausanne.

Arts and sports

Our language in the morning do a prepare for the excursion of tomorrow. Everyone is looking forward to the interesting excursion.

Afternoon is the arts and sports time. Children in Gruop A do the arts and crafts. There are so many amazing beautiful works,in other word, there are lots of  small artist. Group B go to the Martigny pool, swimming and other water activities must the wonderful sport in summer. The students of Group C go to climb the rock.

What about the dinner? Group B dine out, and other two groups have supper in Les Elfes. Group A take part in the Pyjama Party and Group C have their Casino Night.

Sports, fashion show, songs

The morning we have the Languages Classes as usual.  But our lunch of today is BBQ on the mountain (Baratin), we have the delicious meal.

All groups take part int different sports to experience the charm of this exciting game. The kids in Group A climb rock. The students in Group B and Group C have separate acivities ——– ropes course and Lake Geneva. All these activities can make us stronger.

The children in Group A and Group B have the Bin Bag Fashion Show, it is  so special ! We have  lots of outstanding desiners and models. The students of Group C songs in Real Life, to explain their feelings .

Rope courses and Lake

We have the excursion review in this morning language class. The students had the exciting day yesterday and they have the heated discussion in the class. Our lunch is the BBQ at Les Elfes. Both the Group A and Group C take part in the rope course , but in different places. Group A in Sion, Group C in Aigle.

The night activity is Carnival Night. All the students have a great time. There are fishing, scrawling ( painting ine the arm and face), throwing the balls and playing pingpong and so on. Everyone try their best to win the game. Alex in Group B get the most tickets. We give the prizes to the winners.



We go to excursion today. The diferent groups have diferent activities, in  other word, the students can participate in various activities to more colorful leisure time, increase knowledge.

Students of Group A see the animals in the Geneva Servion Zoo. All children’s favourite animals can be found in this comfortable surroundings at this zoo: from Siberian tigers, bears and lions to pumas!  Tibetan goats, antelopes and monkeys are in plentiful supply (the monkeys even have their own building). The animals also the important inhabitants, we should protect them and make friends with them. Both Group A and Group B go to shopping in Lausanne.

Group B  have a tour in famous French town——- Evian. Oh, Evian is equal to the the mineral water in my mind. How about you? In popular culture, Evian is portrayed as a luxury and expensive bottled water. We go to Lausanne in the afternoon, we take the boat to there. The boat is another well-known Switzerland tourism. It has 130 years history. Our boat was made in 1990. We visit the Olympic Boat, then go to shopping.

Group C It is said that you maybe never have an opportunity to visit Switzerland, but you must eat the Swiss chocolate in your life. Group C visit the Cailler chocoate factory. Broc.we have a trip in the capital ——Bern.


Arts and Sports (Van gogh exhibition)

The students have the language classes in the morning.

The afternoon is the Arts and Sports time. Some students perfer to watch the art exhibition. This exhibition is about the paitings of Van gogh.Van gogh, one of the famous painter all over the globe, for whom color was the chief symbol of expression. And the other students , they play mountain biking, football, basketball or drawing the national flags prepare for the Olymipcs Game.

How about the evening activity? Group A and Group B play the prationary game^^^^


All the students take part in  the famous activity. Group A, Group B, Group C go to Baratin have lunch and then walk to Les Grands Plans to watch the cow fights and eagle fight. Cow-fighting is one of the well- known annual tradition.

It is said that fighting cows are unique in their kind, just as much as the joyful folk festivals that surround the cow- fighting competition. Everyone are so exciting to enjoy this special day.

Then we walk back to Les Elfes to have dinner, except Group B. For Group B dine out. In the evening, Group A watch movie, Group C play Mini golf.


Today is the best opportunity to the students to touch one of the Swiss culture————- traditon and internationzation.

Group A When we talk about the tradition food in Switzerland, cheese must be  the most popular food all over the world. The students in Group A visit the cheese factory to discover the cheese secret——– the manufacturing process. Then we go to visit Vevey which is the famous western town of Switzerland.

Group B the students visit the CERN museum which is belong to European Organization of Nuclear, learn the phenomena of the world and the history of CERN. For example, the nevigating between the infinitesimally small and infinitesimally large, we understand why such enormous detectors are needed to explore the tiniest compenents of matters. Discove the mysterious of Universa, of time, vaccum, and antimatter, and learn about the impact of fundamental research on our every lives. ( CERN is the world’s largest particle physics centre.) Also, we have a tour in the well-known landmark of Geneva,the foundation and do some shop in this beautiful city.

Group C we visit Lausanne. The 2012 Olympics Game open soon, London be come the hot topic, Lausanne as well. Because  the headquarts of IOC is located here. Also, we are boating and shopping.


Our mountain trip continuting~~~~

Group A pick up and go to River Blue to take the interesting Banana Boat WOW!!!

Group B hike aroud the lake and the mountain ,the secenery is so so so beatiful.When we come back to Verbier, we go to swimming. After dinner, we play the mini golf.

Group C hike the mountain, swim at pool as well, play Scattrgories in the evening.


Mountain Hut

When we talk about Switzerland, we must refer to the beatiful lake and mountain.  Our three groups take part in mountain hut different groups seperated ( Mauvoisin, Tanay, Bonatchiesse) We walk and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way at the same time. We are tired, but we are so exciting. In the evening,we play games and sleep there.

Good bye, our lovely students!

Good bye, our lovely students! I hope you enjoy the time here. The stay students take part in the games here, and say goodbye to their friends. It is a sad time.

Talent Show Prize Giving

Tomorrow is the Departure Day, students are packing to prepare the leaving after the Language Class. We have lunch on the mountain at Baratin. Unfortunately, it rain suddenly. We have to turn to have a lunch in the log cabin. It is sweetness.

Evening is the Graduation of our camp, we give the prizes to the outstading and interesting camper, our staffs and students take part in the Talent Show play the piano, sing the songs, dance and so on. We all enjoy the night.


After the Language Class, all of the students leave for Yverdon – les – Brains to have a barbecue, it is a hearty meal. Juring the rest time, some students paly football, baseball, badminton and so on.

The best time of the day must all the students and staffs dance in the Disco Boat on Lake Neuchatel. In beautiful travel boat, students show their dazzling dance skill. And we can appreciaten the beauty of the scenery at the same time. It is a good way to bond with our camp.

Evening Activities Group A Game Room Competition

Group B Blind Date

Group C Mini  Golf

Monday 9th July & Tuesday 10th July


Sports and arts day at les elfes. Tennis mountain biking golf and trampoline. The weater was great today and te spirits were very high. Ice skating was the evening .


Excursion Day

Group A have a tour in Evian and  boat trip to Lausanne, all the people are exiting.In my opinion, it will be one of the     great  memories of the kids.

Group B  in the morning , they visit the chocolate factory (the Maison Cailler which was one of the outstanding project on the Swiss tourism industry)  , and shoping in the classic town of switzerland —- Vevey.

Group C  the interesting Geneva Trip ( Geneva Cathedral, Fountain, and the Swatch Museum) shopping in this Great City make everyone on the cloud nine.

Arts, Ropes Course and Lake Geneva

Today was very exciting for all groups.

Group a stayed at les elves and made pinattas. Group b went to the ropes course they all took part and enjoyed themselves alot. In the evening group a and b made a music quiz. Group c traveled to lake Geneva and they went tubing. In the evening they had a dineout to eat local swiss food. They went to montreux festival it is one of the biggest music festivals in swizterland. They walked around and experienced the swiss culture.

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Wonderful time

Today the kids had a wonderful time. The weather was nice so Group A went to Lac leman to do some tubbing, Group B played tennis, golf and MTB and Group C went trottinettes. At night group C had a quiz night and group A and B enjoyed watching Toy Story 3.

Ropes course, Lake Geneva

Languages in the morning as normal, after lunch we got the children ready for the exciting day ahead.

Group A went to the rope course in Sion. In sion the rope course is very challenging all the children took part. Group B Went to Lake Geneva for the Aqua park, they had so much fun on the rides and wave pool. They spent time in the lazy river and sun bathed by the pool. Group C also went to the ropes course but in Aigle. They tried some very difficult routes and after they were very tired.

In the evening group A played scattegories until 9pm,  group B went to have dinner in a restraunt and group C had a very fun evening of blind date. It was very funny indeed

Arts and Sports

Today the weather was great. We played tennis, golf, football, trampoline and mountain biking. Today is independents day and the American children were in full swing, which of course encouraged the other children to celibate in the style.

We also had arts and sports for the art students. We made masks and painting them.

In the evening we made a fashion show for group A and group B, they designed the outfits from bin bags and string. The final show was great we played music and had a lively crowd every got involved and we had some amazing designs

Group C played pictionary together and they bonded as a group.



Group A went to the Zoo in Lausanne. They had a fantastic experience visiting all the animals. They had a picnic lunch and played in the park. After they went to Lausanne shopping and brought gifts for their families.

Group B Traveled to Bern and also went to the Chocolate factory. They ate as much chocolate as they could and they felt very full afterwards.

Group C went to Evian in France. They took the boat from Lausanne and enjoyed the ride to Evian. After they also went shopping in Lausanne.


Very exciting indeed. We set up many different carnival games for the children. They had some tickets and had to pay with tickets to join in on the games. We had marshmallow eating, balloon popping, face painting and tattoos (fake ones of course) hock a duck, picture booth and many more games. The children had a great evening.

Nice one !

In the morning the children had thier langugaes. After lunch Group C went to the indoor sports hall to play tennis, squash and badminton. It was raining quite hard so we prepared the decorations for the 4th of july with group A. Group A designed many posters and decorations and now les elfes looks even more amazing ready for the 4th July independents day. Group B went ice skating and then down to the local indoor swimming pool.

After dinner we had a pyjama party for group A, everyone dressed in thier night cloths and we made the cinema room very cosy for them. Group B & C played indoor games together which was very funny.