New Year’s Eve !!!

New Year’s Eve… The morning started well with intensive languages and then moved on to skiing. Later the groups had the choice of shopping, swimming and staying in, playing games at Les Elfes. After dinner, everybody participated in the Les Elfes music video and later that night had a disco… partying through to the New Year’s, finishing up the night by watching the firework display in Verbier.

Fun morning

After a fun morning of intensive languages, it was time to grab their skis and move onto the slopes, for the learners it will begin hard but will pick it up veyr easily . Later that day all groups had optional activities, comprising of shopping, swimming or saying at Les Elfes. After dinner the groups went on down to the ice ring to go skating/ hockey.

Busy day

Today was a rather busy day at les Elfes with students arriving throughout the day. The morning consisted of ensuring the new arrivals had all the necessary equipment needed for the fourth coming week. Later that day the groups had a visit around our local town Verbier. After dinner the groups relaxed, watching a movie, ending up with a hot chocolate before bed.

Last morning of skiing

Everybody was up early, ready for their last morning of skiing. Some students staying for another week, while others were leaving Les Elfes throughout the next day. All the instructors were very impressed with the progression of learning over the past week. After an action packed morning of skiing/snowboarding the groups that are leaving had chance to pack their bags and prepared everything from their rooms. Once everybody had settled down and had dinner we all moved on to the presentation, giving presents and certificates to exceptional students. Before the evening disco, there was a slideshow of the pictures that had been taken over the week. The disco was a blast, with everbody getting on the dacefloor and showing some unique dance moves.

Ski, Games & Language Lessons

After having a cooked breakfast, all the groups moved to the slopes in preparation of the race in the morning. The race was made of a series of controlled challenges by maintaining the speed throughout the corners and beating their opponents. The group returned to skiing after a warm lunch of pasta. Later that evening the groups went to intense languages. After languages some groups had a meal out. The night activity was Boys vs. Girls, a series of games ending up with the boys being the winners. At 22.00hrs the groups relaxed with a hot chocolate and went to bed ready for tomorrow.

Yummy Swiss Chocolate !

The morning began early.. with all groups exited and ready for a excursion to the Callier chocolate factory and to the St beanard dog Museum. After a good time out and having lunch they moved on to go sightseeing around the local towns of vevey and Montreux.

Later that evening there was intensive languages and optional activities with club les Elfes, making a music video.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry Christmas everyone!  With no languages and a lie-in in this morning everybody was feeling relaxed and happy at breakfast. After breakfast all groups went to the slopes, enjoying skiing/snowboarding until the afternoon.

Later that day the groups had the options of going shopping, swimming or staying in and playing games, pool, ping pong or watch a movie. After Dinner we had international Christmas presentations, where groups came up and told everybody about the country there from and their usual traditions over Christmas, while the older groups went on a torch walk singing carols to the locals. It has been a brilliant day, both the staff and the groups have enjoyed it.

Santa at the campus !!!

Everybody was awake, had breakfast and began the day doing languages, with others going skiing. After a much deserved lunch from an intense but fun morning, all groups went onto the mountain to go skiing. Later than day after skiing, the groups were given the options of swimming, shopping or staying in. At 8.15 Santa arrived via his sledge and reindeer, everybody was exited and joined in with Santa on the Les Elfes treasure hunt.

Test of the ski abilities of the new group

Everbody was up, feeling well rested and ready to go. After breakfast the mighlty large group was split into three seperate groups, so they can all be with others at a very simmular age. Everybody placed there thinking caps on and went to Intensive languages. After luch it was time to test out the skiis and for the instructors to see the abilitys of their new group. During the evening everybody went ice skating, some some seemed to pick it up faster than others but everybody had fun.

Many people arrived at the campus

Today was a busy day at Les Elfes with many people arriving. The Les Elfes team got them checked in to their new rooms. After Lunch all new arrivals went to downstairs to the ski fitting room to get all the equipment needed for the duration of their stay. Later that night everybody had a relaxing time watching a film, socializing with others, making new friends and getting an early night, ready for the activities tomorrow.

Brillant day

Day off from skiing for all groups and a brilliant opportunity for an excursion, leaving early at 9am for a visit around the cavalier chocolate factory and end up with a tasting of all the chocolate made by calier. Later that day the groups took a trip to the cheese factory and took a trip to Montreax Christmas market. During the evening had optional activities and after tea La Fureur, a variety of music based games. Over the day there has been groups leaving, we hope they had a great time at les Elfes and hope to see them all again.

Great group – thank you very much !!

Skiing was on the agenda for the groups today, with some more of the advanced skiers moving to the mountains, taking on the new challenges. Everybody had sufficient hot food to keep going in the mountains and learning slopes. During the evening we had prize evening for the groups that are leaving in the next morning. Prizes were given to individuals who stood out from the crowd in different areas. The groups this week have been great !!

Ski race !

Today all groups participated in a ski race, showing there instructors what skills they have learnt over the beginning of the week. Later that night all groups went down to the disco, boogieing down on the dance floor. This was a very active day, more so than the usual days so everybody was tired. All monitors and instructors were very impressed with the level of enthusiasm during the day.

Everybody was up bright and early ready for a full day of skiing

Everybody was up bright and early ready for a full day of skiing. Within a short amount of time every group was on the slopes, practicing what they had learnt yesterday and continue to develop new skills. Later that evening there was optional activities which consisted of night skiing, shopping, swimming or staying in. At 8pm, all groups participated in les Elfes who wants to be a millionaire, which was followed by a well-deserved rest.

Lovely day

All groups were ready to go early this morning, ready and exited for their first day skiing. Some of whom have been before but on dry ski slopes and others who have never been before, which holds a completely new challenge. After a long morning of fun and learning, a hot meal was brought to them on the slopes by our lovely kitchen staff, then all groups returned to their skis on the slopes.

During the evening there were optional activities, to give everybody a chance to chill and relax. This was then followed by our popular night activity music video, which involves plenty of dancing singing and smiles.

Ski / Snowboard level test

Today was spent letting the new groups get aquainted with there ski/snowboard instructors and the instructors to see what ability the students are, there was plenty of time spent on the learner slopes today, some people picked up skiing quicker than others but all students were getting used to the alien feeling of sliding under your feet by the end of the day. The night was filled by going ice skating, which after skiing most people found very easy to learn if they haven’t been before. After skating it was time for hot chocolate and plenty of sleep.

Chilled out morning

Saturday had much more of a chilled out morning, allowing the students to take in some sightseeing in Geneva, and back to skiing after some much needed lunch. The new arrivals were fitted with here ski equipment for the forthcoming week. The day was topped off by a relaxing movie night and hot chocolate for all groups.

Ski race

After much anticipation about this day all groups were up early, egger for getting straight into what they are mainly here for… Going skiing or snowboarding. Today the groups had a chance to prove how much they had learned to their instructors, buy having a Ski race.Earlier that day there was also a arrival of another school, they had chance to settle in to les Elfes and went for a walk around our local village Verbier. The evening was fulfilled with optional activities, which included things like shopping, swimming and staying in playing games or chilling out if they are tired, later that night there was a prize evening to the leaving groups, giving out prizes and showing a slide show of pictures and videos taken during the week.

Plenty of smiles!

Everyone woke happy this morning, seeing plenty of smiles at breakfast. Outside the snow had fallen lots during the night, now getting rather deep. The groups split up between ability’s and the more advanced skiers moved from the learner slopes to the mountain, which is a big achievement for any learner. Everybody is progressing towards being on the mountain. The evening was finished by having a chilled night in and participating in a activity called La fureur, which involves a wide variety of music based games.

Pocket Money for the camp

Upon arrival, students may deposit their pocket money in the camp bank at the reception for safekeeping and withdraw money as needed.

They can ask at the reception the amount depending on their needs each day. The reception will be open for the pocket money everyday at 5pm for the student use.

Parents who wish to set a limit on their child´s daily allowance may do so by request.

Spending money is generally used for the purchase of souveniers, extra snacks and drinks during activities or excursions and small purchases in the town shops including postcards, postage stamps, batteries, lollypops, etc.

It is recommended that each student bring about 100 CHF of spending money for each week they will reside in camp.

Before departure, any unspent money will be returned directly to the student.

How much?

This is a difficult question. Kids all have different needs and they don’t spend the same amount during the camp.
All is included in our camps so they only need pocket money to make shopping, buy memories, extra food, ice creams during excursions, etc.

To make you an idea to buy an ice cream on the lakeside, 1 scoop is 3-4CHF.

That’s why we use to recommend around 100CHF per week.

Weather conditions in Switzerland during Summer

Yes this does deserve a special mention!

Some people imagine that Switzerland is as cold as Alaska, but this is far from the truth. In the plain, temperatures can rise to 30ºC (86ºF) in the summer, and even in the mountains the sun is hot.

The weather in Switzerland varies greatly between different places.

About 20 percent of Europe’s Alps mountain range is in Switzerland. There are around 100 peaks close to or over 4000m above sea level. The area of the Alps covers about 60% of the country.

The Swiss Alps act as a natural division between the temperate climate of northern Europe and the Mediterranean climate of Italy to the south.
The impact of this divide can be felt within Switzerland itself, despite being a relatively small country.

Our campuses are located in the South of the Alps, in the canton of Valais. The canton of Valais boasts of having the most sunshine in Switzerland and is situated in the southwest of Switzerland.

The Valais region has a micro climate and it is famous for being a little ‘Mediterranean’ during the summer months when it is common for the day time temperature in Sion to average 25-35°C from June – September. Returning back up the mountain to Verbier or La Tzoumaz is always a pleasure as the temperature is usually 5-7°C degrees cooler.

The Valais has over 300 days of sunshine a year. Depending on the region, Valais promises guests over 2000 hours of sunshine annually – even more than Switzerland’s most southern point.
How is this possible? Reason is, thanks to the Valaisan and Bernese Alps, which, like a barrier, separate the intermediate Rhone valley and numerous side valleys from the humid conditions often prevailing in more nothern or southern spheres. Rain clouds generally climb before these barriers – leaving the remaining winds to penetrate the Valais in the form of the dry and warm ‘Föhn’ windthat grants the region its Mediterranean-like climate.

Precipitation is distributed over the entire year. From June through August, rain usually comes in the form of thunderstorms.