31/12/2013 – Happy New Year

Good day skiing today, a little busy on the slopes but great weather conditions, the students are doing very well now getting more skiing and learning more advanced techniques.

All groups returned to Les Elfes and signed up for optional activities, swimming, shopping and staying at Les Elfes. After optionals the students had dinner and was explained the evening activities. Firstly the students will be going on a torch light walk, a guided tour around the quite side of Verbier, watching the fireworks and enjoying the view. During this time the monitors set up for Carnival night, there was loads of stalls in the carnival, the students really enjoyed the activities and the had a disco after. At 12 o clock, the students all gathered outside and watched the Les Elfes firework show and celebrated new years. The night came to an end with fake champagne and snacks before a relaxing time and then bed.

Skiing, hot chocolate and disco

Skiing today for most groups, some having intensive languages, others going straight up to the slopes.

After lunch everybody was skiing/snowboarding for the remainder of the day.

Later, after hot chocolate and snacks, the students signed up and went on optional activities, some signed out and went to town, none chose to go swimming and a few stayed, some building jumps for there chuck-buddies  a small snowboarding toy.

For evening activities, some students enjoyed their night boogieing on down to the Les Elfes disco and played party games, while some of the older students wanted to watch the football, so some monitors took them to Verbier to watch it.

Busy Morning !

This morning was rather busy, with a group going skiing, group going to Cavalier chocolate factory, then on to shopping in Vevey and a group going to Chateau de chillion, followed by shopping in Monteux.

For the group going skiing, they took on a hearty breakfast before heading up to the mountain, learning new skills on their skis and snowboard, gaining invaluable experience and practice before their ski/snowboard race later the morning.

The group that went to Cavalier chocolate factory in the morning, jumped on the bus early and arrived at the factory and went straight through to the wonderful tour of the factory, showing the history of cavalier, how chocolate is made and most importantly a tasting at the end of the tour… their chocolate is defiantly as good as they say it is, defiantly worth a return visit. After the factory the group took a trip down to the lovely town of Vevey.

The group that went to Château de chillon explored the very famous castle, had a tour, showing and explaining different parts of the castle and its grounds. After this they went for a trip down to Monteux.

Later that day the groups all got together for snacks, signed up and went to their optional activities.

For evening activities the students took a small trip to the Casbar, a locally hired out place with brilliant facilities for their disco.

Fresh Snowfall

Today has been a very good day, beginning with fresh snowfall… slight shame it was very cold today, but this didn’t slow down or stop the students at Les Elfes, after having a relaxing lie in shortly followed by getting everything ready after breakfast and being just as excited as the first day they arrived. After the day of skiing the groups returned to a hot chocolate and snacks. Later that night, after optional activities the groups had La Fureur, a mix of music baised games, with others having dined out in the local restaurants.

Ski, Snowboard & Music Video

Everybody awoke to the relaxing sound of Swiss radio. After getting a cooked breakfast, or cereal, the groups got changed in the correct gear for the day and headed down on to the Les Elfes mini busses with their instructors, while some had intensive languages.

On the slopes everybody was getting on very well with their skis/ boards, it was clear to see they have been learning and practicing hard.

Lunch was tasty pasta.

After lunch the groups returned to their much beloved skis and board to get more practice in. Later that day optional activities was on, having the usual options of swimming, shopping, staying in and an extra activity of cooking.

Later that night they participated in the very popular activity music video.

Full night worth of snowfall

After Breakfast, the groups split with some doing intensive languages, while others doing skiing/snowboarding.

We had a full night worth of snowfall, making it better for skiing and boarding, allowing learning to carve and turn on the steeper runs much easier.

Later that day, after lunch, there was optional activities with others doing languages. During the night the groups joined to make one large group and went ice skating.

After Ski optionnal activities enjoyed

The day began with the groups getting up early, moving on downstairs for a cooked breakfast and had some time to get ready for skiing/snowboarding.

After the morning of skiing, the groups had a hot lunch and hot chocolate on the slopes/ chalets. Later that day, after snacks, they went on Languages and optional activities, consisting of swimming, shopping and staying in at Les Elfes.

While optional activities and languages were on we had a new small group of students arrive, they settled in quickly and went on a guided tour around Verbier.

During the night all groups had some chill out time to get to socialize with the new group and relaxed with a movie night.

Massive game of UNO + disco

After a very exhilarating day of skiing and snowboarding, the groups returned to Les Elfes for some very warming hot chocolate with snacks.

During this time they signed up for the afternoon activities, swimming, shopping and staying in.

Some of the group that decided to stay at Les Elfes and participated in a massive game of the very popular game “UNO”, while others relaxed and listened to music in our games room.

During the night, the groups got together, having a presentation and prize giving night, presented by all the monitors and instructors of Les Elfes.

After the presentation everybody moved on downstairs to the cinema room to have a disco.

Students now getting very proficient with their technique

This morning began early with breakfast, followed by skiing and snowboarding, most students now getting very proficient with their technique.

After a much deserved lunch in the chalet on the top of the mountain looking at the beautiful view of the Swiss Alps, the groups returned to the slopes, getting more runs down the slopes.

Later that day the students signed up for the afternoon activities, consisting of shopping, swimming and staying in at les Elfes.

After the evening dinner the students split into three groups, one group having who wants to be a millionaire, Les Elfes style.

Group two, who had dinner in one of the local restaurants and group three who played boys vs Girls, a mix of games placing the boys against the girls.

Nice relaxing day

Nice relaxing day today, with the group splitting in to three and going on excursions to Bain’s de Levi (Spa), made from natural springs, the Servion (Zoo) and others chose the option of going skiing, getting the most of the slopes while they are here.

After lunch the students on excursion moved on to shopping in Monteux and Lausanne, while the skiiers practiced advanced techniques.

Later that night some students went to ice skating, while others had Les Elfes very popular game, music video.

Full day of skiing

Up bright and early ready for a full day of skiing. After a cooked breakfast, the groups moved downstairs, gathered there equipment and moved outside to be taken to their slopes with their instructors.Everybody had a awsome day and came back with huge smiles. During the evening there was swimming, shopping or relaxing at Les Elfes. Later at night the groups went to different areas around Les Elfes and had a variety of activities, from disco, to casino night, to makeshift fashion show.

Relaxing Day

Everybody had a relaxing lie in this morning. After wake up some of the groups went to intensive languages, while others went Skiing/Snowboarding. At 1300hrs all groups had brunch, a mixture between breakfast and lunch, serving pancakes, cereal, sandwiches and assortment of other things. After brunch the groups moved onto the slopes for skiing and snowboarding. During the night the groups participated in who wants to be a millionaire, Wii and Disco.

Good weather and high spirits

The day began with good weather and high spirits. After breakfast the groups got there equipment together and moved on down to the slopes for some high adrenaline skiing and snowboarding. Les Elfes had new arrivals today, after being shown there new rooms and fitted with their new ski equipment, they went for a relaxing walk around Verbier before dinner. Later that night the groups split into with some having a movie night and others going ice skating.

Some students left early this morning…

Some students left early this morning, we thoroughly enjoyed having them here and hope we see them next year. For the remaining students, they had the choice of skiing/snowboarding or bowling, while this was happening there were new arrivals, which were meeted and greeted by the friendly team at les Elfes. After dinner, all the groups had a chance to get to know each other with some free time, allowing the students to choose what they would like to do, anything from watching a movie to playing table tennis.

Swimming, Ski, Snowboard, Shopping, Chiling…

The morning consisted of heading out to the mountain to go skiing and snowboarding. Later that day Swimming, Shopping and staying in chilling out at les Elfes was on offer for optional activities, while others checking out the rooms, packing their bags and ensuring everything is sorted for their early departures. During the night Les Elfes had a presentation, giving awards to the best girl and boy in each different age group and ski/snowboard awards. This was followed by the music video created a few days ago and slideshow off all the pictures taken throughout the duration of their stay.

Ski Race !!!!

The day of the long awaited ski race… After breakfast, all of the groups went onto the mountain to race against the clock to get the best time, using the skills they have learned throughout the week and claiming the fastest person out of the groups in the two different categories, skiing and snowboarding. After a well-deserved rest and a cooked meal, the groups went back on the mountain to continue to develop their skills on the snow. Later that day some groups went to dine out in one of the restaurants in Verbier. We had a carnival based night, taking on new challenges, winning tickets to get prizes and popcorn.

Callier chocolate factory or Chateau De Chillion

Today began early with everybody having cooked breakfast, exited for the day going on excursion. After breakfast all of the groups jumped on the busses and went to the Callier chocolate factory or Chateau De Chillion. After plenty of learning about how chocolate is made, followed by eating chocolate and seeing around the very famouse Chateau De Chillion, the groups sat down to have a picnic lunch. After lunch the groups went on to go shopping in the local towns of Vevy and Montreux. Later that night after optional activities, the groups went to the local ice rink to go ice skating.

After New Year Party… Lie until 10am :)

After the excitement of last night, everybody had a lie in until 10am, shortly followed by brunch, a mix between breakfast and lunch.  The groups then headed out to the mountain to ski for a few hours to practice for the big race day on Thursday. Later that day the groups had optional activities, consisting of cooking workshop, mask making, swimming, shopping and staying in playing games at les Elfes. During the night we had fancy dress, casino and cocktail night.