Presentation and Prize giving

Another epic day full of sunshine on the mountains. Students went skiing and snowboarding today, the progression was very impressive, having some students moving on to the mountain. Later, after skiing, the students returned to have snacks and sign up for optional activities. After dinner the everybody gathered together in the dining room for presentation and prize giving.

Bright sunshine…

With the sun being out all week, the snow has gone rather hard packed, making it slightly more difficult to learn to ski/snowboard on… The students took all this in their stride and ploughed down the slopes. Once returning to Les Elfes the students had time for a shower, hot chocolate and snacks before sign up. After dinner the students participated in a Disco downstairs in the cinema room, while others had a relaxing but very competitive game night.

Incredible enthusiasm!!

Very impressive to see how fast the students have learnt to ski, some who have never skied before, now flying down in full control and confidence. The majority of the day was spent on the slopes, it was a little icy due to full day after day sunshine but this didn’t stop or even slow down the students, their enthusiasm is incredible. After returning the students signed up for optional activities. Tonight’s activity was La Fureur, pinning two teams against each other completing music based games and challenges.. Very funny to watch.

Verbier Freeride World Tour : Meet the Riders


The Freeride World Tour is a set of competition events where the best freeride skiiers and snowboarders meet. First World Tour took place in 2008. Since 2010 also a qualifying tour is staged.

Judging Criteria: Only one unique score, “the overall impression,” will determine the riders’ final score. Judges use a point system of a hundred increments from 0.0 to 10.0 to evaluate the run. The line, air & style, fluidity, control, and technique are the five judging criteria.

The 2013 Finals will run in Verbier.
Date: 23 March (first possible contest date)
Disciplines: Men’s and Women’s Ski and Snowboard
Official riders arrival date: 21 March
Last possible contest date: 31 March

Our campers present on this period (Session 8) will be very lucky. The riders will come at the campus before the competition. Our campers will meet the riders, get autographs, watch some videos and can ask all the questions they have in mind.

This will be for sure an exciting moment for all of them. Hurry to save your places to make sure your child(ren) can meet their favourite riders and register for the Session 8.

The Freeride World Tour is one of the most important event of the year in Verbier.

Discover this wonderful event with this video (Best Of):


Music Video

Really good weather on the slopes today, this created a perfect opportunity for the students to take advantage of the good weather and learn more throughout the day. Some of the skiers/snowboarders are progressing really well and their instructors are very impressed with their attitude, learning and will power, with the high level of progression, all groups are expected to be moving onto the mountain very soon. Later today the was optional activities, most of the students chose to shop in Verbier. Music Video was on for the evening activity tonight, this created good interaction between other groups.

The Perfect Day

Perfect day for skiing/snowboarding this morning as throughout the night we have had plenty of fresh snowfall. The groups took great advantage of this and went straight to the slopes. Later during the day, after snack and dinner, the students went to a relaxing time on the local ice rink, some having never been ice skating before, while others playing ice hockey. The night was finished off by having the cookies made by some of the students earlier and hot chocolate.

Welcome to Les Elfes!

Very exiting morning today, with plenty of arrivals coming from all over the world. After a full mornings worth of arrivals, checking students into their rooms, meeting and greeting staff and being equipped with their ski/snowboard equipment for the duration of their stay it was time for lunch. After lunch, some of the students were guided around Verbier, completing challenges and getting to know the local town, others finished being equipped with their skis/snowboard, then went outside to play in the snow. After dinner, most of the students went to bed, being very tired from jet lag, while others relaxed in the cinema room watching a film.

Sun glistening off the snow

Visibility on the mountain today was brilliant, with perfectly clear sky and the sun glistening off the snow. The students spent most of the day up on the mountain on their skis and snowboards. Activities for tonight was bin fag fashion show and werewolf game, placing two teams against each other,competing for points.

Another wonderful day!!

Another wonderful day, full with skiing and snowboarding action, the weather was fantastic, began sunny and ended with some fresh snowfall. For optional activities, some of  the students went to the local shops and brought gifts and food for the return trip tomorrow. while others went relaxing in the Jacuzzi in the swimming pool and stayed in playing games at Les Elfes. Tonight was prize giving, presentation, Music Video and slide show.

Disco, Disco, Disco!!

Plenty of skiing and snowboarding today, the groups all learning fast and clearly getting much better on the slopes. After lunch and some more skiing, the students returned and signed up for optional activities  today consisting of art and crafts, shopping and games. After dinner the students went down to a local hired out venue and had a disco.

Winter Camp Packing List


In Switzerland, the Alps climate differs significantly from season to season, from very hot during summer to very cold and snowy during winter.
Other factors that should also be considered in your plans are altitudes and geographical locations.
In the winter time, the climate in the northern part of the Alps can get very cold with temperatures going down to as low as -20 degrees Celsius or even lower.


Recommended items?

Luggage + belongings
Each student’s articles should be clearly labelled with his/her full name. A supply of extra labels is also recommended for any new purchases (sport equipments or other).

ID card / Passport
Each student has to come to the camp with an ID card or passport

Basic articles
1 suitcase per student : 2 pairs of pyjamas, 6 shirts, 6 T-shirts, 6 changes of underwear, 6 handkerchiefs, 2 bath towels (swimming-pool), leotards, sufficient socks, trousers, pants, pullovers, ski clothes, warm boots, cap, scarf, gloves, a track suit, swimsuit, tennis-shoes, training etc. ….

Toiletries including a toilet-bag, laundry bag, sun cream, sun glasses, ski glasses (goggles), slippers, dressing gown, warm anorak.




Rental of Ski Clothing
It is possible to rent ski clothing (ski pants and ski jacket NO SKI GLOVES AND NO GOGGLES) at a price of SFr. 108.- for 6 days. The kids must come with extra money of around SFr. 300.- to buy gloves and goggles).

Rental of Helmet
The wear of helmets is compulsory. It is possible to rent them at a price of SFr. 15.-. If a parent does not want that his child wears a helmet, it is on his own responsibility and we therefore ask for a written consent.


Packing Tips

Your child will be very excited to head off to camp. It’s in your best interest to help him/her pack. While he/she may be able to do this on his/her own, you will save yourself the convenience with forgotten items if you oversee the packing. But, be sure to enlist your child’s help – this a wonderful teachable moment.

  • Packing list
    Create a camp packing list using the recommended list from the camp and other necessary items that your child may need, i.e. his/her medication.
  • Try items
    Highlight all of the items on the list that you will need to purchase for your child. You will need your kid/teen to try on items that may have become too small over the past year so that you can highlight them if needed.
  • Shopping
    Before camp begin shopping for items your child needs to take to camp. Your child will always be abble to buy sports equipments and clothes in one of the many sports shops in Verbier.
  • Extra set of hygiene items
    Purchase an extra set of hygiene items so that the items can be packed and you will not have to remember the day that camp begins. For example, purchase a toothbrush and toothpaste to pack and leave their home set at home.
  • Label
    Label all of your child’s items with his/her name.
  • Plastic bags
    Pack one outfit per day in a large gallon or 2-gallon size plastic zip bag. This will keep your kid’s clothes dry and your child organized.
  • Shower kit
    Place your teen’s toiletries in a type of plastic bag kit or plastic basket that would make it easy to travel to the showers. The kit should be big enough to hold your teen’s shower shoes/flip flops.
  • Recheck
    The day before camp starts recheck the list, pack up all of the gear and close the bag.



Plenty of singing, dancing and entertainment

Exiting morning today as the students gathered together and moved onto the slopes. the weather today has been brilliant, non stop sunshine. Later, the skiing/snowboarding groups returned for some relaxing hot chocolate and snacks, followed by sign up for the afternoon activities, Swimming, Shopping and staying at Les Elfes. For the evening activity the students participated in La Furuer, a music based game, involving plenty of singing, dancing and entertainment.

Music Video!

A full days worth of skiing today.. Many people learning, falling over and having the enthusiasm to get back up.. which is always great to see. After a very tiring but fin day the groups returned to Les Elfes for optional activities, while others went on the Verbier hunt.. a guided tour around Verbier, going in a few shops and completing a variety of challenges. For the nights activity, music video was on the agenda, this involved some rather odd costumes and plenty of dancing. Great fun to participate in and watch….

First day on the slopes!

Everybody awoke early today, exited for their first day on the slopes. This is a very important day for the instructors to see which groups the students should be moved into based on their skills and previous expirence. The weather began a little cloudy, but cleared very fast and remained sunny all day. After a little organizing and plenty of skiing, the students returned to Les Elfes for some hot chocolate and snacks, while signing up for optional activities, Swimming, Shopping or Staying in and cooking. After dinner, everybody gathered together for ice skating, followed by cookies, made from students earlier during optional activities.

Busy Day today at Les Elfes!

Busy day today at Les Elfes, with most groups leaving at early hours in the morning, while others arriving throughout the day. for the new arrivals, they were shown to their new rooms and got straight on with boot and ski equipment fit. while the remaining students on campus went ice karting. After dinner, the groups had a relaxing time watching a movie and a having pool and ping pong tournament.

Presentation and Prize giving night!

Challenging weather up on the mountain today, plenty of fresh snow, but the visibility was a little poor. The Les Elfes snowboarders and skiers weren’t put off by this, plenty of enthusiasm and smiles kept everybody going for the duration of the day, carving the fresh powder with confidence. After a day of skiing/snowboarding, the students returned for some hot chocolate and went to pack their bags, having most leaving in the very early hours of the morning.  The students then went out shopping or stayed in and played games at Les Elfes until dinner. After dinner, it was presentation and prize giving for all students.

Disco Time!

Another beautiful day on the mountain, Les Elfes skiers/ Snowboarders were out in force today, practicing and learning new skills. After a full days worth up on the slopes, the students returned to Les Elfes for snacks and sign up for optional activities, with many people very exited for tonight’s disco. Dinner was well presented, with cheese fondue and some lovely pineapple cake for pudding. its disco time… the students gathered together and was taken down to a local hired out venue for a disco, time to pull out the dance moves.

Loads going on today!!!

Very impressive weather today up on the mountain, started a little misty but the sunshine broke through, which made for some epic skiing and snowboarding. While some groups were up on the mountain, others chose to go onto Excursion to the Callier chocolate factory, Tibet museum, Gyureres castle and a shopping/ sightseeing trip in Vevey. Later in the day, once everybody had returned all the students had sign up for optional activities and snacks, consisting of bread, proper butter and a very, very, wide assortment of jams and a refreshing cup of hot chocolate. After dinner, the students split into two groups, some who really wanted to see the live football game in the local sports center and others who stayed and thoroughly enjoyed their time at Les Elfes playing  the very popular game of La Fuerer, a music based activity, placing two groups against each other, based on singing, dancing and well good entertainment for extra points.

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Challenging Weather!

very challenging weather on the mountain today, with heavy fog and outbreaks of very good, clear sunshine… this made it more of challenge for skiing and snowboarding today, keeping under full control while having to concentrate more on whats going on around them. On the beginner slopes things were progressing very well, some getting ready to move onto the mountain for tomorrow.  Later that day, after skiing, the groups had optional activities, swimming, shopping  and staying in at Les Elfes, making face masks and face painting. We had some  good pancakes today!. After dinner, all the students participated in the very popular activity “Who wants to be a millionaire”.

P1020560P1020558 P1020562 P1020566

P1020571IMG_0139 IMG_0140IMG_0145IMG_0149 P1020578 P1020582

Going from Strength to Strength!

Despite some challenging weather today some groups had their first day on the mountain with many going from from strength to strength with their snowboarding and skiing. hopefully we will get even more snow tonight and a nice sunny morning ready for our pancake day and mardi gras celebrations!!

It’s been a rather crazy night at les Elfes Verbier this evening… it was MUSIC VIDEO night… but with some very funny scenes and some questionable fancy dress from a number of students!! It’s going to be a very funny video!

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Happy Chinese New Year!!

Plenty of activities today, with the morning fulfilled with skiing and snowboarding, the afternoon filled with shopping, swimming  and staying in, making Chinese decorations to celebrate the new year and getting their hands stuck in, baking cookies, they were very nice by the way… For the nights activities the students all went ice skating and finished the night with a nice cup of hot chocolate and cookies freshly made from earlier.

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