Happy Easter!

Very relaxed day today, the students all went onto the slopes, some beginning to ski, others already very experienced. A good day today for the instructors to get to know the students. After returning from the slopes the students all signed up, some went shopping, while others decided to stay, enjoying cooking workshop followed by a relaxing game off egg drop. Roast potatoes and chicken for dinner. After dinner the students all gathered together in the dining room, then went on to the local ice rink to enjoy a couple of hours ice skating/ice hockey.

Relaxed day today at Les Elfes!

Fairly busy morning today at Les Elfes, with both two departures, one arrival and students going skiing. we have had a great time with the students that are departing  they have been brilliant and we hope they return soon. The afternoon was pretty relaxed,  all the students signed up for afternoon activities, swimming, shopping or relaxing at Les Elfes. After dinner, the students watched a movie in the cinema room, followed by some rather odd but very amusing looking games.

Amazing powder day!!

Amazing powder today on the mountain, it was a little shame the visibility was poor, but the enthusiasm continued throughout the day. During the morning two of the groups left Les Elfes, we have had a great time with these groups and hope they return soon. After returning from skiing, the students packed there bags and signed up for the afternoon activity. For the evening the students all gathered together for our very popular activity bin bag fashion show, creating the most creative clothing possible from bags, string and other things.

Great day on the mountain!

Great day on the mountain, the students are progressing on the slopes well… looking like pros very shortly. The weather began reasonably well, although shortly turned into bad visibility due to the heavy snowfall, Good for learning as falling over into deep powder inst a issue. After returning, the students relaxed with some hot chocolate and signed up for optional activities. The evening activity tonight was presentation and prize giving, giving prizes to students who excelled during their time at Les Elfes.


The weather today was fantastic, brilliant warm sunshine, making the day more enjoyable. The students are learning well, having different weather throughout the week has been a challenge, but with great instructors and students very much willing to learn they very quickly move from the beginning slope to the mountain. Going from not being able to ski to able in most weather and slope conditions is a great achievement in a week.

After skiing the students returned for a relaxing sign up and hot chocolate, just to add in, some artistic drawing on the sign up sheet. With such great sunshine, most of the students signed up for shopping while the few remaining, absolutely tired, relaxed out at Les Elfes The evening activity was DISCO!!!

Full days worth of skiing!!

full days worth of skiing, the visibility was rather poor but this didn’t dampen the spirits of the students, taking a cautious but skilled approach down the slopes.  After skiing the students returned to Les Elfes for some hot chocolate, sign up and snacks, this lasted until dinner at 1900hrs. After dinner the students participated in playing a massive game of girls vs boys, pinning the groups against each other in some crazy, exiting and down right mad games.


Challenging Weather!!

Challenging weather today on the mountain with the mist relatively thick, making visibility quite poor. The students were all still very much enthusiastic, prepared and ready to go. While on the mountain we had some fresh snowfall, which made for a nice surprise and made learning experience more fun. Once everybody had returned, the students rested, had hot chocolate and went on optional activities. The evening activity was Music video, some rather odd dancing and singing during the evening activity, all the students participated and will see the finished video by the end of the week.


Massive smiles and enthusiasm!!

First day skiing for some, massive smiles and great enthusiasm, with perfect weather the students picked up ski quickly and by the end of the day were able to turn and snow plough correctly. After returning to Les Elfes, the students signed up for optional activities, some staying and cooking cookies, while others chose to go shopping and swimming. After dinner everybody gathered together and went on down to the local ice rink, skating and playing ice hockey… for some a new expirence.

Plenty of snow, warm weather and great visibility!

Great day on the mountain today, with plenty of snow, warm weather and great visibility. The students are getting to know their instructors, while getting used to their equipment, for some it is a new experience,  while for others just a refresher. Also during the day Les Elfes had two new groups of arrivals, both from different parts of the world, once arrived they were taken to their rooms, ski and clothes fitted, fully prepared for the following day of skiing. Later while some of the students arrived form skiing, others went to town with monitors and doing challenges. For the evening activity the students went to the local cinema to celebrate the local event of Verbier Extreme, and watched a movie on one of the riders that competed in the event. Others had an early night, essential for the next days worth of skiing.

Verbier Extreme!

Busy day today at Les Elfes, with students going on excursion during the morning. The afternoon was filled with a departure from a group of students. For the evening there was a new group of arrivals, while some of the students celebrated Verbier EXTREME!, a snow sport competition putting the best ski and snowboard free riders against each other on the mountain. The students at Les Elfes went into the town to watch a movie on one of the riders in the cinema. Early night for most students as some are departing in the morning and others have jet lag, and are very exited for skiing tomorrow.

Prize giving, presentation and La Fureur!

Epic day on the mountain today, with all the students skiing in the nice fresh snow, brilliant weather as the sun shone on us all day. After an action packed day, the students returned to Les Elfes, to relax, sign up and have some hot chocolate. Shortly having to pack their bags, followed by swimming and shopping. After dinner the evening was filled with Prize giving and presentation for the leaving students, while others participated in a rather noisy, very entertaining game of La Fureur…

An amazing day of skiing, followed by a very relaxed night!

Another full day of amazing skiing and snowboarding, it has been snowing all day, in terms of fun, fresh powder was great, although the visibility could have been improved. The progression of the students is great, some carving on a snowboard very well, others turning very well on skis. For the evening activity the some of the students had dine out in a local restaurant, followed by a disco, while others had a choice of activities, choosing to get together in the dining room to watch a movie, a very relaxed night….

Loads of powder on the slopes!

Another epic day today, with loads of powder on the slopes, the students were flying down the mountain carving turns and thoroughly enjoying the fresh snow.  After returning to Les Elfes some of the students had to pack their bags, and proceed with check out from a monitor, ensuring everything is done before there departure tomorrow. during dinner the students all had a choice of Boys vs Girls, watch a movie in the cinema room and another option of chilling out in the internet room.

Music Video and La Fureur!

New arrivals at Les Elfes today, coming from one of the local cities of Switzerland.  After dropping their bags off, they departed straight to the mountain and joined the current students on the mountain skiing. After skiing the students went to their room to get checked in and sign up for optional activities. The nights activities was Music Video and La fureur.

A very productive day!!

All students went onto the mountain today, thoroughly enjoying the new fresh powder. After returning to Les Elfes, the students gathered together in the cinema room, having a presentation from yesterdays tour of Verbier, showing the best photos collected, during their free time some of the students made best of the snow and had a snowball fight and went sledging in the garden. After dinner the students all went to Ice Skating in the local ice rink. A very productive day, with more snow expected in the next day or two

Aqua park, Dine out and movies!

With most of the students leaving in very early hours of this morning, the remaining students went on excursion to Aqua park, while two went skiing in the lovely sunshine. A Little later we ha a new group arrive at Les Elfes, they were shown to their rooms, given ski equipment and clothes for the week and then went  for a guided tour around Verbier  The night consisted of dine out in a local restaurant  while the new arrivals watched a movie and went to bed early, very eager to get on the slopes skiing.

Presentation and prize giving!

Another great day on the mountain, the students making the most of the fresh snow, very cold, but this didn’t dampen their spirits. After a very cold but fun day on the mountain the students returned to Les Elfes for hot chocolate and snacks, followed by swimming, shopping or staying in playing games until dinner. After dinner everyone gathered together in the large dining room for presentation, prize giving and music video for the group of students that are leaving tomorrow.

Exiting day with fresh powder!!

Exiting day today, with a full days worth of fresh snowfall, it has been a very good learning experience for the students, now having skied on all types of snow, the visibility was a little poor in the early hours of the morning but it cleared through the day. Plenty of smiles after returning to Les Elfes from the day on the mountain. After sign up, the students went on optional activities, and the night was filled with La Fureur, music based games. It was great, everybody participated,  if the noise was any louder we wouldn’t have windows!

Skiing, Excursion and Disco!!

Busy morning at Les Elfes today, with the groups splitting in half, some going onto the mountain after having a hour lie in, while others went to chateau de chillion, One of the local historical castles, Bains de levi, a very relaxing spa followed by shopping in the local town. The weather on the mountain today started off very well, having bright sunshine and clear skies, but the cloud moved over and covered Verbier. The top of the mountain was a sight to see, completely clear looking down on a cloud. After everybody returned they all had a chance to go swimming, shopping or staying in and relaxing, playing games. The evening activity was disco, many students have been waiting all day for the disco, perhaps their dancing is that good?

Torch light walk!

Another action packed day on the slopes today, the students are learning fast and after speaking with their instructors, everyone is very impressed. After skiing the groups returned for some relaxing hot chocolate and snacks, then went on optional activities. After dinner the evening activity was Torchlight walk, a guided walk around Verbier at night with fully lit torches, singing songs, watching the stars and enjoying the evening in a different way.



Music Video!

An excellent day on the slopes today, with the groups getting on very well with their skis and snowboards. The weather today has been very good, clear skies with a small shower of snow.. would be much happier with more snowfall but sunshine is just as good. Once returning to Les Elfes, the students  to optional activities and had music video for the evenings activity.