Skiing & Arrival Day

Arrival day at Les Elfes. The exsiting students went skiing today whilst other students arrived at Les Elfes. We took the new arrivals to the village for a Vebrier hunt. Then gave them the equipment out for skiing. Once everyone was together we played team games to intergrate the children together. After a nice dinner we all watched a movie in our cinema room

Skiing Race & DISCO

The race was set up in the morning. Our instructor have been training the children on short turning so that they are able to complete the race perfectly. Some of the children were nervous, others were excited and others were extremely competitive. After the race took place we had a very nice lunch at our les elfes lunch room. After a nice ski in the afternoon the children came back to les elfes for some snacks. Languages, swimming and shopping took place again and then we had a delicious lunch. In the evening the children showered and got dressed up nicely for the the DISCO. It was a blast

Skiing, BBQ lunch & Les Elfes Challenges

Everyone was looking forward to the BBQ lunch at the snow park in Verbier la chaux. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and the vibe was perfect. The skiing was intense in the morning but after lunch the children played games then got back to skiing for the afternoon. After skiing and languages took place again and the other children had the option to play outside game or go swimming. In  the evening we played les elfes challenges, this included many different games. Mind games, physical games, play game and much more.

Skiing, Languages & Music Video

Some of the students have already made it to chair lifts. They are skiing from the top to the bottom without too many falls. Most of the children had mastered the skiing technique and just a few need a little more practice. After skiing some children went swimming and shopping whilst others studied languages. After a hearty Indian meal at les elfes the students got together in small groups and filmed their very own music video. It was very funny and we had so much laughter this evening.

Skiing, Languages & Dice Game

Skiing today was incredible. There was alot of progession and the children were very happy with their progress. The students have been studying languages for 3 afternoons now and today they are really starting to improve on their languages. After another exciting day the children relaxed with the Dice Game.

Skiing & La Fureur (Music Game)

Today the children were very excited to ski. The whole day was fantastic, everyone was happy. The instructors taught the children how to turn on their ski’s… great progression for the second day skiing. In the evening the children played La Fureur (music game) it was very exciting and the children had a very good evening together.

First Ski Day & Ice Skating

Today is the first ski day. The children are excited and curious about what the day will unfold. The weather is superb today and the snow condition is perfect. We start of the day by warming up, start jumping, running, dancing, playing games and snowball fighting then start learning how to ski. For the beginner skiers the instructors help the children to understand how the ski works and how to put the skis on, then the children start to experiment with balancing and sliding on the snow. For the returning students the instructors remind the students of the correct body positions and of course the safety on the mountain. After a great lunch the children continued to practice skiing. Excellent progression for the first day. Later after the afternoon snacks we played outdoor games, football and basketball as the sun was shinning brightly. Later in the evening we took thew children to the ice skating rink were they watched the end of a hickey match then got to go ice skating for themselves. A fun packed day all in all

Arrival Day at Les Elfes – Saturday 20th April

We are all very excited at Les Elfes to meet the new arrivals today. It is the start of the Spring in Verbier, the sun is shinning, the flowers are blooming and above all the snow is amazing on the mountain. The group arrived around mid day and we started with a delicious lunch. After we went into the village to completed a verbier hunt and to buy gloves & googles. When we returned to campus we gave the children their ski equipment and clothing. We played games outside and watched a movie together before bedtime. A great start to the week

Presentation, Prize giving and music video!

Great day today, the students split into two groups this morning, some going on excursion to the callier chocolate factory, visit to the cheese factory and shopping in Vevey. Others stayed and went skiing. After returning to Les Elfes the students went to their rooms, packing bags and tidying rooms ready for check-out. Presentation, Prize giving, Music video and Slideshow tonight, allowing the students to receive their certificates from their instructors and prizes from animation staff, while seeing all the pictures taken during the week.


Karaoke and Bin Bag fashion show!!

Another perfect day on the mountain. the weather seems to be preparing itself for summer. Throughout the week the students have learnt a great deal, some starting from never touching skis to being able to carve down the mountain very well. all of the instructors have been very impressed with the learning of the students this week. After returning from the slopes, the students gathered together for some nice relaxing hot chocolate and snacks. For afternoon activities, they had the choice of shopping, swimming or staying in, relaxing. For the nights activity there was two games, Karaoke and Bin Bag fashion show, both very funny to watch.


With very nice weather today, full on sunshine, the students prepared themselves for a perfect day of Skiing/Snowboarding. The day continued on well after lunch, the weather keeping consistently sunny. After returning from the slopes, the students all gathered together in the dining room for sing up and snacks, followed by After non activities, for some swimming and shopping for others staying in and playing the ultimate game, “JENGA CHALLENGE”. After having some burgers and potato wedges for dinner the students had a little time for the meal to go down, before moving on down the a local venue for the DISCO!!

La Fureur!!

Great day on the mountain today although the weather was slightly off being rather misty, the students enthusiasm was great throughout the day, some moving on to more advanced techniques. After returning to Les Elfes the students signed up for optional activities, most going swimming, some going shopping, whiles others stayed and enjoyed a nice relaxed afternoon before dinner. After dinner the students  gathered together in the dining room for a awesome and very loud game of La Fureur.

Swimming, Shopping, Arts and crafts and Music Video!!

With the weather today having low visibility, this didn’t slow the students learning, they enjoyed their day skiing and progressed well, despite the minor set back of visibility. After skiing the students went shopping, swimming and some stayed and enjoyed arts and crafts. Roast potatoes with succulent beef for dinner tonight, with butter cake and chocolate cake for pudding, with separate veggie option. After dinner some students went to watch a football match, while others joined together to participate in the Les Elfes Music video. Pictures to follow!!

Plenty of activities going on today!

busy day today at Les Elfes, the day starting with skiing, while others did languages and participated in some snow sports.  After lunch the skiers stayed on the slopes, while the other group went snow shoeing and sledging. Time for snacks, the students all returned fro hot chocolate and snacks, signing up for the afternoon activities, some of the students went on a Verbier hunt, a guided tour around Verbier  completing challenges. Ice skating for the nights activity, some who have never been before so it was a new experience.


Slide show, presentation and prize giving!

All the students up early, ready and prepared for a full days worth of skiing. On the mountain, the students enthusiasm was great, even through the poor visibility at the top of the mountain. During the morning some of the students chose to go on excursion to the lovely Bains de Levi, a natural spring, very relaxing for the muscles. After returning to Les Elfes, the students relaxed with some hot chocolate and snacks. After dinner the students gathered together in Les Elfes dining room for slide show, presentation and prize giving.

Bin Bag fashion show!

awesome weather today on the mountain, the students enjoying the wall to wall sunshine. During the day, some of the students went shopping, while others stayed, the evening activity tonight was bin bag fashion show, giving the students their own chance to design some clothing. There was certainly some very interesting designs and the activity was very enjoyable, for the students and others watching.

Disco time!

Good day on the mountain today, the students progressing well, turning efficiently. After returning from skiing, the students all relaxed with a nice cup of hot chocolate and signed up for the afternoon activities, swimming, shopping and staying in. After dinner the nights activity was disco, held downstairs in the cinema room at Les Elfes.

Skiing, Dine out and Boys Vs Girls!!

Great day on the mountain today, with all students getting much better with their skis and snowboards. After returning to Les Elfes the students all gathered in the dining room, after some hot chocolate for sign up and snacks. The evening activity tonight for some was Dine out, followed by watching a football match in a local venue. For the other group of students and the ones that didn’t want to watch football, stayed in at Les Elfes, playing Boys Vs Girls, team games, putting the groups against each other,  very noisy, very funny to watch and very enjoyable.

Wall to Wall sunshine today!!

Awesome weather today on the mountain, with wall to wall sunshine, the students , every enthusiastic and learning very well some of whom now posses the ability to turn very well and if not already, will be on the mountain in the next day or two. After returning from the slopes, the students all relaxed with a nice hot chocolate, followed by sign up for afternoon activities. A very nice Sheppard pie for dinner, with some chocolate cake for desert. After dinner the students split, some going on a torch light walk, while others stayed and enjoyed the music video.