30th June (International Day)

The day was very good, the groups all worked together during and after languages to create posters of their countries. It was great to see all of the different students working together, some of whom who have not met each other yet. Lunch today was amazing, having food from all over the world prepared well by our chefs at Les Elfes. During the day there was a presentation given by all the students and the evening activity was practice for the talent show for presentation and prize giving by the end of the week.


29th June (Ropes course and Sports day)

Discovery – During the day the discovery group went together on the ropes course, some a new experience, others rediscovery of climbing and ropes. in the evening the students gathered together to have a pajama party and watch a movie.

Explorers – for the explorers today the students had a giant Verbier sports day, this involved learning to climb, having a giant game of football and a nice relaxing time swimming.

pioneers – Today after languages the pioneers had a presentation on photo taking and continued on outside to take the “perfect” photos. The weather was somewhat diminished today, which made the photo taking more difficult.


Thursday 27th June (Excursion Day)

Discovery – For the Discovery group, the excursion took place at mines de sel, very famous salt mines known all over the world. this trip took them deep into the tunnels, given a full feature presentation and explanation of how the area was mined. As for the afternoon, this was spent shopping around the local area.

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Explorers – Today the Explorer group went on a excursion to Geneva, they had a guided visit around the United Nations and learnt much about the history of the UN and thoroughly enjoyed the educational visit. During the afternoon, the group separated with monitors and went shopping in the local city of Geneva, some collecting souvenirs for their family and friends, while others just enjoyed the walk around the area.

D Excursion (1) - CopyD Excursion (4) - CopyD Excursion (20) - Copy

D Excursion (15) - Copy

Pioneers – The Pioneers today took a trip to Italy, visiting some very famous sites and shopping in the afternoon.

As for the evening, all the students in all groups participated in music video, an activity where we show them a song, they then separate into groups and create a video to go with this song, if im honest the was some good dancing and acting… and some not so good… but one thing was for sure… everyone enjoyed the evening activity.


E music video (2) - CopyE music video (4) - CopyE music video (6) - Copy

E music video (3) - CopyE music video (22) - Copy  DSCN0207 - CopyDSCN0220 - Copy

Wednesday 26th June (Team Games, Mountain walk and Horse riding)

The day began well with plenty of games in the morning  throughout the day some students went on horse riding, while others had the opportunity to go swimming, shopping or enjoying some time to relax at Les Elfes.

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Tuesday 25th June (Mountain Hut, Camping and Tee-Pee’s)

All of the groups split off after languages and started their adventure to the mountain huts. Some of the students were camping, mountain huts and tee-pee’s for an overnight experience in the forest and beautiful mountain range.

 C Mountain Hut (1) - Copy C Mountain Hut (2) - Copy C Mountain Hut (3) - Copy C Mountain Hut (12) - Copy C Mountain Hut (35) - Copy C Mountain Hut (37) - Copy C Mountain Hut (46) - CopyB torchlight walk (19) - Copy DSCN0002 - Copy DSCN0016 - Copy DSCN0022 - Copy DSCN0040 - Copy DSCN0046 - Copy DSCN0056 - Copy DSCN0062 - Copy DSCN0065 - Copy DSCN0076 - Copy DSCN0078 - Copy

Monday 24th June (First Day of Activities for Session 2)



Plenty of excitement in the air as the new group of arrivals get their first day of full activities.

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Sunday 23rd June (Arrival day for Summer Session 2)

Always one of the most exciting days on campus, new arrivals mean new faces and new friends. The new arrivals were either collected from the airport or dropped-off by their parents and arrived at Verbier after a breath-taking journey around Lac Leman and through the St. Bernard valley.

After arriving at les Elfes the children proceeded with the formalities of campus check-in and unpacking their suitcases before exploring the campus and timidly greeting other new arrivals. The camp became swiftly more animated once the existing campers returned from La Tzoumas and new friends were made instantly across the dinner table in all of the groups.  In the evening everyone enjoyed a relaxing movie and the chance to chat with other campers before bed time after a long and hectic first day of camp.


Saturday 22nd June (Departure Day for Summer Session 1)

Hello again from a very sunny Verbier. After an evening which saw many friends saying good-bye to each other we thought it would be a nice idea to get away from Verbier and spend the weekend at one of our other campuses, situated in the next valley along in the quiet town of La Tzoumas.

22nd June (Departures Day)

With Early departures this morning the camp began to empty, we have thoroughly enjoyed having the students here and hope they return very soon. The remaining students had a lie in, gathered together in the dining room at 10am, then went for a a few hours shopping in Verbier before returning and preparing for staying over in a different Les Elfes camp for the night, which will be a new experience for the students.

21st June (Lake Geneva, Aqua Park and Bridge Swing)

Discovery – The day began with may smiles, finding out the group would be going to Lake Geneva, upon arrival the discovery group went banana boating and enjoyed the afternoon at the Aqua Park.

Explorers – The Explorers joined the Discovery on the same bus but on arrival went to the Aqua Park first before spending the afternoon banana boating.

Pioneers – The Pioneers went bridge swinging today, putting plenty of trust in themselves to swing off a bridge. in the afternoon the group went to Bains de Sillion, enjoying a naturally heated spa and some swimming.

20th June (Milk Farm, Rock Climbing and Saxon)

Only intensive Languages today.

Discovery – Today team discovery went on for a walk up the mountain to visit a working milk farm and learn how milk is properly produced. For some who have never seen cows this was a brand new experience for them, while others a good learning experience.

Explorers – The Explorers today went down to one of our local rock climbing centers, not only to climb, but to learn about the belay and harness systems involved in climbing, along with the safety involved.

Pioneers – The pioneers took a trip down to Saxon today, then after took apprentice training with the center manager Adam. The apprentice program gave the students some ideas and information on Business tactics and team work withing a business.

19th June (Mountain orienteering, Lake Geneva and Disco)

The day began with languages.

Discovery – discovery today participated in a a an exiting game, “escape from Les Elfes”, which included building cardboard boats, robots and tanks and a bit of role playing, after dinner they joined team explorers in a disco.

Explorers – the explorers went orienteering today, learning useful information about the mountains and how to map read correctly. After dinner the evening was followed up by a party on down disco in the cinema room.

Pioneers – the pioneers went to lake Geneva today, had a chance to go banana boating and relax on the lake side, in the evening the group had a competitive casino night, playing for fake money.

18th June (Verbier Olympics, Ropes course and Tapas Club)

The day began with all groups going to Languages in the morning and optional activities until lunch.

Discovery – After lunch the discovery group had Arts, Crafts and dance club at Les Elfes, Before going to Tapas club and finishing their night with ice skating after having a BBQ dinner.

Explorers – the explorer group held their very own Verbier Olympics, Hollywood club and Arts club, after having a BBQ dinner they then went ice skating for the duration of the evening.

Pioneers – The pioneers went to Aigle ropes course, then after having a BBQ dine out, followed by guitar and games in the evening.

17th June (Excursion Day)

After breakfast all groups were told what they would need for excursion and went to pack their bags.

Discovery – Today the discovery group went to chateaux de chillion, took a tour around this fantastic castle, then had a picnic lunch outside by the lake side. Later the group had chance to go shopping before heading over to the chocolate factory, in the evening the discovery group went on a walk with marshmallows.

Explorers – today the explorers took a trip to the capitol city of Switzerland Bern, then after having a picnic went on to the chocolate factory, the explorers finished their day by having a afternoon of some relaxing cooking.

Pioneers –  The Pioneers today took a visit into France and went to Chamonix and mt Blanc shopping and walking, and finished their day by going ice skating.

16th June (Labyrinth, Mountain bike and Orienteering)

Discovery – Today the discovery group went to the Labyrinth, enjoyed a hair raising trip around the maze, we saw great team work from the Discovery group and was very impressed. after free time and dinner the students relaxed some very very tired from the day and enjoyed games and finished their night off watching a movie.

Explorers –  After Languages the explorer group went mountain biking, for some a whole new experience, others a nice relaxing afternoon on a bike. In the Evening the Explorers joined the Pioneers in a very entertaining cabaret night.

Pioneers – Today the pioneers went orienteering, for some who have never been before had the chance to learn how to map read and for others who already knew how to read a map were shown more advanced techniques in orienteering.

Saturday 15th June (International Day)

Today was the first International Day of the les Elfes summer season 2013. Everybody on camp had the opportunity to experience the food from the various countries of origin of the students here at this week. In addition to this each student delivered a presentation including the national food, national dress and the languages spoken in the country. All of the Indian students in camp even performed their national anthem together for the rest of the camp! It was a great opportunity for all of the groups to spend some time together and share their experiences from all over the world.

After an international lunch and presentations all of the groups headed to the Verbier outdoor swimming pool to try out the diving boards, beach volleyball and even rugby for some. After swimming the groups had free time to shoot some hoops, play some football, shop or relax around the camp.

In the evening the Discovery and Explorer Groups rehearsed for the camp talent show practicing their dancing, singing, gymnastics, jokes and piano playing. Most of the Pioneer group this evening chose to visit a local restaurant with their monitors for an evening out while others helped the younger students with their talent show performances before settling down for a movie in the cinema room once the younger students had gone to bed.

Friday 14th June (A busy day on the camp)

It was a busy day for everybody on the camp today…

This morning in languages all of the students began preparing for the international day on camp tomorrow, creating posters and preparing presentations about their countries. After languages many of the students also managed to fit in some optional tennis and horse riding lessons before sitting down for lunch.

The Discovery group travelled to Aigle for a picnic lunch before beginning the High Ropes course through the forest. All of the group listened attentively while the climbing instructor explained the safety procedures and everyone took to the ropes course so enthusiastically, swinging around on zip lines and bridges. In the evening some of the students had additional languages while others chose to swim and then the whole group settled downstairs for a pyjama party in the cinema room where they watched Ice Age 4 and relaxed with their duvets.

For the Expolorers’ afternoon it was a challenging rock climbing session followed by a range of optional activities. Some of the students did optional horse riding and tennis while others had additional languages, shopping and swimming. In the evening they all competed in the camp’s La Fureur challenge in which the students are placed in teams and quizzed on their music knowledge in a game-show setting.

Finally for the Pioneers there was a range of problem solving tasks, horse riding, tennis, swimming, shopping, football and basketball for the afternoon until Dinner time. In the evening some of the group spectated while others participated in the camp ‘Blind Date’ show in which students adopted characters and acted out the famous 90s gameshow.

Tomorrow it’s a lie-in day for the students before we embark on International Day!

Thursday 13th June (A very busy, and very sunny day of camp!)

After a busy morning of languages, horse riding, golf and tennis the students had a chance to relax in the sun and enjoy their barbecue lunch before each group split off for the afternoon activities…

For the Discovery group it was time to travel to Sambranche for some outdoor rock-climbing and sports. The group were all really enthusiastic, with some of the students trying rock climbing for the very first time!

Meanwhile… the Explorers were at Lac Leman trying their hand at tubing and volleyball at the lakeside. The students whizzed around the lake in large rubber-rings behind the speedboat with varying degrees of success… some seemed to prefer being in the water to riding on top of it!

The Pioneers this afternoon were given an option since they are the oldest group of the three… some went mountain biking whilst others chose to relax at the outdoor pool in verbier.

For the mexican-themed dinner, everybody ate together for a change, allowing the groups to exchange stories about their experiences throughout the day. After dinner the discoverers worked towards developing their problem solving and communication skills by completing a blindfolded nightline around the site. The explorers acted, mimed and demonstrated their artistic skills in the M.A.D.E. activity and the Pioneers played a very competitive game of ‘Who wants to be a millionaire!?’

12th June (Excursion Day)

Discovery – After breakfast the discovery group gathered their things and moved on to the first destination of the day Mills of Sarrayer, where being given a tour around the mill and how the water wheel works the saw to cut the wood. After the mill the students moved on to the St Bernard dog museum, where being shown the history of the St Bernard dog and if the students wanted tot they had the chance to meet the dogs in life. After the museum, the students had a picnic lunch and went to the local roman collesium before going shopping for a couple of hours in Martigny.

Explorers – Today the Explorers took up their name and went exploring to France, taking a boat trip across to Evian, visiting the local sites and the Olympic museum. Later the students went shopping in Lausanne, before returning back to Les Elfes, all with big smiles.

Pioneers – The pioneers took a day out to Geneva, visiting the lake and other local attractions, before going shopping in Geneva.

11th June (Hiking, Horse Riding Ropes course)

Upon arrival of the groups at Les Elfes the students stayed in their groups, Discovery group stayed at Les Elfes, some went to horse riding.  getting very good at riding, and others went to tennis.

The Explorers – Some went to Horse riding and others went to tennis, the few that stayed got to know the Discovery group playing team games.

The Pioneers – Everybody went to the ropes course in Sion, after a quick and detailed safety speech the groups separated in to their abilities and went on the ropes course. There was very good team work today from the Pioneers and the monitors were very impressed.