31st July

After returning from the mountain the students had some time to relax before free time.

Discovery – The discovery students arrived first and participated in Verbier sports day, having golf and tennis sessions and after water games with relay races.

Explorers – The explorers returned second after returning from the Ropes course and were just in time for free time, sot hey went straight to their rooms to unpack and signed up for free time.

Pioneers – The pioneers returned last and also went straight to free time, most of the students signed out and went shopping.

During the evening the students chose their clubs, having a choice of Photography, Mountain orienteering, Tapas, Arts and Crafts, Dancing and Hollywood club.

The weather today has been great, with plenty of sunshine the sun cream was essential.

30th July

Great weather day today, sunshine all day. The students all had had languages this morning, everybody returned to their monitors with smiles. Just before lunch the students were told that they were going to a mountain hut for the evening and the duration of the next day. After gathering all their necessary equipment the students had some lunch before departing off to the mountain.

Discovery – The discovery team took off to Mt Mouvison, they had an awesome walk across the Mouvison dam and around the local area, during the evening the students had a Campfire with some songs, marshmallows and biscuits.

Explorers – The explorers left just before the discovery team and went on over to Bonatchiesse, while at Bonatchiesse the students had some time to hike around the local area, and see their campsite. During the evening the students had a campfire and a contest for the best desert made from bananas, chocolate, biscuits, marshmallows and some other food.

Pioneers – The pioneers took off to Val de Bagnes, upon arrival they had to hike up and navigate their way to the campsite. while at the campsite the students were told that there were no tents and they had to build a survival shelter from the mountain resources, Trees, rocks etc. After building the shelters they were tested, once it began getting dark the students were given tents to build and made a campfire between the group.


29th July

First day of languages, everybody exited about going to languages.

After languages the students separated into their groups

Discovery – The discovery group stayed at Les Elfes to participate in a Les Elfes treasure hunt, going around the campus searching for clues and receiving prizes for being the best teams.

Explorers – Team explorers took of down the mountain, to a local climbing spot. the students all received a briefing before climbing on how to correctly climb, belay and set up the ropes, for some advanced techniques were also shown.

Pioneers – The pioneers gathered outside Les Elfes and went on down near lake Geneva to the Aqua park.

During the evening all of the students went to the local ice rink to so some ice skating and ice hockey. It was great to see the students getting on so well and the pioneers deserve a special mention for helping.

The weather today began poor with dark clouds, heavy rain and thunder, throughout the course of the day the weather began getting better, although nothing impressive.

28th July (Arrivals Day)

Day of arrivals today, with people arriving from all over the world all arriving at different times, some students were very tired and jet lagged, while others not bothered by the time at all. During the day, the students went through check in at reception, pocket money and baggage before gathering in the dining room to be separated into their groups and given a speech by the resort manager about the safety and rules of the campus. During the evening the students watched a film in the cinema room, while others stayed in the dining room got to know each other and some went to bed being very tired from the days travelling.

27th July Departure day

Departure day today, the students left all throughout the day, some every early in the morning some very late at night. We hope they had a awesome time here at Les Elfes and we wish they have a safe journey home and return soon.


26th July

Discovery – Discovery took over to Lake Geneva to go banana  boating and paddle boarding, the spent the whole day on the lake, relaxing boating and enjoying the sun. picnic was for lunch.

Explorer – The explorer group went on over with the discovery group to lake Geneva, the proceeded on the lake with banana boating and tubing.

Pioneer – The pioneers did something completely different, they did bridge swinging in the morning and Bains de lavey, a nice relaxing spa for the afternoon.

All students participated in Prize giving and presentation during the evening, giving the exceptional students presents and giving out certificates, also having a slide show of the best pictures and videos taken during the session with a opportunity to buy a CD of the slide show and music video at the end.

25th July Disco,

After Languages the students all gathered together to be told they were going up the mountain to have a BBQ, the weather was great, the BBQ was made perfectly all was good. After lunch on the mountain the students split into their individual groups.

Discovery – Team discovery took off for a nice walk down the mountain, with some of the monitors explaining things, e.g plants and wildlife. After the walk the students had a little relaxing free time, followed by Verbier challenge day, a large selection of challenges, sporty, physical and mental. During the evening the students went to the disco.

Explorer – The explorer group walked a little way down the mountain to get collected by bus to get back to Les Elfes. After returning, the students collected mountain bikes and trotinetes and went back up the mountain via a chairlift for a nice ride. After returning from the mountain the students went to a disco.

Pioneer – After returning from the BBQ, the students had a Verbier sports day, playing football, basketball, golf and tennis. After sports day the students had disco during the evening.


24th July (Lake Geneva, Ropes course and Escape from Les Elfes)

Languages first, After languages the students separated into their groups for a meeting:

Discovery – Team discovery Began with plaster cast arms and some of face, when they have some time they can paint them. After the plaster cast the students went down to the pool for a couple of hours, played a bit of water volleyball and did some swimming. They then participated in a game called Escape from Les Elfes, where they have to design and build something, we had a car, boat and jet packs. After the design thy had to show their project to one of the monitors, who in turn gave them supply’s if necessary. During the evening the students went on down to the local sports center to play volleyball, assault course and relax.

The Explorers gathered onto the Les Elfes bus to go to Aigle ropes course, the was great team work within the explorers and the monitors were very impressed. During the evening the students gathered in Les Elfes 2 to participate in a quiz, receiving questions about the past two weeks at Les Elfes.

Pioneers – The pioneers took off shortly after languages to go to Lake Geneva, dependent on the weather the students either went Tubing or Aqua park. During the evening the students participated in team games.

23rd July (Excursion day)

After a much well deserved breakfast, the students gathered in their meeting points.

Discovery- The discovery students went to Laussane, visiting some of the finest toy shops in Switzerland. After lunch the students went to visit Servion zoo. During the evening the students participated in Hollywood acting.

Explorers – The explorers gathered together on a coach to Geneva, visiting the Cathedral on the way. After lunch the students had some time to go shopping. During the evening the students participated in a game of M.A.D.E, this game involved miming, acting, drawing and explaining.

Pioneers – The pioneers went on excursion to Cailler chocolate factory. They learnt about the history of chocolate, how Switzerland became the world’s most famous chocolate producer and tried almost 20 different types of chocolate Cailler had on offer. They went to Lake Geneva to have lunch, then went shopping. During the evening they went ice skating where they enjoyed a short game of ice hockey and chasing each other around.

22nd July

Team discovery – Today after languages the discovery group did Verbier sports day, playing a session each of tennis, golf, football and table tennis. During the evening the students gathered together after dinner for some cooking, making mini cup cakes. We were very impressed with the standard of cakes.

Explorers – The explorers spent the day out in the zoo, meeting and greeting new animals. After a nice session of seeing the animals the students had some time at the pool. After the pool the students spent the evening doing skattagory, a game involving drawing, acting and role play.

Pioneers – The students went to the ropes course, team pioneer throughly enjoyed the new challenges ahead of them. During the evening the students had a talk with the centre manager and did some business entrepreneurial games.

21st July

After a nice session of languages in the morning, the students had some time to relax before going to their meeting points.

Discovery – The discovery team went for a nice walk up and around the mountain, before visiting a local milk farm and returning to Les Elfes for free time. After dinner the students relaxed at the local ice rink and did some skating.

Explorer – The Explorers went for a hike today up one of the local mountains, during the evening the students played game sand watched a movie.

Pioneer – The pioneers gathered their equipment for a overnight stay in the mountains, then took a walk up and around the mountains.

20th July (Rock climbing, Olympic games and Mountain biking)

After intensive languages, the students separated into their individual groups.

Discovery – Team discovery gathered in the internet room for a meeting, after the meeting the students had some time to get any clothing needed for the day. The students got onto the bus and were taken down to Sembrancher to go rock climbing. The students were given a brief from the qualified climbing guides and then after putting on essential equipment they spent the day climbing. During the night the students participated in a very popular activity at Les Elfes, bin bag fashion show.

Explorers – The explorer team spent the day in Les Elfes. The day was spent playing Verbier Olympic games, football, volleyball and basketball. During the evening the students had egg challenge, Having to protect their egg with any resources found around campus before it getting thrown off the top of the building onto a landing zone.

Pioneers- The pioneers went onto the mountain to go mountain biking, some of whom showed some great talent and good fitness. during the night the students had a nice relaxing geography quiz.

The weather today was great, bright blue skies and full on sunshine. around 24 Celsius.

Friday 19th July (Mountain Biking, Banana Boating and Outdoor Pool Party)

Today at camp we had a mixture of languages in the morning for those with ‘Intensive Languages’ and arts and crafts on camp for others. The Discovery group made masks with plaster of paris and a couple even made arm casts too, the explorers painted, made friendship bracelets and played basketball and football while the pioneer group baked brownies. Then it was time for some lunch, for the Discovery and Explorer Groups it was lunch on camp today

, while the Pioneers had a picnic lunch at the lake. Then the groups did their afternoon activities:

Discovery – The Discovery group had a very exciting afternoon, where many of them tried their hand at Mountain Biking for the very first time. We got bikes at camp and did some warm-up games and a bike test before heading up the Mountain to Ruinette. From here the group cycled all the way to Croix de Coeur  and back before getting the lift back down the mountain.

Explorers – The explorers spent their afternoon at the outdoor pool where they had the chance to swim, enjoy the sun, play a volleyball competition, try out the diving boards and even try a bit of Slack-lining which is similar to tightrope walking, but with a slack and springy line.

Pioneers – The pioneers spent the day at Lac Lemàn and after their picnic lunch they did a range of activities including; swimming in the lake, banana boating, pedalos, stand-up paddle-boarding, kayaking, football, volleyball and swimming.

In the evening both the Discovery and Explorer groups went up the Moutain to Le Hatay for a BBQ dinner with a campfire, toasted marshmallows and some guitar playing and songs while the Pioneers stayed at camp for a Disco night where they had the camp to themselves and had some freedom to party and dance around. Once everyone was back from Le Hatay we had hot chocolate and brownies before bedtime.

17th July (Ropes course and Orienteering)

Discovery – The discovery group gather together after languages onto the coach and went to Sion Ropes course, everybody thoroughly enjoyed the course, it was great to see the team work of the group. During the evening the students had a nice relaxing time doing a you tube night, showing funny videos and relaxing in the internet room.

The explorers took off like a flash of lightning up the mountain after languages. They had a briefing on how to use a map and compass correctly and went for a cool hike around the mountain using a map and compass. In the evening the students played who wants to be a millionaire in the dining room.

The pioneers also went to the ropes course today, however they went to the course in Aigle, doing slightly harder courses, team work was critical in this course and the students pulled together like glue to help each other out. In the evening the students played a massive game of charades, it was very amusing , some good acting while there was also some very bad acting.

16th July (Excursion day)

Team discovery took a trip over to the local callier chocolate factory, after a nice presentation and a walk around the the factory, the students had some time in the factory shop. After lunch the students had a guided walk around the chateaux de chillion. in the evening the students had a nice game of La Fuerur  with the explorers.

Explorers went over to the Bern chocolate factory today, in the afternoon they had a nice relaxing time to shop around Switzerland capitol city Bern

The Pioneers took a trip, crossing the boarder into Italy and visiting Aosta, with plenty of shopping and visiting a very famous pizza house.

15th July (Labyrinth, Mountain walk and sports day)

After Languages the Discovery group gathered together onto the bus and went on down to the Labyrinth to enjoy plenty of time getting lost inside a maze and try out some cool bikes and scooters.

The Explorers went on a Verbier sports day, playing tennis, golf and other sporty games during the day. During the evening the students gathered in the main room in the dining room to play la fureur,  music based games, very noisy and very funny to watch

The Pioneers went on a mountain walk today, learning information about the mountain and how to basic map read.  During the evening the students had a geography quiz.

14th July (International day)

International day, the students were very exited no languages and a lie in began the day very well. After breakfast the students prepared a presentation with poster on their countries, it was great to see where everybody was from loads of countries. The presentation involved everybody at Les Elfes standing up in front of the group and showing the things they like and giving information about their country. LUNCH TIME!, lunch involved loads of different foods, from all over the world, for some of the students it was the first time trying such a wide array of food in one place. For the evening activity, after optional s, the students separated into their groups and prepared something special for their presentation and prize giving on Friday.

13th July (Mont Fort)

A nice relaxing day for the students today, they all grouped together and took the gondola up the mountain to Ruinette. Upon arrival the groups separated, discovery continued on the gondola to La Chaux and finally on to Mont Fort, whereas the Explorers and Pioneers hiked the remainder of the journey. it was great to see some of the locals here today up the mountain skiing, while further down the mountain there were bikers in full force. After Lunch on the mountain the students took a hike around and walked down back to Ruinette before arriving back at Les Elfes ready for optional activities, swimming, shopping or games at Les Elfes. After dinner all the students boogied on down to the cinema room to the disco.

12th July (Rock climbing and Banana boat)

Everybody awoke to the lovely sunshine high in the sky… today is going to be a good day. After languages the students did the following,

Discovery – The discovery group (Team Discovery) gathered together in the internet room for a meeting after languages, during the meeting they were told they were going to Sembrancher to go rock climbing. Within 10 minutes they  had the correct clothing for climbing and were outside ready to leave. The discovery team went climbing most of the day and returned around 5pm, ready for sign up for swimming, shopping and playing games at Les Elfes. in the evening the students had a Pjama party, bringing their duvets down to the cinema room to watch a movie.

Explorers – The explorers today went onto the coach to Lake Geneva, taking in the wonderful views in their stride and enjoying the great weather banana boating, In the evening the students enjoyed a game of boys vs girls, pinning the two genders against eachother in crazy and very funny mini games.

Pioneers – -The pioneers took a trip over to St Triphon to go rock climbing. they excelled in in technical aspect of learning how the karabinas and ropes are set up, then went for a good challenging climb. In the evening the students gathered outside the Les Elfes building to play a cool game of mini golf.