30/12/2013 Skiing, Optionals and Lip dub

Great day skiing for all groups, some had languages during the morning and then joined the rest of the students on the mountain after lunch. The students are doing very well from all the groups and the instructors are very impressed with the enthusiasm and learning progress of the students. After returning from the slopes the students gathered together in the dining room and singed up for optional activities. During the evening the students all participated in one of the newer games at Les Elfes “Lip dub”, where the students dance and sing followed by a camera with music behind.

29/12/2013 Skiing, Optional’s and Ice skating

some students had languages in the morning before skiing, for the ones that went directly up the mountain they had a great day today, the weather has been sunny with patches of cloud, the snow conditions are very good, not to icy and the students are really enjoying the day skiing. After lunch the language students joined the other groups on the mountain.

Upon arriving back to Les Elfes the students relaxed with hot chocolate and snacks before signing up for optional activities, on the agenda for today, we have swimming, shopping and staying in drawing or playing games.

After dinner all of the students on campus joined together in the dining room to go ice skating, while on the ice many of the students played hockey, some just relaxed with a little skate around and others took the opportunity to learn to skate.

28/12/2013 Skiing,Optional’s and Movie night

Nice relaxing day today for all groups, with some of the students going to languages in the morning and then joining the groups skiing after lunch on the mountain. After returning from the mountain the students had some time to chat and have a hot chocolate before sign up for optional activities, today’s options were swimming shopping and staying in playing games. some of the students went to languages. After dinner all the students went downstairs to meet the new arrivals socialize and watch a movie in the cinema room.

New arrivals today arriving from all over the world, as soon as they arrived the students were welcomed by the friendly staff, checked in and went to a meeting with the resort manager to explain the rules and regulations of the camp and introduce some of the working staff . After the meeting the students had lunch and the animation team took them for a tour around Verbier before then returning and doing ski fit with the instructors. During the evening the new students joined the existing students in watching a movie in the Les Elfes cinema room.

27/12/2013 – Skiing, Optional’s, Presentation and Prize giving

Busy day today at Les Elfes with some individuals departing this throughout the day and a new school group arriving mid day. All the students went skiing this morning besides the arrivals and departures and participated in a Ski race, this will show the instructors the technique that the students have learned throughout the week. Today’s weather was very good, with fresh snow and full on sunshine. Upon returning back to Les Elfes the students signed up for optional activities and relaxed with some hot chocolate and snacks. After dinner all the students met in Les Elfes dining room for presentation, prize giving and their first chance to see the music video and slide show edited by the animation team.

The new arrivals today had a relaxing day, upon arriving they checked in, given a quick speech on the rules of the campus and then was shown around Verbier by the animation team. This was a great chance for the animation team to get to know the students and the students to ask any questions they may have. After the tour around Verbier the students were then shown downstairs to have their ski equipment correctly fitted and sized by their instructors. After dinner the students were very tired and had a early night.

We have had a great time with the students that are departing today and early hours of tomorrow and we hope they return very soon.

26/12/2013 – Skiing,Excursion,Clubs

The students separated into three different groups today, each group doing a something different.

Group 1 – Today the group went off to Laussane to visit the Olympic museum, while in Laussane the students went shopping

Group 2 – The students in the second group took off to Vevey, firstly to visit the Callier chocolate factory before heading out to the cheese factory and finally after lunch the students did a little shopping in the lovely town of Vevey.

Group 3 . This group decided to stay at Les Elfes and go skiing, although the visibility was not brilliant the conditions of the snow was very good and the group had a awesome day.

Upon returning to Les Elfes the three groups merged together for dinner. After dinner the students were given a choice for the evening activity as it was club night. The choices tonight were , Tapas, Rockstar, Arts and crafts and Photography.

25/12/2013 – Skiing, Optional’s, Seceret Santa and Christmas treasure hunt

                                                                                                            MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM LES ELFES!

The day began well with no languages and the students going skiing, the weather has been good due to it snowing all day, however it has also brought low visibility with it. This is actually good for the students to learn how to ski in different conditions. By the end of their time here at Les Elfes they will be hardcore skiers or snowboarders.

After skiing they returned to Les Elfes to sign up for optional activities, today was a different selection of activities, having Cooking, carol singing or Igloo making  this continued until dinner. During dinner the students shared presents and did secret Santa.

This evening the students participated in Christmas Treasure hunt, this involved loads of singing, shouting wrapping and some games with riddles to find some hidden treasure. While this was happening the older students who didn’t want to participate had a very special night singing, playing and jamming with Faye on the guitar.

24/12/2013 Skiing, Optional activities and Music Video

No languages today, the students all on the mountain skiing. Many are turning efficiently, stopping well and the instructors are teaching them more advanced techniques. The enthusiasm of the groups has been great today, with a select few skiers and snowboarders falling over and getting back up with massive smiles on their faces.

After a full action packed day of skiing, the students returned to Les Elfes for sign up and snacks, the optional activities had changed for today, now having the options of snowman building, Ginger bread house building or shopping for Secret Santa. After optional’s it was time for dinner, tonight was a special Christmas dinner, with roast turkey, potatoes with veg and some very tasty deserts specially made from the kitchen staff. Tonight we had a special arrival, Santa came around bringing presents for all the students.

Tonight’s activity was Music video, the students worked very well together and enjoyed making the video, by the end of the week the animation staff will have edited the video and the students will get to see and buy it if they choose so.


23/12/2013 Skiing, Optional activities and Are you smarter than your monitor

Skiing on the agenda for today, some of the students had morning languages and joined the groups skiing after lunch. Today’s progress was good, the instructors are very happy with the enthusiasm of their groups and the students are happy with the level they are skiing at.

After skiing the students returned to Les Elfes to sign up for optional activities and for some students they did languages. During the optional activities many of the students went to Verbier shopping, while others stayed and relaxed during their free time.

After dinner the students all participated in our new game, “Are you smarter than your monitor”, where they had to answer a series of questions of random knowledge against their chosen monitor. Its been a long day today, many of the students are very tired and have gone to sleep, others are just relaxing waiting for bed time.

22/12/2013 Skiing, Optional activities and Ice skating

First day skiing today, it was a great chance for the students to get to know their instructors and for the instructors to asses the levels of the students to ensure they are in the correct group for the ability of the student.

Upon returning to Les Elfes the students had snacks and hot chocolate, relaxed before sign up for optional activities, a choice between swimming, shopping or staying and playing games at Les Elfes.

After dinner the students gathered in the dining room and went down to the local ice rink to go ice skating and play ice hockey, this was a great time for the students to get to know each other and for some to learn to ice skate.

21/12/2013 – Arrivals, Verbier hunt and Movie night

Early departures this morning, one of the groups stayed and did some skiing during the morning and left just after lunch time. We have really enjoyed having the school groups in the past two weeks and hope they have had a great time and they return soon.

Busy day today at Les Elfes, we have had individuals arriving all throughout the day, many who have traveled very far. After arriving the students go through a quick and efficient arrivals procedure, beginning with sorting out any paper work at reception, after this the students have their photo taken, receive a red or green card and a staff member from the animation team show them to their rooms, helping them with their bags, explain a few rules about the rooms, fire procedure and answer any questions.

All throughout the day the day the students were taken downstairs to the ski room to do ski and snowboard fit. this is where they will receive the correct sized boots and skis/snowboard for the duration of their stay, all of the sizing is done by our full qualified instructors, this was a great chance for the students to meet the instructors they will be with.

After Lunch all the students were given a friendly briefing in the dining room by the Resort manager, explaining the rules of the campus and showing the students some of the staff that will be working with them. After the briefing the students split into a few groups and went on a “Verbier hunt”, a guided tour around Verbier, completing challenges and visiting some shops on the way with the animation staff.

For the evening the students had a nice relaxing time, drinking hot chocolate and watching a movie downstairs. For the students that have been travelling all day and very jet lagged, they went to bed. For others they watched a movie, relaxed and got to know some of the other students.

20/12/2013 – Skiing, Prize giving, music video and slideshow

Great day skiing today for all groups, the weather has been snowing up on the mountain all day, this has given the students a chance to ski in different conditions. All of the groups have been spending the week skiing on the “Blue” run on the mountain at la Chaux, for some who have met the standards they had the chance if they chose to, to ski on more difficult runs.

After a hard days skiing all of the students returned, after a little rest they needed to go to their rooms for the animation team to do “check  out”, a procedure ensuring they are ready for the departure. For some the students will be leaving late tonight, for others they will be leaving during early hours of the morning and for the lucky ones, they will be leaving during the day.

Many of the camp groups will be leaving tomorrow and will be sorely missed, we have really enjoyed having the groups.

During the evening the students gathered in the dining room and one group in the Cinema room for presentation and prize giving, from the Instructors and animation staff.

19/12/2013 – Skiing and Disco for all.

Today was a nice day on the slopes with many students enjoying the fresh snowfall during the day,  all of the students are competent at stopping and turning and the instructors are very pleased with their progress. Others have learned to perfect stopping and turning while some have learned more advanced techniques. Everybody returned to Les Elfes with their instructors, very happy with fresh snowfall and exited for the disco tonight.

Tonight, after dinner all of the students partied on down to the disco, enjoying soft drinks and snacks during their dancing.


18/12/2013 Excursion, Skiing, Scrabble or La fureur

Most of the students took off to excursion today with one of the groups staying here, going skiing.

The groups that went to excursion split up, one group took of to the cheese and chocolate factories in the morning with shopping in Montreux at the Christmas markets. The group that have already been to the factories went to the United nations today, and went shopping during the afternoon.

For the group that stayed at Les Elfes, they went skiing for the day. when finished skiing they returned to Les Elfes to do optional activities.

Upon returning to Les Elfes from excursion, the students had snacks and relaxed before dinner, after dinner some of the groups participated in La Fureur while others did a giant Scrabble night.

17/12/2013 – Languages, Skiing and Clubs

languages for one of the groups during the morning, After an early lunch the students gathered together all of their equipment and went up the mountain with their instructors. After returning from the slopes all students signed up for optional activities and had some snacks. After dinner all of the students were given a speech about the activity for the evening.

Arts and Crafts – The students that chose arts and crafts began the session sitting opposite to each other, and were asked to draw a cartoon drawing of their partner. After this the students then did a little animation book.

Photography – For the photography students after being showed some cool features about the camera and different ways to take the “”Perfect shot”

Tapas – The Students of Tapas made Tiffin tonight, a biscuit much like a rocky road.

Dance – The students of dance did a little bit of basic choreography and learned a few new dance moves.

Rockstar – Learning to play the guitar to a good level and singing as a group.


16/12/2013 Languages, Skiing, Optional activities and Music video or La Fureur

Languages this morning for one of the groups, after studying the students had some lunch and went straight up the mountain with their instructors.

For the other groups all of the students awoke, got ready for skiing, had breakfast and joined their instructors outside promptly at 8.45, ready for skiing for today. It was a great day on the mountain today, perfectly clear weather and everybody returned from the slopes with happy faces.

Upon arrival at Les Elfes the students were greeted by the animation staff, the students had time to get some snacks and relax before sign up and optional activities, which continued until dinner. After dinner the students separated into their groups, with some doing Music Video while others joined-in in the crazy and very loud game of La Fureur.

15/12/2013 Skiing, Ice skating

Languages  this morning for one of the groups, they had lunch early at Les Elfes and joined the rest of the groups on the mountain.

For the students who arrived yesterday, today was a great day to meet and get to know their ski instructors and for the instructors to meet and greet the students within their group, and explain that with enough effort they will all be able to ski very efficiently by the end of their trip here.

All groups arrived at Les Elfes for snacks and sign up for optional activities (Swimming, shopping or staying at Les Elfes Playing games) After dinner the monitors gave each group a  speech, explaining that tonight they will all be going Ice Skating in our local ice rink.


13/12/2013 Languages, Skiing, optional activities and Boys Vs Girls

Languages for the first part of the day, followed by some lunch.

After lunch the students collected everything they had for skiing and joined their instructors for a journey up the mountain to go skiing. Today was beautiful, clear skies and after speaking with the instructors the progression of learning is getting very good, with some turning well.

Returning to Les Elfes the students were greeted by the usual happy smiley faces of the Animation team.

Time for snacks and sign up. After dinner one of the animation team gave the students a briefing about the evening, Boys Vs Girls, a series of challenging games pinning the two teams against each other.

12/12/2013 – Skiing, Optional activities and Disco

Great day skiing today, the students all have learned the basics and are now learning more advanced techniques e.g different types of stopping and turning. The weather has been great today, full sunshine and lovely blue skies.. Upon returning to Les Elfes after skiing,  the students had some time to have some snacks, relax and sign up for optional activities (Swimming, Shopping or Staying playing games at Les Elfes)

After Dinner the students had a meeting with the Animation team to be told that tonight’s activity was DISCO! and they had a little bit of time to change into some disco clothes and meet downstairs in the cinema room. The students really enjoyed the disco tonight and boogied on down to the music until bedtime.

11/12/2013 – Excursion Day, Wii Competition

Everybody awoke today very exited to the day of the excursion. After breakfast the students gathered for a meeting in the dining room to be told that they were going to the Callier chocolate factory, Gruyere cheese factory followed by the Christmas market to enjoy the festive spirit in Vevey down by the side of Lac Leman.

Upon arrival back to Les Elfes the students had some time to relax and shower before dinner at 7pm. After dinner the Monitors gave the students a briefing about the evenings activities, where they had the option of choosing either Wii competition or Pictionary. All of the students chose to do Wii competition and the competition against each team was fierce,  really enjoyed the evening singing songs on the speakers while playing the Wii. The Students are exited to get back on the skis for tomorrow.

10/12/2013 – Skiing, Swimming and Clubs

Second day on the slopes today, the session began with a warm up and a overview of what the students will be learning throughout the day, ensuring they are fully prepared for skiing.  The students are beginning to learn to ski correctly, with most now achieving snow plough and some learning to turn.

The students returned to Les Elfes with great big smiles, exited for the evenings activity. During the Afternoon the students went shopping, many shopping for souvenirs, while others went swimming.

For the evening the students Gathered in the  dining room to participate in “Clubs night “, Where the students choose a from a choice of clubs to study, for some this will be to learn new things, and for others it is a good way to brush up on their skills. The clubs they had the choice tonight was Rock star (Learning a new skill with instruments), Tapas (Cooking), photography and Arts and crafts.

The night went very well and the students enjoyed their choice of club, next week they have the chance to study the same class  and move onto more advanced things or choose a new class, perhaps something they have never done before.

09/12/2013 First day on the slopes and Music video

Today is the day, many of the students have never skied before and were very exited to go to the slopes. Before the sessions began the students had some time to get to know their instructors a little and began the sessions with a relaxing warm up. After the warm up they were given a safety briefing, explaining what they will be doing during the session and explaining the “Do’s and Don’ts” also some of the equipment they will be using. After speaking with the instructors today they were all very impressed with the effort of the group willingness to learn.

upon arrival to Les Elfes, they were greeted by hot chocolate and snacks before signing up for the afternoons activities, Swimming, shopping or playing games at Les Elfes.

During the evening the students participated in the very popular activity at Les Elfes, music video, this involved plenty of dancing, a little bit of looking silly by dressing up and some singing. It was a very fun night and the students were tired by the end of it. The students are really exited about tomorrow’s skiing.