30/04/2014 Zermatt – Skiing, glacier ice caves, climbing garden & dine out

Wednesday 30th April

Ski day 3 with a tour to the Zermatt Glacier Ice Caves. The snow was falling from early morning to late afternoon. The snow conditions were absolutely perfect for the whole day. The students put in 100% effort into their skiing coming out with superb results. After a lunch break the students gathered for the the ICE CAVE visit. They had a blast up there using the ice slide to get from one end to the other it was great fun. Now the students have showered and some of them have gone to the climbing garden. The students will have a safety briefing and after they will climb in the trees attached with a harness. Other students played indoor games and went to the village for sightseeing. Tonight is dine out evening which means the students will go to the village for the evening meal. They are also excited about going skiing next morning

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Winter Review from Crans Montana

What a great winter!

I would like to express my gratitude to all the schools coming from all around the world to spend some holidays at Les Elfes Crans. You guys really made our winter unforgetable.

Year after year, kids and teachers come back to ski in Crans Montana. I’m so pleased to see them again.
This year, we also received 3 news schools from mid east, and we had such a good time!! They already part of Les Elfes Family, and I can’t wait to see them back next year.

So I want to take advantage of this moment to say thank you to all the staff from Crans Montana.
They did an amazing job all winter

We are already looking forward to see you next year

Enjoy your summer

Nico Bonnier
Resort Manager

Crans Montana

29/04/2014 Zermatt – Sun and progression

Today the students were extremely excited as the sun was beaming. It was a beautiful day the students learnt a lot today. The progression was amazing as the students become faster, more confident and looking much more professional. After a great lunch the student had a group photo in front of the matterhorn. Some of the students skied up to 45km today and they had a blast. It was overall a spectacular day. After skiing the students showered and then went to the village. Some of the students went to the local museum and really enjoyed it. In the evening the students went on a torch light walk and looked at the lights of the beautiful ski resort city

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28/04/2014 Zermatt first ski day

Monday 28th April

Today the students ate their breakfast early. They gathered their ski equipment ready for todays skiing. Everyone was very excited for skiing as it snowed all night long and the snow had layed in the village. All together we walked to the gondola that takes us to the skiing area. Everyone collected their skis at the top of the mountain and went outside for a warm up. After the students finished their warm up they put their skis on. They completed many exercises including racing, lifting the skis, sliding… they also learnt how to get up incase they fell down. They progressed on learning how to stop using the edges of their skis. The snow continued to fall alday long. After a short break with drinks and snacks the students went back outside to the beginner area. They begun to ski again practicing how to stop and turn with the skis. Some of the students already know how to ski therfore they went directly to the mountain turning and helping each other to learn new things. Everyone gathered for lunch which was delicious. We headed back to the hotel and everyone went to change their clothes and shower ready for the afternoon activity. Some students went to the village for shopping and sightseeing and the other students played indoor games back at the hotel. Tonight we have music video. The students will recreate their very own music video by singing, dancing and role play. They are excited for skiing tomorrow and I must add that all of the students did fantastic for their first day on the slopes.DSC04129DSC04128 DSC04123 DSC04119 DSC04111 DSC04106 DSC04104 DSC04103 DSC04100 DSC04096 DSC04090 DSC04087 DSC04084 DSC04066

New campus in Crans-Montana for Winter 2014/15

mapFor the coming winter, Les Elfes offers a new campus in sunny Crans-Montana for school groups up to 60 persons.

Students will be accommodated in comfortable and bright rooms ranging from 2 – 5 beds. Most of the rooms have a south-facing balcony with a splendid view over the Alps and the village of Crans-Montana. All rooms and bathrooms are in excellent condition.

The campus is equipped with a big dining room and a huge lounge for après-ski activities (2 footballtables, table tennis, two pianos and more).

Just a few minutes walking distance from the centre of Crans, close to the lift station and at 1.4450 m Altitude, the campus offers the ideal location for Les Elfes ski trips.

Please contact us to learn more or to make a booking.


Pictures of the new campus



24/04/2014 Skiing, Optionals and clubs night

another great day of skiing on the mountain, the students have had a great week learning to ski and have progressed really well.

Optional activities for when the students returned from skiing.

During the evening the students had a choice of club activities, tonight’s choice was either design and build or cooking. The activities went very well, with design and build, making a roller coaster, while cooking club made cookies.


23/04/2014 Skiing, Excursion, Optionals and Bin bag fashion show

Epic day on the mountain skiing, the students have learned alot over the past few days on the mountain.

Excursion for the individuals today, the students began the day by going to Laussane Olympic museum followed by a few hours shopping in the city.

Optional activities for the students when they returned from skiing and excursion, today’s choice swimming shopping or staying at relaxing at Les Elfes.

During the evening the students gathered in the dining room to participate in bin bag fashion show,n there was some very creative ideas used, the students first had to design a costume and the build it from bin bags and paper.

Leadership Training & Career Orientation

Les Elfes introduces Leadership Training and Career Orientation for our 12-17 year old campers. We work with highly professional experts who developed a unique and fun-based approach. Our campers will gain valuable practical skills.

Leadership Training

We will offer an exclusive one-day leadership training for our 12-14 year old campers. We work with highly professional experts who developed a unique and fun-based approach. Our campers will gain valuable practical skills, such as goal setting, presentation skills, group dynamics and the essence of time management, which will be discussed and experienced during interactive presentations, great role-plays and exciting fun-filled games.

Career Orientation

Our oldest campers aged 15-17 years old will have the chance to participate in a one-day career orientation workshop during their session. Based on an interactive method, the students will discover their talents, interests and management styles and how to apply these elements in their professional orientation. Each student receives a motivation profile and his personal talent definition.

22/04/2014 Skiing, Optionals, Torchlight walk and Marshmallows

Great day skiing today, the students are getting on really well with their skis and learning very quickly. The weather has been very good today, keeping full on sunshine all throughout the day.

Upon arriving back to Les Elfes the students signed up for optional activities, today choice swimming, shopping or staying, many of the students were very tired and decided on relaxing playing card games.

During the evening the everybody gathered together outside Les Elfes to go on a nice relaxing torch light walk, after a quick briefing the students were then shown around a route that goes both on and off road in lit and unlit areas. After the torchlight walk they then returned to Les Elfes to have a BBQ style fire outside the building, there was a choice of marshmallows, biscuits, chocolate biscuits and hot chocolate. The winner of the longest lasting torch has been decided and will be presented with a prize during prize giving on Friday.

21/04/2014 Skiing, Optionals, Lip Dub

Great day on the mountain skiing. Although the weather around Verbier was raining and misty, above the clouds in the mountains the weather was clear and very consistent. The ski instructors are very impressed with the groups enthusiasm and effort, the students are progressing well.

Optional activities when the students returned, having the choice of either swimming, shopping or staying and relaxing, many of the students decided to go swimming and completed challenges set by the monitor.

During the evening the students all gathered in the cinema room to participate in a Les Elfes classic, lip dub. During lip dub the students dance and sing in groups as they move around campus.

20/04/2014 Skiing, Optionals, Arrivals, Ice skating

First day of skiing for the new students today, after being given their skis straight after breakfast the students went to the ski racks and departed to go skiing. On the mountain, the instructors began their sessions with a nice warm up, from there they then explained that today the students would be learning the fundamental skills involved in skiing and would begin with the snow plough, once at the bottom of the slopes the instructors demonstrated the lift procedures, what to do and what not to do.

After returning from the slopes the students were very tired, the had some time to relax before signing up for optional activities, today’s choice, swimming, shopping or playing games and relaxing at Les Elfes. During this time there was also a new school group of arrivals. After being welcomed at the front door, the school went through the simple check in procedure followed by a welcome speech from the resort manager.

During the evening all of the students gathered together to go ice skating, for some this was a completely new experience and the monitors were there to help them to learn every step of the way. For others this was a great chance to speak to some students who are on campus and have never met before.

19/04/2014 Relaxing rest day, Verbeir hunt and Movie night

A very relaxing day for the students at Les Elfes today, With four new arrivals, the camp seemed very quiet. Upon arriving the new individuals were shown to their rooms, given  their own personal locker keys and then had a welcome speech, explaining all of the rules of the campus. After the speech the students then went on a Verbier hunt, completing challenges that locate themselves around Verbier.

During the evening the students were very tired and had the choice of either going downstairs to the cinema room to watch a movie with popcorn or go to bed early and prepare themselves for tomorrows skiing.


18/04/2014 Skiing, Optional s, Dine out

Busy day at Les Elfes today, one of the schools departed early this morning the other three went skiing for half a day. The skiers returned for lunch at 12, after lunch they gathered their belongings and departed for the airport.

during the week we have had a great time with the four schools at Les Elfes, we wish them a great flight back and hope to see them soon.

The individuals also went skiing for the day, however they didn’t return back to Les Elfes during lunch, instead they spent the whole day on the mountain skiing around.

Only the individuals on campus tonight, they gathered together and went on a nice dine out in a restaurant of their choice in Verbier. After dine out the students returned to watch a movie in the cinema room

17/04/2014 Skiing, Optionals and Presentation and prize giving

A very constructive day on the mountain today, being the final day of skiing for most of the students they absorbed as much knowledge of skiing as possible. with a BBQ for lunch on the mountain and a ski race during the day the students had a great time today.

Optional activities for when the students returned from skiing.

During the evening the students all gathered in the dining room for a presentation from the instructors and monitors, prizes were awarded.

16/04/2014 Skiing, Optional`s, Disco and casino night

Amazing day on the mountain today, the weather has kept consistently sunny all throughout the day. The students are progressing really well, with many now being able to parallel ski and stop.

Excursion today for some of the students, they had a great time in the callier choclate factory followed by a nice days shopping in Vevey.

Once the day had finished the students returned to Les Elfes to sign up for optional activities. Today’s choice swimming, shopping or staying at Les Elfes relaxing

Just before dinner all of the excursion students returned. After dinner everyone in Les Elfes gathered together in the cinema room for a disco. During this time there was also casino games, party drinks, toasted marshmallows and snacks.

15/04/2014 Skiing, Optional’s, Carnival night

Another great day of skiing for the students today, the weather has kept perfectly clear with bright blue skies and sunshine.

Upon returning back to Les Elfes the students had some time to relax and get some snacks before signing up for optional activities.

During the evening the students all gathered in the dining room for a carnival night, during the carnival there were loads of different stands where students can face paint, play games, get snacks and drinks and enjoy the festival style atmosphere.

14/04/2014 Skiing, Optional’s, Clubs night

Great day skiing today, the students are progressing very well, many of them learning to snow plough very efficiently.

During the afternoon the students returned and signed up fro optional activities, today choice swimming, shopping or staying. The students that stayed participated in a giant game of basketball.

During the evening the students chose to participate in a choice of clubs, on tonight’s agenda was dance studio, Arts and crafts, Design and build, Tapas, Photo or rock star

14/04/2014 Skiing, Optional’s, Ice skating

First day of skiing for many of the students, once arriving at the beginner slopes, they separated into groups, began with a relaxing warm up and got straight on with learning to ski. Today’s skiing was to ensure the students are placed into the correct groups, for some that have been skiing before they will be joining the more advanced groups and learning different techniques.

Upon arrival back to Les Elfes the students had some time to relax before sign up and snacks

During the evening everyone at Les Elfes joined together to go down to the local ice rink, for some students this was a new expirence but the monitors were there to help them learn to ice skate, for others it was a nice time to relax and get to know the other students on campus from other schools and individuals.

12/04/2014 Excursion, Skiing, Departures, Arrivals, Optionals, Torchlight walk

Very early departures this morning, two of the schools left around 6am to go to Geneva airport. We have had a great time having them here and hope they have learnt alot about skiing and hope they return very soon.

Busy day today, during the morning there was a school going on excursion, individuals going skiing and another group of departures all before lunch. Shortly after lunch Les Elfes had a large group of arrivals, The new arrivals went straight to reception to do the simple and effective check in process, this ensured they were happy with the rooms they would be staying in and that they all had there own personal lockers with keys. After check in they went into the dining room for a meeting with the resort manager to explain all of the rules and regulations of the campus.

During the evening all of the students on campus gathered together to go on a relaxing torchlight walk, this was a great opportunity for the new students to meet the individuals and other schools we have here at Les Elfes.

Pictures of today’s excursion to be uploaded tomorrow.

11/04/2014 Skiing, Arrivals, Optionals, Millionaire

Final day of skiing for many of the students, during the weeks they have done very well beginning from the beginner slopes, moving on to the mountain and now skiing very efficiently throughout the day. Many of the students have gone from never skied and not being able to ski all day to skiing well over a variety of pistes and snow conditions.

New group of arrivals today, the new students were welcomed to Les Elfes and went to reception for check in and locker keys. After the quick process of checking in the students then met the resort manager and some of the working staff in the dining room for a welcome speech, this involved all of the rules and procedures, also a nice way to meet the staff.

After skiing the students returned, signed up and went on optional activities, today choice swimming, shopping or staying at Les Elfes.

During the evening everyone met in the dining room for our very popular and rather amusing who wants to be a millionaire. The new group of arrivals had the choice to go to bed early as they were very jet lagged and tired.

10/04/2014 Skiing, Optional’s, Presentation and Prize giving

Great day on the snow today the students have progressed really well over the week and the instructors are very impressed with them. All of the students have learned to ski most of the slopes, trying out varied terrain and graded pistes.

After a full days worth of skiing the students returned to Les Elfes to sign up for optional activities many chose to go shopping, a few decided to stay and played a game of football outside.

During the evening the students all gathered in the dining room to participate in a presentation and prize giving night, there were skiing certificates given out to every student and extra prizes from the monitors. After the prize giving the students were then taken downstairs to the cinema room to watch a slide show of all the pictures taken during the week.