Bridge Swinging and Rock Climbing

Wow…. the students had such a great time today. It was so much fun! They went bridge swinging in the morning and afterwards they went rock climbing. Accompanied by guides we talks through the skills or rock climbing, how to put on a harness and also how to make knots with the ropes. We showed them the correct posture to climb and decent.

Great times!

DISCO night was fantastic… with our new smoke machine, disco lights and a great DJ the students had a blast. We made fake cocktails and played games like limbo and the conger.


Ropes course and Mountain biking

The weather was beautiful all day today. One half of the students completed the ropes course in the morning and after the students went mountain biking. Then they switched activities therefore all of the students did both activities. The ropes course was very fun, after the safety speech the students started to climb high in the tress. Meanwhile the mountain bikers had a blast learning new tricks and skills to be more stable using the mountain bikes. In the evening we played La Fureur which is a music quiz, the students had so much energy and really enjoyed the game.


United Nations, Lausanne shopping, Hike, Mountain safety and transcever

An exiting day today for both groups,

One group took off earl to go to Lausanne and visit the United nations, followed by a nice days shopping.

The other group went from Les Elfes around 9am for a hike. On the hike they tried the local delicacies from the mountain while learning about the local area from one of Verbiers top mountain guides.

During the evening the all of the students joined together, with the older students participating in a casino night and the younger students having a games competition and a movie.

Olympic Museum and Lausanne Shopping

Today the students headed to the Olympic museum. The museum itself has been rencently newly refurbished and it really meets the expectations of any visiter. This museum will guide you through the history or sports, present day and future of the sporting world. We loved the visit as a group and would go again if we had the chance to. After the exciting educational morning we sat down at the lake for lunch. A beautiful setting of the mountains and lake Geneva. We then headed to the city of Lausanne for some shopping and sightseeing. In the evening we played Casino night with the students



Aosta Italy Excursion Day

The students headed off to Italy this morning. They spent 2 hours sightseeing this beautiful city. They visited many historical sights and walked through the lovely shops and street of Aosta in Italy. After a fantastic day of sightseeing in Italy they headed back to Les Elfes for a beautifully prepared dinner service. We spilt the oldest and youngest students into two groups. The older students watched a movie, played table tennis, poll and table football. The youngest students gathered with our other school students and played boys v’s girls.

Bex Salt mines, Sports tournament, Music video and The Apprentice

A great start to the day by going to the Bex salt mines. once in the mines the students were guided around and was explained how the mine works, the history of the mine, how extraction of the salt happens and some other things. The students really enjoyed being at the mines and want to return soon. The students returned to Les Elfes around 3, front here they separated into two groups and played a sports tournament, with the winning team choosing the next sport.

Just before dinner the students all participated in a Les Elfes music video, while in the video the students were required to wear fancy dress, and be a choreographer as well as the dancers and singers.

After dinner the group gathered together to finish yesterdays Apprentice project. Today they needed to build the designed cereal box and create an advert for the investors (Monitors) to judge.

Around dinner time there was a large groups of arrivals from Zermatt. After dinner they completed check in and watched a movie in the cinema room due to tiredness from skiing then straight driving over.

Skiing and Departure day

The students skied all morning even thou the weather was against usWe set up small races for some of the students whilst others went all the way to the top of the chair lift for the first time. After lunch we all headed to the glacier museum, here the students were amazed by the ice sculptures. WE then headed to the train station to head back to Verier  upon our arrival we had a beutifuly prepared dinner. After dinner the students put unpacked and put their laundry bags at reception ready for washing. Then the students had an exciting day of skiing, traveling and relaxing

Mountain biking, Orienteering and The apprentice

A great day on the bikes began with an hour of games, safety and coaching before moving onto the mountain and taking a bike ride. The first route before dinner was short but was based on coaching, and improving rider skills and abilities. After lunch the students then used everything they already knew and some new skills to take it to the next level and do a long mountain bike route.

When the students returned they had a little time to have a shower and have some snacks before doing some orienteering, followed by a sports tournament, competing in football, volleyball and basketball.

After dinner the students were briefed about the evening activity and was told that they need to design a brand new cereal and box and present it to the investors (Monitors). Tomorrow the activity will continue and the students will then need to create the box from their design and also create an advert using a camera.


Matterhorn and Race day

Group picture first of all, in front of the Matterhorn. The sun was shinning for the whole day and the spirits were very high indeed. Off the students went to ski, either using the magic carpet the rope or the chair lift. Students of the camp this week have shown the instructors extreme dedication! This afternoon we had a small ski race set up for the children on the magic carpet. Now the students are on the ropes course, museum or shopping for last minute souvenirs. Later after dinner we will be packing and taking our luggage down stairs ready for the departure tomorrow.

Arrivals, Nature hike and Team building

A new small group of arrivals today. After arriving, the students were given their rooms and were given a little time to unpack before check in. After check in everyone gathered together in the dining room to have a welcome speech, explaining all of the rules of the campus and that they all would be going on a nature hike. After dinner everyone gathered outside to participate ins some team building games before returning inside just before bed time.


Matterhorn, Sun and Snow

The students were extremely excited about skiing this morning. The sun was shinning and the students spirits were very high. The matterhorn was in full view for the best part of the day. The students are progressing more and more everyday. After lots of turning on their skis the indian group gathered for another delightful lunch break. Tonight we will take all of them on a torchlight walk up on to the hillside with real torch flames. We will look down on Zermatt village as the sun sets

IMG_2759 IMG_2757 IMG_2753 DSC_0208 DSC_0204 DSC_0197 IMG_2761 DSC_0171 DSC_0178 DSC_0182 DSC_0192 DSC_0196 DSC_0169 DSC_0155 DSC_0154 DSC_0153 DSC_0148 DSC_0127 DSC_0128 DSC_0131 DSC_0142 DSC_0144

Relaxing Morning, Presentation and Prize giving, Departure

Last day for the students today, After a healthy breakfast the students were briefed on what would be happening during the morning, they then went upstairs to their rooms to ensure everything had been packed and they were ready for departure. Around 9.30am the students met all of the teachers and monitors in the dining room for presentation and prize giving, there was two prizes given out for each group, with eight prizes given in total. From there the tidy room competition was read out and the tidiest rooms also won a prize. After Prize giving the students then went upstairs to get their bags and get onto the buses and off they went. We hope the students and teachers have had a great time here at Les Elfes and hope they return soon.

Skiing day and dine out

Zermatt… The place to be in spring! It’s beautiful weather, great snow and we have some fantastic students too. All of our students are making fast progression completing their first turns today on the beginner areas. Some students had already gone to the top of the chair lift. Now heading out for a evening meal in the village, the students are excited for tomorrow…

High ropes in Aigle, Alpine zoo, Rock climbing in sembrencher, Poetry walk and Disco

After breakfast the students separated into their groups.

Groups A and B went on down to Sembrancher to go climbing in the sunshine, while down there they had some time to relax and play games while waiting to climb. After lunch they moved back to Les Elfes, had a little time to get some water and food, then went on an enjoyable poetry walk with their monitors and teachers, taking their time while stopping at beautiful locations to give the students inspiration for their poems that they made when they returned to Les Elfes.

Groups C and D took off to Aigle ropes course. After a briefing from the guides and the monitors they went around the courses in groups with a teacher or monitor. The students thoroughly enjoyed the ropes course completing many challenges and courses throughout the morning. After the ropes course the groups then took a bus ride and enjoyed the afternoon in the Alpine zoo.

Nature Hike in Zermatt

This morning we planned to take the students on an adventurous nature hike for 3 hours. The students took the gondola half way then walked up the mountain to walk cross over the famous bridge in Zermatt. We walked through the amazing scenery of forests, plants, waterfalls and much more. The students then began to walk down towards the hotel for lunch. We spotted many animals on our journey such as rabbits, marmots and even a family deer. After the adventure walk we went to the hotel for a delicious lunch prepared by our in house Indian chef. We all gathered together for a meeting in the games room and split the students into groups for outdoor sports. We played cricket, football, basketball, volleyball and tennis. Now the students are having a well deserved shower and preparing for the afternoon activities. We will go to the ropes course, museum, shopping or indoor games. After dinner we will play games with the students. Tonights activity will be who wants to be a millionaire.

Nature Hike and Movie night

A great day on the mountain today.

After a speech from the teachers and monitors about the correct equipment needed for a days walking, the students were given a little time to collect everything required before departure at 9am. Once on the mountain the students were informed that they will be collecting rocks and leaves found on the trails to compare the difference from various altitudes. For each group there was a local guide that provided vital information about the hiking area.

Once all of the groups returned back to Les Elfes they had some time to relax and shower before going to the dining room to participate in our always very popular music based game La Fureur. During the activity the students separated into two large groups, where they competed against each other in various challenges involving singing, dancing, group participation and enthusiasm.

After dinner the students gathered in the cinema room to relax and calmly watch a movie before bed.



First day skiing in Zermatt

The students were very excited and energectic to ski this morning. We had a small meeting in the morning, the students got to meet their instructors. After some introdctions we took the students to the mountain to start the day of skiing. A very windy and beautiful sunny day on the mountain today, clear skies and a perfect view of the famous Matterhorn. The students started to warm up ready for skiing then started the basics. After the morning break all of the students were making great progression. They learnt how to do emergency stops, how to turn and even how to improve technique. After lunch the students had a sign up to visit the museum, go shopping, to the ropes course or indoor games. Tonight the students will play pictionary, uno, cards and many more exciting indoor games. Ready for the ski day tomorrow, all of the students are very excited!

Climbing, Poetry walking, Sion high ropes course and Marecottes Zoo

The students separated into two main groups today, having groups A and B together and C and D doing separate activities.

Groups A and B – The students took off around 9am from Les Elfes to head out to the lovely Sion ropes course, this continued until lunch. After lunch the students then went to the Marecottes Zoo and returned back to Les Elfes around 5pm.

Groups C and D – Took off around 9.50am to go  rock climbing in Sembrencher. During the day the students that waited for climbing had a great time with the monitors playing games and sports. After an amazing BBQ for lunch groups C and D returned to Les Elfes, had a little time to relax and then went on a nice relaxing guided walk stopping to create poems.

After a long day out all of the students returned, had a little time to relax and shower before participating in one of Les Elfes very popular activity, Bin bag fashion show.

Arrival day for group india!

The indian group traveled for many hours and finally reached us in Verbier today. When they arrived we greeted them with open arms. We completed our welcome speech and begun lunch. After lunch the students went to the ski room for ski fitting and clothing fitting. Then we all headed to Zermatt. After a beautiful drive through the amazing scenery of Switzerland we arrived at the hotel in Zermatt. The students had the chance to get their final things such as goggles, gloves and socks. After a deliscous dinner and another welcome speech the students showered and headed to bed for a good nights sleep ready for skiing.

Arrivals, Team building and Music video

Large groups of arrivals this afternoon, upon arriving they were shown to their rooms and completed the simple check in process. After lunch the students met all of the staff who then showed them around the resort. Team building activities was first on the agenda for today, the students all separated into their groups and did some team building exercises. After team building the groups all joined together to participate in creating their own music video, this continued until dinner. During the evening the students had some time to relax, shower and unpack before bed.

16-05-2014 Departure day

16th May 2014

Spiders web, mindfeild, basketball, football & outdoor games. This morning the students has a blast, we grouped them and did team building exercises with them all morning. The students had to work together to solve problems and create answers. The students then went to the prize giving which involed talking about the weeks challenges, tasks and outcomes. We showed them a slideshow with the pictures taken from the week. We also finished the IB profiles and talked about the answers