Welcome Session 4… over 50 different nationalities!

Summer Camp Session 4 just started…
Very good mix this session!

We are very happy to welcome over 50 different nationalities at the campus!

In the past, we have heard from many campers that they have found lifelong friendships and have built international networks for their future… For sure this session will be a good one…
Some of the countries represented: India, Russia, Hong Kong, Spain, Switzerland, USA, UAE, Hungary, Italy, Brazil, Singapore, Kazasthan, Belgium, Greece, Mexico, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Bahrain, Romania, UK, Nigeria…

International Day will be exciting!

Nicolas Bonnier

Hi guys, my name is Nico, I am a resort manager at Les Elfes.

3 years ago I had a great Opportunity to set the first Dofe expedition for a group who came to Les Elfes. The experience was incredibly fabulous and successful; it was so amazing to be with the kids exploring the mountain, lake and forest during the expedition.
I decided to pass my qualification to become an assessor and supervisor.
Today I am continuously working to improve our expeditions.
I am looking forward to welcoming you soon, on your next one.[/one_half]

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