Team games, rock climbing ice skating, Tennis, Golf and horse riding

Today was the first day all of our new groups got to know each other. We had a fun filled day starting with the language courses in the morning followed by ….

The Discoveries and Explorers – Took part in many team games and problem solving challenges set out by the monitors. Some got caught up in the spiders web while others avoided falling into shark infested custard!

The Pioneers – went to the rock climbing wall in verbier this afternoon. Some were flying up it and some of the others found this quite challenging but the monitors and guides in charge said they were proud of everyone for putting in a big effort so well done guys!

This evening saw all the groups take to the ice rink. Again everyone had a great time and lots I smiling faces sliding around the ice, some standing and some sitting on the ice 🙂













Welcome Session 4… over 50 different nationalities!

Summer Camp Session 4 just started…
Very good mix this session!

We are very happy to welcome over 50 different nationalities at the campus!

In the past, we have heard from many campers that they have found lifelong friendships and have built international networks for their future… For sure this session will be a good one…
Some of the countries represented: India, Russia, Hong Kong, Spain, Switzerland, USA, UAE, Hungary, Italy, Brazil, Singapore, Kazasthan, Belgium, Greece, Mexico, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Bahrain, Romania, UK, Nigeria…

International Day will be exciting!

Departures and arrivals

Today we saw most of our campers leave for home. We wish them all safe travels as they make their way. We had a few new arrivals come in today, all eagerly anticipating the coming weeks activities. Tomorrow will see over 80 more campers arrive so were all looking forward to the new faces around camp.

Hear are a few pictures from the last couple of weeks














Banana boats, paddle sports, team games and outdoor swimming!

Today was the last day of activities for most of our campers as they all start to depart for home tomorrow.

Discoveries – This morning the discoveries broke into three groups and took part in some team challenges like dribbling and shooting a football, tennis serving, basketball from different areas of the court. After lunch they headed down to the outdoor swimming pool where they enjoyed the lovely mountain sun as the swam and played beach volleyball.

Explorers and Pioneers – Today both the explorers and pioneers went to lake Geneva to enjoy sun. Once they got down there they were on and off the banana boat, hoping in and out of the kayaks paddling around. Some just enjoyed the sun and relaxed by the lake after a busy couple of weeks activities.

Tonight is prize giving and the final chance for everyone to say goodbye to all their new friends and staff.











Rock climbing, mini golf, tennis, swimming, golf and mountain biking were all done today!

Today we had all groups in their language lessons first thing. They used this time to prepare their international presentations. After lunch they all took turns presenting facts about their country’s to the other campers. Then they broke up into the three groups for the afternoons activities.

Discovery – This afternoon the discovery kids had a sports day where the went to the outdoor pool and played beach volleyball

Explorer – This afternoon the explorers went to play some mini golf

Pioneers – After their presentations the pioneers went to do some rock climbing

All the groups went up to le Hattay. This is a BBQ spot we use halfway up the mountain in the forest. They had a nice BBQ our chefs provided and a lovely walk back as the sun set.






















Feedback from June

After a long winter, the month of June is as welcome as the sunshine it brings!


Les Elfes said goodbye to another fantastic year of Spring Camps and on the 7th of June our Summer Camps began. I still cannot believe I am writing this and next week we will be in July, the time simply flies by.
The activities have been brilliant, the lake has been superb on the boats and paddle sports, rock climbing has been great, mountain biking in the mountains and sports outside what’s not to love, in fact we have hardly had to switch to our wet weather programs as it has been glorious blue skies for much of the month.
We have introduced more camping and kayaking in the programs which have been fantastic, and the students have so many activities on offer that sometimes I think there is not enough hours in the day!
I have had the privilege of meeting some great students and parents from all over the world and I hope that many of them come back again next year, the atmosphere in the camp has been great and summer in Les Elfes gets better every year and is such a great place to be.
Looking ahead we have 120 students arriving for our July sessions and we cant wait to meet them all.
Download our Les Elfes App and stay in touch with the camp, and have a great summer!

Adam Brook
Resort Manager

Servion zoo, chateaux de chillon, cheese and chocolate factory’s

Today was excursion day. All the groups went to different locations and cities around Switzerland accompanied by their language teachers who prepared short quizzes for them as they look around.

Discovery – Today the discovery kids visited the servion zoo. They all had a great time looking at the exotic animals that are on display there. After a nice picnic within the zoo they moved on to the beautiful town of Montreux where they were given some time for shopping. Tonight was disco night again and they all had a good boogie before bed.

Explorers – The explorers visited the Chateaux de Chillon and had a tour around the castle by the lake. After this, they went to Lausanne where they shopped for a little while before returning to camp to get ready for the disco. Once again they all had a good night dancing and came back into camp buzzing.

Pioneers – It was the pioneers turn to go to the cheese and chocolate factory’s today. The monitors said they all had as much chocolate as the could eat at the free tasting area during the tour. But thankfully we had a clean ride home in the bus! They joined the other groups for a night in the disco and took the opportunity to dress up nice.

Tomorrow is our international day so we all look forward to seeing what they will all produce

High ropes, arts & crafts, first aid and survival games

Today our campers had to pack up from their overnight expeditions and make there way back to base.

Discovery- This morning the discovery kids were all looking forward to hitting a different ropes course. Some of them were feeling more confident than the last visit and were looking forward to testing themselves in the trees! Tonight they have been doing acting and roll playing games with the explorers.

Explorers- This morning our explorers woke up high in the mountain at Tanay mountain hut. They had some first aid and survival games before hiking down and returning to camp. This evening they joined the discovery campers for acting and roll playing games.

Pioneers – Our pioneers packed up camp and had a short hike to the buses which took them to a different ropes course to try out. The pioneers were defiantly more confident and attacked some of the harder courses in some places 50 ft in the tree tops. Tonight’s activity has brought a great British pub quiz to Switzerland. With the winning team being treated to a pizza from our resort manager! Thanks Adam!




















Departures, arrivals camping, photography, baking and dance

Well we have had a fun couple of days in camp. Sorry we haven’t been able to update as our internet has been a little iffy on site.

We saw some of our campers depart this weekend and a few new faces come in. We thank all those departing for being great campers really throwing themselves into all the activities. Safe travels and hope to see you next year!!

Discovery – Yesterday our young campers went indoor rock climbing in verbier then had clubs night with all the campers. In clubs night they have options of photography, baking, dance. Today they had language lessons in the morning then went on a hike which involved orienteering and nature quizzes.

Explorers – yesterday our explorers had a mini sports day in verbier involving tennis, good and swimming. In the afternoon they went mountain biking and trottinetting in the evening they had the option of dining out in a local restaurant or eat in and join in on clubs night.

Pioneers – Yesterday our pioneers had a morning of football and volleyball followed by an afternoon of tennis, mountain biking and swimming. Today after languages they had more mountain biking and trottinetting. Tonight they all took the opportunity to go out for dinner as a big group in one of the local Italians.

Tomorrow has another action packed day and sleeping in the mountains for some groups.









Sports day, ropes course, aqua park and dancing the night away in a disco!!

This morning our campers all woke up nice and early ready for their language courses. All the teachers are talking about how well the students are doing. That their all engaged in their lessons. All the staff here are very proud of them all.

Discovery – this afternoon our discovery group went to a different ropes course and all had a great time again, lots of smilie faces graced the camp this evening.

Explorers – During the afternoon the explorers had our sports day. We took them to a 9 hole pitch and put golf course, tennis practice, some football and basketball as well. They all returned pretty wet as it was drizzling a little while playing golf. They all played well and put in a lot of effort though so everyone was pleased to see them making the most of the wet afternoon.

Pioneers – The pioneers grabbed their swimming trunks and headed off to the aqua park this afternoon. Their are many water slides, a lazy river and a wave pool for the campers to enjoy the afternoon in.

Tonight they all got dressed into their best clothes and set off for a private disco in town. The staff returning have commented on how happy everyone was and every single one of them were busting some moves on the dance floor!

Excursion day!! Bern, Vevey, Lausanne

Today we had our excursion day! All of our groups were ready and out of the doors by 09:00

Discovery – The discovery team piled into the mini buses this morning. They arrived in Evian France mid morning. They had a look around the beautiful little town with their language teachers who had prepared some small tests for then as they looked around. They then had a boat ride across the lake to Lausanne. In the city they had a short tour of the city before doing some souvenir shopping. After dinner tonight they played a game of times up. This game brings all the campers artistic skills together in a fun game.

Explorers – The explorers were all very excited to be heading to the chocolate factory this morning. They had a walk through about the history of chocolate. Then watched as some chocolate was made. They all made there way to the tasting room where they can eat as much as they want. After filling themselves up they had a short hop on the bus to Gruyere castle. They had a tour and questions from the language teachers to answer while they were their. After all this they went to Vevey for some souvenir shopping. Tonight they played the apprentice game before bed.

Pioneer – Today the pioneers set off for a cultural tour of Bern with the language teachers setting some tasks as the looked around. They had lunch next to the bears and did some shopping in the afternoon. Tonight they watched a movie and some of the students watched Brazil in the World Cup.

Tomorrow brings language lessons in the morning and optional activities throughout the day as well as some more exciting activities for all the campers.






Leadership training, career day

In the camp today we have our pioneers and explorers while the discovery group got out of the village for another day at an adventure park.

Discovery – Our young campers set off for a picnic by a lake and an afternoon at the Wild West adventure park today. At the park the had the chance of feeding the goats, climbing inflatable structures, crazy golf, swings and various obstacles to clamber over. When they got back they had optional activities before dinner.

Explorers – Our explorers were visited today by professional experts for a day of leadership training. During this day they worked on the importance of goal setting, time management and making team decisions. They had a number of challenges throughout the day with time to reflect on how each task went.

Pioneers – The Pioneers had their career day today. They all worked on discovering their motivation profiles, management style, how to behave in the work place. After they had figured this out they spent some time deciding what they would like to do in the future and how their motivation would fit into a future career.

Later on in the evening all three groups went ice skating to disco music in our local sport centre.














Arrivals, biking, trottinetting, rock climbing, mini golf, ice breakers and team building

Today we welcome around 45 new arrivals into camp. As well as an action packed day for our existing campers while our new campers unpack and start to feel at home.

Discovery – Today our discovery campers had a nice picnic then went for an exciting round of mini golf this afternoon before returning for optional activities and free time.

Explorers – Our explorers split into two groups this morning one for mountain biking and the other for trottinetting (big scooters racing down the mountain) this was a great success as some of the trottinetting team were able to have a go at some of the more technical areas on the way down. They had a picnic in the park for lunch followed by beach volleyball and outside swimming at the local pool.

Pioneers – Our pioneers got to go and test their climbing skills on the artificial wall in verbier this afternoon before returning to complete their optional activities.

This evening our campers will break into the three groups for team building games and activities to help our new additions settle into the team






Excursion day Olympic museum, United Nations and cultural visits of Geneva, Lausanne

Today was our excursion day where our excited campers got to visit one of three cities as well as an interesting destination.

Discovery – our discovery campers were looking forward to their trip to the cheese factory, but they were literally buzzing for the chocolate factory that followed. Whist they visit these they go on a guided tour learning about the history of chocolate and cheese production. After the tour they get to see them making the produce and of course the free samples. Now this always goes down better in the chocolate factory 🙂

Explorers – Our explorers enjoyed a fun, morning visit of the Olympic museum. They learnt about the history of the Olympics, about the games taking place in Switzerland in the past. After the visit they enjoyed a picnic by the lake before a short tour of the city followed by some souvenir shopping.

Pioneers – The pioneers got to go on one of my favourite excursions. The United Nations tour! Here they get to walk the halls of the UN building in Geneva and see where some of the the biggest human rights decisions have taken place over history. They got to see parts of the old building that was the League of Nations between WW1 & WW2. As well as some of the fine art donated to them from various countries across the world.

After they returned to Verbier the discovery a sat down for a traditional Swiss fondu meal. While the explorers and the pioneers had done out tonight. They split up into groups and went to some of the finest restaurants in Verbier.






Meet the Staff / Summer 14

Welcome-Summer-Camp-14The Camp is supervised by Adam, the Resort Manager, an Activities Manager and a Head Organizer. Les Elfes runs the camps with all appropriate staff, including monitors, organizers, kitchen staff, secretaries, drivers, cleaning staff etc.

Message from Adam, the resort manager

Summer has finally arrived !!

I have been eagerly anticipating the summer camps for a while now and last Saturday the students began to arrive and we are full steam ahead.
Meeting parents from all over the world from countries as far away as India and Mexico, has been a real pleasure, and the students, what can I say, fantastic people.
We began the day with some arrivals games, getting to know each other and bonding as a team or group, and the students were brilliant, we have such a great atmosphere around the camp at the moment and I am really pleased with this session so far.
We have such a great week lined up, camping, hiking, kayaking, banana boating, sports, mountain biking, trottinettes, and many more, we are just packed with activities for them.
Stay in touch and we will be uploading some great pics of the last few days later on, and wherever you are enjoy!


Meet the staff, Summer Camp 2014

Rock Climbing, Labyrinth,Tennis, Golf, Mountain Biking, Languages, Lakes and Rope course




Another beautiful and sunny day up here in the Swiss Alps!

All campers started their day with various language courses in the morning. After their morning of learning they split into their groups for more fun activities.


Discovery –  After lunch they got into the vans and headed off to the Labyrinth Adventure Park for a few hours. If that was not enough activity, some of them were able to fit in some golf, tennis, and or horse riding to complete the day.


Explorers – This group spent the afternoon testing their climbing skills on the climbing wall. After a few hours on the wall, some of the campers were also able to fit in their other activities to round out their day.


Pioneers – After a fun day on the ropes course (see photos below) yesterday, they spent the day in Verbier doing various activities of tennis, golf, and mountain biking.


All 3 groups were together for their evening activities and dinner. The group hiked for an hour up the mountain for a festive BBQ checking out the mountain views along the way. A few games were played around the dinner area before hiking down right before sunset.

Tomorrow is full of cultural visits across 3 cities – Geneva, Vevey, and Lausanne. We are looking forward to seeing what they discover!



DSC_0247 (Custom) DSC_0248 (Custom)

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Rock Climbing, High Ropes Course, Canadian Canoe Expedition cont…

All of our campers had a fantastic night camping under the stars!

When the groups returned some of our campers had their optional activities. Which saw our first horse riders and golf players getting stuck into their coaching. The Tennis coach said he is very pleased with the progress of the students he has seen two days running, Do we have the next Roger Federer on camp??

Discovery – Our young campers packed up the tents this morning after an exciting night under the stars. I think they were thankful it didn’t rain though. Once all the equipment was rounded up they had a treasure hunt on the campus. After lunch they went rock climbing on a local wall. This really did challenge their nerves, but they were all very successful and had a great time. This evening they have all teamed up against one another for a bin bag fashion show.

Explorers – They all had a fun night staying high up in the mountain hut. This morning they had a final explore around the lake and surrounding area before heading down through the beautiful forest to the awaiting vans ready to take them on their next adventure…  A high ropes course. This tested the skills and balance our campers have hopping around in the tree tops. Later we persuaded them to come out of the trees for food and to return to camp.

Pioneers – They continued their expedition along the lake searching for a suitable place for lunch. They soon got back out. Whilst paddling along they learned about lake formation and played games. They had a short transfer from the pick up point to a beech where they went banana boating for the rest of the afternoon.

The Pioneers and Explorers mixed groups for a music game this evening. It was nice seeing them all get along with new people to interact with.

Tomorrow brings our language lessons, a sports day, more high ropes and an afternoon at the lake side….







New Summer Camp 2014 Schedules

3 age groups
3 different programs

During summer, Les Elfes will offer 3 different, exciting programs on its stunning Campus in Verbier, Switzerland. The programs are perfectly adapted to age levels and ensure a progression from one to another.

Discover now the new Summer Camp 2014 Schedules for each age group!





For more information please check out our detailed program page.


Canadian Canoe Expedition, A night in a Mountain Hut

All the campers broke their groups and started their final preparations for camping tonight!

Some of our students took time away for Tennis coaching in the morning, while the rest of their team helped get their camping stuff ready.

Discovery – After the Discovery group got their camping gear ready they had a treasure hunt around Verbier before returning for lunch. After lunch they went hiking with one of the local mountain guides and learned about nature and various edible plants growing wild in the mountains. When they returned they got cracking building their tents. After a nice BBQ meal they played games around the campsite before turning in for the night.


Explorers – Our Explorers set of for the mountain hut after the final prep this morning. When the buses dropped them off they had a nice 2 hour hike up the mountain. On the hike they were lucky enough to enjoy the beautiful forest and views of Lake LĂ©man (Geneva). When they reached the hut they found another glorious lake on their doorstep. Once they got checked in, they played games along the shoreline of the lake high up in the mountian


Pioneers –  Like the other groups, the Pioneers finished their prep work before setting off to the lake. Once they got to the lake they chose canoeing partners. In their pairs they packed up the canoe with the tent, sleeping bags, food for cooking at camp later in the evening. From there, they set sail for a destination unknown. After few hours later they arrived slightly damp with smiles from ear to ear, but the fun was only just beginning. They set up the tents and began with some bush craft skills and challenges set by our monitors. Later that evening they set the fire, cooked, and all sat around for a sing along with a guitar, before turning in for bed.


We all look forward to the pictures from the activities our Explorers and Pioneers took, but we’ll have to wait and see upon their return. For now,  a few pictures from our young Discovery group putting up their tents…





CIMG9866 (Custom) DSCN9201 (Custom) CIMG9865 (Custom) CIMG9864 (Custom)

First Mountain Biking Adventure of the Summer !


Welcome Summer,

Welcome first campers,

Welcome Summer Camp Session 1!

The camp opened last 7th of June! Campers from all over the world are already enjoying mountain and lake Sports!
The explorers group took off to the mountain to enjoy a full afternoons worth of Trottinetting and mountain biking, For some this was a brand new experience but the explorers had great enthusiasm and the monitors were really impressed with their participation.
Here are some pictures of this first (but not least) Mountain Biking Adventure of the Summer!

Languages, Optionals,Mini golf Verbier, Mountain biking Verbier and Torch light walk

After breakfast the students separated into groups to participate in languages, there is two different types of language courses, intensive and conversational.  Between languages and lunch there was a few selected students who went into their optional activities. The activities on today were horse riding and tennis.

After lunch the students separated into their own groups,

Discovery – Team discovery stayed at Les Elfes on campus to do some problem solving and team challenges to get to know the staff working with hem and other students.

Explorers – The explorers took off to the mountain to enjoy a full afternoons worth of Trottinetting and mountain biking, For some this was a brand new experience but the explorers had great enthusiasm and the monitors were really impressed with he participation.

Pioneers – Went into the center of Verbier to have a relaxing afternoon practicing putting on the mini golf course.

After dinner The pioneers gathered together on the football pitch to prepare for the kayak expedition for the following day, tonight they will practice putting a tent up and do a through equipment check.

The discovery and explorers went on a relaxing torchlight walk around Verbier completing challenges along the way.