Excursion day today!

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We had all our keen students ready for the excursion by 9am. We headed off to three seperate destinations.

The Discovery group headed to Evian in France. They tasted some beautiful Evian water then headed to the Ferry port. The ferry took the students over to Lausanne in Switzerland. Here the discovery student ate a delisous lunch. After they headed to the games museum.

Explorers started there adventure at the cheese factory. Here they learnt how the cheese was made and matured. After they walked through the exsiting tour of the chocolate factory. They had a brilliant time in these places. We drove to Vevey for some lunch by the lake and had a nice walk to the city. We spent some time shopping then set off back to the campus.

The Pioneers however decided to spend there trip in the capital of Switzerland…Bern. Here they had many hours of sightseeing and shopping and really had an educational and fun day.

Tonight we have music video a fun evening ahead…

Ropes Course and Nature Hike with les elfes clubs in the evening

Today we had a really delightful day despite of the heavy rain. After hard work at languages, the Explorers and the Discovery both went to Ropes Course. They had fun in the trees and looked like amused little monkeys. The pioneers went for a Nature Hike and play some Hunger Games; They had lot of fun. At 5pm they were all back to Les Elfes and were happy to take a hot shower. After a good Dinner, all campers had Clubs; some were cooking, some others acting, singing, building, designing and dancing. They spent all their energy in this, and went to bed straight after for a good night with sweet dreams.

See you tomorrow.

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Mt Fort Visit, Rock Climbing and a sports day

Today all of our students had there language lessons in the morning. After lunch they broke away into their groups….


The Discoveries hopped onto the buses for a short trip down the mountain to the rock climbing area. Here they had the chance to practice their skills on a real rock instead of the artificial wall. This evening they have arts and crafts so were all looking forward to see what they produce

The Explorers had their sports day this afternoon. They went up to the Golf course practiced some driving and putting, hit the tennis courts and rode some trails on the mountain bikes. After the hard afternoon they are on a dine out this evening at a nice restaurant in Verbier

The Pioneers went up Mt Fort this afternoon. It was a little cloudy which was a shame so they didn’t get to see the spectacular views but they had lots of fun hiking up to the cross and hiking back down. This evening they are doing a music video dubbing over sound with their own singing






Circus, Who wants to be a millionaire? Dine out

Discovery students enjoyed the whole day at the Labrinth today. They left early morning then came back late afternoon. They went on slides, swings, bouncy castles and they even went into the mazz. Tonight was Circus night for the discovery students. They had a brilliant evening watching the eventful shows.

Explorer students had a wonderful day team building. They built on their communication skills and really opened up to the rest of the group. This evening they played who wants to be a millionaire… there were prizes to be won!

Pioneers took part in the very interactive careers day. They presented ideas of a business to the others group members and talked about ideas for future careers. In the evening it was very fun and exciting as the students went for dine out with our monitors. They went to one of the finest pizza places in the village. The students had a great time together.

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Excursion day

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The sun finally came out, therefore all the kids woke up happy.

It was an excursion day for all the groups:

The Discovery went to the Cheese and Chocolate Factory in the morning they had the chance to taste all the chocolate. In the afternoon they had a cultural visit of Vevey and thereafter they had time to do some shopping.

The Explores went to the Olympic Museum in Lausanne. Thereafter they had the chance to do some shopping and discover Lausanne.

 The Pioneers visited the United Nations museum and thereafter they had an opportunity to do shopping and explore the city of Geneva. In the evening all the groups joined together and had clubs. We had cooking-, sport-, dancing-, rockstar and arts and crafts club.

 It was an eventful and fun filled day for all the groups

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Hiking, orienteering, mountain biking, trottinetting, rock climbing and group games

All of our campers had language lessons this morning. A few had horse riding and private tennis lessons after.

All the groups went up the mountain to a hut for a BBQ lunch. The hut overlooks the Valley into verbier and down into la tzoumaz and sion.

The Discoveries – had a nice nature walk on the way down the mountain. This evening they played are you smarter than your monitor. I’m afraid to say they were ! Well done guys!

The Explorers – had mountain biking and trottinetting after lunch. The mountain bikers broke into two smaller groups where half learnt to ride a bike and the other half went on slightly more challenging terrain. For trottinettes (giant scooter with full suspension, big wheels). The kids all flew down the mountain like ducks to water. On the path down some of the kids saw some marmots (little beaver type creatures) as well as beautiful views of verbier. This evening they have played a game of boys vs girls where they complete challenges against each other please to say the girls won helped by a loss of points for boys trying to bend the rules 🙂

The Pioneers – went rock climbing on the wall in verbier. This evening the teamed up for a game I who wants to be a millionaire.















Mountain Hut Exhibitions….

Mountain Hut Exhibitions….

Discovery – These cheerful and happy students were all very excited to go the the mountain hut. After languages we made sure these students were ready to go to the huts, we helped them to prepare their bags with all the esential items. Toothbrush, hairbrush, overnight clothing, warm clothing, towels, good shoes etc… After playing some team building games we headed off to the mountain hut. Upon arrival we showed the students their new sleeping arrangements. The girls shared and large dormitory and the boys shared a large dormitory. We had a beautiful dinner prepared by the mountain chefs then walked to the mountain for some marshmallows at the camp fire. In the morning we took the students to the water dam and taught them the history of the area and told them how the dame works. An educational and exciting trip indeed.

Explorers – Our Explorers set of for the mountain hut after the final prep this morning. When the buses dropped them off they had a nice 2 hour hike up the mountain. On the hike they were lucky enough to enjoy the beautiful forest and views of Lake Léman (Geneva). When they reached the hut they found another glorious lake on their doorstep. Once they got checked in, they played games along the shoreline of the lake high up in the mountain. We prepared a camp fire with some marshmallows too. In the morning the students hiked down to the base for a nice lunch then headed to the ropes course for some challenging climbing and team building.

Pioneers –  Like the other groups, the Pioneers finished their prep work before setting off to the lake. Once they got to the lake they chose canoeing partners. In their pairs they packed up the canoe with the tent, sleeping bags, food for cooking at camp later in the evening. From there, they set sail for a destination unknown. After few hours later they arrived slightly damp with smiles from ear to ear, but the fun was only just beginning. They set up the tents and began with some bush craft skills and challenges set by our monitors. Later that evening they set the fire, cooked, and all sat around for a sing along with a guitar, before turning in for bed.

We all look forward to the pictures from the activities our Explorers and Pioneers took, but we’ll have to wait and see upon their return. For now,  a few pictures from our young Discovery group putting up their tents…

DSC02846 (Small) DSC02849 (Small) DSC02897 (Small) DSC02904 (Small) DSC02937 (Small) DSC02943 (Small) DSC02948 (Small) DSC02965 (Small) DSC03045 (Small) DSC03103 (Small) DSC03107 (Small) DSC03199 (Small) DSC03202 (Small)IMG_0006 (Small) IMG_0011 (Small) IMG_0017 (Small) IMG_0033 (Small)

DSC02860 (Small) DSC02879 (Small) DSC02881 (Small) DSC02889 (Small) DSC02910 (Small) DSC02926 (Small) DSC03022 (Small) DSC03044 (Small) SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES





Message to Session 4 Campers

Another session passes and we are now at the height of Summer here in Verbier.
This session was three weeks long starting the end of June and we have really got to know the kids well, from many different countries and cultures and backgrounds, it has been great working with them.

The weather has been up and down but the kids have stuck at it, and we have been extremely impressed with the attitude shown by not one or two but by all of the students. It is certainly a real challenge being away from home for this amount of time, and in a new environment at camp it can be difficult sometimes, making new friends and experiencing new activities, so well done to all of you.

I was particularly impressed with our Discovery students this session, some great kids who at the start of the camp were very a little shy and some were even a little homesick, but by the second week we could see a dramatic change in the interaction with each other, the confidence was growing and the all round attitude was fantastic, so well done Discovery!

Also to some of our Arab students who were here this session, for Muslims at the moment it is of course the time of Ramadan, and for students to fast and still take part in the languages and activities must have been a real challenge, so well done and great commitment.

Safe travels home all of you and make sure to thank your parents for this fantastic opportunity, I hope you have learned from Les Elfes and continue to do well in your lives.

We hope to see you all in the future, and wish you all the success, from all departments at Les Elfes, a big thank you.


Arrival day… Welcome to Les Elfes!

Welcome to Les Elfes… we have been looking forward to meeting you. The day so far has been interactive, educational and fun! Our welcome speech and staff presentations have just taken place and right now the students havare in their group meeting to find out about the weekly events ahead. After dinner we will have ice breaking team games to get to know each other. Some students have traveled a very long way to be with us… we have many nationalities including Russian, European, Chinese, Egyptian, American and many more.

Arrival Day DSC02583 (Small) DSC02597 (Small) DSC02611 (Small) DSC02625 (Small) DSC02628 (Small) DSC02635 (Small) DSC02579 (Small)


Good bye, au revoir, adiós, αντίο, 再见, adeus, ciao…

We have created a family here at les elfes in the past 3 weeks and saying good bye is always the hardest part. We are sure in saying that we will miss every single one of you. Thank you to everyone for being great campers! Congratulations for completing your language courses, succeeding in outdoor sports and making new friends. Here are some amazing pictures of memories that will last for ever!


DSC09386 (Small) SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES CIMG0440 (Small) IMAG1859 (Small) DSC09626 (Small) IMAG1989 (Small) DSC09920 (Small) CIMG0332 (Small) CIMG0363 (Small) DSCN1538 (Small)

Sports day, Rock Climbing and Mountain Biking

After languages all students were driven to our mountain hut at 2200 meters high. We had a very nice BBQ lunch prepared by our fantastic chefs. The students had a beautfiul lunch all together. Afterwards the students went to different activities.

Discovery group went rock climbing with our professional guides. They climbed very high with great skills.

Explorers headed to golf and tennis and later they played football. These students have really improved there level of sports since they arrived.

Pioneers went Mountain biking, again these students have improved there level of biking in just 3 weeks you can really see the level of the students increasing.

We are very excited as tonight is the DISCO night and we have a great venue in the village to go to… fantasic music, lots of dancing and a smoke machine! Lets go get ready for the party!

Sports day, Labyrinth and Lake Geneva

Discovery – Today our keen discovery students had languages and lunch at les elfes. After we had orienteering exersices at Les Elfes. The students were set challenges to find different objects around the campus. It was exciting and educational as they needed to use only a map of the area and really use the maps to assist them to find the object… a great interactive morning exersice. This afternoon we have been training them in mountain biking Escape from les elfes

Explorers – After the langauges the explorers headed to the Labyrinth. Here they tried to find there way around the maze…searching for the treasure chests. Afterwards the students played on the games such as bouncy castle, crazy sized bikes, slides and many more exciting games

Pioneers – These keen swimmers headed to Lake Geneva after the languages. They went paddle boarding, banana boating and played volley ball in the sun.

Sports day, Ice Skating, Mountain biking, Trottinetting and Sports day

Discovery – The discovery group had languages this morning. After the hot lunch they got dressed up nice and warm for the afternoon activities. They were driven up to the Les Elfes mountain hut for some games. After they headed to the ice skating rink for a game of ice hockey and ice skating long with the music. In the afternoon the students signed up for games and swimming.

Explores – Languages took place in the morning and after lunch these keen students headed to the mountain for some trottinette and mountain biking. We spilt the the group into two therefore all students managed to do both activities. We had a fantastic afternoon with them with lots of fun and they also learnt some new skills

Pioneers – Languages early morning. After a delicious lunch these students headed to the golf course. After they went to the tennis courts for a competitive game of tennis. Our experienced staff caught them some new skills so hopefully they will win the next matches.

Evening Activities – Tonight the discovery students roasted marshmallows on the bbq with chocolate biscuits, they really deserved this wonderfall treat. The older students “Explorers and Pioneers” decorated les elfes with flags and posters for the world cup final. Most students had their faces painted. We set up the large projector screen in our common area and watched the world cup final it was a fantastic evening.

Labyrinth, mountain safety, avalanche awareness, leadership training

Today our Discovery campers went to the labyrinth adventure park. They managed to get lost in a maze luckily found again. In the park they have many activities and slides to play on. They all returned happy and slightly tired so they should sleep well tonight.

The Explorers have had a day of leadership training by industry experts in management and motivation. This group of explorers really threw themselves into the activities and looked engaged throughout the whole day! This evening some of the students have decided to go to a local restaurant for dinner the rest will join in with the other groups.

The Pioneers had to change the plans slightly. We had hoped they would be going up the mountain to Mt Fort this morning but the weather was so bad you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face so unfortunately we had to change plans a little. We had one of our ski and mountain professionals present and participate in a mountain awareness course. This afternoon they have been ice skating, playing team games such as volleyball, football and basketball.

This evening all the kids will be practicing for the talent show later this week. It should be interesting to see what they come up with.

St Bernard museum, ice skating, rock climbing and Martingy castle

Today the Discoveries went to the St Bernard dog museum. They learnt about the history of the rescue dogs and how they were used in mountain recovery. They recently had some puppies so they got to pet and play with them as well.

After languages and lunch the Explorers went ice skating. After an hour or so whizzing round they came back to camp instead of going out in the rain, they watched a movie in the cinema.

The Pioneers hopped on the bus this afternoon an went rock climbing in martingy. While in the historical town they visited the castle with stunning views overlooking the vin yards.

This evening all groups will be polishing their dancing shoes and digging out their best clothes for the DISCO. The smoke machine is ready and awaits them. We look forward to hearing how it went tomorrow. 20140711-184803-67683861.jpg











Excursions day!!

Today the Discoveries went to the zoo in Montreux! Whist there they had to answer questions the language teachers had prepared for them so thy all got to learn a little bit extra on their trip. After the zoo they went up the road into vevey for some souvenir shopping.

The Explorers had been waiting all week for today when they got to visit the chocolate and cheese factory. In the cheese factory a cow takes you on a tour as you move from one location to the next. They also got to see the cheese being made. After this they hopped in the bus for a short drive down the valley to the chocolate factory. They all went through the door excited to find out what was on the other side. As each room opened they learnt a little more about the history of chocolate and how it has developed over time. Once the tour finished and they saw the choc being made then they found the free tasting tables. Here they can eat as much as they like but there not allowed to take anything away. I’m pleased to report that no one was sick in the buses on the way to Lausanne for souvenir shopping.

The Pioneers went to see the sites around Switzerland’s capital, Bern. They had their picnic next to the bears (yogi & boo-boo) luckily their picnic wasn’t stolen by yogi! 🙂

This evening saw all the kids take part in a carnival. People were bobbing for apples, face painting, hoopla, catch the fish and pin the tail on the unicorn.

Hear are some pictures from the international day…..











Canoe expedition, return from the mountain hut, high ropes and Ice skating

Today our Discoveries went to the high ropes course. For many it was their first time and the took to it like a duck to water. One young girl just kept talking and talking about whizzing through the trees on zip lines and clambering up nets. The monitors commented that it was the best session they had personally done with discoveries. Tonight’s activity sees them combine with the explorers to make a music video so we look forward to seeing the finished artical!

The Explorers finished of their wet paddle up the lake to the pick up place then continued day in the aqua park flying up and down the shoots, bobbing up and down in the wave pool or just floating around in the lazy river. This evening they have combined with the discoveries to create a music video. We look forward to the finished article guys!!

The Pioneers had a soggy hike down the mountain from the mountain hut. Not all in vain the wet weather had the fish biting and they caught 3 fish for the monitors dinner 🙂 Then they hopped in the busses to return to camp. Once they’d showered and had a bit of lunch they went ice skating and took part in optional activities well the ones that weren’t rained off! Tonight they are doing a lip dub over a music video again it should produce some interesting results.

Tomorrow is our international day and I can’t wait to see what they produce!!

Mountain huts, canoe trips and a fun afternoon in the aqua park

Today the discoveries woke up nice and early and had a fun activity designing and building a new brand of breakfast cereals. The came up with a brand name then set about designing the box. After this they played a few games including catch …. With eggs!! Then we set off for the aqua park. We broke the kids into small groups and accompanied them as we whizzed around the shoots! I’m not sure who had more fun them or me being led by them!! Thanks guys!!
This evening they have arts and crafts or mask making whichever they decide they want to do.

The Explorers set off nice and early to begin the canoe trip, after a wet paddle down the lake they reached their campsite with a nice break in the weather to get the tents up and stay dry! I’m told everyone has been enjoying themselves though! This evening they will be playing camp games and a sing along with the guitar.

Our Pioneers set off late morning for the mountain hut. They had a two hour hike up through the beautiful forest with views of lake Geneva. Once they reached the hut standing on the shores of a wonderful crystal blue lake they unpacked and picked their bunks. They have camp games and guitar songs tonight so I’m sure they will have a nice evening.

I look forward to hearing about the expeditions tomorrow and will be sure to keep you up to date.









A visit to the summit of mt fort, lakeside in the sun, sports and a career day

After breakfast our discoveries and explorers started to make their way up the mountain. They had a short walk to the lift station where they boarded the first lift, after 4 more lifts they reached the summit of mt fort some 3330 m above sea level. Here they enjoyed beautiful scenes where they can see France Italy and across Switzerland to the Matterhorn. This afternoon the discoveries had some orienteering challenges and games. The explorers got stuck into sports day playing tennis, golf, mountain biking. This evening the discoveries had to abandon plans to camp due to the storm that rolled in so they made Shelters and a camp fire instead of pitching tents. The explorers were prepping for their canoe expedition tomorrow making sure they have everything ready!

Today the pioneers had a career day where they had to design a product, service or app. They then had to come up marketing strategies, distribution etc after all the planning they had to present to the monitors and the rest of the group to see who won. The winner will receive their next dine our for free. This evening they spent a short time getting ready for the hike tomorrow and then a movie. We wanted to go into the forest and prepare some bush craft skills for them to practice however the weather had other plans.

Sports day, high ropes course, mountain biking and trottinetting

Today all our campers had their language lessons in the morning and broke away for their other activities in the afternoon.

Discovery – today they had a sports day so they hit the tennis courts and wielded their clubs at the driving range. With some football and basketball thrown in as well! We have one little camper from Brazil literally running rings around me on the football pitch! I think the national team should give him a call to replace naymar.

Explorers – They grabbed the picnic and got on the road straight away heading for the high ropes course. For many this was their first time and although some were nervous they were soon clambering around the tree tops.

Pioneers – we split them into two groups. One hit the trails with mountain bikes and the other glided down the mountain on the trottinetts. I must say it was the quickest decent on the trottinetts I’ve ever done so well done guys!!

This evening our discoveries are going to be blindfolded and have to follow ropes around the camp. The explorers are off to eat out in a local restaurant and the pioneers are playing who wants to be a millionaire











Excursion day, BBQ, group games and casino night!

Today all our groups set off on excursions all over Switzerland.

Discovery – The discoveries had a very exciting and eagerly anticipated trip to the chocolate and cheese factories today. All the campers I’ve spoken with really liked the free tasting table in the chocolate factory, where they ate as much as they could! After both tours they went into vevey and had a picnic by the lake. Followed by some souvenir shopping.

Explorers – today the explorers went to the new look Olympic museum. They learnt all about the history of the Olympics. After this they went into the city of Lausanne for a picnic by the lake and souvenir shopping after.

Pioneers – today the pioneers had a tour of the United Nations building in Geneva followed by a picnic by the lake and some souvenir shopping after.

This evenings activities see the discoveries and explorers joining together for a game of boys vs girls and the pioneers have casino night which should be fun as all the monitors have been preparing all afternoon.