Farewell from Les Elfes Summer Camp 2014!

Today we saw the last of our campers leave so we close the door on our summer camp and we ready ourselves for the school groups arriving in September. 
This summer we have had campers from over 50 nationalities and all continents! Monitors came across the world to be here. Argentina to Wales, South Africa to Latvia and Australia to Ireland.
Speaking on behalf of all the staff, we have thoroughly enjoyed having the campers here and it has been a pleasure getting to know them and making new friends.

POST-FACEBOOK-END-SUMMERWe are with the kids from wake up to bedtime ensuring they are safe and enjoying themselves. It is amazing to see how much the students grow as people during their stay. On arrival some can be home sick and missing his or her mom and dad. Over the following days they begin to make new friends and not only participate in activities but really throw themselves in and start to lead the way.

Before long it has come to the end of a session and everyone is shaking hands or hugging, saying good bye with a tear in their eyes.

We hope to have the pleasure to welcome many of you to our next winter or summer camp!

Best wishes,

Les Elfes International


Departure day

Over this weekend we have said good bye to all of our summer campers, and closed the camp until the first of our schools arrive in just over a week.

We have had a fantastic summer with over 50 nationalities visiting us here in the Swiss alps. We had over 15 nationalities working here. Coming from far and wide…… Australia, Wales, South Africa, Argentina, Latvia, Ireland and many more places!

I have seen campers from across the world make new friends from places they never knew existed, and they remain in touch with each other and us in camp via our various social media. Some are already planning to meet up again next year!!

All in all it has been wonderful meeting everyone that has visited and we hope to see you all again next year!

Thank you





















International day, excursions

All groups had international day on Wednesday. They all made some fantastic posters and presented a short presentation to the rest of the group about their country’s. In the evening we had the disco where all of the campers relished the opportunity to get dressed up and socialise with each other.

Discoveries – went to the salt mines and at Bernard dog museum for their excursion.

Explorers – went to the United Nations for a guided tour then had the chance to do some souvenir shopping in Geneva after.

Pioneers – went to the famous spa town of Evian in France then had a boat trip across the lake to Lausanne for some souvenir shopping









Mountain biking, trottinetting, ropes course and a sports day

Today all groups had language lessons in the morning. After lunch they all had different activities.

The Discoveries – had a sports day this afternoon where they played tennis, golf and mountain biked.

The Explorers – went to a high ropes course near by and were soon harnessed up and swinging about in the trees

The Pioneers – were racing down the mountain on bikes or trottinettes. A trottinettes is a full suspension scooter and are really good fun!

Tonight all groups went up into the Forrest on the mountain side for a BBQ









The weekends activities

This weekend……

The Discoveries – visited the aqua park on Saturday. It’s a selection of water chutes some fast, some slow, a lazy river and a wave pool. All the kids had a great day leading their monitors around all the adventures inside. Today the students ha language lessons this morning and they have been rock climbing this afternoon followed by a sunny evening at the outdoor pool!

The Explorers – had a career orientation day yesterday held by our monitors. They worked on presenting skills by designing products and presenting to a panel of monitors and students. Today they had language lessons in the morning. This afternoon they have been mountain biking and trottinetting.

The Pioneers – had a group of highly trained professionals come into the camp on Saturday. Their focus was to develop leadership skills within the group. Today the pioneers went to a high ropes course this afternoon. They slipped into Their harnesses and were soon swinging and whizzing down the zip lines high in the Forrest.

Tonight all groups will be doing a music video! I look forward to the final results ūüôā






Rock climbing, sports day and a nature hike

After languages and lunch ….

The Discoveries – hiked down from the lunch destination on top of the mountain with a mountain guide. They were shown along the way different plants that are edible and some that are not. Signs of animals that are present in the area and how to spot them.

The Explorers – had a sports day when they came down from lunch so they were knocking balls around the tennis courts, and hitting long on the golf course. Tonight the discoveries an pioneers joined forces to play boys vs girls.

The Pioneers – went to the local rock climbing wall this afternoon to test their climbing skills. This evening they went to a local restaurant for dinner.










Mountain huts and kayaking continued….

This morning the discoveries woke up to the sound of marmots whistling away. They played some games inside and outside the hut. They had a nice hike back through the mountains before lunch. After they had a sports day an enjoyed playing tennis and golf.

The explorers had a dry night in the tents by the lake and were soon out and about paddling for the rest of the day only getting back just in time for dinner tonight.

The pioneers were soon stuck into activities this morning. Our monitors prepared a number of first aid scenarios for them to take part in. After lunch they had a nice hike back through the Forrest. Tonight the put on their poker faces for casino night.










Mountain huts and a kayaking trip on lake Geneva

Today all of our groups had language lessons in the morning.

After this all of our campers got together their overnight bags and prepared themselves for an enjoyable afternoon.

The Discoveries jumped on the lifts and went up the mountain. Once they get to the top they have a short hike to the mountain hut taking in some beautiful views of verbier.

The Explorers got loaded into the buses and went on their way to lake Geneva. They will pick up their kayaks and paddle to the campsite. When they arrive they will set up their tents and prepare dinner for the evening.

The Pioneers are going to enjoy a night at a mountain hut high into the mountains. They are hiking up through a Forrest overlooking lake Geneva. When they break through the trees at the top they will be presented with a wonderful glacier lake with the mountain hut on the shore. Tonight they will build a camp fire, sing along with the guitar and eat some toasted marshmallows.

Here are a few pictures from last nights ice skating









First day at Les Elfes

An exciting first day at les elfes. The students are happy and indeed looking forward to the day ahead. After languages the Discovery students played shark infested custard, orienteering and minefield the students were soon making new friends. Afterwards they headed to the swimming pool for some more fun in the sun. The explorers had a lot of fun down at the outdoor rock climbing. They also had training in how to put up a tent. The students learnt many new things and practiced new skills. The pioneers had sports day today. They played golf and tennis then headed to the pool for outdoor volleyball and swimming. This evening the students gathered for the ice skating and started spinning around enjoying the ice and disco music. For some students it was there first time therefore they had a lot of fun indeed whilst our staff taught them the basics. For the first day everyone was happy

Arrival day

Today it is arrival day. We have many students from all over the world coming to les elfes. We are all excited to meet and see the new faces! We also have students returning for another week and they are very excited to meet the new students. We gathered the students for team games and we had a lot of fun, getting to know the new students. After the welcome speech we played team games and interaction games.





Departure day

Departure day today…¬†it is a very sad day for everyone. We have many students who are sad to say good bye to the friends they have made during their time at camp. The students will also be missed by the monitors here at Les Elfes. During the past two weeks we have experienced many great opportunities. We have learnt many new things and taught the children new skills. We have also¬†porgressed the students in their languages.

We have many students staying for another week or two. These students will spend the night in another Les Elfes campus in La Tzouamz, we look forward to seeing htem tomorrow.

Last activities and Prize giving

The students headed out this morning after preparing their luggage. The discovery students went to labyrinths explorers went to the aqua park and the poisoners headed to bains de Lavey and pbride swinging.

Tonight we had many tears! The students were extremely upset as they had to say their good byes. After we gave out the prizes the students watched the music video and slideshow that we prepared for them

Disco night and careers day

Today the students has alot of fun. The discovery students headed to the mountain for a nature hike and to visit the cows. The explorers had team building games whilst the pioneers has a careers day. The disco night is upon us and the children are very excited.




Excursion day

Discovery РTheses students were full of cheese and chocolate by lunch time. They really enjoyed the visits this morning as they walked through the guided visits. The yhad lunch by the lake and then went shopping in Vevey

Explorers РThe students arrived at the Olyimpic musuem feeling excited. This newly refurbished musuem was a brilliant visit and the students had a lot of fun and educational visit. Afterwards we went to Lausanne for shopping and sightseeing

Pioneers РThese amazing students headed to the capital of Switzerland Bern. Upon arrival the students went sightseeing and shopping.

This evening…. Carnival night at les elfes was fantasic. We set up lots of different games around the campus for the students to participate in. The students won prizes and tokens. We face painted students and got the students dressed up in fancied dress. The music was playing and the vibe was very fun!







Hiking, mountain biking, lake Geneva

Today the students had lunch at our private restaurant on the mountain . After the discovery students went mountain biking. They learnt how to be safe and have fun while biking. The explorers went for a very beautiful hike along the Swiss mountains. The pioneers went to lake Geneva for banana boating and games.
Tonight we are going to Le Hatey for a bonfire and BBQ and we will hike back to Les Elfes







International day and group games

Today all of our groups had language lessons in the morning. After lunch they started preparing their presentations for international day! All the campers divide into groups from their country and make a short presentation for the other campers. It was great to see them interacting together, old and young. They all showed a great sense of pride whilst presenting to everyone.

Tonight the discoveries played a game where they blindfold everyone and one person in the team communicates with all the others as the lead them around a challenging course.

The explorers played a music and team game. Both teams played well and sang their hearts out in a bid to win.

Our pioneers have gone on an evening hike tonight. Once the light deserted them they lit some touches and hiked back along the trails under touch light IMG_0005.JPGIMG_0007.JPG







Mountain biking, lake Geneva and sports day

Today the weather was fantastic. We had a lot of fun in the sun. Discovery students headed to the lake after languages. They went banana boating and played sports at the lake. Explorers had am exciting sports day with gold, tennis and basketball. Whilst our oldest Pioneer students went up the mountain for some mountain biking. This evening we have some explorers on dine out in the village and the others are playing boys v girls or arts an crafts.



Excursion day

Today our excited campers all left verbier nice an early ready for the excursion day.

The Discoveries – first stop was Servion zoo, the campers enjoyed looking around the animals this morning. After lunch they went into Montreux for some souvenir shopping. Tonight they will be playing are you smarter than your monitor. So I hope the monitors have been revising because there are some smart kids in discovery this session!

The Explorers – went to chateaux de chillon today. It’s a beautiful castle on lake Geneva near Montreux and Vevey! After lunch they went to see the sights and some souvenir shopping in Vevey. Tonight the explorers will divide into two teams boys and girls and compete against each other with knowledge, music and dance so it should be a great night for them.

Our Pioneers – visited the chocolate factory this morning followed by the cheese factory. In both factory’s they get a guided tour on the process of making there products. After the tour they have an opportunity to sample some of the produce. This is quite exciting in the chocolate factory as you go through into the final room you are greeted with a giant table with tray upon tray of chocolate. The only condition is you don’t take it from the room. So the challenge begins can they make it all the way around…… I look forward to finding out from the group leaders later this evening! After the tours they went into the lovely city of Lausanne for some souvenir shopping. This evening they have a dine out planned to they will get to eat out in one of Verbiers best restaurants. IMG_1543.JPG

Sports day, ropes courses and rock climbing

Today we had all groups do their language lessons and optional activities in the morning.

After lunch the Discoveries hopped on the mini busses and took a short ride to sion for the high ropes course. The kids got their harnesses on and were climbing around the trees like monkeys after some early nerves.

The explorers also squeezed into harnesses and went to the outdoor climbing wall in verbier! The group leader commented that one of the students was the best climber he has seen all summer!

Our pioneers had a sports day today, so hit the tennis, volleyball courts and the golf centre. Some practiced their driving and some had a putting contest.

This evening we had our popular clubs night where the campers can choose what activities they want to do. We had some baking, dancing, sports, building things, photography, and acting class. I can confirm from the baking that the cookies are good and the ice cream was smooth and creamy.











Wednesday 6th August

Explorers hiking DSC05046 Pionners Kayaking

Today all the kids (Discovery, Explorer and Pionner) came back around 3pm from the mountain hut and camping. They all enjoyed living this adventure; but the first thing they needed to¬†do back to Les Elfes was showering. At 4pm all the campers had languages, and at 7.30 pm, after a little free time, they had for dinner a pasta party. During the evening, Discoveries were really creative doing the “egg drop challenge”, Explorers had fun playing mini-golf and the Pionners had an amazing Casino Night. Everyone were tired after this and went quietly to bed.