Wednesday 31st December 2014 Skiing, Snowboarding, Excursions, Shopping, Games at Les Elfes

Hooray, it is 2015! Happy New Year from everybody here at Les Elfes Verbier!

We have had a very long and very busy day today at camp. We had groups on excursion to the Callier Chocolate Factory in Gruyere and the Olympic Museum in Lausanne and we also had groups on the mountain enjoying the great snow conditions and the warm sunshine during their skiing and snowboarding.

For the evening’s celebrations we began with a Carnival-Themed dinner of Cheese Burgers & Fries with Chocolate Eclairs for dessert.

After Dinner the Discovery and Explorer groups went for a torchlight walk to enjoy the many fireworks above Verbier & torchlight sledging. The Pioneers and staff worked together to prepare the Carnival for the younger groups.

The carnival was ready and full of games for the Discovery and Explorer groups when they returned from sledging and they enjoyed scoring points and prizes in the crazy range of games available. The carnival finished with a big raffle of some great prizes, then everyone headed outside for midnight. At midnight we had non-alcoholic champagne, fireworks, sparklers and many many photos together to bring in the New Year. After midnight the younger groups went to bed and the Pioneers enjoyed a short disco to finish their evening!

Again… Happy New Year Everyone… was will your New Year’s Resolutions be?


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Tuesday 30th December 2014 Shopping, Games at Les Elfes

Thanks to the chilly temperatures the snow conditions have remained fantastic for this New Year’s week in Verbier. This morning the sun was shining and the view of the Petit Combin and the Mont Blanc Massive were just stunning!

In the morning we had Intensive Languages for some groups and Skiing and Snowboarding for others. Many of our groups enjoyed an exciting change today, venturing to the outskirts of the Verbier ski area in Savoleyers where they could roam the numerous Blue and Red pistes and really make the most of the good snow conditions on the La Tzoumaz side of the resort.

It was a long day of skiing for some of the groups today and many of the Individuals chose to relax on the camp during FreeTime playing cards, having snowball fights or adding to the on-site Igloo Project. Dinner tonight was a Party of Pastas where Individuals created their own meals by selecting their dressings for their pasta.

The Evening Activity tonight was Clubs Night, which included: Baking, Arts & Crafts, Hollywood, Photography & Design & Build.

The baking club worked in small teams to make and decorate Tiffin, a chocolate & biscuit fridge-baked dessert, with an impressive level of success but some varying results when it came to the taste. For Hollywood the Individuals played with expressing emotions and finished with improvisation, working together well and delivering a great final production. In Photography the group made a brilliant stop-motion movie which we will show to the whole camp at the end of the week and in Design and Build they created a huge roller-coaster-style contraption to transport a tennis ball across the dining room. Finally the Art & Crafts groups created new face-painting designs for Carnival Night tomorrow and some of them were sewing and working with textiles.

1 Day Left until 2015… Time to decide on our New Year’s Resolutions!


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Monday 29th December 2014 Language Lessons, Igloo Building

It was a chilly morning in Verbier with temperatures as low as -14°C in the town but the brilliant snow conditions and sunny skies ensured smiles on the faces of both the instructors and the students at breakfast. After checking that all of the groups had plenty of layers the Skiers and Snowboarders headed off for the mountain and the Intensive Language groups began their study.

After a nice warm lunch the Intensive Language groups joined the others on the mountain and we acquired ourselves a new student photographer who joined us at the beginner slope to get some snaps of the Level 1s and 2s.

For their FreeTime today the groups chose between Swimming, Shopping, Igloo Building & Games at Les Elfes before a delicious dinner of Mountain Potato Gratin & Ice Cream for dessert. The Pioneers left the camp this evening for dinner and went together to a nice restaurant for some traditional Swiss and Italian food (as Verbier is situated on the boarder with Italy). The group enjoyed a nice civilised evening where they got to know one-another and their camp monitors.

The Discovery and Explorer groups stayed on camp for a hectic game of singing, dancing, dress-making & dancing in La Fureur.


Journal 1 Journal 2 Journal 10 Journal 7 Journal 12 Journal 9 Journal 8 Journal 5 Journal 4 Journal 11 Journal 3 Journal 6 Journal 13

28th December 2014 Languages, Skiing, Optional activities and ice skating

Languages for the students this morning.. After languages the students geared up ready for skiing, todays weather has been great with snow still falling but the skies have cleared up, making learning to ski much easier. After skiing the students returned, separated into their three individual age groups, the discoveries, explorers and pioneers for sign up. Todays choice for sign up was swimming, going to town, staying in at les elfes playing games or cooking club. For the evening all of the students gathered together in the dining room, wore their helmets, ski clothes and gloves to go ice skating and for the students who are competent on skates also had a game of ice hockey.


Saturday 27th December 2014 Arrivals Day, Rest & Bowling Day, Departures and Lots of Snow!

After a well-desrved ‘Lie In’ this morning the Campers and Staff awoke to find a campus brimming with snow… So much Snow! The camp was full of teary farewells as we said goodbye to a fantastic group of Individual and School Students before the remaining campers went for a relaxed afternoon of Bowling in the local town.

While they were out a flurry of New Arrivals descended on the camp after some very long journeys battling with the snowy conditions. We had ski fitting, clothes fitting, welcome speeches, check-ins, tours of Verbier and some nice team games so each of our age-groups; Discovery, Explorers and Pioneers could get to know one-another.

Once all of the new campers had met the existing campers we settled in for a nice meal of Spatzli, Beef Ragout, Salad Buffet & Vegetable Curry before a chilled Movie Night where the weary travellers had a chance to recouperate. Tomorrow it is time to begin a week packed with Skiing, Snowboarding, Language Lessons, Swimming, Torchlight Sledging, Igloo Building, Snowball Fights, Ice Skating, Snowman Building, Baking, Arts & Crafts and many, many more activities.

4 Days Till Left Until 2015!

26th December 2014 Skiing, Excursion, Optional activity, Presentation and Prize giving

Excursion day!!!

Another beautiful day on the mountain for the students who chose to go skiing. Most of the students went on one of the two excursions. one excursion went off to the callier chocolate factory, followed by gruyer cheese factory then after lunch the students enjoyed an relaxing day in the lovely town of Vevey. The other excursion took off to laussane to visit the olymic muesum followed by a day shopping in laussane.

Once all of the students had returned the students who are leaving proceeded with checking out of thier rooms and packing thier bags until dinner.

After dinner the all of the students gatherd together in the dining room to participate in presentaion and prize giving.. there were may prizes given out from both the animation staff and the ski instructors.

For all of the students that are leaving tommorow or throught the night we wish hope you have had a really good time here at Les Elfes and we wish you a pleasent journey home.






Choclate cheese vevey

olimpic laussane shopping

25th December 2014 Optional activities, Secret santa

MERRY CHRISTMAS from everyone at Les Elfes!!

Busy day today on campus today, with some of the students going skiing on another beautiful sunny day, others went on to excursion to the Gruyeres cheese and Callier chocolate factory before heading off to the lovely town of Vevy to do some shopping. There was also another group that took the lifts up to the top of the mountain up at MT Fort at 3330m to enjoy the spectacular view.

All of the students returned in time for sign up and optional activities, today’s choice, swimming, shopping or staying at Les Elfes, while others were back in time for languages.

After a fantastic national Swiss dish of cheese fondue the students all gathered in the dining room to participate in secret Santa, for the students who didn’t participate they had desert and got themselves ready for the evening activity.

The Students were then separated into three different groups, one of the groups is leaving tomorrow morning so they went up to Les Elfes 2 to participate in a presentation and prize giving, there were prizes given out from both monitors and their ski instructors. Group two,(the younger students) went downstairs to enjoy a very loud game of La fureur, while group three went into the dining room of Les Elfes 1 to also enjoy a good game of La Furuer.

La Fureur is a series of music based challenges pinning two teams against each other in suspense, surprise and laughter.. the game is a Les Elfes classic and enjoyed by absolutely everyone off all ages.

To the students who are leaving tomorrow, we hope you have had a really good time here at Les Elfes, have experienced many new things and made loads of friends over the week you have been here, we wish you a good journey home and hope you return soon.

24th December 2014 Christmas Eve, Skiing, Optionals, Santa, Disco and Pajama party

A great day on the mountain skiing today, the students were really exited about knowing Santa was arriving tonight. After skiing the students signed up for optional activities and has some time to relax, drink hot chocolate and play some games. Spacial dinner tonight for the students, with roast potatoes, turkey, salad and a beautiful homemade cake. Santa arrived to speak to the students and give out gifts during the end of dinner, the students were very surprised and their faces were glowing. From there the groups split in two, having the younger students go to Les Elfes two for a relaxing movie in pajamas and play some card games, while the older students went downstairs and had a disco.

23rd December 2014 Skiing, Optional activities and Clubs

Sunshine up on the top of the mountain today, while some of the students had languages to begin their day, others went to the mountain to continue their skiing. The students are progressing very well and their instructors are very proud of the effort the students are putting in. After skiing they returned to Les Elfes exited for a cup of hot chocolate, snacks, some time to shower and relax before signing up for optional activities, today’s choice, town with a monitor, swimming or stay at Les Elfes, relaxing and playing games. Tonight’s activity was clubs night, the clubs on offer tonight was design and build, arts and crafts, photography, cooking and hollywood.

22nd December 2014. Skiing, Snowboarding, Shopping, Games, and Music Video!

Once more Verbier experienced intense sunshine today, with temperatures hitting 11 degrees! At this rate it could be the warmest Christmas on record. The students went up the mountain in beautiful spring-like sunshine to further improve their snowboarding and skiing techniques. They returned to Les Elfes in the afternoon for some snacks and hot chocolate, and to sign up for their afternoon activities.


Throwing Snow Skiing Ski Group

Some students went swimming before dinner, some went to town to get some essentials and some snacks, and some had great fun playing ping pong and pool in the games room in Les Elfes.


After a great dinner of fish and chips, all the kids and the monitors filmed a music video to the song “All About That Bass” by Megan Trainor. They had great fun improvising hilarious dance routines and funny cameos to the music. The filming will be edited and presented to the kids at the end of their stay!


Music Video

Music VideoMusic Video

The schools and the individuals went to bed feeling quite tired today, but still excited to go skiing again tomorrow after a good lie in!

Sunday 21st December 2014-2015 Skiing, Snowboarding, Language Lessons

The weather on the mountain today was glorious, sunny and warm and perfect for learning to ski or snowboard for the first time. For some of our groups it was their first day skiing and many of the Level 1s are already progressing towards comfortable linked turns.

During the afternoon sign up schools and individuals chose whether to Shop, Swim, Participate in Games at Les Elfes of take some time to relax with their new friends. There was a lovely atmosphere on camp with the Individuals getting to know the others in their groups, Discovery, Explorers and Pioneers. This week we have a really international mix with Individuals and School Students from China, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, Ukraine, Iran, United Arab Emirates, UK, Egypt, India, Saudi Arabia and Jordan to name just a few.

Dinner tonight included a Salad Buffet, Moroccan Chicken, Rice, Vegetable Indian Curry and Tiramisu for Dessert. After dinner all of the groups spent their evening activity together at the nearby Ice Rink for some Ice Hockey, Twirling and a Puck Lottery with some excellent prizes thanks to the resident Ice Hockey Club.

After Ice Skating a group of very tired students headed back to Les Elfes for a nice Hot Chocolate before a good nights sleep ready for the Mountain tomorrow morning.

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Saturday 20th December Lie in, Team games and movies night

A busy day today at Les Elfes, for the exsisting studnets they had a well deserved lie in before waking up, having breakfast and then going bowling in martigny and for some skiing.

Throughout the day there was many individual and two new school arrivals, upon arrival they all went to the reception to check in and were shown to thier rooms. After that they then had a welcome speech from the resort manager and were shown around campus. A little later the students were taken to the ski room to be ski and boot fitted shortly followed by a nice visit to our local town of Verbier.

The evening activity tonight was team building games for the individuals to get know eachother and a relaxing movie night for all the students, some students went to bed early, ensuring they were prepared for the exitment of skiing tomorrow.

During the day there were some departures,  we wish them a safe journey home, hoped they enjoyed their time here at Les elfes and hope they return soon.


Friday 19th December Skiing, Snowboarding, Excursions, Departures, Tears, Hugs and Goodbyes

The clouds today over Verbier and the surrounding peaks have been doing some spectacular things today, a beautiful final view from camp for our groups who are departing the camp today and tomorrow. The day was filled with Ski, Snowboard and Language lessons for the Individuals and Excursions to the Gruyere Chocolate Factory, Red Cross Museum, Natural History Museum in Geneva, Olympic Museum, Chateau Chillon, Montreux and Lausanne for our school groups.

We have had departures throughout the day and the arrival of some individuals and a new school in the evening.

The evening was rounded off with a fantastic evening meal of Chicken, Mediterranean Vegetables and Rice with Panna Cotta for Dessert and a range of Evening Activities. For one of our schools and some individuals we had La Fureur Music Competition, for other individuals we had a FIFA X-Box night and for the remaining individuals and games competition in our on-site games room. For the school who arrived this evening it was time for Ski Clothing and Equipment fitting and a relaxing Movie Night after an exhausting day of travelling.

This week has been a fantastic start to the season with some lovely groups, some impressive progression during Ski and Snowboard lessons & some real characters who have made the camp a really enjoyable place to be.

We are going to miss you guys a lot!

Birthday Boy Nick Sylvannus Team BSKL Team BSKL 2 Team Kenya Team Kenya 2 Team Kenya 3 Team Raffles Team Raffles 2 Team Regent Team Regent 2 Team Regent 3


Thursday 18th December – Skiing, Snowboarding, Excursion, Prize Giving

This morning Les Elfes was woken by the sound of rain. Yes, rain! This however did not deter the kids from going up the mountain to have a great day skiing and snowboarding. They arrived back on campus around 4 o’clock a little soggier than usual but still in high spirits for the evening ahead.


One school went on an excursion today to visit the chocolate and cheese factories not far from Verbier. It was a good opportunity to take some delicious Swiss chocolate home with them. After lunch they visited the beautiful Christmas market in Montreux.


For the afternoon activities some of the students headed in to town for a spot of last day shopping, whilst many stayed in to have fun and games back on campus. The kids played table tennis, pool and some Mario kart on the Wii.


For dinner we had fondue, which the students enjoyed thoroughly. Afterwards there was a prize giving for each school. The prizes were for the Star Campers of the week, for those who excelled in their ski groups, and for those who improved the most throughout their stay..

Prize GivingPrize GivingAlessioRea

Many of the kids headed to bed feeling sad to be leaving, but also excited to see their families!

Wednesday 17th December 2014 Excursion, Optional activities,Disco

Today was a great day for the Ski season with snow falling all day, which meant nice soft snow making turns easier and less icy with more lifts and pistes opening tomorrow. The groups this morning had their Ski and Snowboard races and a fun afternoon of exploring the mountain.

Some of the Individuals chose to have an Excursion day today, visiting the Olympic Museum and Souvenir Shopping in the trendy city of Lausanne.

FreeTime today was busy with Check Outs, Equipment and Ski Clothing Return for the groups who had their final day one the mountain. For the others there was a choice of Swimming, Shopping or Staying at Les Elfes and one group even had a trip to the Crêperie!

Dinner was a fantastic crowd-pleaser of Burgers and French Fries with a Salad Buffet tonight followed by a range of evening activities for the different groups.

For two of our schools we had a Prize-Giving and showed them a Slideshow of their photos from camp and the finished Music Video production from earlier in the week. For our youngest group we had a Pyjama Party and watched a festive movie called ‘How The Grinch Stole Christmas’, while the older campers had a Disco.


16th December 2014 Skiing, Snowboarding, Mt. Fort Visit, Swimming, at Les Elfes

After a hectic start to the week with skiing, snowboarding, excursions and camp activities every day all of the groups enjoyed a relaxing Lie In this morning, waking up 1 hour later. After breakfast we had a professional group photograph at the front of Les Elfes for the Individuals and one of the School Groups before departing for skiing & snowboarding.

Lunch today warm a nice hot risotto in one of our mountain restaurants. For the students who were feeling a little tired this afternoon they had the choice to take the lifts to the top of Mt. Fort to see the panoramic view of the Italian, Swiss and French Alps and to try one of the best hot chocolates in the resort!

For FreeTime we had some shoppers, some swimmers,  games at Les Elfes and Conversational Languages for the Individuals. Dinner tonight was pasta party – a great opportunity for the students to select their own pasta meal by adding the sauces, salads and cheese themselves.

Tonight was our first Clubs Night of the Season after dinner, which was exciting for both the students and the staff. Each student chose a club to join from a range, including: ‘Baking’, ‘Art & Crafts’, ‘Design & Build’, ‘Photography’ & ‘Hollywood/ Dance’ and participated in a session in a small group in their chosen specialism. It was a fantastic evening of some fabulous & some questionable baking, huge design and build projects and really creative arts and crafts from some of the students.

Tomorrow morning we will have an excursion for the Individuals and Skiing & Snowboarding Race Day for the School Groups!!





Monday 15th December 2014 Skiing, Snowboarding, Language Lessons, Excursion, Shopping, Wii & Music Video

It was another sunny day on the slopes with 3 school groups and a group of individuals skiing and snowboarding all of ver the mountain, learning new skills and tricks, entertaining one another falling in the snow and throwing plenty of snowballs throughout the day.

For one of our schools today there was a full-day science excursion to the Science Museum in Geneva and CERN (European Organisation for Nuclear Research), one of the world’s largest and most respected facilities for science research.


We had language lessons for some individuals and options to swim, shop, play on the wii, pool, table tennis, table football and more bracelet making in FreeTime. For those of us in the dining room during FreeTime it was a pleasure to have been entertained with some excellent piano-playing from some of the students.

Dinner tonight was Mountain Potato Gratin, Salad, Tuna & Sweetcorn, Tomatoes & Ice Cream for dessert. After dinner we had the ever-popular music video with craziness, laughter, some very good dancing, some unusual dancing and lots and lots of weird and wonderful fancy dress.


IMG-20141215-WA0015 IMG-20141215-WA0017IMG-20141215-WA0036IMG-20141215-WA0043IMG-20141215-WA0005IMG-20141215-WA0038 IMG-20141215-WA0045

Sunday 14th December 2014 Rainbow Loom Bracelets

The sun was shining and the pistes were glistening when the school groups arrived this morning on the mountain. It was a really enjoyable day of skiing with favourable conditions and many groups progressing to using the chairlifts and practicing their skills on new slopes.

For the Individuals with Intensive languages it was an educational morning of French, Spanish and German before lunch at Les Elfes and skiing time!

Lunch on the mountain today was a selection of baguettes and hot soup with cereal bars, fruit and iced tea followed by an exhilirating afternoon of skiing and snowboarding.

After snacks & hot chocolate the students today chose a diverse range of FreeTime activities with some swimming and shopping and others making rainbow loom bands, playing cards, playing on the wii, fussball, table tennis & pool.

Dinner tonight consisted of a Swiss classic; Spatzli with Chicken and a creamy leak sauce followed by chocolate cake, and for one young man Birthday Cake!! The evening activity tonight was Ice Skating where all the groups mixed together really well with some playing Ice Hockey and some of the more experienced campers teaching the beginners.


Saturday 13th December 2014 Skiing, Optionals, Who wants to be a millionaire, Warewolf and Torch light walk

Another amazing day on the mountain today, the students are progressing really well and their instructors are very impressed with them. The weather today was really good, with picture perfect blue sky and hardly any clouds visible.

During the day, the campus had three new individual arrivals, all from different countries. Upon arrival they were shown around the campus, given a welcome speech and then shown around our local town of Verbier, checking out the ski shops and enjoying the winter atmosphere. Once the students arrived from skiing during the day they had some time to have some snacks, hot chocolate and sign up for optional activities.. todays choice, swimming, shopping or staying in at Les Elfes relaxing and playing games.

After dinner there was three activities, with the students having the choice of a unique torch light walk around verbier, participating in a scary role playing game or trying to win big in who wants to be a millionaire.

Friday 12th December 2014 Language Lessons, Skiing, Snowboarding, New Arrivals & Excursion

With new arrivals of both individuals and schools from 3 different countries, existing groups and individuals and a range of different activities today was a jam-packed day at Les Elfes Verbier.

For the group who had an Excursion day in Geneva is was an early check-out from the Geneva hotel followed by a visit to the United Nations, Souvenir and Ski Shopping and a transfer to Les Elfes Verbier to join the other groups.

All of the groups arriving to Verbier today were met with a welcome speech, ski equipment and clothing fitting & an evening meal together with the other groups for a chance to get to know their fellow campers.

The existing Individuals, who are now seasoned skiing professionals after their first week on the snow had a good chance to explore the mountain and enjoy their new skills before returning to a much busier and very exciting camp in the evening.

For our school which arrived yesterday it was the first day on the slopes and for some of the group their first time ever on skis!

With groups from many different places including: Nigeria, Cyprus, Dubai, Kenya, Russia, Malaysia and many more the evening was a great chance for the groups to meet one another and for the new arrivals to prepare for their first day on the mountain tomorrow.


IMG_1965 IMG_1970



Thursday 11th December 2014 New Arrivals, Excursions & Skiing

Today was a very busy day at the Les Elfes Camp in Verbier…

Our existing group of individuals enjoyed another fun-packed day of Languages and Skiing followed by an evening out to a local restaurant to enjoy some Swiss food.

We also had the arrival of our first two schools for this winter season… one of whom went directly to the camp while the other spent the day enjoying a cultural visit in Geneva and a night in a hotel. For the group who went directly to the camp they were greeted with a welcome speech before being fitted with ski/ snowboard equipment and exploring the picturesque town of Verbier. The evening activity on camp tonight was Movie Night.

For the school who were staying in Geneva for the night it was a speedy Check In at the hotel and a Picnic Lunch before heading to the Musée d’art Moderne et Contemporain (MAMCO – Museum for Modern & Contemporary Art). After an exhausting day travelling the group settled into bed early ready for their visit to the United Nations and St Pierre Cathedral tomorrow.


IMG_1939 IMG_1944 IMG_1945 IMG_1949 IMG_1954 IMG_1960 IMG_1961IMG_1931 IMG_1932 IMG_1933 IMG_1936