Saturday 31st January 2015 Arrivals, Departures, Rest Day, Bowling & Movie Night

I was an emotional day at camp today with some of our individuals, who have been here 2 and 3 weeks, saying their farewells and travelling home. In the morning the individuals had the opportunity to have a Lie In, souvenir shop in the village or just to relax at the camp. After lunch all of the individuals travelled to the local town of Martigny for a few games of bowling.

Meanwhile, at camp, our first group arrived early evening, followed by two others later in the evening. The individuals had a chance before bed to meet the new campers and everyone had an early night after a peaceful rest-day and a very long day travelling for some.

Friday 30th January 2015 Prize-Giving Boys vs Girls

This morning saw the start of the final day of skiing and snowboarding for many of our campers. For the school group it was a half-day of skiing with an afternoon departure, while some of the individuals will also depart tomorrow morning.

The tasty scones for breakfast were followed by a clatter of suitcase manoeuvring, a rustle of lost property rummaging and a clamour to get outside ready for skiing and snowboarding as early as possible to make the most of the final day on the mountain. The snow has continued to flutter down around us culminating in an inflating blanket of powder shrouding the mountain in possibilities.

At lunch the young school group enjoyed delicious spinach ricotta in a creamy pesto sauce before a heart-warming final prize-giving with the instructors. The theme of today’s prize giving was Appreciation & Gratitude with each of the instructors and animation staff having an opportunity to thank their groups for such an enjoyable week and appreciating the privileged it has been to work with such a nice, enthusiastic, organised and polite group.

In the afternoon the individuals returned to a quiet camp for their FreeTime, Snacks and, for some, language lessons. After a sociable dinner where each of the campers reflected on their time at camp they enjoyed a prize-giving with the instructors and monitors followed by an entertaining and chaotic challenge of Boys vs Girls.

Both the Individuals and the School Group this week have been such a pleasure to work with. We wish everyone a safe journey home and hope to see some familiar faces returning in the coming summer and winter seasons.

29th January 2015 Optional activities, Presentation and slideshow

A great day on the mountain, although the weather was not at its best, all of the students made a really good effort to improve their technique and and learn to ride in different conditions.

After returning from skiing the students all gathered together to sign up for optional activities, the options for today was swimming, shopping, sledging, games at Les Elfes or relaxing in the cinema room to watch a movie. Some of the individual students had languages.

For evening activities the school group gathered together in the cinema room to receive a viewing of the music video and slideshow before departing to go ice skating and ice hockey. The individual students went up onto the beginner slope of the mountain to do some hardcore sledging, once sledging had finished they took a relaxing walk back down the mountain with torches lighting the way.


28th January 2015 Skiing, Excursion, Optional activities, La Fureur and games tournament

A bright sunny and beautiful day today for both groups, thw school group from Geneva gathered thier ski equipment and shot up on to the mountain egar to get skiing and learn new techniques. For the individuals they had the choice, some decided to get ready and go skiing, while others took off in the les elfes mini busses to go on excursion to the natural history museum, followed by a lovely visit around Geneva.

After all the students had returned from skiing, they signed up for optional activities, todays choices were swimming, shopping, sledging, games or rest. The excursion students returned around 6pm and then relaxed and played games at les elfes.

After dinner there was a split between the groups, having the students from the school participating in La Fureur.. our most popular evening activity, where students compete against eachother in two groups on music based challenges.

For the individual students they gatherd together downstairs to partipate in a game tournament, involving ping pong, pool, table football and FIFA.


27th January 2015 Skiing, Languages, Optional activties, Clubs night

Another great doy of skiing, the students are progressing really well… with many students carving correctly and stopping effieciently. The snow conditions today were not the best. although with great fresh powder making it great for both expirenced and begginer skiiers, the visibility was low, but this didnt stop the students from learnign while having fun in a safe manor.

After returning from skiing all of the students came indoors for some refreshing hot choclate and snacks before signing up for optional activities while other students had languages, todays choices for optional activites were swimming, shopping, sledging, relaxing and playing indoor game or resting.

After dinner all of the students participated in thier chosen club, there were six different clubs on offer, from design and building, to cooking, to dancing, all of the activites went very well and the students really enjoyed it.


26th January 2015 Skiing, Languages, Chalet dinner and Music video

A great start of the morning today, with a new large group of arrivals from Geneva. Upon arriving the students gathered their skis and took off with the instructors to go skiing for the day. Fresh snow coverd the piste all day with constant snow fall, although very chiklly the students really enjoyed skiing in a different enviroment and on fresh powder.

Once the students returned from skiing they came indoors to sign up for optional activities. for individual students this was swimming, shopping or staying at les elfes relaxing and playing games. For the school group they had a welcome speech from the resort manager and then signed up for optional activities..

During the evening the students split into two groups.. having all the individual students going to chalet with some monitors to make a special dinner and relax together. For the stuents from Geneva they all participated in a very action packed music video.


Sunday 25th January 2015 Departures , Arrivals

We had an early start to the day with two of our students arriving at Les Elfes at 1am! Needless to say, their warm beds were welcome enough after a tiring day of traveling to Verbier. We also said a sad farewell to the last of our students who were leaving at their end of their stay here at Les Elfes.

18 of our students were lucky enough to move into a luxury chalet near the camp over the weekend. They joined the rest of the students for breakfast, after which everyone set off for their morning activities which consisted of skiing & snowboarding or language lessons at the camp.

We were all treated with glorious sunshine in the afternoon and the children really appreciated the change after a misty start to the day on the slopes.

The après ski activities for the afternoon allowed some of the children the opportunity to visit the shops in the town center, whist others choose to release some more energy at the indoor swimming pool.

After dinner we all took to the ice for a good session of ice skating at the local sports center. This is always a favorite activity among the students after a busy day at Les Elfes.

Friday 23rd January 2015 Departures, Skiing, Snowboarding, Excursion

It was an early morning today for one of our schools who began skiing at 8h30! For the Individuals it was a 9h00 start and for the second schools it was excursion day!

The excursion today began at the chocolate factory, a real treat for students and teachers alike, followed by lunch, sightseeing and souvenir shopping in Vevey a city famous as the home of Charlie Chaplin.

For the school it was a half-day of skiing as the returned to camp at lunch time for an emotional farewell with a prize-giving with Instructors and Animation staff and a departure at 13h00. We will all be sad to see them leave after a week full of fun, activities, lot of learning new skills in skiing, snowboarding and even British Sign Language and plenty of singing, dancing and running around!

For most of our Individuals it was their final day on the mountain although we have said goodbye to some today. They have been a lovely addition to the camp over the past two weeks and have really made the staff smile with their lovely and playful characters. Tonight they will have their Prize Giving and an opportunity to bid farewell to their new friends and a final chance to catch-up with the Instructors and Monitors and cram in a few final photographs to remember their camp experience.10856633_10152991406628818_449270107325337872_o10926314_10152991405113818_9587267767735436_o10947362_10152991405438818_8796583765614270055_o 10873547_10152991403948818_537738409618245133_o10922320_10152991403633818_333675207563651399_o     10887334_10152991519653818_1960394388560636802_o 10535777_10152991519263818_7185009665101454792_o 10915007_10152991521093818_1572750468535470861_o10911504_10152991521693818_8355299684641477378_o10916362_10152992067418818_3816707149937267202_o10924214_10152992066233818_5274039682057848348_o10945724_10152992065733818_5414086261496497182_o1801310_10152992061013818_5520235117264913223_o 


Snowman Building, T-Shirt Design, Dine Out, Fondue Night for Thursday 22nd January

It has been a spectacularly sunny day on the mountain today, ready for the ski race competition for the two schools and the Individuals. For one of the schools, who will have their excursion day tomorrow, it was also their final day on the slopes and having started out as Level 1 skiers all of the group have progressed really well, persevered and have a lot to be proud of!

For the school who leave tomorrow it was a busy après ski with snacks, sign up, packing and check outs before they began their activities. The activities for all of the groups today were: snowman building, swimming, t-shirt design, arts & crafts and movie night. The Individuals also had the opportunity to visit the village.

For one school and the individuals it was Dine Out tonight, with a choice of Burgers and Fries, Classic Swiss Fondue and Pizza. For the remaining school we had a lovely sociable fondue night at the camp, followed by a fun-packed La Fureur competition with Sleeping Lions to finish.

Wednesday 21st January Excursion, Skiing, Optional activites, Disco

Another great sunshine day, the students have been doing really well and have been progressing, some going from not being able to ski to fully happy in skiing and also learning more about the skiing do’s and dont’s.

After returning from the piste the school students signed up for optional activities, today choice was sledging, cooking, swimming or resting and playing games.

Excursion today for the individual students, the excursion today began with a relaxing bus ride to lausanne, where they went to visit the Olympic museum.. inside the museum they took themselves on a self guided tour, using the knowledge of the monitors and information inside. After the museum the students took off to spend the afternoon shopping in lausanne. Upon arrival back to Les Elfes they had a little free time before dinner.

After dinner all the students gathered together to go to  the W hotel for a disco, to boogie on down to the disco. There was all kinds of music from pop songs to Latin american songs.


Tuesday 20th January Skiing, optional activities, clubs night and who wants to be a millionaire

After breakfast the students prepared themselves for an epic day on the mountain.. They gathered there equipment and headed up to the top of the mountain with their ski instructors. It has been great weather on the top with blue skies and lovely snow on the piste.

In the afternoon all the students had some time to relax and sign up for optional activities, today choice swimming, shopping or staying at Les Elfes, with the school students having the choice of clubs, swimming or sledging.

After dinner there was a split in the groups with having the individual students having a choice of clubs, while the school group participated in who wants to be a millionaire.

The clubs on offer tonight were design and build, Acting, cooking and arts and crafts

Monday 19th January Arrivals, skiing, optional activties, Casino night and Music video

New school of arrivals today, upon arriving the students got off the bus, grabbed their skiis, met their instructors for the week and went off skiing for the day.


For the individuals today the students went through a normal day, beginning with skiing- the weather on the top of the mountain was very good with bright sunshine and bright blue skies. Upon returning back from skiing the students  signed up fro optional activities.. today choice swimming, shopping or staying in playing games. During the evening after dinner the student participated in a cool non profit casino game.


For the new students that arrived upon returning from skiing the students went to their rooms to be checked in, from there they all gathered together in the dining room to receive a speech from the management regarding the rules of the campus. After the speech they then had some time to relax and shower before dinner. Once dinner had finished the students all gathered together in Les Elfes 1 to participate in a Les Elfes music video.


Sunday 18th January 2015 Language Lessons

After the new snowfall it was a Bluebird morning with the best conditions of the season so far! Quite cold temperatures meant that we had to check everyone was wrapped-up warm, before going out this morning but it will mean great things for the snow conditions for things to be a little cooler than it has been of late.

The morning was quite relaxed with only 50 campers, many of them returning or here for their second week. Tomorrow ought to be a little bit more hectic with a school of 71 arriving, but a perfect opportunity for campers to make friends from all around the world this week!

After languages the Intensive students joined their friends on the mountain and all of the groups had a good long ski day to really make the most of the snow & sun. For freetime our existing school group took part in a Verbier hunt, some Individuals had languages and others chose between visiting the village, swimming, relaxing or playing in the snow at camp!

Dinner was a tasty Shepherds Pie and Exotic Fruit Mousse for desert followed by an evening packed with Ice Skating games. Some of the campers chose to play Ice Hockey, while others competed in relay races on the Ice and some Ice Skated tentatively for the first time with the help of Skating support frames. After Ice Skating the campers sat together to enjoy a hot chocolate and chat about their plans for tomorrow on the mountain and reminisce their Ice Skating tumbles.

Saturday 17th January Rest Day, 10 Pin Bowling, Shopping and Movie Night

For most of the children today was the end of a busy first week at Les Elfes which was filled with loads of Skiing & Snowboarding plus many other exciting activities. For this reason the majority of the students opted for a rest day on campus to allow their body’s to recharge after such an active week.

Two of the students decided to brave the heavy snow that was falling and went up the mountain with their instructors for a day on the slopes. They were rewarded for their efforts as the snow on the mountain was great and the runs were not as crowed as usual.

Another group of students took a trip to Martigny for an afternoon of 10 Pin Bowling with the instructors. The bowling was as competitive as always and all the children had a great outing.

After dinner the children got comfortable in the Cinema Room and enjoyed a great film to finish off their rest day on campus.

Friday 16th January Skiing Presentation, Prize giving and Disco

A great day on the mountain skiing today, the students have progressed really well and their instructors are really proud of their abilities.

For some of the students they participated in languages before heading up the mountain to go skiing. After lunch the students continued skiing

Once returning back from the mountain the students signed up for optional activities, with the choice of swimming, shopping or staying in playing games.

For this evenings activities everyone gathered in the dining room to participate in a Les Elfes prize giving, followed by a viewing of the music video and slide show of all the pictures taken throughout the week. There were many prizes given out from the animation staff and from their instructors. After prize giving the students boogied on down in a relaxing disco, having all kinds of music playing and party soft drinks to finish the night.


Thursday 15th January Ski race, Optional activities, Night sledging and Torch walk

A Pleasant day skiing today, the students have really appreciated the enjoyable sunshine on the piste. All of the students participated in a friendly ski race, showing off their skills and abilities.

After returning from skiing all of the students relaxed for a while, drinking some hot chocolate and eating snacks followed by signing up for optional activities, today choices were swimming, shopping or staying while some students went to languages.

During the evening the students all gathered together to be brought up to the beginner ski slopes to enjoy a fantastic night of sledging and a nice relaxing walk back to Les Elfes before drinking some hot chocolate and the going to bed.

Wednesday 14th January 2015 Skiing or Excursion, optional activities, Games competition night

The day began with the students who chose to go skiing separating from the students who chose to go on excursion.

Skiers – For the small group of elite students that chose to brave the cold today, there decision payed off very well, with fresh powder laid across the ground giving plenty of opportunity to learn new skills and practice different techniques.

Excursion – The students who chose to relax and take a day on excursion went on an exquisite journey across Switzerland to explore new surroundings and visit the Callier chocolate factory, giving the students a guided tour around the factory, explaining the history of the factory, chocolate and explaining how chocolate is made and getting a free tasting of some of the best chocolates form Switzerland. After the chocolate factory the students then went on to visit the Gruyere cheese factory, giving a new cultural experience having a self guided tour, explaining how the cheese is made and a brief history of the factory. After lunch he students were taken to the lovely town of Vevey to do some shopping.

During the afternoon the students returned to sign up, many of the students returned to late to go shopping so they enjoyed some time relaxing playing games and chatting to each other before dinner.

After dinner all of the students gathered downstairs to participate in a epic tournament of ping pong, pool, Foosball and FIFA.

13th January 2015 – Skiing, Language Trip to Town, Dine Out and Evening Games!


We are pretty sure everyone enjoys a lie in, so here at Les Elfes we usually let the students have one each week! Today the students had 1 extra hour to sleep in the morning, meaning they woke up extra fresh and energized for another great day on the slopes.

Although it proved to be a slightly windy day, the snow conditions were good, and with slopes quieter than previous weeks, our budding skiers were able to work confidently on their techniques.

In between morning and afternoon skiing, everyone enjoyed picnic lunches in the sun at both Les Esserts (beginner slopes) and La Chaux (higher up the mountain). The current students are prudent skiers who listen carefully to instructors, and so it was another safe and fun day on the slopes.

After the routine hot chocolate and snack to re-charge the batteries, some of the students students enjoyed some shopping or games with the animation monitors at Les Elfes. The language group who usually have their lessons on campus, had a an exciting surprise as they were taken on a stroll through Verbier with the mission of using their newly learnt conversation skills to navigate the town!

For the evening period, the majority of the students chose to sign up for the ‘dine out’ night, where the group goes to a restaurant in town for a tasty dinner. Today’s restaurant picks were Chez Martin (Swiss traditional and Italian cuisine) and Pergolla (Italian cuisine). The students definitely enjoyed filling their bellies with yummy food whilst having laughter-filled conversations in a cosy restaurant atmosphere.

A smaller group decided to stay at Les Elfes for their evening meal, as they got to play some fun games after dinner! To make sure everyone was involved, they played an ‘ice-breaker’ game (Fold Up), followed by a fun team-building game (Hold the Cards) and finally a nice long game of everyone’s favourite – Jungle Speed. And before they knew it, it was time to get some sleep ready for tomorrow’s excursion and skiing!


12th January 2015 – Skiing, Snowboarding, Languages, Music Video (Lip Dub)

Partly cloudy skies hung over Vebier this morning with little-to-no wind in the village or on the slopes. The snow conditions were still great although there were a few sneaky patches of ice on certain slopes, which were well managed by the instructors and students alike. Hot pasta with sauce was prepared for the students in the cosy lunch hut on the slopes before they set off for there afternoon lessons.

The majority of the students had language lessons in the afternoon with an array of languages, such as French, German and English, being taught here at Les Elfes. The other students opted for a relaxed afternoon in the camp.

The evening activity involved the filming of a music video featuring all the children in the camp. The video is know as a “Lip Dup” and it is filmed in one continuous shot which leaves no room for error otherwise the entire filming sequence has to start again. The children excelled and the video was completed in just two takes! A great performance by all.

11th January 2015 – Skiing, Snowboarding, Trip to Town, Ice Skating

Our campers were greeted with a fresh layer of snow this morning which fell during the night. This meant that conditions for skiing were perfect which pleased all of the students, the majority of whom were new arrivals heading up to the slopes for the first time. The sun decided to make an appreance during the morning which resulted in a great day of Skiing and Snowboarding for all.

After spending most of  the day on the slopes, the childern were welcomed back at camp with some creamy hot chocolate and various snacks before they signed up for their afternoon activities. Many of the childeren ventured out to town to see what Vebier shopping scene had to offer, other students decided to relax at camp and involve themselves in various games and activities with the staff. After the afternoon activities the students returned to camp for dinner which was a Les Elfes favorite… Cheeseburgers and fries! Needless to say these were devoured by everyone and followed up with some delicious chocolate mousse.

After dinner we took the group ice skating at the local sports centre. The children were fortunate enough to watch some live ice hockey before they took to the ice themselves. Everyone enjoyed their time on the ice rink and a competetive game of ice hockey between the staff and students was definitely a highlight.

Saturday 10th January 2015 Arrivals day, Verbier hunt, Ski fit, team games and movie night

For the students who have departed throughout the night we hope you have really enjoyed your time here at Les Elfes, learned alot about skiing/snowboarding and have had loads of fun during the evening activities.

We hope to see you very soon.

During the day there were many individual arrivals, most of whom have travelled very far from the other side of the world. Upon arriving the students were met by our receptionist who went through all the necessary paper work, from there they were then shown to their rooms, checked in and all went to a meeting in the dining room to hear a speech from the resort manager.

A little later the students were split into two main groups, one group went downstairs to be ski,boot and clothes fitted by our professional instructors for the duration of their stay, while the second group took an adventure to the lovely town of Verbier with the monitors, being shown around the town buying any necessities like gloves, hats and goggles. The groups then swapped later.

After dinner the students all gathered together to participate in some team building games to get to know each other, followed by the choice of either watching a movie and relax in the cinema room or go to bed early to ensure they were fully rested and prepared for skiing tomorrow.