Saturday 28th February 2015 Arrivals, Check in

New arrivals today, upon arriving the students checked into their rooms then went on a verbier hunt, a guided tour around the area with the monitors. Once they all returned, the monitors then took them downstairs to meet their ski instructors and get professionally ski and boot fitted. After dinner many of the students were really tired from travelling all day so they chose to go to bed early, for some other students they participated in some team building games followed by a relaxing movie in the Les Elfes cinema room.


Friday 27th February 2015 Skiing, optional activites, Presentation and prize giving

Full day of skiing for most of the students, once returning from skiing the students all had some time to relax and sign up for optional activities, today choices were swimming, shopping and staying in playing games, most of the students chose games. During the evening the students all gathered together in the dining room to participate in presentation and prize giving, prizes were given to the students from both instructors and the monitors

It has been a very busy week here at Les elfes, but all of the staff have really enjoyed working with the different schools and individual students, we hope they have all have had a great time here at Les Elfes and hope they return soon.

26th February 2015 Skiing, Departures Optional activities, Languages

Another lovely day on the mountain, the weather has been brilliant with back to back sunshine giving the perfect conditions to learn to ski and snowboard and incredible pictures to be taken from the top of the mountains.

Throughout the week the students have gone from not being able to ski, starting on the beginner slopes to many groups now happily skiing red pistes, carving turns beautifully and stopping with ease.

After returning from skiing the students had some time to relax and sign up before optional activities and languages, some of free time was spent ensuring the schools had packed their suitcases, ready for their departure over the next two days.

After dinner most of the students gathered together to go ice skating and play some ice hockey, for some this was a completely new experience but the monitors were there to ensure they were safe, enjoying themselves and teach them to skate if needed. For the groups that stayed behind and didn’t ice skate, they all gathered together in the dining room to participate in a presentation and prize giving from their instructors and their monitors.

Wednesday 25th February 2015 Skiing, Languages, Optional activities, Disco and Karaoke night

Beautiful day on the mountain today, the students have progressed really well and the instructors have been really impressed with them, most of the students have progressed onto learning to parallel turn and stop.

Upon returning from skiing they all had some time to relax before sign up for optional activities and languages. The activities on choice today were swimming, shopping or relaxing and playing games at Les Elfes.

During the evening there was two activities, one of the schools went downstairs to the cinema room to participate in an all out action packed karaoke night. For the the rest of the students they all boogied on down to the disco.

Summer Camp: Enrolments starting now

Les Elfes Summer Camp Enrolments starting now…

Winter season update

Over 2.000 students have been skiing with us so far representing over 50 different nationalities from South America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe..
The winter season so far has been amazing; the students travelling to Les Elfes from all the world have enjoyed ski/snowboard lessons with plenty of snow, exciting evening activities and fun excursions within Switzerland.

New optional courses

During Summer Camp 2015, Les Elfes will offer different kinds of educational courses to the campers, on top of the regular summer camp program. Les Elfes work with reputed experts in order to achieve the highest learning outcomes for the students. Each camper will receive an official certificate after completion of the course.
Contact Les Elfes headoffice for details.

February infography

Summer Camp Verbier Infography

Tuesday 24th February 2015 Snowman Building, Clubs Night

Once upon a time in a quaint Swiss town in the French-Speaking canton of Valais 6 school groups and a group of individual campers explored the extensive 4 valley ski area surrounding their new holiday destination. The snow was falling heavily and the air was cold and damp but the campers smiles were shining and their giggles ringing through the mountains.

After their fun-filled day of skiing the intrepid explorers returned to the camp to enjoy hot cocoa, showers and cards games before a tasty dinner.

The evening was filled again with merriment, of warm cinnamon cookies baking, football supporters cheering, artists doodling and giggling, engineers scratching their heads and looking puzzled and photographers huddled together conspiring to create award-winning stop-motion movies.


Les Elfes proud to deliver The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award


Monday 23rd February 2015 Skiing, Optional activites, Bin bag fasion show and Music Video

Another perfect day on the piste, the students have learned the basics and for today skill session was to practice what was learned yesterday and begin to learn the basics of turning. For the students that have already skiied before they moved quickly onto more challenging things, for example parallel stopping and turning.

After returning from skiing the students had some time to relax, have snacks and sign up for optional activities, today choices are swimming, shopping, snow games or staying relaxing and playing games.

During he evening the students split into two groups, where one large group participated in a giant amazing bin bag fashion show, while the other students participated in a Les Elfes music video.  For the individual student staying at the chalet they decided to relax and spend the night cooking and playing games among themselves.

Sunday 22nd February 2015 La fureur, ice skating and casino night

First day of skiing for most of the students today, after a big breakfast they gathered together outside to go onto the beginner slopes. Their instructors make tailored sessions to ensure the students get the best out of each lesson, starting from the beginning with the snow plough and learning the basics of how to get on and off a lift.

After returning for skiing the students had some time to relax and sign up for optional activities, for today some of the students went on a Verbier hunt, being shown around the lovely town of Verbier guided by one of the Les Elfes staff. For some of the other school groups they had the options of swimming, shopping, snow games or relaxing in Les Elfes playing games.

During the evening the students had a mix of activities, with half of the school groups participating in a very action packed la Fureur, an intense game involving dancing, singing and team participation. For the rest of the students they all went down tot he local ice rink to go ice skating, for some this was a brand new experience, having never skated before but the monitors were there to help and teach the students, for the students who were already competent skaters they had the option of either skating freely around the rink or playing a game of ice hockey.

For the individual students they had an amazing evening having a casino night there were many games all to be played for fake money.. the students really enjoyed it and was able to buy snacks and drinks with the fake money they had earned.


Saturday 21st February 2015, Arrivals day, Ski fit, team games and movie night

Busy day today at Les Elfes with many school groups and individuals arriving. Upon arriving each school received a welcome speech from the resort manager and was shown around campus before checking into their rooms and received keys for their lockers. After check in had finished the students then gathered downstairs to receive their skis from the instructors.

During the evening the students had some team games to get to know each other and get to know the different school and individual groups before taking a easy night watching a movie and having an early sleep if they wanted.

Friday 20th February 2015 Goodbyes, Departures, Slideshow

A final day of skiing and snowboarding lessons today meant a final chance for group photos, perfecting new tricks and cruising around the pistes. It was a fabulous day for it with brilliant sunshine and nice warm weather, great for learning!

After skiing it was a busy hustle to pack suitcases, take pocket money from reception, check out of rooms, return key, shower, change and move luggage for early departures. For most this meant that they stayed on camp during FreeTime and organised their belongings ready for their homeward journey.

After dinner we had a lovely Prize Giving, hosted by the charming Resort Manager and his team of Animators & Instructors, where children received prizes for the commitment to skiing, improvements throughout the week, the impact their character has had on the camp and even the best tumble of the week!

We have had a great week, as always, with these schools and would like to thank them and their teachers for a really nice time!

Thursday 19th February Skiing, Optional activities, Ice skating and casino night

An amazing day on the mountain today, the sunshine has been beaming down on the students all week giving perfect conditions and beautiful views. The students have progressed really well this week with many having never skiied before to now being very competent skiiers and snowboarders.

Upon arriving back from the mountain the students took their boots off and had some time to relax, sign up and have snacks before signing up for optional activities. Today’s choices of activities were swimming, shopping or staying in relaxing, resting and playing games.

During the evening three of the school groups gathered together with all of their skiing gear on to spend their evening ice skating, for the remaining school they went on a relaxing torch light walk around verbier. The individual students participated in a very intense casino night.


Wednesday 18th February Skiing, Snowboarding, Excursion, Shopping, Igloo Building & Disco Night

For the school groups it was another great day on the slopes, enjoying the fantastic views and brilliant snow conditions on the pistes with groups practicing for their upcoming skiing and snowboard races tomorrow… ooooh!

For the individuals there was a choice between skiing, snowboarding or a cultural excursion. Those who chose to go on excursion had the opportunity to visit the chocolate factory, the cheese factory and to shop in the trendy lakeside city of Lausanne for some souvenirs and swiss delicacies.

In FreeTime the school groups had the chance to Swim, Shop, Build and Igloo or Rest on the camp. Many chose to shop while a few chose to sleep or build an igloo as a team. The individuals arrived back at camp shortly before dinner.

After dinner all of the schools travelled to the local prestigious W Hotel for a disco, including our school in Le Chable. It was a great night of boogying and making friends before heading back to the camp of some much-needed sleep before the ski and snowboard race tomorrow morning.

For one of our schools it was our last night with them, they have been amazing, filled the camp with smiles and laughter and we will be sorry to see them leave!

Tuesday 17th February 2015 Face painting, Clubs, Pancake Day

The weather at camp has been beautiful today and Verbier and the 4 Valleys has been filled with some unusual sights, up on the mountain today there have been suspicious sightings of various zoo animals, celebrities, movie characters and people who have forgotten which decade we are in all skiing, snowboarding and sledging around.

During FreeTime we made the most of the Mardi Gras celebrations with faceprinting during sign up, ready to take those who were shopping into the village dressed as frogs, zebras, butterflies, lions and skulls. After dinner the evening activity was clubs and we continued the theme of Mardi Gras with Pancakes (and cookies) in the Baking club, festive T-shirt designing in Arts and Crafts club & clubs in Photography with stop-motion movies & Design & Build club.

Monday 16th February 2015 Skiing, Snowboarding, Language Lessons, La Fureur, Boys vs Girls & Casino Night

I has been a GREAT day on the slopes today, plenty of smiling faces and lots of progression in the groups, in part, due to the fabulous weather we have had! The sun has been shining, the snow has been glistening and the pistes have remained in a nice condition.

In the afternoon some of the campers chose to continue building their, very impressive, Igloo project. Some campers had languages at the loca language school, some swam and annoyed the jacuzzi, many of them spent their afternoon in the town enjoying the nice evening weather and some chose to relax at camp and watch a movie with some popcorn.

After dinner two of the school competed in our renowned La Fureur music quiz with singing, dancing and merriment while the other two schools had a wild game of (not actually) Boys vs Girls but actually just two competing teams with screaming, laughter and a big range of silly carnival games. For our individuals it was a fun, sociable casino night with special les elfes money and some nice music.

Our school in Le Chable worked together this evening to create a lively and enthusiastic music video which they will view on the final evening with us.

Sunday 15th February 2015 Igloo Building

The weather here in Verbier seems to have realised that it is not yet July and the Sun has been intermittently replaced with some welcome snow showers today. For 168 of our campers it was their first day on the slopes and the progress the groups have made already is really pleasing, they have been smiling, throwing themselves into the lessons and really making the most of the experience which is great to see!

This afternoon the campers had the choice to go swimming, visit the village, work together to build an igloo or rest at the camp and catch the final 6 Nations match of the weekend (the final option was enjoyed very much by the school teachers!).

After dinner half of the group went Ice Skating at the local sports centre while the other half worked together to create a great music video! All of the groups will have a chance later in the week to watch the finished product.

14th February 2015 Arrivals, Departures, Snowman Building Competitions

For the students who have departed throughout the night and in the morning today we hope you have really enjoyed your time here at Les Elfes, learned alot about skiing/snowboarding and have had loads of fun during the evening activities.

We hope to see you very soon.

After the many departures, it was time to welcome even more arrivals with a packed day of ski fitting, clothes fitting, Verbier Hunts, ice breaking games, welcome speeches and check ins. Once all of the busy arrival procedures had been completed it was time for optional activities, some groups chose to watch the ‘6 Nations’ Rugby in the cinema room while the others had a huge snowman building competition with some really original designs. We had one 7-tier snowlady, A tall long nosed gentleman and even a rather contemporary slender wood-design snowman entered into the judging… the results will be announced later in the week!

It was a lovely first dinner with the groups a nice, polite and friendly atmosphere. After dinner the students had a choice depending on how tired they were feeling, some chose to sleep at 20h00, some chose to watch the movie in the cinema room and those who were still bouncing off the walls and full of energy entered out Bin Bag Fashion Show competition.

Friday 13th February 2015 Prize Giving, Music Video

It was the final day on the mountain for most of our groups, with some lovely sunshine and a last chance for a nice group picture with their instructors. After skiing and snowboarding it was time to return to the camp for equipment return, clothes return, packing luggage, check-out, snacks and sign up in time for  optional activities at 17h00.

Most campers chose to souvenir shop during their optional activities and some even bought presents for their monitors and instructors. There was a nice atmosphere at lunch with the groups excited for the Prize Giving evening. We had many winners for star campers from each group, today room competition, most improved skiers and snowboarders and even the race results for the week.

It has been a great week and we would like to wish all of our campers a safe journey home!


Thursday 12th February 2015 Skiing, Snowboarding, Language Lessons, Swimming

The morning brought with it a plethora of stunning views from Verbier, with the sun rays streaming through the early morning haze and the mountain tops glistening with the promise of fantastic skiing and snowboarding conditions. For one of our groups it was a high-altitude morning with a twisting expanse of pistes stretching out beneath them as they emerged from their night in the Mt. Fort Mountain Cabane.

The group who enjoyed a challenging skinning day yesterday and a night on the mountain began this morning with avalanche training, learning from one of the Verbier Guides how to rescue one-another using transceivers. For lunch all of the groups spent some time admiring the silky skills of passers-by in the park while enjoying a sunny BBQ together. After lunch some groups skied for the remaidner of the day, while those who were tired headed on the lifts to the highest point in the Verbier si resort, Mt. Fort Summit at 3330m, to admire the views of Mt. Blanc, the Grand Combin and other nearby imposing peaks.

After skiing many campers chose to throw themselves into more activities with almost everyone choosing swimming, sledging, shopping or, for some, language lessons at the nearby language school. Dinner this evening was a sociable Swiss Fondue, a chance for groups to discuss their week so far while enjoying the local cuisine.

After dinner we had an energetic and challenging torchlight walk, some Ice Skating, a Prize Giving for one of our groups who depart tomorrow and for our youngest campers; a Bin Bag Fashion Show followed by an early night and a chance to recuperate before their final day on the mountain.

Wednesday 11th February 2015 Skiing/Ski touring,Excursion, Optional activites, Disco night

A great blue sky day today, the weather keeping warm bright and sunny on the mountain, with perfect visibility, showing the beauty of the Swiss alps. The students were really exited to go out skiing today with many moving on to harder pistes and learning more skills.

Excursion day for the individual students, after breakfast the received a briefing and went off in a mini bus to visit the chateau de chillion castle, followed by visiting the Olympic museum and finishing the excursion with some relaxing shopping in laussane.

For the older group of students they did some preparation last night, some more this morning and took off ski touring up the mountain just after breakfast, with perfect weather for ski touring the students will be staying the night in a chalet on the top of the mountain.

Once the students returned from skiing they had some time to relax and sign up before afternoon activities. For some that decided to do sledging during the afternoon they made a very exiting louge track, with banked corners and technical sections giving the team a challenge as they sledge down the hill.

During the evening all of the students, besides the older school group gathered together to go to boogie on down to the disco at a Les Elfes private venue. The students really enjoyed the evening and were very tired and ready for bed when they returned.


Tuesday 10th February 2015 Skiing, Optional activities, Clubs night

The students had a nice relaxing lie in this morning to ensure they are fully rested for the days activities. After breakfast the instructors ensured all of the students were wearing the appropriate clothing and sun cream.

Another beautiful day on the mountain today, the weather has been very consistent recently giving bright blue skies with a warm temperature. The students have been progressing very fast over the past few days, with many now being able to parallel turn, stop and moving onto harder pistes on the mountain.

After returning from skiing the students had some time to relax and have snacks before signing up for optional activities, today’s options were swimming, shopping, sledging or games. For the older group of students they went down to ski service to gather equipment and prepare a ski touring excursion.

During the evening all of the students were given a choice of clubs there were many choices available from photography, arts and crafts, design and building, cooking,  hollywood all the way through to music and dance.