Tuesday 31st March 2015 Skiing, Optional activites, Clubs night

The instructors are really impressed with the effort being put into the skiing, with many of the students having gone form not being able to ski at all to now competent skiers down the blue and for some the red pistes. Most of the students are now very happy at the basics of turning and stopping on their skiis.

For one of the schools they took a day off skiing and decided to go out on excursion to see the sights and delights of the other side of Switzerland. For their day they went off to visit the chocolate factory, followed by Chateau de chillon and finally finishing the day with a relaxing afternoon shopping.

Once arriving from the mountain, all of the students had some time to relax and have some snacks before signing up for today’s optional activities.

During the evening all of the students had a choice from our very popular clubs night, the choices that were on offer were Arts and Crafts, Cooking, Design and build, Hollywood, Dancing and finally Torch light walk.

The weather has been alot better today, with the classic blue bird sky and fresh powder beautifully layed form the night before.

Monday 30th March 2015 Skiing, Optional activities, Music video and Casino night

Strange weather on the mountain today, with consistent rain on at 1500m while further up there was consistent snow, perfect for the students to practice new skills and learn to ski in different condition. Although the strange weather the students were really enthusiastic and put 100% effort into their skiing for the day.

Once arriving back to Les Elfes they all had some time to relax, have some snacks and sign up for optional activities, with choices from swimming and shopping to relaxing and playing games at Les Elfes.

During the evening of the students split to create two groups,

The younger students all joined in on the Music video, with some excellent dancing, singing and choreography. While the older students had the choice of either music video or casino night.

Sunday 29th March 2015 Skiing, Snowboarding, Language Lessons, Swimming, Ice Skating & Lots of Snow

The temperatures have dropped and the snow has started falling thick and fast on the mountain hearalding a promissing finish to the season and some great conditions underfoot. Unfortunately these colder temperatures have not extended down to Verbier where a dismal and persistent drizzle has given Verbier a somewhat Welsh feel, which for some of us has been strangely comforting and homely. For others it has meant a difficult hair day and damp soggy feet all day.

The campers have taken this in their stride, really throwing themselves into their day on the mountain and have returned to camp this evening bursting with stories of tumbles, laughter and adventure. Some campers even returned to camp and chose to swim in their freetime, obviously feeling that they were not quite soaked enough!

Dinner tonight was really tasty, ‘Provincial Chicken’ with rice and salad and Chocolate Panna Cotta for desert. We also decided that dinner was a great opportunity for our campers to make new friends so we assigned mixed seating encouraging students from different schools and different countries to exchange their skiing stories and to find out about their fellow campers. It was a great atmosphere and after dinner finished many of the students remained at the tables talking with their new friends.

The evening activity tonight was Ice Skating for all of the groups followed by hot cocoa around the fire before some much-needed rest looking forward to another challanging day of skiing and snowboarding.



Saturday 28th March 2015 Skiing, Snowboarding, Arrivals, Bin Bag Fashion Show & Movie Night

For those who arrived yesterday, or have already been at the camp for one week, it was an exciting day to be on the mountain with the Verbier Xtreme Freeride World Tour Competition. Some groups had the opportunity after lunch to watch the competitors from Col de Gentianes while others had the chance to win ski and snowboard equipment and enjoy some live music at the Freeride Festival in the town. An event filled with stalls, bands, tightrope walkers and slackline tricksters.

It was also a very busy arrivals day on camp with ski fitting, welcome speeches, swimming, games, tours of the town and the festival and a first evening meal with students and campers fomr all over the world including: Malawi, Tanzania, Hong Kong, England, Russia, Mexico and many more.

After dinner the existing campers competed in an entertaining and particularly creative Bin Bag Fashion Show while the new arrivals had the chance for an early night, some time to unpack their luggage and enjoy a chilled movie with some popcorn. Most campers chose an early evening in anticipation of a challenging day tomorrow on the mountain.

IMG-20150328-WA0010 DSCF2241 DSCF2244 DSCF2248 DSCF2253 DSCF2256 DSCF2262 DSCF2265

Friday 27th March 2015 Skiing, Excursion, Ski fit, Verbier tour,Torchlight walk, Movie night

Busy day today at Les Elfes,

Many of the individual students stayed the night in one of the local mountain huts and then snowshoe back down the mountain in time for optional activities. A few of the individual students decided to stay at Les Elfes and go skiing. Upon arrival from the mountain the students has some time to relax, have snacks and sign up for optional activities.

One of the groups took off early this morning, taking a day off skiing and going on excursion, the students were really exited to visit the chocolate factory, upon arrival they had a self guided visit around the factory, being shown the history of the area and the history of the factory with free samples and a large shop to visit after. After the factory the group then went to Vevey, taking in the sights and visiting the chateau de chillion in the afternoon before returning back to Les Elfes.

During the day Les Elfes had a departure of one of the school groups, we have had a great time with the group here and we hope they have had a great time and we wish them a safe flight home.

Throughout the day we have had some new school arrival groups, upon arrival they were shown and checked into their rooms, given a welcome speech from the resort manager and then taken around the lovely resort of verbier to visit the freeride world tour celebration in the middle of town.

During the evening one of the groups decided to go on a relaxing torchlight walk, while the other students took the evening to rest from a long journey of travelling.

Snowshoeing, Skiing and Prizegiving. Another epic day!

Winter has seemingly returned! With the weather being colder today; the conditions are looking promising for a light snowfall this evening and made for another awesome day up on the slopes.

A few of our Les Elfes campers ventured up to Savoleyres for an eventful and epic day of snowshoeing while the others made their way up to Verbier to continue progressing and learning new tricks and skills with their friends and instructors. Our snowshoe-crew were treated to a lovely lunch up at the cabin and came back to campus enthusiastic and excited to continue activities, in spite of being tired from all of the fun!

Prizegiving was a special time, as always, as the campers received rewards for their hard work this entire week. Everyone was all smiles throughout the whole evening, and spent the rest of the night playing games and making the most of the last evening with their newly made friends!

Wednesday 25th March 2015 Skiing, Excursion, Optional Activities, La Fureur

The day began really well with perfect sunshine beaming down on the students faces, after breakfast all of the school students and one individual prepared themselves for an epic day back on the mountain. With the perfect visibility conditions and piste conditions all of the ski groups were trying out different pistes.

Once the groups returned from skiing they had a little time to sign up for optional activities and have some smooth hot chocolate and snacks. The optional activities on offer today were swimming, shopping or resting and playing games, about half of all the groups decided to go shopping, although the weather has been getting misty throughout the day and it was beginning to rain, there was still smiles on all of the students faces and the enthusiasm was very high.

During the evening all of the students gathered together to participate in an amazing and epic game of la fureur, there was plenty of singing, dancing and crazy games involved.

During the day the individual students decided to take a day off skiing and went out on an excursion, for there excursion they went to visit the very interesting natural history museum, followed by a full afternoons visit around Geneva, taking in some beautiful sights and going shopping.


Tuesday 24th March 2015 Skiing, Optional activites, Clubs night

Another beautiful day on the mountain, the Les Elfes students have been putting 100% effort into their skiing and have been improving massively, all of their instructors are really proud of them

After skiing the students returned from the piste and back to les Efles. Once at Les Elfes they had some time for snacks, relax and sign up for optional activites, todays choices were, swimming, shopping or resting and playing games. For some of the students who chose to stay had an ultimate game of extreme uno, where there was only one winner and the winner could choose a dare for another person in the game.

During the evening all of the students signed up from a choice of clubs. there were three choices tonight, with the choices of cooking cookies, Design and build, where they were set a challenge of getting an orange across four tables by building bridges and towers from spaghetti and cardboard or the choice of dancing with Les Elfes very own zumba fitness coach.

Monday 23rd March 2015 Skiing, Optional activities, Music video and Torchlight walk

Another great day on the piste, the weather has been brilliant and has kept very consistent throughout the day, giving the students the perfect skiing and snowboarding conditions.

The students have been practicing hard and are progressing really well, with many going from not being able to stop and turn to now happily using the snow plough in a profficient manner.

Upon returning from skiing the students all gatherd together in the dining room to have some time to relax, have snacks and sign up for optional activities. For most of the students on campus the activites were swimming, shopping or resting and playing games at Les Elfes, for one of the school groups they went off into verbier on a guided tour from the monitors, completing challenges and taking some amazing group pictures. For some of the indivudal students they utilized their time well, doing Language lessons.

After dinner all the school groups joined together to participate in a Les Elfes classic, the music video. During the video there was alot of dancing, some tuneful singing and plenty of well thought out choreography.

For the individual students they went on a relaxing torchlight walk through the lovely town and surrounding area of Verbier.

Sunday 22nd March 2015 Skiing, Verbier hunt and Ice Skating

Amazing weather today on the mountain, after having some fresh snow last night the sun came out giving the students the perfect conditions to learn and improve on their skiing. For some of the students it was the first day of skiing, they were all very exited to see fresh snow and learn. For the other students they were straight outside on the piste, moving on to more progressive skiing and learning, for example, parallel turns.

Upon returning from skiing the students had some time to relax , for one of the school groups they went on a guided tour around Verbier, looking at some shops and learning more about the local town, for others they signed up for optional activites, todays choices for the students were swimming, shopping or resting, relaxing and playing games at Les Elfes.

During the evening all of the students gatherd together in the dining room with helmets and skiing clothes to spend the evening ice skating down on the local ice rink. Before getting on the ice, they watched the end of one of the local ice hockey teams play a training match. Once on the ice they had plenty of time to relax skate around talking to friends and for some advanced skaters they played a small game of hockey, when everybody returned form skating there was hot choclate and snacks ready for the students before bed.

Saturday 21st March 2015 Skiing & Snowboarding, Arrivals, Swimming, Easy Night

A low cloud hung over Vebier this morning bringing some rain and mist throughout the day. Although this isn’t ideal weather it brought about some decent snowfall higher up on the slopes. Around 25 students took to the slopes in the morning and braved the chilly conditions. It ended up being a fun first days skiing for everyone and the hot chocolate and snacks were appreciated by all on arrival back at camp.

After lunch we had the arrival of a school from Malawi along with a few individual students from around the world. These students were welcomed with a speech from the staff after which they were fitted with their ski equipment by the instructors.

Unfortunately the rain meant that a shopping in town and outdoor games weren’t available for afternoon activities, instead all of the students went swimming at the local heated indoor pool.

After a few games in Les Elfes we all sat down for some delicious chicken curry and banana cake. After a long first day of skiing for some students and over 24 hours of travelling for others, we settled in for a movie in the cinema room before the students made their way to bed.

Friday 20th March 2015 Skiing, Snowboarding, Avalanche Training, Race Day & Prize Giving


It was the final day on the mountain for almost all of our campers with some competing in a race to determine the fastest slalom time. For the individuals it was an unusual morning with an avalanche training course in which they learnt about the snowpack, conditions and how to search using a transceiver, valuable skills which they will be able to take away with them.


The usual spectacular panoramic view from Verbier was even better today with a partial solar eclipse which cast some unusual lights on the town and the mountains in the late morning. Many of the groups chose to stop in one of the many fantastic viewpoints and enjoy the show (with special glasses or by taking a quick photo to protect their eyes).


For one of the schools groups it was a quick turn-around after skiing with snacks, changing, moving of luggage and a celebratory Prize Giving in the evening sun before heading back to their school at 5pm. For our other school and individuals their freetime was used to pack their luggage and buy a final few souvenirs before an after-dinner prize giving in the evening.


It has been a fantastic week at camp with some real characters and a great mix of campers from all over the globe. It will be sad to see everyone leave but we are already looking forward to the coming week and welcoming back some familar faces.


Thursday 19th March 2015 Snow shoeing

The weather in Verbier today has been glorious with summer temperatures and some nice snow conditions for learning to ski and snowboard. In their lessons today some of our more experienced skiers and snowboarders roamed the 4 Valleés, while others explored the Savolyeres and La Chaux regions of the mountain. Our Individual campers had a special opportunity today skiing in the morning before a mountain lunch and a snowshoeing expedition to a mountain hut where they will spend the night and attend an avalanche training course in the morning before continuing their skiing lessons.

After skiing most campers chose to explore the village to buy souvenirs and make the most of the lovely weather. Dinner tonight was a sociable Swiss Fondue evening with all of the tables enjoying their warm cheese treat and chatting about their day on the mountain.

After dinner some of our campers competed in a poker championship, some enjoyed a movie together, others worked in teams to bake cookies and some really challenged themselves with a gruelling but truly rewarding torchlight walk.

We are expecting a little snow tonight, fingers crossed, before another day of beautiful sunshine up on the mountain.

Wednesday 18th March 2015 Skiing, Optional activites, Ice skating or movie.

Busy day today at Les Elfes, with one school group departing straight after skiing and another arriving early this morning to ensure they are ready for the days skiing. Over the few days we have really enjoyed having the students and hope they have a safe journey home and return soon.

The individuals have been working on their skiing skills during the week, with all of them happy and competent at turning, stopping and now learning more advanced techniques.

After arriving back from skiing the students of the new school gathered together indoors to receive a speech from the evening manager, explaining all the rules of the campus. After that they then had some time to sign up for optional activities.

During the evening there was a choice of activities, with some of the students wanting to go ice skating, while others were very tired from travelling then skiing all day so they wanted to spend the evening inside watching a movie and having a early bed time.

For the individual students they all went on an amazing dine out to one of Verbiers local restaurants.

Difference between 2 and 4 weeks Summer Programs

Optionnal-Courses-Summer-007At Les Elfes we are currently offering 2 and 4 week programs for our summer camp.

It is important to identify exactly the difference between these programs.

During a two week session the students take part in many activities as you can see. The four week program further develops the students’ learning of these activities, such as in mountain biking in the first week they may take part in a gentle route and the following occasion a more challenging route, or in rock climbing, students may be introduced to rock climbing in the first two weeks and further on experience a more challenging face.Optionnal-Courses-Summer-005

It must be clear that the monitors and group leaders will always make sure the students are safe and that we are not pushing them too much, at the same time, we understand given the right guidance, students can achieve more than they ever anticipate, this is the key to learning through adventure.

Also within the four week programs the students can choose some of their activities so that they can further develop the activities they enjoy the most.  Also they will have the choice of the different mountain huts or camping locations ensuring they experience a diverse Alpine experience ,  this is also the case with the excursions, again providing the students with a range of cultural visits.

It is important for the students to understand that although the programs are pre defined, within the weeks 3 and 4 they do have more choice, and therefore able to enjoy the activities they do best, and at the same time learn new skills in new activities.


Tuesday 17th March 2015 Skiing, Optional activities, Clubs night

A great day on the mountain, the students have been progressing really well with many of them now having mastered the basics of turning and stopping and now moving onto harder pistes and focusing on working on better technique and improving skills.

After returning from the piste, the students had some time to relax, have snacks and sign up for optional activities,

During the evening there was a choice of clubs with plenty of options from cooking, to acting and hollywood all the way through to a design and building club. All the students enjoyed the clubs and the monitors were really impressed with their participation within the activity.

Monday 16th March 2015 Skiing, Optional activities, Music video

Second day of skiing, the students are progressing really well with many of them learning to turn and now stopping efficiently.

Upon arriving back from the piste, they had some time to relax and sign up for optional activities, today choices of swimming, shopping or relaxing watching a move and playing games.

During the evening all of the students on campus participated in a Les Elfes music video, there was some really good choreography and it was great to see the new school interacting and meeting the other students on campus.

During this morning, we had a new school group arrive from Montreux, upon arrival they were shown to their rooms, then went off onto the mountain to get as much skiing as possible. Once returned from skiing they had some time to unpack, had a welcome speech from the evening manager, signed up and went on optional activities.

Sunday 15th March 2015 Skiing, Optional activites, Dragons den

First day of skiing for the students today, before beginning the session, the instructors ensured the students did some warm up games and explained the rules about the lifts and the pistes, from there the they then went through the basics of skiing, the snow plough, a very essential part of skiing. For some of the students that had already skiied before they moved onto more challenging techniques.

After returning from thier epic first day of skiing the students arrived at Les Elfes, had some time for snacks and hot chocolate before signing up for optional activities. Most of the students decided to go swimming.

The evening activity tonight was all about presentation, creation and ideas with dragons den. Much like the Brittish TV series, the students gatherd in teams, thought about and designed a new product, then presented it to the monitors, explaining why they would create the product, who they would sell it to, what price and its features, each team came up with some completly different ideas, ranging from new revolutionary speakers to a new app for your iphone.

Saturday 14th March 2015 Arrivals, Bowling, Verbier hunt and Early night

New students from India arrived safely after a long and tiring journey. Upon arrival they checked into their rooms and had a little time to unpack before having a meeting to meet the resort manager and the staff. After a visit to Verbier to check out the sights and do a bit of shopping, they came back for some hot chocolate and a few games of ping pong, pool and poker.

The Indidividual students took off to this morning to go bowling, sightseeing and shopping in the lovely town of martigny.

A early bed time for all in order to recharge the batteries for a fresh and early start on the slopes tomorrow!

Friday 13th March 2015 Skiing, Departures, Optional activities, Presentation and prize giving

Another beautiful day on the piste, the weather has been perfect, giving bright blue skies and perfect visibility. Over the course of the week we have seen the students have gone from not being able to ski or have never tried skiing before to perfecting advanced skills and skiing with ease down the blue, red and even black pistes. Today was the perfect day to prove their skills and technique by having a ski race down the side of la Chaux before lunch.

Upon returning from skiing the students all had some time to relax, share stories from the day, have some hot chocolate and snacks before signing up for afternoon activities with the monitors.

During the evening all of the students gathered in the dining room for a presentation and prize giving, there were prizes given out from their instructors and their monitors then the students went down to the cinema room to view the music video and slideshow created from all of the pictures taken over the week.

One of the school groups departed just after lunch today, upon arriving back from the piste they had a little time to gather their bags and belongings before heading outside to receive a presentation from their ski instructors and monitors. We hope the group has enjoyed the week, have learned alot from their instructors, had alot of fun during the evenings and we hope we see them soon back in Verbier.







12th March 2015 Skiing & Snowboarding, BBQ, Optional Activities, Dine Out and Disco

Another balmy day in Verbier meant the students experienced yet another fantastic day of skiing and snowboarding. The near on perfect weather conditions meant that lunch was served on the mountain in the form of a barbecue which is always thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

After skiing the students enjoyed some hot chocolate and snacks whilst signing up for their preferred afternoon activities. The majority of the students decided to go shopping as this was, for some of them, the last opportunity to buy some gifts and souvenirs for their friends and families back home.

One of the school groups along with the individual students, went into town for dinner. Italian was the cuisine of choice as everyone feasted on a pizza or pasta of their choice in one of Verbier’s popular restaurants. The remainder of the students were treated to one of Switzerland’s most famous dishes, Fondue!

After dinner all the schools and individual students met at the prestigious W Hotel for a disco in their renowned club called ‘Carve’. Much fun was had by all the dancing and singing took place right until the final song ended. IMG_0554 IMG_0826 IMG_0829 IMG_0859 IMG_0878 IMG_0925