Arrival in Zermatt 2015

Arrival in the beautiful Zermatt. Today the students went skiing at 2900 meters high. The sun was beaming all day and the snow conditions were fantastic. Some of the new arrivals were skiing for their very first time and the exsiting students skied into Italy. An exciting time for all! After skiing we gathered the students together for afternoon snacks and activities. We offer a great programme here at Les Elfes from the outside adventure ropes course, to the interesting and educational Alpine Museum and for the sportif students we are also offering outdoor games everyday. The students will have the chance to make all 3 activities during their stay.

In the evening we made a music video with the students. We witnessed some beautiful dance moves, exciting dance moves and some very funny dance moves. I am excited to see the final Music Video at the end of the week.

Monday 27th April 2015 Transfer to Zermatt, Aqua Parc

We started the day with a sleepy morning for our individuals and a normal start for our school group. The school departed at 9h00 in order to make their Cailler Chocolate Factory Tour before a walk to the Gruyere Castle & a picnic lunch on their way to their new home-for-the-week in Zermatt where they will continue their ski classes with our Les Elfes camp instructors.

The individuals chose to start their day at 9h00 waking up to a later breakfast before heading to the Aqua Parc, for some it will be an opportunity to enjoy the lazy river and chill in the jacuzzi while, for the others it will mean running around trying to squeeze in time to do every different slide at least once before departing for Zermatt.

Here in Verbier our Session 2 Individuals arrived in time for Check In and Lunch before a Welcome Speech. After the welcome speech they were ski-fitted for all of their ski clothing and equipment and had the chance to explore the camp and play a little football. Once everyone had been ski-fitted they travelled with the monitors into town in small teams of 5 to compete in a ‘Verbier Hunt’ to answer a quiz about the local area.

After the Verbier Hunt we all enjoyed snacks together before afternoon optional activities, including: A football tournament, Movie Night & a rather animated card game in the dining room. Dinner tonight was an amalgamation of Swiss and Indian cuisine which was comforting for the new arrivals and confusing for some of the staff who felt like they had stepped into a Cheese Fondue restaurant in Mumbai!! After dinner all of the campers headed straight to their rooms to pack their suitcases, label their luggage for the transfer, brush teeth, change into pyjamas and have an early night to combat their jet lag. Tomorrow they will transfer to Zermatt to meet their friends.


Sunday 26th April 2015 Skiing, Snowboarding, Packing, Check Outs, Crepes & Bin Bag Fashion Show

It has been a lovely final day on the mountain here in Verbier for everyone as the lifts close tomorrow for the Spring Off-Season. All of our existing campers will head on excursion tomorrow and then to Zermatt to continue their skiing and snowboarding classes with our instructors while we await the new arrivals here at camp who will travel shortly to visit their friends in Zermatt.

After a hectic afternoon of Packing, Moving Luggage and Checking out of rooms it was nice to sit together with the groups and enjoy a leisurely dinner together and get excited about travelling to the new resort and the visits to the Chocolate Factory & Aqua Parc tomorrow.

The evening activity tonight was Bin Bag Fashion show and it was one of the most creative that we have ever seen, everything, right down to the team names, was excellent and the designs had so many details. A really great final evening here in Verbier!

Saturday 25th April 2015 Skiing, Snowboarding, Team Games, Football & La Fureur

The temperatures have dropped again here in Verbier with promises of snow towards the beginning of next week, what a strange winter this has been! It has been an emotional departure day here at camp with two of our individuals leaving this morning and three more leaving first thing tomorrow morning. They have been some of the best young people we have ever worked with, a diverse group of 5 students from 3 countries and all different ages, who have worked together to have the best time possible and have really made an effort to look after one-another and to make their camp experience a nice as it could be.

The morning began with skiing and snowboarding with some groups heading to the newly-build, temporary swimming pool on the pistes to watch some crazy seasonnaires attempting to ski and snowboard across water, mostly unsuccessfully! Some of the older individuals even brought swimming things and had a break in on of the piste-side jacuzzis.

After skiing and snowboarding most of the individuals stayed on camp and competed in entertaining team games which involved much screaming and laughter. Some chose to go into the village and some played football one the rain had ceased.

Dinner tonight was, a very popular, fajitas with everybody trying to fit too many things in wraps and making plenty of mess while our Mexican individuals looked on in simultaneous joy and dismay at the chaos unfolding around them. After dinner more chaos was to follow with the weekly rendition of La Fureur in which teams compete to prove who is the loudest singer/ shouter, the best dancer and the fastest runner!

Good bye to all of the groups who have left us so far this week, you have all contributed to making this week really fun! Safe travels and hopefully we will see you again soon!


Friday 24th April 2015 Football, Packing, Prize Giving

The morning on camp was packed with laughter, giggling, jostling and excitement as our schools and individuals headed to the slopes for some nice turns in the sun. After lunch there were some big, big improvements for some of our skiers, with one group competing their first run on skis in only their first day on the slopes, and for some their first day ever seeing snow!

The atmosphere for our individuals this afternoon was emotional, with our two youngest individuals leaving the camp in the morning, it was time for a Prize Giving and Slide Show of photos for the group and a chance to look back on their week together. From all of the staff here at Les Elfes I can honestly say that it has been a privilege to get to know these students this week! They are fantastic young people!

After a dinner of the local delicacy, Raclette, all of our groups enthusiastically chose to spend the evening together Ice Skating. It was a really nice evening with all of the groups throwing themselves into the activity & making new friends.

Wednesday 22nd April 2015 Swimming, Mini Golf

Today for the individuals was Excursion Day where the group chose to take a rest from skiing and snowboarding and to visit the historic town of Gruyere for a guided tour of the Chocolate and Cheese Factories there. After their tour they enjoyed a lovely picnic lunch on the shores of Lac Léman before an afternoon of sightseeing and shopping in Vevey, the town famous as the adopted home of comedian Charlie Chaplin.

For our new arrivals it was the first day on the slopes with glorious sunshine. For some it was their first time ever skiing and snowboarding while others took to the slopes like ducks to water, remembering their technique quickly and cruising around the slopes throughout the day practicing new tricks and performing some new practices.

After Skiing, Snowboarding & Excursion many of the new arrivals needed to relax and unwind while some chose to swim and some chose to play mini golf in the town. Dinner tonight was Chicken Burgers or Veggie Burgers and Fries with the Chef’s Special Sauce.

For the evening activity the individuals chose between photography club and baking club before an early night for those who were tired and a few last rounds of Uno for those who were still wide awake.


Tuesday 21st April 2015 Movie Night and Games

For the existing campers it was business as usual this morning with some skiing and snowboarding and others studying languages. After lunch all of our existing campers explored the mountains and really challenged their skills together.

Meanwhile… at Les Elfes:

A new group of individuals arrived just in time to check into their rooms and sit together with their new instructors and animators for lunch. After lunch the group were ski and snowboard fitted and some also were fitted for ski clothing. In the afternoon the new group headed to town for a tour of the town and to buy goggle, gloves and ski socks if needed.

After skiing and after a tour of the town the campers had their first opportunity to meet one-another and to enjoy some cheesecake and cookies. In their freetime the new arrivals mostly chose to spend their time unpacking their suitcases and settling in their new rooms. For the other camps some chose to shop and other played football enjoying the evening sun.

Dinner tonight was pizza followed by, what stared out as a calm evening of card games and tricks but quickly evolved into, a crazy night of fun, laughter and cheering between new friends from Mexico, The US, India, France, Egypt, Kuwait & Thailand.


Monday 20th April 2015 Skiing, Snowboarding, Language Lessons

The sunshine has made for brilliant learning conditions for skiing and snowboarding here in Verbier. The atmosphere on the slopes is great, with everyone making the most of the warm weather and the spring snow. In the morning we had some skiing, snowboarding and language lessons with all campers on the mountain in the afternoon.

After skiing everyone returned to the camp for some juice & snacks and a heated game of Uno before a visit to the village. Our older campers did a little shopping while the younger guys had fun enjoying the sun on the tyre-swing in the park. Dinner was delicious with Beef Ragout and Swiss Spatzli.

After dinner we had a boys vs girls baking competition with the girls choosing to make cheesecakes and the boys baking cookies. There was a definite split in prior baking experience in the groups with the boys almost burning the cookies and the girls producing three top-quality cheesecakes.

Saturday 18th April 2015 Skiing, Arrivals, Optional activites, Campfire and Marshmellows

A full day skiing for the individuals today, the students have been progressing really well with many having skiied before, the students were perfecting thier skills while learning new techniques. The weather today has been quite shocking, with reports of low visibility and rain the day looked pretty miserable, however lukily the weather took a good turn with bright blue skies and full power sunshine breaking through the clouds.

During the day Les Elfes had some new arrivals, upon arriving the students were checked into their rooms and shown around the campus before getting ski and clothes fitted.

Upon arriving back from skiing the individuals signed up for optional activites while the new students went on a verbier hunt, a guided tour through verbier.

During the evening the students all gatherd together to participate in a team building evening of different sorts, cooking marshmellows and making amazing dessert treats while watching the sun go down while getting the know eachother.

Friday, 17th April 2015. Sunshine, skiing and prize giving night!

Goodbye Winter; Hello Spring!

The last week of our 2014 | 2015 Winter Camps has come and gone far too quickly as we say hello to Spring. But, it certainly was a wonderful and memorable week filled with incredible progression on the slopes, endless fun and activities with our animation team, football games at sunset, tasty barbecues up on the mountain in the sunshine, beautiful weather, and exciting excursions to the chocolate factory, Geneva, and Vevey.

The students spent their last day shredding the Verbier slopes with their peers, new friends, and with the guidance of our instructors. After a day of hard, but rewarding, work in the snowy conditions; the campers came back to Les Elfes for snack time, football, walks in Verbier Village, ping pong, pool, foosball or a movie. The camp was filled with excitement, enthusiasm and energy. After a delicious dinner of traditional Swiss cheese fondue, followed by our ‘famous’ chocolate cake, the students were rewarded for their diligence, endurance and awesome progress, throughout the week, at our prize giving night. They all definitely have a lot to be proud of themselves for.

The evening was followed by the viewing of the music video, choreographed and put together by the campers during the week, and a slideshow filled with memories that will be kept for many years to come.
Goodbyes are always hard, but its clear that the friendships kindled on the camp this past week will be ones that will be cherished, always.

It was such a special last week of this season’s Les Elfes Winter Camps, and it certainly introduced Spring with a warm and happy welcome!

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Thursday 16th April 2015 Skiing & Snowboarding, Excursion, Optional Activities, Prize Giving, Disco

The long spell of perfectly sunny days came to an end today as the weather was overcast for most of the day with a bit of rain in the afternoon. The skiing conditions were still great on the mountain as the students enjoyed some easy riding on the soft snow due to the spring temperatures.

One of our schools visited the Chocolate Factory followed by shopping in the city of Geneva. They clearly enjoyed it as they returned to Les Elfes with Kilograms of Swiss chocolate and other goodies for the shops in Geneva.

The students who remained on campus were given the option of swimming, shopping or resting and playing games in Les Elfes. A football match was abruptly ended by the rain so the students moved inside for some indoor games and helped to decorate our Cinema Room for the disco later in the evening.

After a scrumptious dinner of fish and tomato rice, one of our school had prize giving with their instructors and animation monitors from the week. The other school along with our individual students partied the night away at the disco in Les Elfes.   DSCN1686 DSCN1688 DSCN1690 DSCN1696 DSCN1698 IMG_9906 IMG_9931 IMG_9950 IMG_9958 IMG_9967 IMG_9997

Wednesday 15th April 2015 Skiing, Snowboarding, Excursions, Swimming, Football & La Fureur

It is nearing the end of the season here in Verbier and the slopes are filled with locals and tourists alike making the most of their last few weeks of skiing and snowboarding this year. Now some of these crazy cats will now chase the winter and head to a southern hemisphere country to continue their winter-sports but for most of us it is almost time to hang up our freestyle boards and skis and don our touring skins or just to relax and enjoy the warm spring heat which has already begun bathing the valley and surrounding peaks.

For one of our schools it was their last day on the mountain with final photos, runs and snowball fights before an excursion to finish their trip. For our other school and some of our individuals it was also Excursion day. Our school travelled to the nearby historic town of Gruyere to sample the local chocolate and cheese delicacies before an afternoon of shopping in the trendy Lausanne. Our individuals had a different excursion plan today, heading first to the Untied Nations to learn about the valuable work they do and to shop and enjoy the sights in the metropolitan lake-side city of Geneva.

Once everyone had returned from excursions, skiing & snowboarding our groups sat together for a nice sociable dinner to exchange tales from their day. After dinner some of our campers chose to spend their time competing in a football tournament, enjoying the game this evening or competing in a music quiz.

Tuesday 14th April 2015 Skiing, Optional activites, Clubs night

Another beautiful day skiing, with perfect bright blue skies and amazing piste conditions. The students have been progressing really well over the past few days and all of the monitors and instructors are impressed with them.

After returning from skiing the students had some time to have snacks, relax and sign up for optional activities. Today choices were swimming, shopping or Resting at Les elfes playing football and games int he lovely sunshine.

During the evening all of the students participated in clubs, the choices of clubs on tonight were Design and build, Arts and crafts, Hollywood, Dance, Cooking or asked from the students watch the Champions league football.

Monday 13th April 2015 Skiing, Optiional activites, Torchlight walk and Music video

Another great day of skiing the weather has kept really consistent with brilliant sunshine with no clouds and beautiful views. The students have been progressing really well with their skiing and all groups have moved from the beginner slope onto the mountain. Many of the students have mastered the snow plough and moving to the parallel turn and stop.

Once all the groups returned from skiing the students had some time to relax, have snacks and sign up for optional activities, the choices for today was swimming, shopping or staying at Les Elfes playing games.

During the evening the students were given the option to either go on a relaxing torch light walk around the beautiful town of verbier or stay at Les Elfes and participate in a crazy well choreographed music video.

Sunday 12th April 2015 Skiing, Optional activites and Ice Skating

Early in the morning, we ski fitted the remaining students who arrived last night.Both schools and some individuals went to Les Esserts for their first time skiing. They skied for three hours and then had lunch in the sun. After a break, they kept on skiing and enjoying this beautiful sunny day. When the students got back to Les Elfes, they signed up for optional activities and had some snacks.

At 5pm, some individuals went for languages and some of them stayed. Both schools went into town for a Verbier hunt. After buying some swiss chocolate we walked home watching a beautiful sunset.
We arrived at Les Elfes a few minutes before dinner. For Sunday dinner we had a tasty Pasta Party!, After dessert, students got ready for the ice skating. With gloves, helmets, and warm clothes on, we went to the ice rink! Some students stayed behind and played games with the monitors. Once all the students came back from ice skating they had some hot chocolate before going to bed.


Good bye and thank you For everything!

Today was the last ski day for many of our students. They were very lucky as the weather was fantastic and the snow conditions the same. We had some of our school groups on excursion today. They had a brilliant time sightseeing and shopping. The Callier chocolate factory is always a winner! Now the students have packed and are ready for their departures tomorrow. We ended the week on a high by celebrating and congratulating with prizes at the prize giving, wonderful speeches and medals too! We will miss the individual students and the school groups and we will look forward to seeing them again next year! Sinserly thank you and good bye  



Thursday 9th April 2015 Skiing, Optional activities, Disco night

An incredible day up on the piste today, the students have been learning and practicing all week, now with all of the students happy turning and stopping efficiently. Today is the day for the ski race, with all of the students participating in the race showing their instructors what they have learnt during the week.

After returning from skiing the students had some time to relax, have some snacks and hot chocolate then sign up for optional activities, with today’s choices being swimming, shopping or staying at Les Elfes playing games or football outside in the sunshine. For one the groups that will be departing during the next day or two they had some time to pack their bags before going out shopping or swimming.

During the evening the students all gathered together in the dining room to go boogie on down to the disco.

Wednesday 8th April 2015 Skiing, Excursion, Optional Activities, Music video, Ice skating

Another breathtaking view from the top of the mountains today, with perfect blue skies and amazing piste conditions all of the students were really exited to get onto the mountain to learn skiing and perfect their skills, showing the instructors everything they have learnt.

The individuals had a choice of skiing or excursion today, a few of them decided to relax the day and take it off from skiing, resting their legs. During excursion the individuals went to the lovely city of Geneva to visit the Olympic museum during the morning then going shopping for the afternoon, finally getting back to Les Elfes in time for dinner.

Upon returning from skiing all of the students had some time to relax, have snacks and sign up for optional activities, with the choices of swimming, shopping or resting and playing games. Some of the students that stayed decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and having no snow on the basketball court played some games outside.

During the evening the students all had the choice of either ice skating or music video, the votes were about half and half, with half of the students going ice skating, for some this was a completely new experience but the monitors were there to give a helping hand. The other group that chose to do music video stayed at Les Elfes and created an epic video with plenty of crazy dancing, singing and perfect choreography.

Tuesday, 7th April – Skiing, La Fureur, Casino Night and Boys vs. Girls!




Our campers awoke to another beautiful, sunny morning here in Verbier. They were treated to a bluebird day of skiing and snowboarding up on the slopes, with clear skies, incredible visibility and yesterday`s fresh snow still in amazing powder condition to carve and glide through after being taught new skills. It was the perfect day to learn and progress under the guidance of our instructors and the company of new friends.

After hot chocolate and snack time, the campers were given the choice to go for a lovely walk through Verbier Village to shop and soak up the sun, or to spend quality time playing table games and relaxing with friends before dinner time`s tasty pasta party!

Just after sunset and a delicious dinner; the evening kicked off with an exciting game of La Fureur, the music game, Boys vs. Girls for our Mexican crew, and a casino night for our older campers.

What a day!

Monday 6th April 2015 Skiing, Optional activities, Clubs night

In Verbier…

Beautiful weather up on the mountain today, with consistent sunshine, beaming through the clouds all day giving perfect skiing visibility and great skiing conditions. The students are progressing really well on the slopes, with many happily turning and stopping in an efficient manner and moving on to new destinations and slopes on the mountain.

Upon returning back from skiing all of the students had some time to relax, have some snacks and sign up for optional activites, with the choices of clubs for the evening.

During the evening everybody participated in a les elfes clubs night, with a very wide variety of clubs, including cooking, hollywood, design and build, Torch light walk, arts and crafts and Photography.


Meanwhile in Le Chable…

The students and grown ups had a splendid day on the mountain with glistening new snowfall and warm sunny conditions, great for learning, exploring the terrain and taking some stunning pictures. We had groups trying out their skills on the mountain for the first time, practicing their turns in La Chaux and ripping it up on Tortin.

During the afternoon most students chose to watch a snowboard movie after a particularly long day on the slopes, some of the boys made the most of the final chance to buy Verbier Freeride World Tour Hoodies… They look great!

In the evening we made one of the best music videos EVER!

Sunday 5th April 2015 Skiing & Snowboarding, Verbier Tour, Ice Skating

In Verbier…

A first day of skiing for most of our students, some of whom have never been in snow before. Another day with lots of snow in Verbier which is good for the spring skiing conditions but unfortunately meant that the visibility wasn’t great up the mountain. Fortunately the forecast looks very good  for the week so we should have some amazing days on the slopes with all this fresh snow.

After skiing the students enjoyed some snacks and hot chocolate back at Les Elfes before getting ready for their afternoon activities. As it is many of the students first time at Les Elfes they were given a tour of Verbier in the afternoon, to give them an idea of the shops and activities available around the town.

The students had a tasty dinner consisting of salad, chicken, rice and ice cream which was devoured by all. Everyone then got their equipment together and walked over to the ice rink for an night of ice skating and ice hockey.


Meanwhile, in Le Chable…

The guys had a challenging first day on the mountain with new snow underfoot and difficult visibility, giving a sensation of being encased inside a ping pong ball, conditions which are due to disappear tomorrow! The group embraced this experience with enthusiasm and really threw themselves into their skiing and snowboarding lessons, with some entertaining tumbles and some gnarly chat from the snowboard team.

A couple of our guys had their first ever day on skis today also and it was great to see their improvement, taking the opportunity to improve their skiing ten fold throughout the day. Many of the campers returned after skiing pretty sleepy and keen for some hot chocolate before a guided tour of Verbier town and a chance to buy a few trinkets.

After a dinner of spicy sausages, cous cous and vegetables we had some awards to recognise the memorable moments of the day, some of them great and some embarrassing! After dinner the evening activity was La Fureur where the main highlight was definitely hold the paper while twirling, performing 1-handed press-ups and lying on the floor!

Tomorrow the group are looking forward to sunshine, great snow and a real chance to explore the resort of Verbier!


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