Thursday 28th May – Aqua Parc, Salt Mines, UN Visit, Natural History Museum!

Today was another eventful day for our Spring campers… our IS Monaco students went on an exciting adventure to the Aquaparc, where they had a blast slipping and sliding down the rides with their friends and our animation crew! They also experienced the Salt Mines, where they learnt all about the history behind it and explored the mines. Our Spring Session students had a wonderful day taking a walk through history at Switzerland’s Natural History and Science Museum. All the campers had a great time learning about Switzerland and its past. After a Les Elfes Pasta Party, all the students had their evening activities… The Spring Session team had a disco night with their friends, and IS Monaco designed, styled and fashioned their own outfits made out of plastic bags, string and other objects…

It was another beautiful day!

Wednesday 27th May – Sports, Ropes Course, and Music Video

With the sun shining brightly from early on, it was destined to be an outdoor day! Breakfast is most important on days like these where it’s action all day long. The students were split into groups and took part in a number of activities across the day, swapping over at lunchtime so they were all able to enjoy every activity.

On offer was a mix of bike riding, outdoor sports such as basketball and volleyball, and finally everyone’s favourite – the ropes course in Aigle! This is where a series of rope walkways, ziplines and climbing apparatus are strung in between trees in the forest for the students to work their way through. Needless to say, it was a big hit and everyone had a fantastic time.

Back on campus the students took part in some team building games which re-enforced the spirit of working together to build trust and teamwork.

After a delicious curry dinner, it was time to make a music video! For this activity, the students make groups and are given a section of a famous song. The groups have to come up with a fun and energetic dance or action routine, which a cameraman then comes round to film, group by group. The students had a brilliant time and were impressively inventive with their routines! The Les Elfes staff then edit all the parts together during the week, to be able to show the Music Video during the presentation at the end of the week. They will love it!



Tuesday 26th May – Excursion to Aosta & Boys vs Girls

With the students now back in Verbier, a trip to the nearby Italian town of Aosta was the plan for the day. After rising early and enjoying a wholesome breakfast, the kids jumped on the bus and the excitement began. To get to Aosta the students traveled through France via the Mont Blanc tunnel, to reach the ancient city nestled in the picturesque Aosta valley.

The first part of the day involved visiting the Farmer’s market, where local Italian products are on sale. The students not only had the chance to buy a few treats but also to see an integral part of the local culture.

They then had a picnic lunch in the famous Aosta square, before embarking on a tour of the old town. To make it more interesting and challenging, the Les Elfes staff had put together a quiz for the students to fill out in groups. After much walking, reading, observing and fact-hunting, it was time for the bus journey home to Verbier.

It had been a long day but it wasn’t over yet, so a big dinner was feasted on to re-energise the batteries, after which the entire group played a Les Elfes favourite – Boys vs Girls! This is where the two are split into two teams facing each other in the dining room, with fun team challenges and games played in the middle for points to be won. The was a great deal of noise and laughter and everyone went to bed happy but tired from the fun filled day.


Monday 25th May – Last Ski and Return to Verbier

The day began with great energy as all the students were keen to get on the slopes for their last morning of skiing! It was clear they had made tons of progress in previous days, as even the beginners showed confidence going into the ski races the instructors had set up. The students whizzed down the course faster than they could have imagined themselves doing a few days before and there were smiles and cheers all around.

After taking of the ski boots and having a nice lunch, the group went to visit the impressive ice palace on the glacier of Zermatt. The students were in awe of the facades of ice, and sculptures on display. Ask any of them and they will likely tell you it is definitely worth checking out if you are ever in the area!

Finally though, the Zermatt chapter was over, and it was time to get on the bus and have a restful journey back to the main campus in Verbier. Following a yummy Mexican Fajita dinner, the students had the choice of playing table games, watching a movie (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), or just having a rest and getting ready for bed. Zzzzz….

Zermatt sun is shinning

The sun was beaming and bright in Zermatt this morning. This morning we headed up to the mountain for the group picture. After we played some games in the snow to warm up the students. The students were quickly ready for the slopes and headed to the T-bar or the chair lift. The snow conditions were perfect today and the weather was fantastic. Some of our students headed to Italy today, it was very exciting for them. They had lunch in Italy and skied the Italian slopes.

The students returned to the hotel and started packing, ready for their departure. Now the students are heading to the ropes course, outdoor games and Alpine museum. Tonight our students will be going to dine out in the village to try some tasty Swiss food.

Zermatt day of progression

Today the students were ready for the mountain like never before. The sun was shining and the sky was beautiful and clear. Almost all of our Inidan Skiers have made it to the TBar. Meaning they are on the mountain making turns from left to right. The day passed by very quickly and many students were very tired after putting so much effort into their day. And what a perfect day it was! After skiing the students gathered for the second session of leadership or arts and crafts. The students in leadership completed many tasks while the art students started making their masks. We also went to the ropes course today. This evening we have a torchlight walk for the students. They are excited to see Zermatt in the night   Zermatt day of progression

Thursday 21st May 2015 Poetry walk with arts and crafts and Ropes course and team games

Groups A and B took off onto the mountain today to go for a short relaxing walk, with the birds singing and the droplets of water plodding on the ground from the leaves of the previous nights rain, the students challenge for the duration of the activity was to receive inspiration about a project were they would have to write a poem on the wildlife and the area, followed by heading back to Les Elfes to create a collage, drawings, paintings and crafts about the things they have seen during their trip.

Groups C and D went off this morning in the mini buses to go to the high ropes course. With group C going on the course first, completing challenges around in the tree tops and for some over coming fears. Group D did some team building exercises and team games. After some time both groups swapped having group C up into the trees while group D were on the ground doing team skills.

After lunch all of the students returned with all groups swapping activities, team A and B having high ropes and team skills in the afternoon while groups C and D participated in their project making poems and arts and crafts.

A nice relaxed evening for all of the students with everybody packing their suitcases ensuring they have everything ready for the departure tomorrow morning.

Thursday, 21st May 2015. Ropes Course, Alpine Zoo, St. Bernard Dog Museum & Rock Climbing!

The campers woke up to a beautiful Verbier day, with some light snow at Les Elfes Campus and up the mountain. The day was yet another eventful and wonderful day! All four groups ventured out of Verbier for some exciting activities. Groups A and B visited the St. Bernard Dog Museum, where they were very excited to learn all about the dogs that originate from the Swiss Alps. They were also treated to a visit to a heritage site in Martigny, the historical Roman Amphitheatre, which is located next door to the museum. Their historical adventure was, thereafter, followed by some rock climbing where they could have fun and learn some new skills! Groups C and D had their turn at the ropes course, a giant playground that mazes its way through the forest. This was both rewarding and filled with fun, as many of the students worked their way up from the ‘yellow’ ropes course to the ‘green’ ropes course, as their climbing skills improved. After the ropes course, the kids paid a visit to the Alpine Zoo, where they explored different types of environments and learnt about different alpine animals, their habitat and what types of food they eat. This was all very exciting! The day ended with a prize giving, where the kids were rewarded for their enthusiasm and teamwork with their friends and the animation team.
After sunset; the kids danced, sang, played ping pong and ‘foosball’ tournaments and played pool against each other at the Les Elfes Disco eveningIMG_4495 IMG_4594 IMG_4612 IMG_4617!

It was a very exciting day for all of the campers.

Zermatt skiing

Good morning Zermatt! As the students woke up and looked outside the excitement turned up even more. Why? Because during the night it snowed and the village is now covered in white beautiful snow. The students gathered outside ready to go skiing. After many snowball throwing, snowman building and warm up games these lovely students started skiing for the second day. Again fantastic progression and determination from students. Some of our students went to the t bar today while others worked on their turning skills at the magic carpet. Very impressed with their overall performance and again Les Elfes is very proud to be a part of the Zermatt team! Today after skiing we went into the village and preceded with the fashion show back at the hotel. The students gathered on small groups making designs for an outfit suitable to win a fashion show. This evening the students will relax with i door games and a movie. Of course the students will need to save some energy for skiing tomorrow! We can’t wait! Good night from Zermatt

Wednesday 20th May 2015 Nature hike, Egg drop challenge and La fureur

Another exiting day today,

Groups A and B took off up onto the mountain to go on a Nature hike with a local guide, who explained the natural history of the area along with many interesting facts and information along the trail including information about the Bisse, the surrounding mountains and the local wildlife. The walk finished up just in time for lunch at Le Hatey where the students met the other groups for a BBQ on the mountain side.

Groups C and D took part in a very tough design and construction challenge, where they were given certain items to protect a valuable item to prevent it from breaking through a direct force of impact by being dropped from a height. Before the building time the students were given some time to plan and think about the best possible way to utilise the equipment given and how to protect the valuable item. The students did really well with many different designs and builds.

After lunch both groups swapped, having groups A and B taking part in the construction challenge, while groups C and D taking part in a nature hike.

During the evening all of the students gathered together to participate in a Les Elfes favourite La Fureur, with a wide selection of crazy and wild music based games, groups participation  and team work was key during this activity.

First day skiing in Zermatt

What a beautiful start the week. Snow snow snow!!  The students tatted skiing early this morning. After a big breakfast the instructors meet with their new students. Introductions, team games and getting to know you games, all took place before skiing. Fantastic progression from all groups today. The students this week are very active and excited to be learning a new sport. After lunch we headed again to the slopes for more skiing. What a blast the students had today. After a nice snack and shower time we introduced out first session for our new leadership and arts program. The students again were excited and happy to be involved. The leadership training was a big success for day one, we introduced some ice breaking games, leadership styles and personal development skills. Meanwhile the art students gathered for the first time. Looking at emotions, colors, shapes and texture styles the art students strayed opening their minds into the Art world. In the evening the students set off into the village with their monitors for the Zermatt quiz! How exciting as they answered questions, looked for possible clues and worked as a team to solve the quiz. Good night from Zermatt.

Tuesday 19th May 2015 High ropes, Alpine zoo and rock climbing

Today was another adventure for all our campers! Groups A and B travelled all the way into a beautiful forest, which was a maze of ropes, obstacles and tree houses, to climb and zip-line their way through the tall trees. This was followed by an exciting trip to the Alpine Zoo, high up in the mountains, where the groups saw all kinds of animals; including wolves, bears (which they were most excited about!), lynxes and all kinds of other smaller animals. Groups C and D went on a day trip to see the St. Bernard Museum; where they learnt all about the friendly giants that are known for their great rescues throughout history, and originated in the Swiss Alps. They also went rock climbing, which was both exciting and rewarding for all the kids!
Later on, the groups returned for a ‘Bin Bag Fashion Show’; where each group of ‘designers’ were given a few objects to design their very own outfit that was later modelled along the Les Elfes Catwalk. After dinner, the students relaxed for an ‘easy night’ watching a film with all their friends.


It was another great day at Les Elfes.
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Arrival Day in Zermatt

Today our new students arrived in Zermatt. They were a little tired from traveling however this did not stop the students from being very excited about getting their new equipment for skiing. All students were fitted today with skis, boots and clothing. They settled into the hotel perfectly, unpacking their suitcases, making new friends and visiting local shops to purchase goggles, gloves and socks. After a delicious meal we started getting ready for sleeping to be ready for the day ahead!

The students have begun making new friends already and we have a superb feeling about these students. The instructors are excited to spend the next two weeks together. Good night india!

Monday, 18th May – Olympic Games, Music Video, Football




Our happy campers arrived to a beautiful Spring day, already warm, with clear blue skies and sunshine. They were welcomed by a delicious hot lunch, before a day spent as part of our Les Elfes Olympic Games. This meant water balloon volleyball, ping pong tournaments, an obstacle course race and basketball, as well as, plenty of laughter, smiles and fun! The students enjoyed the excitingly challenging, and wonderful, day alongside the Les Elfes team; who were having just as much fun as the campers by joining in on the games! The camp was filled with energy and excitement from the lively campers. After the Olympic Games; the kids choreographed a dance as part of their very own music video, which was filmed by the animation team… and it wasn’t just any ordinary music video… each team was given a bag filled with fancy dress to make their part all the more interesting! This was followed by dinner, and then football and indoor games just before it was time to wind down before sunset and bedtime.

What a lovely day!




I’m Xavier Benenaula
I’m 28
I’m originaly from Cuenca, Ecuador but I grew up in Galicia.
I’m pasionated for Football (with the foot), snowboarding and clash of clans.
I’ve been in les elfes since 2012 and I’ve been Head of Animation since last winter.
Les elfes is special because is located in a beautiful place in the middle of the mountains and because here I get to meet people from everz where around the world.
I’ve been snowboarding 4 seasons



Assistant Resort Manager & Head of Individuals

Where are you from?

What Languages do you speak?
English, French & some Spanish

What are the best bits about your job?
Getting to know hundreds of new people from all over the world, making lifelong friends, living in a beautiful ski resort and having the opportunity to ride every day, whether it’s mountain biking or snowboarding!

Skiing or snowboarding?
I love them both but I prefer to snowboard, jumping around and practising my tricks

What are the best bits about Verbier?
The amazing mountains, the people & the adventures

Tell us about your most recent adventure…
As part of my work for Les Elfes I recently travelled to India to meet some of the Individual students who are visiting Les Elfes this season. It was an unforgettable experience, I met so many amazing people, saw some spectacular sights and tried some really tasty food.

If someone was coming to Les Elfes for the first time what piece of advice would you give to them?
Remember sometimes coming to camp can be very difficult for the first couple of days if you are feeling homesick but if you give it a chance you will have a brilliant time, we have really experienced and supportive staff who will do a good job of looking after you.


G’day my name in Bianca Sabrowski from Australia and I’m the nurse hère at Les Elfes. I am 24 years of age and i have been traveling for the past two years around Europe. I am a snowboarder and have been living and working at Les Elfes for two seasons. Working at Les Elfes is always so much fun and excited to meet all the students !


My name is Alessio Cavanna and im from Italy and I like pizza, pasta and gelato
sorry, I can’t remember my age
my passions have  always been mountains, sea and all those sports connected to it
this is my fourth season with les elfes as a ski and snowboard instructor  and the best part of this job is to give young people the same passion I have for the snow and the second best is how rewarding it is for me to see lots of happiness in their face
What makes Les Elfes such a very special place to work for is definitely the staff, and I mean EVERYONE.  In all these years I meet great people to share my passions with.
Ski or snowboarding?….well my passion is snowboarding but I love skiing
Most important thing to do at Les Elfes is to enjoy yourself. The more you take part in skiing/boarding and taking part in activities the more you will love staying here at Les Elfes
Ciao for now!





Lord Keeper of the Equipment

Where are you from?

Which Languages do you speak?
Latvian, Russian and English

What are the best bits about your job?
Teaching children is amazing! I can have so much fun and so many adventures while at the same time helping children to progress in their own journey.

What are the best bits about Verbier?
The amazing skiing and snowboarding, the people, the spectacular mountains and the crazy things that happen every day.

Skiing or snowboarding?
Both. I love them both equally and I don’t favour one over the other they are both amazing.

Do you have any pets?
A small dog, he is crazy and always looking for fun… like me 🙂

If someone was coming to Les Elfes for the first time what piece of advice would you give to them?
Things here are crazy… get involved, enjoy yourself and really try hard in your skiing and snowboarding lessons because the experiences you can have when you’re older, exploring the mountains, will be some of the best adventures ever!


What is your name?
What is your position at Les Elfes?
Head of Reception
Where are you from?
What Languages do you speak?
Latvian, English & Russian

What are the best bits about your job?
Meeting great people from lots of different countries, living in a beautiful ski resort and having lots of adventures

Do you have any pets?
I have a Russian Toy Terrier called Scooby

Skiing or Snowboarding?
I have fun both skiing and snowboarding but I like snowboarding a little bit more than skiing

If someone was coming to Les Elfes for the first time what piece of advice would you give them?
Make every second count! Verbier is an amazing place to be and to come to camp is a great opportunity, if you really throw yourself into every activity you will have lots of fun and make some really good friendships.


What is your name?
What are your passions?
RUGBY!! Snowboarding, Diving, Surfing, Mountaineering, Rock Climbing, Disney Movies & Travelling
What is the best adventure you have ever had?
I have 2.

The first was a 2month trip to Nepal where I trekked for 52 days in the Annapurna & Solukhumbu regions walking each day at high altitude in really challenging conditions & sleeping in guest houses along the way each night

The second was when I cycled with Faye from Verbier to Barcelona, camping along the route… we even stayed at a campsite with pet llamas.

Do you have any pets?
I have a hamster called Ainge (pronounced with a New Zealand accent) after my friend & a new puppy called Juno who stubbornly only answers to Sausage!

What was your best day ever in Verbier?
A day of riding with Faye, Zoe & Ru last season!

Do you remember your first trip to Verbier?
Yes. I came 5 years ago for my friend’s birthday.