Tuesday 30th July Session 3 and 4

All groups were up early and out  enjoying the hot weather as it was excursion day.

The Discovery kids headed over to Evian to see where the famous water is sourced. After having a look around the Museum and a quick ice cream by the lake. They all got on a boat to cross the lake to Lausanne. They meandered through the old town then got to go shopping in centre.

The Explorers and Pioneers grouped up for today’s excursion they started of at the chocolate factory, they all seemed pretty intrigued by the process’s but even more so by the free chocolate tasting that they new was waiting for them at the end of the tour. The Cheese factory was next they all got to do an interactive tour that explained to different processes and material that are used to produce the delicious swiss cheese. In the afternoon they all went to Vevey for a lake side picnic lunch and a chance to see the iconic Charlie Chaplin statue and fork sculpture.

All groups were back at Les Elfes in time for dinner. Once they were refueled the evening activity could start, Capture the flag was the aim but with a difference all age groups were split up into 3 teams and given a load of water balloons. Loads more were hidden around the grounds and then the game began. They all had great fun but went to bed a little bit wet.

Luckily the fantastic weather is set to continue for the rest of the week allowing all the groups to make the most of summer time in Switzerland.

Monday 29th June – Leadership Day, Hike

Today the campers had the chance to participate in a one day leadership training course. The course was run by highly professional experts who developed a unique and fun-based approach. Our campers gained valuable practical skills, such as goal setting, presentation skills, group dynamics and the essence of time management, which was discussed and experienced through interactive presentations, great role-plays and exciting fun-filled games. Based on an interactive method, the students discovered their talents, interests and management styles and learned how to apply these elements in their future goals. Each student received a motivation profile and his personal talent definition.

The campers that did not participate in the leadership course enjoyed a beautiful hike up on the mountain. They started at Les Marlenes stopped for lunch at the beautiful Hatey and ended their hike down in Medran. When they returned to campus had showers and ate dinner they joined various clubs such as photography, cooking and build and design.

Sunday 28th June – Session 2 – Trottinettes, Rock Climbing and Music Video

Today after their languages classes the students had a range of activities planned for them. The explorers and pioneers went up on the mountain for biking and trottinetting. Trottinettes are giant scooters that can go on the mountain bike trails and are a very popular activity here in Verbier – the kids loved it. After their fun session they all got on the mountain bikes traversed across the other side of the mountain and then cycled down to campus.

In the village the young discoveries went down to the mini golf course as the climbing instructors where preparing the artificial wall for then to have their first lesson on. After a fun round of mini golf the kids put their climbing gear on harness and helmet and got ready to climb the training wall. After the instructors gave them a safety speech and instructions the kids started on the beginner wall and then progressed on to the more challenging ones.

After returning to Les Elfes most campers decided to go for a swim at the outdoor pool as the weather is too warm and sunny to stay in and wanted to make the most out of the day. Others went on to do their optional lessons including horseriding and tennis.

For tonight all the kids are planning to join together and make a fun music video and record it. Lets see how that goes! Stay tuned for more updates.

Saturday 27th June – Session 2 – International Day

The day started with the intensive and conversational language classes for our students. After their lessons everyone was looking forward to the international day presentations. This session our summer camp is attended by students of fourteen different nationalities and four different continents! Students from the same countries grouped together to make a presentation about their countries. The presentations covered the history, foods, language and many interesting facts about each country. The presentations where followed by a face painting session where everybody painted their national flags and colors on their faces.

Now that the international day events have wrapped up the kids have either gone swimming at the outdoor pool, or shopping in town. The campers that have chosen to do the optional activities on offer are now doing horse-riding lessons at Les Ecuries de Verbier next to our campus.

Upon their return they are going to have dinner at seven and then participate in the evening games that will be organised around the campus. Outside the monitors have already set up a challenging obstacle course, involving climbing ropes and waterslides for the Night Line game. Indoors the explorer group is going to do a movie quiz to test their movie knowledge!


Friday 26th June – Session 2 – Cultural Visits and Souvenir Shopping

All campers handed in their language projects this morning before heading off for their day excursions. Excursions and cultural visit took place in three different destinations for the three different age groups. It was Montreux for the discoveries, Lausanne for the Explorers and Geneva for the Pioneers. The discoveries visited the famous city of Montreux for a cultural visit and then explored the lake shore market and did some souvenir shopping. The explorers visited the famous castle Chateau de Chillon on Lac Leman, just a few minutes outside Montreux and then got on the buses to visit Lausanne for some shopping and sightseeing. The Pioneers visited the United Nations and had a guided tour through all the buildings and conference rooms, learning a lot about the organisation its history and its significance in international affairs. After the UN visit they got to do some sightseeing along the lake and take some photos in front of the impressive Jet d Eau.

After coming back to Les Elfes and having dinner, the monitors had organised some evening games for the returning campers. The discovery group went down to the candlelit cinema room and played the spooky card game werewolves, and got some scares! The explorers and pioneers got split in two groups to participate in the music contest La Furer, the building got loud and everybody had loads of fun!

Tomorrow is international day and we re looking forward to the students presentations of their countries.

Thursday 25th June 2015 Languages, Labyrinth, Sports day, Ropes course

Great day today, the students were up early, egar to have breakfast and get straight to languages. After languages all of the students had lunch then went into thier corresponding groups.

Discovery – Team discovery gathered together straight away ready for the days adventures.Today the team went off to the Labyrinth beginning the day with the crazy maze, followed by a fun time on the strange bikes before finishing the day with bouncy castle land and the giant games area with a cool drink and ice cream,

Explorer – The Explorers stayed on campus with a variety of activities with tennis, football, Water sports, Golf and Mountain biking.

Pioneers – The pioneers Went on a huge adventure and took off to the high ropes course.. they all completed plenty of courses and did really well all of the monitors have been really impressed with them.

During the evening all off the groups had a bbq up at the lovely campsite Le Hatey before taking a brisk walk down the mountain back to Les Elfes just in time for bed.

Wednesday 24th June -Session 2- Return from Camping, Languages, Clubs

Today our campers returned from their camping trips. The discoveries which spent the night in beautiful mountain hut in Crans Montana got involved in various outdoor activities and got to visit the ski village of Crans and Montana. The explorers finished their kayak trip in Bouvret which was spread over two days and they got to camp overnight on the lakeshore! The pioneer group spent the last two days up on lake Taney. Their visit involved hiking, orienteering building fires and lake games.

Once the kids returned they all returned to their language classes before dinner while the monitors prepared the various clubs that would take place in the evening. In the always very popular cooking club the kids got to make and bake cookies. The photography club focused on stop motion animation and light painting. In theater club the students where split in two groups with one staging an adventure play and the other one a horror play. Finally the arts&crafts and build&design clubs decided to join together to make a maquette, a scale model of the Les Elfes campus and the result was impressive!

-Always check our Les Elfes International facebook page for more photos from every activity-


Monday 22nd June session 2-3

It’s been another fantastic day up in sunny Verbier. The pupils have been getting up to all sorts whilst making the most of the beautiful environment that surrounds Les Elfes.

The DISCOVERY kids all started the day with Languages. After a delicious lunch It was time for team building games to allow the kids to get to know each other. they had to Design a plane from cardboard and then sell the idea to the monitors. Once drawn up it was to the workshop to create the planes and then send them floating or crashing off the top balcony of Les Elfes.

The EXPLORERS departed for there Ropes course in Fully shortly after lunch at Les Elfes. After a brief introduction and safety speech they were all let loose to explore the various courses set at different levels of difficulty.

The PIONEERS set off to St. Triphone in the afternoon for a session of  hard core climbing. The area was beautiful with dramatic panoramic views and steep cliff faces it was quite a step up from the local climbing wall in Verbier.

All groups were back in time for dinner at Les Elfes, burger and fries night which seemed to go down well with all groups.  They then  headed down to the Ice rink for an evening session of ice skating and hockey.


Sunday 21st June 2015 Arrivals day and the first day of summer

Today, 21st of June, was arrivals day.

All day long, we had many kids arriving from all around the world. They were quite tired from the flight and the jetlag, but their happiness and excitement were taking over it.

In the afternoon, they did some team building games to get to know each other; and, they also went to Verbier’s village to discover the place.

Then, before dinner, they had a welcome speech from Jenni, the head of individuals, and were introduced to the camp and all the other staffs.

Finally, all the kids were divided into the Pioneers (14-18 years old), Explorers (11-14 years old) and Discoveries (7-11 years old) groups and did several fun team building games/activities to get to know every single person of the group.

Friday 19th June – Last Day, Prize Giving

Last day of the session today and lots of activities took place in and outside the campus.

From Bridge Swinging and Mountaineering Games to Go Karting and Bubble Football! It was the last day so everyone wanted to make the most out of it. Everybody was really involved and it was nice to see all the friendships that developed during these two weeks between kids from different countries, cultures and age groups.

The end of session Prize Giving took place straight after dinner. The monitors made speeches and gave out prizes to standout campers and the winners of the various competitions that took place during these two weeks. After that everybody went downstairs to the cinema room to watch the slideshow and the music video that showcased the highlights of the session.

See you again next summer!

Thursday 18th June – Session 1 – Sports day, Climbing , Dragons Den

The day started with all the kids signing up for the conversational and intensive language classes. In collaboration with the Verbier Language School in Les Elfes we offer many different language classes like French, German, Spanish and English for students of all levels.

The optional activities today included paragliding, something the students have been waiting all week for and had a blast!

It was sports day for the little discoveries and got to play volleyball, basketball, tennis and golf. Despite their young age they impressed the monitors with their abilities! The explorers got introduced to rock climbing in a specialized training wall for climbing we have here in the village. After climbing they relaxed with a round of mini golf and other fun games in the park next to the climbing wall. The Pioneers stayed in the campus where they participated in our own version of the Dragons Den and got to present their business ideas to us.

The explorers and pioneers are getting ready for a dine out with their monitors and talk about the two amazing weeks they had here as tomorrow is the last day  of the session.

Wednesday 17th June – Session 1&2 – Sports Day, Lake Day

After all the students had their breakfast and attended their language classes they got ready to start their day activities.

Wednesday was sports day for our explorers. All students participated in various sports on and off campus. We started the afternoon playing ball games in Les Elfes including basketball and volleyball. Then we set off for the tennis courts where everybody was split in skill groups and got the chance to learn or improve their techniques. Then we got on the buses and went up on the driving range to finish off the afternoon hitting some golf balls.

The Pioneers left Verbier to go down to the lake and do water sports. After everybody did a swim test and listened carefully to the safety instructions, they got in the water started having lots of fun kayaking and banana boating. The young discoveries had a different activity planned for them today. The went to Aigle to attend a high ropes course. They got introduced to climbing gear like harnesses, pulleys and carabiners and learned how to use that equipment properly to move around the forest. Even though some were scared at first, everybody ended up enjoying it and now they are saying its their favorite activity so far.

Everybody is having some free time now to shower, get changed and get ready for dinner and tonight which is disco night, something all the kids are looking forward to!


Tuesday 16th June – Session 1- Excursions

Today all our campers left Verbier for various excursions that took them in three different countries – Switzerland, France and Italy. What a day!

The Pioneers left early in the morning for Milan . They havent returned yet so check tomorrow all the updates from their day trip in Italy.

The Explorers visited the Cheese and Chocolate factories in Gruyere and then went to Vevey for a cultural visit, sightseeing and shopping. We got to see the production process of cheese and chocolate in the factories, learned about the history of Gruyere cheese and swiss chocolate and got to taste all different kinds of chocolate! We finished off the afternoon with some sightseeing and shopping in the historic city of Vevey on Lake Geneva.

The Discoveries went over to France in Evian where they got the chance to buy souvenirs for their families. Then they went on a boat trip that took them across to Switzerland in Lausanne!

Keep checking our daily journal to get updates and photos from session 1 that ends this Saturday.

Monday 15th June – Session 1&2 – Career Day

Today the explorer campers had the chance to participate in a one day leadership training course. The course was run by highly professional experts who developed a unique and fun-based approach. Our campers gained valuable practical skills, such as goal setting, presentation skills, group dynamics and the essence of time management, which was discussed and experienced through interactive presentations, great role-plays and exciting fun-filled games.

The pioneers participated in a one-day career orientation workshop. Based on an interactive method, the students discovered their talents, interests and management styles and learned how to apply these elements in their professional orientation. Each student received a motivation profile and his personal talent definition.

The campers that did not participate in these two workshops enjoyed a beautiful hike up on the mountain and upon their return joined various clubs such as photography, cooking and build and design.

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Sunday 14th June Session 1 & 2

The Groups were all out and about today and luckily the bad weather held off for all their activities.

Once Language classes were over it was time for the DISCOVERY and EXPLORER students to come together for an introduction in Orienteering. They first learnt how to use compasses and maps and were then set various challenges to find different objects hidden within the Les Elfes grounds.

It was then time for the Egg Challenge. The Discovery kids and Explorers were put into teams and set the challenging task off dropping an egg from the top floor of the Les Elfes chalet with out breaking it on landing, with only bin bags, string, and tape to aid them it was to the drawing tables for the teams to see what crazy ideas they could come up with to keep their little eggs safe from cracking.

The PIONEERS were off up the mountain for an afternoon of hardcore mountain biking but first they had to pass the Les Elfes bike test which proved to be quite a challenge for some. After a couple of tumbles in the Les Elfes garden the Pioneers were ready for anything so cycled into Verbier town to catch a Gondola up to Ruinettes at 2700m. Some chose Trottinettes over bicycles which are basically giant mountain scooters with full suspension. What ever their chosen form of transport was they both allowed for an easy cruise back down the mountain whilst enjoying the surrounding pine forests and panoramic views.

The three age groups put there Helmets on after dinner and headed down for a twilight session of Ice Skating and Ice Hockey.

So another wild and wonderful day draws to an end at Les Elfes as the groups return from skating to enjoy a quick hot chocolate before bed.

Saturday June 13th – Session 1&2 – International Day

Today was international day here at the campus. Students from many different nationalities introduced us to their cultures and traditions. They dressed up in traditional dress, exchanged local foods, sang national anthems and made a presentation about their countries!

After the presentations where finished we all headed to the outdoors swimming pool. Beach volleyball, slacklines, football and games in the water kept all the campers entertained until it was time for dinner and we headed back to campus.

After dinner the evening activities included the song and dance game La Furer for the Discoveries, a challenging pub quiz for the explorers and a morals & civility workshop for the pioneers.

Tomorrow all the campers are headed up the mountain for various outdoor activities so everybody is in bed now to get some necessary rest.

We ll keep you updated!

Friday 12th June – Session 1 and 2



The groups all had an early start this morning as it was excursion day. Loaded up with picnics for lunch and tickets for all sorts of attractions the groups headed down into the valleys below Verbier.

First stop for the lucky discovery kids was the Cailler  chocolate factory. After becoming educated in both the history and processes of producing the famous Swiss chocolate they were given a chance to indulge in tasting all sorts of delicious variations. With little room left for their packed lunch it was on to the Cheese factory where the kids got to have an interactive tour of the factory and more with tastings at the end. It was then onto Vevey for some site seeing and shopping.

The Explorers started their day at the interactive Olympic museum in Lausanne, their language teachers came along to help complete a questionaire in theiL chosen languages. They had a picnic lunch by a quaint little lake above Lausanne. The rest of the afternoon was spent down in Lausanne looking around the shops.

With many returning students the pioneers split up for part of the day. The returning students went to the natural history museum in Geneva whilst the rest went to the mighty United Nations building for a fabulous tour and insight into what goes on. Both groups had their language teachers with them to help fill out questionnaires written in their chosen languages.

The two teams re-grouped for lunch at lake Geneva in the Jardin de Anglias and were then set free to shop to their hearts content. They got back to Verbier just in time for dinner out at Chez Martin a local pizzeria restaurant

After an adventurous day all groups are now tucked up in bed and ready for another exciting day. Bring on International Day!

Wednesday 10th June – Session 1&2

Many different activities where planned for our campers today.

The Explorers left Verbier and headed down to lake Geneva where they got involved in all kinds of watersports from kayaking and banana boating to stand up paddling and later on played ball games by the lake.

The Discovery and Pioneers group stayed in Verbier and enjoyed the summer activities it has to offer.

The young discoveries got introduced to Rock Climbing on the artificial wall here in the village and where tough the basics of climbing by certified experienced instructors.

The Pioneers split their day doing tennis and golf and later on headed up the mountain for some mountain biking.

Upon returning to Les Elfes all campers had dinner and signed up for the evening clubs. The clubs included Cooking, Photography and Design and Build among others. By the end of the evening the cooks had made some delicious biscuits, the photographers managed to capture some excellent long exposure shots and the builders build an impressive bridge out of cardboard and string!

Tuesday 9th June -Session 1 & 2

Today we welcome the students back to the camp after their exciting nights away.

The Discovery group woke up this morning in one of the Alpine mountain huts in Crans Montana after a day of adventure on the ropes course in the forest and then a night of campfire building and marshmallow roasting. Today after breakfast the campers went out on the lake on pedaloes and then returned to the Les Elfes Campus in Verbier, where they took part in the Verbier sports day playing golf, tennis, football and basket ball. This evening, after dinner the group will play the spooky game of warewolves before shower time and bedtime.

After the Explorer group finished their language lessons they traveled to Tanay where they began their hike towards the mountain hut besides the lake. After the long hike through the wind and rain the trees cleared and revealed the vast glistening lake in all its glory. They checked into their rooms and went down to the shore side for some team bonding games. After a relaxing dinner they ventured outside to build campfires and roast marshmallows. They woke up to beautiful sunshine. After breakfast they played a game of capture the flag before their descent back down to the valley. They began the journey to the Aigle Ropes course. When they arrived the group was given a safety brief. After overcoming a few nerves at the start they were soon clambering over all the obstacles. The group then returned to Les Elfes for dinner and a game of Explorers Vs Pioneers before bedtime.

After their morning of languages the Pioneer group set off towards the lake. When they arrived our specialist kayak instructor Alice gave them a safety briefing and some useful tips on kayaking. They then played some games on the kayaks in the lake next to the campsite. When they finished on the lake and erected their tents and started the BBQ and cooked their evening meal.  After a few sing songs around the fire they settled down for the night. The rose nice and early for breakfast and prep for a day kayaking. The paddled out to a wild island in the middle of the lake where their were lots of waterfowl and ducks with their young. They finished off their expedition, packed up the equipment and returned to the Campus. Tonight they are taking on the Explorers group in a fun filled activity.

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Monday 8th June -Session 1- Mountain Hut, Hike to Tanay, Camping at the Lake

All the students have just finished their language classes and are now getting ready for today s adventures. We are lucky the sun is shining again today so our groups can make the most out of their day and engage in all sorts of outdoor activities.

The DISCOVERY group is heading off for Crans Montana where they are going to spend the night on our mountain hut over there. In the day there are many activities planned to keep them occupied like a high ropes course and games at the lake. The EXPLORERS are going to do the long hike up to Tanay where they are going to spend the night. Evening games around the camp fire are organized as well as various activities by the lake the next day. The PIONEERS group is going to set up camp by lake geneva and go kayaking.

We cant wait to see all the photos and hear their stories when they come back on campus tomorrow evening!