Monday 31st August 2015 – Arrival day, Olympic games

Another sunny morning here in Verbier- perfect day to welcome our new school group!

Students arrived just in time for lunch. After checking in their rooms they enjoy lunch, but after introduction speech where monitors explained rules of the cam it was time for little bit more fun – Olympic games! It such a great weather it would be shame not to do outdoor activities! All kids enjoyed that a lot and where counting points of their team to keep themselves on top of each challenge.

After refreshing shower some kids where ready for some optional activities in the afternoon, but fun wasn’t over just yet.

Straight after dinner kids started gather outside for La Fureur -Music Quiz. Kids got divided in to two groups and had to compete for the loudest singing, entertaining dance moves and much more.

See you all tomorrow for more challenges!

Sunday 30th August 2015 – Hike day, Prize giving

Weather keeps braining more sun each day! Today seems to be hotter than ever at this time of the year!

Once students where sure to have everything they needed – sunscreen, water bottle, proper shoes and the right mood, everyone was ready for Orienteering challenge on the mountain. Day went well and kids where on time for lunch up in Baratan – a mountain hut with breathtaking view to Petite Combine and other peaks on the opposite side of Verbier. After having lunch students were ready to continue challenge and find all the necessary point in the map to win the game.

After coming back to camp it was time for quick sower and prize giving where winner where announced.

Another goodbye, we we are sure to see you all next year!

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Saturday 29th August 2015 – departures, leadership training day

Beautiful sunny morning started with couple early departures. We are sad to say goodbye to our Individual students, but are exited to welcome school group to enjoy couple days of leadership and orienteering challenges.

We are happy for such a great summer with our Individual students and cant wait for next summer already! We will miss you all!

Today is a new day and experience for our school group. Once all kids arrived it was nearly lunch time. After checking in to their rooms everyone came down for meal, but straight after a short free time kids joined leadership training course. Students proved that their team work and leadership skills can get them impressive results! We hope all of participants will use experience from today to build their skills and reach high results.

In the evening it was time to relax and have some fun! La Fureur – music quiz was was tonight activity where kids could not only show their singing, dancing skills, but also teamwork and knowledge about music.


Friday 28th August 2015 – Lake day, Prize giving

Another sunny day in Verbier! Perfect weather for day near on the lake banana boating and tubing! Kids where full of energy this morning and ready for fun!

One by one kids started to get on banana boat and tubes, some found more interesting to paddle board or water ski. But there was definitely something for everyone.

After returning back to camp kids had to pack as everyone is leaving tomorrow. But fun wasn’t over just yet! After some quick last shopping it was time for dinner and prize giving! All kids gathered in the big Les Elfes chalet and the monitors put on  a show for them. Various awards were given for the competitions and activities that took place during the week, like the tidiest room, the sports tournaments and the clubs competitions. A star camper was awarded the highest prize for best representing the core Les Elfes values.

After the prizes where given out and the monitors made their speeches everybody headed down to the cinema room to get their sports and languages certificates and watch the videos and slideshows the staff had prepared for them.

Now everybody is saying goodbye and getting ready to got bed, not forgetting exchanging contacts and a few tearful goodbyes … or rather – `till next time`!

Keep checking our Facebook page for more updates!

See you all soon!

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Thursday 27th August 2015 – Mountain biking

Beautiful day here in Verbier!

Morning as usual started with language classes in which students told their teacher all about last night, how much fun they had in Laser Tag and bowling.

But today we had another great activity in plan –  BBQ up on the mountain where you could see far above the usual and  take some breathtaking photos.

It begin with a training session on the bikes practicing new techniques and learning new skills before departing on an epic journey across to the other side of the mountain abut later it was time for biking down to Verbier center and back to camp.

In the afternoon kids had option to either rest in the camp or choose activity. Half of kids though that it would be great idea to go swimming and spend afternoon relaxing in jacuzzi.

IMG_0215 IMG_0217 IMG_0220 IMG_0222

Best Memories Summer #15

Dear Campers, Parents and Friends,

As I write this and reflect on what has been a fantastic Summer, I cast myself back to the 6th of June which seems like a very long time ago indeed. Welcoming students from all over the world from different cultures and backgrounds, beliefs and ages, is always an exciting part of the job and one in which we all eagerly anticipate and look forward to, this  Summer has certainly been no different.

Les Elfes Summer Camps are now running into its 21st year, and with the time that has passed there have been many changes, the size of the chalets in Verbier have grown from 30 beds to 146, and with growth.  One thing though has remained constant, the objective to deliver high quality Summer Camps to our students.

Each year we see a steady growth in the number of returning students and this is a good sign that you the students are enjoying yourselves and parents you have had the faith in us to take care for your children year after year, thank you. It is always great to see so many of you back, the same characters and personalities that we have seen grow up over the years, brothers, sisters, and friends, I hope this year has been as much fun as the last.

I must also say a big thank you to our new students, and I also hope to see you back next year.


“Why is Les Elfes the best?
It’s a wonderful experience to meet new people and learn about new cultures!”



Download your Memory Book

Our Career Guidance, Leadership and Arts Drama Cooking workshops have been a real success with more and more students taking part.
Our Pioneers have been developing ideas and inspiration on their bright futures, our Explorers unlocking hidden qualities from within with team challenges against the clock,  and our Discovery groups honing in on the complexities of the kitchen or the variation of color on the paint pallet.  These are all qualities that have been developed and fine tuned, in a fun environment with skilled professionals at the helm.

Download the 5 Memory Books 2015:



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Top 5 Videos of the Summer Camp 2015

This Summer has been a vast contrast to last, we have had Sun!! And with temperatures in June, July and August averaging 25C the resort has been a wonderful environment for activities such as Mountain Biking, Hiking, Ropes Course, Banana Boating and many more.

Bubble Football


Music Video




Discovery Slideshow


Pionneers Video Edit

Wednesday 26th August 2015 – Languages, Fun Planet, Bowling

Another beautiful day here in Verbier started with language classes, but kids were more exited about going to Fun planet after lunch which promised to be great fun!

Straight after languages and lunch kids were ready for adventure! Their afternoon started with Lase Tag which is team activity where players attempt to score points by tagging targets, typically with a special targeting device. After instructions kids were ready to play! They got divided in 2 teams  and fallow instruction exactly as given by supervisor. Once they got inside the play room the game could begin! Kids were running around the place try to avoid being tagged and try to tag as many players from other team as possible.

Laser game took a lot of energy away, but days wasn’t over just yet. A nice dinner and then time for Bowling! It was as competitive as always and all the children had a great time!

Tuesday 25th August 2015 – Excursion to Chamonix

Beautiful day here in Verbier! For some kids it started with horse riding lessons straight after breakfast but day continued with excursion from everyone.

Excursion promised to be exiting as it was in France, Chamonix – one of the oldest ski resorts in French, beautiful town with great sightseeing’s mostly because of majestic Mt Blanc- north side of Chamonix. Excursion day is always lot of fun – seeing new places, experiencing breathtaking views and of course buying a few souvenirs to take home!  The tour started by taking the steep gondola ride up to Aguille du Midi. The gondola still holds the record for the highest vertical ascent in the world going all the way up to 3800 meters high. After that the headed down to the beautiful traditional village for a cultural visit. The highlight was definitely visiting the magical Ice Palace on the Mont Blanc Glacier, before their own stroll around shops in town.

A very long but equally fun day!

Monday 24th August 2015 – Arts and Career day!

Discovery kids started their day by taking part in Arts and Crafts class. They learned some amazing techniques how to draw, paint, shadow – beautiful work was created!
Older kids had mentally challenging and teamwork-oriented morning. They worked together to find ideas and solutions to the various challenges they were presented with. They also learned about all the various first and CPR techniques with a twist on mountain-specific aspects first theoretically, but after they practiced different situations from real life with each other. You never know when first aid comes in handy, so hats off to those who chose to spend the day learning these very important skills.
A special ‘bravo’ to all the students for their extra effort to focus, on quite a studious day where hopefully everyone learned something new.
Day continued with free time activities where kids chose to do rock climbing. Two level artificial walls were perfect to improve their skills but days wasn’t over just yet! After dinner everyone was still full of energy and decided to go swimming 🙂

IMG_0213 IMG_0214IMG_0212

Sunday 23rd August 2015 – International day!

Morning started with nice walk to Language school for today lessons in which students started to prepare for International day. They were working in groups present country they are coming from or the one which language they have been studying for the past few weeks.  Ideas were flowing and once kids had agreed on concept they started to prepare presentations.

After coming back from languages kids were joining international feast – trying all different kinds of foods from different countries all over the world. Eclairs, racklette, shrimps and many more – everyone could find something new for their taste.

Full of Ideas kids started to make posters for their presentations- England, Russia, Monaco, Japan, Australia were the countries to present.

Finally it was time for presentations to begging! Groups one by one came forward to present their country. They all explained interesting facts, made accessories in their flag colours, printed out picture to illustrate a better idea of where they are coming from! Great and fun full day here at the camp!

After nice dinner kids started to get ready for Ice Skating in Sports Center. Ice Hockey, games, photo sessions- kids were enjoying the end of the day!

DSC_1170 DSC_1174 DSC_1175 DSC_1184

Saturday 22nd August 2015 – camping, rock climbing, outdoor activities

Beautiful morning today! Sun is shinning bright – perfect for outdoor activities!

Once Discovery kids where finished with their morning routine it was time to pack their tents back in to bags so the most fun part of the day can start – swimming and games in Crans-Montana lake and nearest play ground. Kids had so much fun!

Explorers and Pioneers enjoyed their time near mountain hut. Teams games and hike around the lake filled their morning, but nice swim after was just in time to refresh. Once everyone came back to Verbier it was time for lunch and Rock climbing. After safety instructions kids started to put on their harnesses and helmets and where ready for challenge! Playgroup, football pitch where the options for those who had to wait for their turn to climb!

IMG_1777 IMG_1775

Friday 21st August 2015-Mountain hut, camping

Morning in camp started with language classes, but kids couldn’t keep their minds of the later activity – mountain hut.

After having lunch on camp everyone started to get ready for sleepover in mountain hut and tents. Kids were excited and couldn’t wait to finally get there. After packing what they thought would be necessary everyone was ready to leave straight after lunch.

Discovery skids began the journey over to the Crans Montana camping place straight after lunch.  They swung and zipped around the ropes course for the rest of the afternoon, before eventually heading back to campsite for dinner and a special treat – a campfire marshmallow session!

Explorers and Pioneers went to Lac Tanay. After everyone settled in camping place it was time for fire building sessions. Kids didn’t have to look for all things necessary far and soon enough bonfire was ready for BBQ and marshmallows.

Thursday 20th August 2015 – Excursion!

Beautiful morning here in Verbier! After nice breakfast sun was shining bright just in time for group photo when all kids gather together for this great memory of the session! Great day for great excursions!

Two different destinations of choice. Most of students chose to spend day in Aosta, Italy. Beautiful city lying between two rivers and surrounded by majestic mountains. A lot of monuments, historical buildings and nice walks through city center. After taking pictures in old town everyone had a nice pic-nic lunch enjoying the views.

Other students had opportunity to visit Chocolate factory. After a great guided fairy-tail like excursion through factor. Kids got to experience everything about chocolate from who it was discovered, used, evolved during time until nowadays. The most exciting part was at the end of tour when students got to try every chocolate possible and eat as much as they wanted. After chocolate tasting everyone had chance to buy their favorite ones for family and friends.

Everyone came back to camp just in time for dinner and enjoyed Mexican party with fajitas and tortillas with different sauces and fillings.

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Wednesday 19th August 2015 – Ropes course, Labyrinth, Clubs night

This morning kids couldn’t wait to get out of the camp for Ropes course and Labyrinth.

Explorers and Pioneers  went to Aigle and tried their strength up in Ropes course – one of kids favorite activities all times! Trying all of zip lines kids were exited  and scared at the same time. Different platforms, roads to take made them exited to compete with each other about fastest time to complete the tasks. Kids who finished earlier helped other from the ground with useful tips and cheerful encouragements.

Discovery kids had so much fun in Labyrinth! Everyone started with assignment to find hidden treasures inside the Labyrinth, Kids got all exited and tried their hardest to find all of the treasure boxes! After first challenge was completed it was time for bouncing castles – so much fun!! Puzzles, games, tasks, slides and so much more- kids absolutely loved it!

Once everyone came back  free time was about to start. After getting their phones kids went to their optional activities, shopping or resting in camp – bouncing castles can get your really tired!

After a nice meal kids were ready for Les Elfes Clubs nigh where kids choose to do cooking club and made some great chocolate crispy cakes – yummy!

DSC_1546 DSC_1547 DSC_1548 DSC_1552 DSC_1557 DSC_1565 DSC_1577

Tuesday 18th August 2015 – Mountain biking, Rock climbing and Mini golf

It was an exciting morning for kids as they all joined for group photo of this session! Straight after it was time for language lessons where they learn something new every day! Talking with their classmates in foreign language lets them improve their skills and communicate much more easily.

After Language classes and a nice meal the kids were ready for today’s activities!

Our youngest group went Rock climbing. After putting their climbing gear – harness and helmet everyone got ready to climb the training wall. After the instructors gave them a safety speech and instructions the kids started on the beginner wall and then progressed on to the more challenging ones. Some kids showed great skills and climbing techniques while others overcome their fears and made themselves proud! While some kids were climbing other had time to play mini golf just next to climbing wall and of course cheer for their friends up high on the wall!

Oldest kids had much challenging activity- mountain biking! With excitement everyone went down the mountain back to village center.

After active day outside kids were ready to relax and enjoy their time shopping with friends.

Dinner time can quickly and after a nice meal it was finally time for quiz for older kids: Are you smarter than your monitor? and Bib Bag Fashion Show for our youngest group. Both Discovery and Pioneers had a lot of fun competing, comparing and trying their best to win!

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mtb1 mtb2 mtb3

Monday 17th August – Aquaparc, Mountain biking, Ice Skating

Straight after breakfast kids were ready for their language lessons. Tasks, questions,different assignments got kids exited to test their skills and make conversations between classmates about their hobbies and free time activities.
After a good meal youngest kids were ready to learn and show their skills in mountain biking. Some were unsure, some showed great balance, but with monitors help they all got to experience full afternoon of biking around Verbier.  Kids came back tires but proud of themselves and definitely ready for free time.
Oldest kids had chance to relax in the water. As it was a bit chilly for outside activities near lake, Aquaparc was perfect option for water action! Everyone was exited to try all different kinds of slides, lazy river and wave pool.
During free time some of kids had  optional activities, while others choose to go shopping. Meanwhile some kids preferred to stay in camp to safe energy for evening activity!
After dinner it was time for Ice Skating! Games on ice got smaller kids improve their ice skating so much during just couple of hours! Meanwhile oldest ones were practicing ice hockey and showing their best shots on goal!
 mtb1 mtb2 mtb3 mtb4
For more photos of they day please visit out facebook page:

Sunday16th August 2015 Arrivals, Verbier hunt and Team games

Epic day today with some new arrivals.. upon arriving the students went straight into the reception to check in and was then shown to their new rooms for the duration of the stay. After having a little time to unpack they then went to the dining room to meet other students and the monitors who took them on a tour of the lovely town of verbier.

A little later everybody grouped together in the dining room to receive a speech from the resort manager before dinner. After dinner the groups split into discovery, exploorer and pioneers and then participated in some team games to ensure all the students get to know eachother well. All of the students were really excited to begin the first day at camp.