31st December 2015, New Years Eve Carnival

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So it is the last day of 2015 and what a day it has been! We kicked off this morning with most the children heading to the slopes yet again for another fun filled day of skiing and snowboarding. They have all progressed so well over the last week, with some of the beginners now taking on the bigger slopes on the mountain having learnt to stop correctly and mastering their turns. The instructors are so impressed with everybody’s determination and ability.

We also had a school group set off for the Olympic Museum this morning. They came back with plenty of interesting facts and smiles on their faces. The girls especially enjoyed a bit of time after to hit the shops in Lausanne which is situated on the shores of Lake Geneva. They had the chance to look around the beautiful city and visit some of the great sight seeing spots.

Once everyone returned from their busy days you could definitely tell that they were all excited about tonight’s Carnival Night to celebrate the New Year. We have had lots of fun and excitement taking part in some crazy challenges and games. Tonight has been a great success, all the children looked amazing and dressed the part to see the New Year in. We hope everybody is ready for the countdown and fireworks!

Happy New Year from everybody here at Les Elfes International. We hope you’ve had a great 2015 and an even better 2016!

Excursion Day and Fun on the Mountain!

Today was a very busy but exciting day here at Les Elfes International. This morning the children had the chance to head out of Verbier and explore new places. Some opted for the amazing Natural History Musuem in Geneva, which was loved by them all. They then had the chance to shop till they dropped in Geneva City. Others headed to Chamonix in France, where they took an enjoyable train journey to the Glacier and the Ice Caves. What a great experience! After they also had the chance to do some further sightseeing and shopping.

For those who stayed headed back up the Mountain to improve their skills further, whether they were Skiing or Snowboarding. They had a great day in the sunshine and returned with smiles on thei faces.

Tonight most children took part in our Music challenge which went down a treat. There has been lots of fun and laughter and at times it has got quite competitive. A small group of individuals dined out tonight at a Pizzeria in Verbier town which they loved.

Overall, today has been a great day and we are now all looking forward to celebrating the New Year with the children in our Carnival themed night tomorrow!

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Mont Fort is the only way up!


As everybody keeps on improving in either skiing or snowboarding we all got the to go up Mont Fort! We all enjoyed the amazing views of the mountains in the very sunny and warm weather!

Others had the chance to go and visit the Cailler chocolate factory and had the chance to go shopping in Vevey!

We ended our day with “Clubs Night” which got everybody involved in different activities such as Photograph Club, Cooking Club and other very fun activities!

Some of us are looking forward to excursions tomorrow, whilst others are taking the chance to improve their skiing or snowboarding on the mountain!

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Monday 28th December 2015 skiing, snowboarding, languages

12431476_10153859704223708_2117940399_n 12463716_10206905851618201_1533739632_n 12459911_10153678276950700_1005330441_n 12459854_1213349008691764_1418524912_n 12434593_1213349238691741_423822913_n_DSC3712 _DSC3707 _DSC3668 _DSC3667 _DSC3666Our groups worked hard again on the mountain today and many were told at the end of the day that their hard work has paid off and they would now progress from the beginner slope to the mountain. A very exciting prospect!

in the afternoon many campers chose to rest at Les Elfes after their busy day of skiing, while others had languages or visited the village.

Tonight we had to say goodbye to one of our groups and wish them well on their travels home to China. They had a prize ceremony with their instructors and watched the music video and slideshow from their stay at Les Elfes.

We also had a very entertaining bin bag fashion show with our group A students where they created an outfit and showcased their design aptitude and creative skills.

for the older students a civilized and mature casino night and a chance to really get to know the new students.


A great night was had by all.

Sunday 27th December 2015 snakes exhibition, verbier hunt, guest speaker

As is becoming a theme here in Verbier the weather today was reminiscent of April on the mountain. Beaming sunshine to match the beaming faces of the new students learning with us. We had some groups using the beginner slope in town and others on the mountain exploring the pistes. A great first day for many.

During the languages we have been particularly impressed today with how attentive and interactive the groups have been. Well done, keep up the good work!

For free time today the students had a mountain of options to occupy their time. We had our typical options of relaxing at camp, swimming or shopping but we also had some new and exciting variations for the students! Some visited an exhibition of real snakes in town, others competed in a Verbier Hunt orienteering competition and some had the fantastic experience of listening to a presentation from a world-famous pro-skier!

Following a sociable dinner getting to know their groups all of the groups went together to go ice skating! We had ice hockey, some artistic twirling and some not-so-artistic sliding along the floor before a group photo and soothing hot chocolate to finish the night.

What at a great first day it has been today!!



Saturday 26th December 2015 departures, arrivals, relaxing morning

It is always a day full of contrasts on Saturday here at the camp. Saying goodbye to campers who have made the camp a really warm and friendly place to be and wishing them well on their travels before greeting our new arrivals ready for a new week packed with activities and fun.

it is always dad to say goodbye to our students as we become very fond of them while they are with us and it is exciting to welcome new groups.

For those students whom neither left nor arrived at the camp today we had some special Saturday options. Firstly all students had a lie in followed by a choice of either bowling or snowshoeing on the mountain. It was an enjoyable afternoon with some tiring but beautiful trekking in the mountains for some and a very competitive game of bowling… With a draw finally between Rea and the eldest student!

In the evening we had group meeting and huddled the student a for dinner so that the new students met the existing ones. After dinner some students needed to sleep early whilst others chose to relax and watch a movie in the cinema room.


Christmas Day, BBQ, Prize Giving and Awards

Today we celebrated Christmas Day on the mountain with the sun shining yet again. After an enjoyable morning sking and snowboarding we all met at 12.00 to tuck in to an amazing BBQ which was enjoyed by all.

Once back at Les Elfes we were treated to a cheese fondue dinner followed by our weekly Prize Giving. We all gathered together to celebrate all the childrens hard work and achievements, with some individuals winning medals for their speedy time trials. We then handed out all the wonderful presents from under the tree.

We have had a great week which has been full of fun and laughter and it will be sad to say goodbye tot hose who leave tomorrow. We hope you have enjoyed your week as much as we have!



Christmas Eve with lots of Excursions, skiing, snowboarding, Santa & Cheistmas Disco Party

Today on camp most of our individuals chose to go on excursion to give their tired legs a rest. Some visited the chocolate factory’s here they tasted samples followed by a tour of the nearby Gruyere cheese factory. Others chose to visit the quaint town of Aosta in Italy for some last-minute Christmas shopping and a tour of the castle. For those who skied it was a full day on the slopes with no languages where everyone could stretch their legs and really work on their technique.

this evening the festivities began with a scrumptious roast chicken meal (with stuffed tomatoes for those who do not each chicken), Christmas Yule Log and some nice Christmas music.

After dinner Santa visited, rappelling dramatically from the roof of the chalet bringing presents for all of the boys and girls. The party in the evening was packed with dance routines, balloon animals and what was really nice to see was the older students caring for the younger students to make sure they had the best possible evening.




Thursday 23rd December 2015 skiing, snowboarding, language lessons

It has a been a busy and excitable day here at les elfes. Students have been buying their secret Santa presents and getting to know new people on the slopes in the hope of learning more about the recipient of their secret Santa present.

The sun on the slopes was glorious today and with all the new holiday travelers the atmosphere in Verbier is feeling really festive.

This evening in clubs night we made lovely cookies with chocolate, sprinkles, malteasers and sparkles, in the photography club students made a stop-motion movie, in design and build huge flying aeroplanes from cardboard and the calm and collected arts class worked on portraits and manga art.

It’s only 2 days till Santa comes. Exciting stuff!!

Wednesday 22nd December 2015, skiing snowboarding

We had some exceptional skiing today with our beginner classes finally approaching the chair lift challenge and our advanced students developing their carving skills. The weather this week has been outstanding and the groups have been making the most of it, getting beautiful pictures from La Chaux.

The evening activity for the younger students was boys vs girls while the older students had a casino night. The younger students got really competitive and really animated dancing, shouting, laughing and running to win mini challenges against one-another. The Casino night was a much more civilised affair with some grown-up card games and a chance to mingle and make new friends within the group.

Only 3 days until Christmas!

Monday 21st December Skiing, Snowboarding, Language Lessons, Prize Giving & Music Video

What a brilliant day it has been today! A day full of excitement, laughter and new friendships. Our ski and snowboard groups are progressing nicely with some entertaining tumbles, some well-controlled turns from some of our beginners and some magnificent photos from the mountains. For more photos please visit our Facebook page or download the Les Elfes App from the app store.

In Geneva today we said goodbye in the morning to one of our schools groups, a group which we have worked with for a number of years now and whom never fail to impress us with their dedication on the slopes and their enthusiasm for anything musical. We hope to see you again soon!

After skiing and snowboarding here on camp our individuals and two remaining schools enjoyed hot chocolate and signed up for some afternoon activities. For those with conversational languages it was time to study whle others chose to shower, relax in their rooms, play card games on camp, use our games room, shop in the village or rest in the jacuzzi at the local pool.

Our evening meal was a very British fish & chips so our yonger students had a competition at dinner to pretend they were dining with the Queen of England, which led to some very odd accents and lots of drinking water with extended pinkies. Our campers are really gelling well and it is so nice to see them caring for one another and working together to win prizes and to collaborate in the evening activity.

Tonight we made a Music Video. Each of the groups performed a section of the song in secret to be shown to the group on the final day of the week. The teams really thought about their choreography and their fancy dress and it should make a fantastic film!

So, it is almost Christmas here on camp! Only 4 days remaining until our camp Secret Santa!!


Sunday 20th December 2015 Skiing, Snowboarding, Languages & Ice Skating

It was a hectic morning at camp with lots of new arrivals and plenty of hustle and bustle in the boots room before skiing but, by some miracle, all of the groups were out skiing by 9am! For many of our campers it was their first time on ski and this evening at dinner the younger ones proudly told us how they had learnt to stop and some were even turning.

After skiing we had lots of conversational languages for the individuals and some optional activities for those who did not have languages and our existing school groups. Most chose to shop and some of our campers even tested out a new activity for FreeTime.

After dinner all of the groups went ice skating together with some ice hockey, some twirling and lots of tumbles, fished off with some hot chocolate and plenty of sleep before another busy day of skiing.


Friday 18th December 2015 – Skiing, Snowboarding, Language Lessons, Prize Giving & Disco

Today was fabulous! The skiing was fun, we had a very competitive ski race and an even moe competitive snowboard race with really close times for 1st with Abaigh just losing out by 0.1sec! All of the groups have been getting together really well and it was nice to see each of the competitors in the race cheering for one-another. The progress they have made in their skiing and snowboarding this week has been so impressive.

This evening we had a heart-felt prize giving with our individual students, some of whom have been wit us for 2 weeks now. The atmosphere was great and everyone was loving the Music Video and Slideshows. We had the eac results & star camper and then the individuals joined the school groups in the cinema room for a disco.

Everyone at the disco was dancing and some of the older students were teaching routines to all of the younger students and even the staff!! We now have a new routine to UpTown Funk which is awesome!

It will be really sad to say goodbye to some of our individuals tomorrow. They have been such a pleasure to get to know and they have looked after one-another so well during their stay. We really hope that they will visit us again and would like to thank them for a fantastic week!


Skiing, St. Bernard Museum and new arrivals!

So we had yet another excellent day out on the mountain in the beautiful sunshine. It was sad to say goodbye to some of our Individual students, however, we have had a busy day greeting new arrivals who are all very excited about their first day on the slopes tomorrow! They have all settled in well and we can’t wait to get to know them during their stay at Les Elfes. Today’s activities included The St.Bernard Museum, a Torch Light Walk and a trip to town which was enjoyed by all. DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO

Thursday 17th December 2015 Skiing, Excursions & Bin Bag Fashion Show

For our new arrivals it was their first day on the mountain and what a fabulous day it was! A day filled with sunshine and spectacular view of the surround peaks. Our new arrivals, many of them returning to Les Elfes for a 2nd or 3rd year had a great day remembering their skiing technique and getting to know their new instructors.

For our other groups we had one school and individuals group visiting the chocolate and cheese factory. Some of our individuals have waited two weeks to eat Swiss chocolate and cheese and were very excited!! For our remaining school group it was to be a French adventure day with a high mountain train to visit the museums at the ice caves and Mer de Glace followed by a leisurely afternoon of shopping and enjoying the iconic Ski & Mountaineering town of Chamonix.

In the afternoon some of our campers chose to visit the village in Verbier while others took their time to have a shower, enjoy hot chocolate at the camp and relax with their friends. Dinner tonight was scummy Mexican Fajitas followed by creamy panna cotta.

The evening activity tonight rivals yesterdays with possibly more screaming, laughter and dancing! We have come to expect high levels of enthusiasm and fun from our current campers and it was really nice to see the new arrivals getting involved. We had a Bin Bag Fashion Show, with some outstanding designs and some rather questionable ones from each of our different groups.

Overall a great day for everyone and only 9 days till Christmas!!!!! Woo!


Wednesday 16th December 2015 New Arrivals ,Crazy Music Competitions

The day started a little slower today than yesterday with the low hanging clouds making some of our campers a little reluctant to leave the comfort of the beds. Once the morning of skiing began however the weather cleared up into quite a pleasant day with even a little new snow on the slopes and some rather artistic-looking clouds making a striking sunset over the Combin ranges opposite the dining room.

Tomorrow the campers will have a little rest with most of them attending excursion rather than skiing. Alongside our current campers we have a school who arrived today from Cyprus, who spent their day settling in, unpacking, exploring the village & being ski fitted to begin lessons tomorrow.

The evening activity tonight was a crazy, shouty, fun Les Elfes Music Challenge with campers singing, dancing &competing in small challenges to gain points for their teams. For our new arrivals some of them chose to participate in the Music Challenge while other relaxed with a movie after a tiring day of travelling.


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Tuesday 15th December 2015 Skiing, Snowboarding, Sun, Snow, Languages & Clubs Night

It was a beautiful day on the slopes today and all of the instructors were really impressed with the positive attitude from all of the groups, waking early for breakfast and keen to continue their lessons on the slopes. There were many tumbles, smiles, giggles and even some students turning for the first time on their skis which was really great to see.

In the afternoon our school groups competed in a Verbier Hunt around the village before returning to camp for a rather animated game of pictionary, no pun intended. Some of our individuals joined the Pictionary Championship while others studied Languages or chose to relax. Dinner this evening was Hamburgers and Chips, followed by Ice Cream. A firm favourite with the campers and full of energy to replenish students after a strenuous day.

The evening activity tonight was Clubs Night which means students have the opportunity to select the evening activity which interests them most. In Les Elfes 2 we have a Design & Build challenge which resulted in some large, cardboard masterpieces (although what they are supposed to be exactly I am still not sure). In the Cinema Room we had a Latin American Dance class and in the Dining Room of Les Elfes 1 we had the ever-popular GingerBread House Building Competition which pushed some of our students patience to the limit as they struggled to build using icing for glue.

Skiing and excursion to Italy

The highlight of today has to be the excursion to Aosta, Italy, where a group visited the castle of Fenis and the Roman theatre.  The conditions were very cold however it was still extremely interesting. Whilst back here, in Verbier, everybody enjoyed a very pleasant day Skiing under sunny and warm temperatures.12387932_10153808871583656_505229211_n DSCN7235 DSCN7243

Skiing, Snowboarding, Bern, Geneva and Ice skating!

Today was brilliant, everyone had a fantastic time on the mountains improving their skiing and snowboarding skills. Groups enjoyed an excursion to Bern visiting the parliament building and the National History Museum in Geneva. To end the evening off we all had an enjoyable time on the ice rink, skating and playing ice hockey!

Saturday 12th December – Arrivals, ski fitting and games

Les Elfes are excited to welcome more individual students and school groups this week, arriving from 9 different countries. It has been fun getting to know the new guests here on campus, playing games, table tennis and table football. Boot and ski fitting has been done so all the students are ready to get on the slopes tomorrow!

Meet the staff Winter 2015/16

The Les Elfes team are ready to make sure everyone gets to know each other and enjoy the mix of different cultures all under one roof.
Below you can see the staff profiles, a mix of old and new faces, we wish you all a fantastic December and look forward to meeting you all.