Sunday 31st January – Departures, skiing, snowboarding, baking and ice skating

Today came to    the end of the trip for one of our Chinese groups. It has been a pleasure having them and was very sad to see them leave. It was fantastic spending the week with them and we wish them a safe trip home.

The rest of the groups today had another brilliant time on the mountain and there is definitely some real improvement being made in both the skiing and snowboarding.

This afternoon some went to town to do some shopping while others stayed on camp playing games. Fajitas was on tonight’s menu for dinner which went down a treat. Afterwards we had prize giving for one school where we awarded students with medals, certificates and prizes for all their hard work over the week. Then all the groups headed to the ice rink for this evenings activity – Ice skating!! It was a lot of fun skating around and some enjoyed an intense game of ice hockey. To end the evening everyone had a hot chocolate while we reviewed the day activities.

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Meanwhile… in Le Chable…

Some campers are still working in Dubai time, so it was an early start for our students and instructors. Everyone was excited to get outside and enjoy the snow and there were many tumbles, snowball fights and bouts of laughter today. Our level 1s learned to stop AND turn on the first day, which is really great progress and they are now confidently making it down the beginner slope.

We also had some more advanced groups who had their first day on the mountain and were loving spending their morning refreshing their skills and their afternoon exploring small parts of the resort. After a busy day the students returned for hot chocolate and snacks.

After hot chocolate and snacks we had shower time, tidy room competition and then optional activities. There were 2 options today: to finish the movie from last night or to bake cornflake cakes in teams. Dinner was Beef Ragout and Swiss Spatzli followed by a short gondola ride to ice skating.

The group had the chance this evening to meet our individuals from the Verbier camp and to enjoy the ice while trying to swirl around, perform tricks or, for some, stand up. It was a great day and the kids have done so well, it was a busy and trying day and still they persevered and had great spirit throughout and it was so nice to see.

What a fantastic winter


Dear Campers, Parents and Friends,

The Winter As January comes to a close, we can reflect on what has been a fantastic two months of Winter. The Christmas and new years period during December was superb, and with campers coming from all over the world the nix of nationalities has ever been so diverse.
December was a little slow in the resort in terms of snowfall, but January saw a huge amount of snow, pistes are in superb condition, Verbier the jewel in the crown of the 4 Valleys has access to over 450km of pistes and we endeavor to vary the slopes the campers ski and snowboard each day.

Looking ahead February sees a huge amount of individuals coming and combined with our range of International Schools provides a great environment to meet new friends and create lifelong friendships and memories.

I wish you all a fantastic month ahead.

If you need any information, our new website has everything you need, from packing lists to session dates, and details on spring and summer that you may need, the Les Elfes App is also available for free to download for iphone and android, get involved and see live day to day camp life.

I wish you all a fantastic month ahead.

At Les Elfes we are always looking for new ways to keep things fresh and interesting. That’s why we’ve teamed up with a new designer to bring a new look to our website, brochure and social media pages.

You can visit the all new Les Elfes International website from this month. We hope you love our new designs as much as we do.

New to this Summer we have Etiquette Classes and Online Awareness, and we have retained our highly successful Career Guidance, Leadership Training, and Arts and Cooking Classes.

Campers in Summer can choose 2,3,or 4 week programs designed around our core activities and adventure sports.

A fundamental aspect to the success
of the camp is our staff

A fundamental aspect to the success of the camp is our staff, and after their two week training period in November, have been focusing all their attention to the progression on slopes, safety of the students and of course their enjoyment during après ski and evening activities.

Our team this year reflect the diversity of the campers and we have staff from all corners of the globe and we are proud of achievement.

Our winter camps continue until mid April and then on to Spring Camps until the end of May, with our Summer Camps starting this year on the 4th June.

Despite Verbier’s reputation as a leading ski resort in the winter, the summer is packed with festivals, mountain sports and visitors from all over the world. Each weekend brings a new crowd starting the summer with the Verbier Festival, a prestigious Classical Music Festival, attended by the most esteemed musicians from around the world, to the splendid display of athleticism offered in the Jumping International de Verbier Equestrian events towards the end of August.

And remember you can enroll campers every Saturday from the 1st December to the end of August, for up to a month, Winter Spring or Summer! So really you don’t need to send campers to any other camp!

New to this Summer we have Etiquette Classes and Online Awareness, and we have retained our highly successful Career Guidance, Leadership Training, and Arts and Cooking Classes.
Campers in Summer can choose 2,3,or 4 week programs designed around our core activities and adventure sports in which we offer progressive courses enabling students to become independent leaders and to develop their personal skills and group management skills. Our core activities include Rock Climbing, Mountaineering and Orienteering, Paddle Sports and Mountain Biking and each course offers students the opportunity to learn new skills, develop techniques and to take home a certificate detailing which criteria in the curriculum they have achieved so that it may form part of a larger record of achievement.Combined with our language program where campers can choose English, French German or Spanish classes, provides an excellent mix of outdoor adventure and language development.

Sunday 30th January Skiing, Excursion and Fun!

Today has been a very diverse day for our campers!

One of our groups spent the day in the beautiful city of Lausanne! The had the chance to visit Lausanne’s magnificent Cathedral this morning in what was amazing weather! After lunch time the campers enjoyed sight seeing in the city itself and enjoyed quite a bit of shopping!

A different group stayed here in Verbier and had a fantastic day on the slopes, where the sun does not stop shining these days! The improvement of our campers is really impressive! We are extremely happy with the speed that our campers have learnt skiing and snowboarding this week!

The last of our groups had the chance to enjoy a bit of bowling! The campers went up to challenge each other and the instructors to see who was the camp’s best bowler!

Tonight was a nice and relaxing night! We enjoyed watching the Music Video we made earlier this week and also had a look through some of the highlights of the week by watching our great slideshow!

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Meanwhile… in Le Chable…

Our group arrived just in time for a nice welcome speech before a hearty lunch of lasagne. After lunch the students had some time to unpack and organise their things and to collect their skis, snowboards, boots, helmets and poles ready for their first day on the slopes tomorrow.

For some of our students it is their first time ever seeing snow, so the next thing on the agenda was to get outside and roll in it a bit! We had a Le Chable Hunt where groups were challenged to orienteer around the village with their ski instructor, answering quiz questions and competing for the best selfie at each checkpoint. It was a great opportunity for snowball fights and to learn a little about their local surroundings and the culture of the valley where they will be staying this week. Results for the treasure hunt will be announced on Friday!

After the treasure hunt we returned to camp for shower time and to begin a movie night in pjs. After dinner we finished the movie and had an early night ready for a busy day of skiing tomorrow.

Friday 29th January Skiing, Snowboarding, Excursion, European Quiz Night, Dine Out & Escape Rooms

Is was a glorious day on the mountain, with lovely sun and great snow conditions throughout the day. All of our groups on the mountain had a chance to really enjoy their day as we reach the end of the week and they can start to use their news skills to explore the pistes. Out beginners have been doing so well ad have made so much progress this week and some of our advanced skiers have even progressed into the 4 Vallées and Bruson ski areas.

One of our schools has finished their skiing course with us and enjoyed a cultural excursion today and a chance for some last-minute souvenir shopping. The tasted the delights of the chocolate factory and had the chance to see how cheese is made in Gruyere, a fantastic day!

Once back at camp many of our school students chose to rest while, in contrast, the individuals enjoyed an afternoon without language lessons where they could all explore the village. For the older individuals it was a grown-up night of Escape Rooms, where they solved puzzles as a team in a race against the clock, and a nice meal together in a restaurant after to mull over their performances. All of our groups escaped this evening, with one group of girls achieving a really good time!

For the school groups and our younger individuals we had European Night. A quiz night where students could learn about Europe and compete to name the flags, capital cities, languages and landmarks of each country.

Tomorrow some of our individuals will be departing. It has been a pleasure to work with them and they will be sorely missed by both staff and fellow students. We hope to see them again next year!



28th January – Skiing, Snowboarding, BBQ, Race Day, Disco

What a great day we have had here in Verbier. This morning everyone was up and out on time to make the most of another good day in the mountain. This time even the beginners headed up the mountain as they now had the confidence to tackle the blue slopes and were able to learn even more off their instructors. Today at lunch, we all stopped for a break and a BBQ on the side of the mountain which was enjoyed by everybody and was a great experience for our Chinese students. For one of our Chinese groups, it was also sadly their last day on the mountain so they had the chance to get competitive and take part in our race day, where there were medals up for grabs! They all had lots of fun and we had some quick times. This afternoon they were then presented with certificates for all their hard work and effort throughout the week.

Tonight for dinner we had meat Fondue, a definite highlight of the week. This was followed by our fantastic disco night, where all the students went in to town for a party and dancing. The music was excellent and everyone enjoyed singing along to their favourite tunes, that the DJ blasted out. It’s safe to say that everyone is now very worn out from a jam packed day full of excitement.
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27th January – Chateau de Chillon, Chamonix, Chocolate Factory, Skiing & Snowboarding

This morning was a different day for some of us here at Les Elfes International as it was excursion day! One of our Chinese schools had the wonderful opportunity to visit Chamonix, in France and got to take a lovely train journey to the ice caves. The views were spectacular, with the sun shining and whilst there they learnt about the amazing glacier. Our Individuals headed to the Chocolate Factory which they were all very excited about. They had the chance to learn about the production of chocolate and see how it is made in the factory. A definite highlight of the day for them was the tasting of the chocolate at the end. After this they moved on for lunch which they had at the Chateau de Chillon, a magnificent castle set in beautiful scenery and a great photo opportunity.

For those that stayed, it was another sunny day in Verbier and everyone enjoyed skiing and snowboarding on the mountain. Each day, everyone has gained more and more confidence and so groups are gradually heading up the mountain to challenge themselves on the harder slopes. They are all keen to learn new techniques and some are now trying out their parallel turns.

This afternoon a few children opted to have even more fun and had a shot at sledging which was great fun to watch. By the end of it, they were all whizzing down super fast with big smiles on their faces. For those that wanted a more relaxing afternoon, opted to stay at Les Elfes for some down time or took a walk in to town to buy some treats.

This evening, we all took part in our Dragons Den competition which got very competitive and we had some amazing end products. Each group used cardboard, sellotape, scissors and paper to design their very own unique shoe racks which were all successful.


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Great weather and fun activities!


Today everybody enjoyed another wonderful day and the slopes! The weather was just as amazing as everybody’s progress! The campers are putting in an awful lot of hard work and are very determined to learn which is really impressive!

Our evening activities all went really well and were extremely good fun! Whilst some enjoyed doing a dancing club to show off their crazy skills, others enjoyed learning magic tricks with our magic instructor! Some of us enjoyed making biscuits to be able to eat them before bed time! Arts and Crafts was a success as usual as we always have very talented artists that spend time with us! To finish off with we had design and bulid, where the campers made horses out of cardboard boxes!

Everyone is looking forward to tomorrow’s excursion to Montenvers and the ice cave for some, or to the chocolate and cheese factory for others!

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Monday 25th – Skiing, Snowboarding & Music video

A lovely sunny day here in Verbier with all groups having a wonderful time and continuously improving out on the mountain. The instructors were very impressed with everyone’s enthusiasm to learn and have fun whilst skiing and snowboarding.

This afternoon some headed into town to do some shopping or to have a hot chocolate, while others went to the swimming pool to relax.

After an enjoyable meal our evenings activity was the music video. Groups had a lot of fun making up dance routines, wearing fancy dress and singing the night away!!

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January 24th – Skiing, Snowboarding, Arrival Day, Excursion & Ice Skating

Today we had a very busy morning here in Les Elfes with lot’s of individuals and school groups hitting the slopes for their first morning of skiing and snowboarding. With the sun shinning brightly, most of the children headed to the beginners slope to start learning the basic skills needed for when they head to the mountain soon. They all had great fun learning off their instructors and we have had positive feedback here at camp, ensuring us they are improving quickly which is great news. For our individuals who have been here a few weeks, they went straight up to the top, to work on their parallel turns, and even had the chance to race down the ski cross course.

Today we have also had a new school arrive all the way from China. Once landed, the group headed straight off to Bern to pay a visit to the great History Museum there and after a lovely picnic lunch they had some time for sightseeing and shopping. Back at camp, we got them quickly checked in so they could sit down, relax and enjoy hot chocolate and snacks.

Tonight, everyone has had the chance to go Ice Skating and they have all returned with smiles on their faces. It was a great experience for them and a good chance to meet new people on the ice. Some even attempted a friendly game of ice hockey.


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Saturday 23th January – Departures, Arrivals and Snowshoeing

Today many of our students left Les Elfes after being here for two and for some three weeks on campus.
Most of our students had to wake up very early in the morning to go to the airport and take their flight back home. For some of our other campers they made good use of the sunny day and the blue sky going snowshoeing to Verbier mountain from Ruinettes to Le Chaux.

On the other hand, we had lots of new arrivals from different parts of the world including Argentina, Peru, Brazil and a big group of individuals and schools from China. After explaining the rules and activities from the Resort manager to our new students, we gave them all ski equipment and ski clothes that they needed. The students were very excited because  for most of them tomorrow is going to be their first day skiing and snowboarding on the slopes.


Friday 22nd January – Skiing and Prize Giving

It has been an emotional final day here at camp for both our students and the staff who have worked with them and become really fond of them over the past 2-3 weeks. The atmosphere here on camp has been just fantastic with older students caring for younger students, campers from different countries coming together to form one group and many learning to ski for the first time.

The students have been so lucky this week with fabulous weather on the mountain every day and some of the best snow conditions under foot. The groups have enjoyed their final few days trailing all kids of different terrain, different pistes and exciting journeys on their skis and snowboards practicing their new-found skills. This afternoon we had a nice BBQ lunch on the slopes followed by a ski race for each different level. As always the students had to wait until the final prize giving to receive their results and , for some, medals.

The prize giving could not come soon enough for some with star campers, Les Elfes t-shirts, rucksacks and medals there was lots of cheering and even some tears… FROM THE STAFF! It is so nice to have a group that have such an impact on their instructors and monitors and they will be sorely missed. After the prize giving the group watched the music video they made earlier in the week, followed by a slideshow of photos and videos from their stay with us with many cheers of “dale… dale…” throughout.

From all of the staff here at Les Elfes we would like to thank our campers for teaching us salsa dancing, some Spanish, some Portuguese, for improving our taste in music and for thoroughly entertaining us. You guys are awesome! We will miss you! Come back soon!


Thursday 21st – Skiing, Snowboarding, Sledging, Swimming, Cheese Fondue and Disco!

Today has been jam packed with loads of activities on offer for all the children.

Our school group started their day on the mountain with our weekly race day which went down a treat. Everyone bought out their competitive streak knowing there were medals to be won. It’s been another beautiful day here and so some of our groups had the chance to head to the very top of Mont Fort for some picture opportunities and some spectacular views.

Back at camp, after a quick bite to eat and some lovely hot chocolate, we had plenty of activities to offer. Whilst a lot of the individuals headed off into town, most of our school group enjoyed jumping in the deep end at the pool and others bombed down the hill on sledges. It’s safe to say that everyone had a great time and there was lots of fun and laughter.

This evening everyone enjoyed the chefs amazing cheese fondue and were very excited for this evenings disco, a definite highlight of the week! Our DJ hit the decks and everyone impressed us with their dance moves and acrobats. _DSC5370 _DSC5402 _DSC5412 _DSC5415 _DSC5417 _DSC5418 _DSC5427 _DSC5431 _DSC5435 12575812_10156459152755554_414735468_n 12584240_10154024619142573_206267616_n 12625712_10156459152640554_1297980175_n

Wednesday 20th – Skiing, Snowboarding, Chocolate & Cheese factory, Dine out

Well today has been great fun with lots going on! To start with, the sun is out! So the skiing and snowboarding today was awesome. Everybody had a really good time and came back with lots stories from the mountain. Other groups today were on excursion to the cheese & chocolate factory which they all thoroughly enjoyed and then had the chance to shop and sight-see in Montreux.

This afternoon continued with lots of activities such as igloo building, swimming and games which was enjoyed with a lovely hot chocolate.

For dinner some chose to dine out in Verbier either for pizza, sushi or burgers and had a fantastic evening. Back at Les Elfes we held a music game show which everyone took part in really enthusiastically, playing different games,acting, singing and lots of dancing!
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Tuesday 19th – Skiing, Snowboarding, Languages, Clubs Night and Torch Light Walk

This morning started great, with everyone up and ready to go on time to hit the slopes and keep improving on those all important techniques. It was lovely to see our school group full of energy and out the doors first, excited for their first whole day on the mountain. The powder is good which meant they’ve had an amazing day flying down piste and learning off their instructors. We had groups heading off in all directions to explore new areas in resort. Our individuals are continuing to improve every day and they are all eager to have fun and learn. They are gaining more confidence with every run they complete which is exactly what we like to see.

This afternoon has been full of games and activities. After a well deserved hot chocolate and snacks some individuals attended language classes whilst others headed off to town with friends or played exciting games back at Les Elfes.

Tonight, after dinner all children took part in Clubs night and had the chance to take part in different, interesting activities put on by our animation team with some help from their instructors. We had a cooking class taking place in the dinning rooms, with others learning new skills in photography, dance and design and build. It has been a jam packed evening with lots of smiles and laughter. Some even chose to go on an exciting torch light walk, equipped with fire torches, they set out into the night following their leaders closely on a great trail around Verbier.

1117_10206665277329198_3041030551384739564_n 12417598_10206665280449276_8412359615805890017_n 12509791_10206665281449301_3427241079938631232_n 12510225_10206665276689182_881181933542351958_n 12573183_10206665275089142_4508433999341151464_n 12592757_10206665277649206_8364057759298033055_n DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO

Monday 18th January Skiing, Snowboarding, Language Lessons, Arrivals & Music Video

For our new arrivals today it was a fast check-in, flying visit in the morning before hitting the slopes for an afternoon with their instructors. The groups did a great job of organising their belongings quickly to ensure they could have the most possible time on the mountain and what a rewarding time it was! We had our beginners, who were spending their second day on the mountain linking their turns beautifully, our individuals, now seasoned professionals, enjoying the beautiful snow and our new arrivals all enjoying the pistes together. Out new arrivals did not disappoint showing off their silky skills straight away and impressing their instructors with their eagerness to listen and learn new techniques.

In the afternoon most of our students chose to relax at the camp as their Monday had been a hectic one. Our school group spent their time organising their luggage, preparing for tidy room competition and then dancing in the cinema room or playing in the games room. Most of the individuals were busy learning languages or visiting the village with their friends.

This evening the activity was a crazy, fun-filled music video with students dancing, laughing and showing their originality. We are anticipating a particularly good music video this week from all of out groups!



Verbier Powder Days Here At Les Elfes

It’s still snowing here at Les Elfes and the powder is good! Today our campers spent the day up the mountain skiing on what was fantastic snow! Others spent the day exploring One of Switzerland’s most famous castle the Châteaux de Chillion! the end of the day was a chance for the campers to improve their bowling skills with friends from all around the world.

After hot chocolate and snacks to end off another beautiful day, the campers were treated to a disco night or ginger bread house making and that turned out to be a big success!
It was another fabulous day!

12539993_10156449918745442_1277259872_n 12540484_10156449919175442_1116539956_n 12570843_10156449919045442_1405645982_n 12571338_10156449919185442_2017827807_n 12576182_10156449918840442_2033163988_n 12583730_10156449918620442_511249706_n 12584016_10156449918965442_551346218_n 12584139_10156449919280442_1683222867_n 12606771_10156449919130442_1479363415_n 12606791_10156449919060442_729280947_n DCIM100GOPRO12540295_10207054850722406_1995568090_n 12583631_10207054850402398_1626852034_n

Saturday 16th January Skiing, Snowboarding, Language Lessons & a Relaxing Evening

We were greeted this morning by a really thoughtful gift from one of our individuals who has just departed, she had bought us some roses which are beautiful and a really nice way to say thank you. She was a brilliant camper, perseverent and passionate about her snowboarding and we all hope to see her, and all of our campers from last week, again next year!!

The conditions remained fantastic in Verbier today, the low temperatures have meant really great skiing and snowboarding underfoot. The weather was not quite as warm as yesterday but the wispy clouds above the slopes today made for a really dramatic-looking backdrop to out day on the mountain. It was really nice to see that after a full week of skiing our students are still eager to learn in their lessons and to have fun skiing and snowboarding. Our beginners have now completely adjusted to become intermediate skiers and snowboarders, exploring a range of pistes. Our more advanced groups have been trying out some different terrain and learning a few tricks and skills along the way.

After skiing and snowboarding most of our students embraced the relaxing theme of the evening. We had burgers for dinner and the students chose the entertainment for the evening. For the more energetic students it was an evening of dancing in the cinema room with ‘just dance’ competitions, music and disco lights. Some of our students chose to relax in the internet room with a nice movie on the big screen and we were lucky enough in the dining room to be treated to some really beautiful songs and acoustic guitar playing from a couple of our students. The atmosphere her is really great at the minute, a nice family feeling and smiles all round as we enter week two for most of the group.



Friday 15th January Skiing, Snowboarding, Snow Games, Les Elfes Music Challenge & Dine Out


Today was the best day on the mountain so far this season!! We had gleaming sunshine, piles of pristine snow and kilometres of beautiful pistes to explore and it has come at a great time for our beginner skiers and snowboarders. Those who have spent the week learning to turn, to stop and to control their new appendages have the chance to enjoy the great conditions and show everything they have learnt.

After skiing and snowboarding the groups sat together and revelled in the splendour of their day over some hot chocolate giggling and exchanging tales of tumbles and turns. The disco last night has meant the groups now are much closer and mix really well together.

Tonight on the camp our school group enjoyed pizza for dinner and a competitive and lively music challenge with  dancing, shouting and cheering for all.

Our individuals, some of whom will be departing tomorrow, enjoyed a sociable evening out to a local restaurant. It was a really nice chance to sit with the students and to really get to know them.




Thursday 14th January 2015 skiing, snowboarding, language lessons & disco night

The morning in Verbier brought flurries of light snow, fabulous conditions underfoot and a melange of visibility conditions drifting across the resort. The groups had a great morning practicing their skills before lunch. In the afternoon the sun came out, the clouds cleared up and some of the views of the mountain were stunning as the groups finished their lessons. During the day the instructors were smiling with joy after seeing the large progression of their ski groups. Some of our beginner students will be progressing to the ski slopes tomorrow morning for their first time on the mountain. The instructors and students are thrilled

The afternoon was dedicated to languages and getting ready for the disco before a sociable fondue evening and excited chatter about the evening ahead. The disco was one of the most energetic ever!! All of the groups were dancing, cheering and jumping and it was difficult to tell by the end where the individuals began and the school finished. It is always nice to see our groups getting along so well!

image image image imageimage  image image image_DSC5078_DSC5057_DSC5007


Wednesday 13th – Skiing, Snowboarding, Arrivals, excursion, Ice skating & Music Video

Wednesday has been a fun busy day with lots going on. It was the last day skiing for one group  but the weather has cleared up so they had an excellent time on the slopes! The improvement in both skiing and snowboarding has been brilliant. Other individual students have been on excursion today to the National History Museum which they found extremely interesting. They also did some sight seeing and shopping to end their afternoon!

Another group arrived this afternoon so we were busy boot fitting and getting equipment ready for their first day on the mountain tomorrow. They also went into Verbier town to have a look round and do a bit of shopping! In the evening they participated in the Music Video activity which everyone enjoyed and got really into. Another group also went ice skating this evening which was awesome! Lots of skating around, having a laugh and a great game of ice hockey to finish off.


Tuesday 12th – Skiing, Snowboarding and Fun and Games!

Today the snow has continued falling and so have some of the children! They have come home with lots of funny stories from on the piste and it’s safe to say they have all had a great day. The conditions weren’t always that great at times but they haven’t stopped smiling which is brilliant. A lot of children headed off to new areas on the slopes today to explore a different part of the mountain, whilst the beginners have been improving non-stop.

Back at les elfes this afternoon we all had a good time playing card games, pool and table tennis whilst others enjoyed chilling out watching a movie. However, there was no time for chillling tonight as everybody on camp took part in a Boys Vs Girls competition which involved lots of challenges and crazy games. After a thrilling few hours of singing battles, dance offs and much more the girls came out champions just beating the boys.  One of our school groups also took part in a music quiz challenge which sounded extremely loud and exciting!

We have yet another busy day tomorrow with some heading off on excursion and yet more skiing and snowboarding so it is now time to say goodnight and head off to bed.


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