February 29th – Skiing, Snowboarding, Town, Swimming & Music Video!

We definitely made the most of our extra day of the year today, and it was smiles all round at Les Elfes International.

The conditions weren’t the best today which made skiing a little tricky for our beginners but they pulled through and had lot’s of fun on the slope. With determination and hard work they are learning the skills quickly which is great news and everyone is beginning to master their snowplow nicely. On the mountain today, our level 3 and 4 skiers and snowboarders had fun trying out the ski cross and added a bit of competition to their day.

Back at camp, after some tasty hot chocolate and snacks, a lot of campers continued to brave the cold and snow and headed into the pretty town of Verbier, to visit the local shops and supermarkets, treating themselves to some well deserved goodies. Others chose to have a splash around in the pool and relax in the Jacuzzi or simply chilled out at les elfes and played games.

This evening after diner, we rocked it out to FloRida in our music video. All the groups had great fun creating their own dances and excitement filled the air. We can’t wait to watch the final video at the end of the week!

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Sunday 28th February First Day on the Slopes and Lots of Smiles!

Wow what a day for many of our campers! With schools this week from Ethiopia, Kuwait & Dubai it was not a surprise that for most of our level one skiers and snowboarders it was their first time ever seeing snow. We have been quizzing the campers this afternoon on what they now think of snow… most of them said it is nothing like they imagined and that they have had lots of fun making snowballs and rolling around on the slopes.

Of course, the aim of day one was to avoid the rolling and move towards stopping and turning and we were so impressed to see some of our campers turning steadily on their first day! For our other campers it was a great chance for them to refresh their skills and orientate themselves with the local mountains ready for a week packed with learning new techniques and exploring new terrain.

After skiing and snowboarding we all enjoyed hot chocolate together before showering ready for afternoon activities. This afternoon we had shopping, swimming and relaxing at camp for those still feeling a little jet lagged.

This evening after dinner the students had an evening of ice skating, again something new for some of our campers. The atmosphere here on camp is lovely, all of the schools mixing together nicely and making new friends from new places around the world.


Saturday 27th February Arrival Day with Verbier Hunt, Sledging & Ski Fitting

For our individuals who are staying an extra week it was a special day today with a morning of snowshoeing to take in the views of Verbier and the surrounding mountains and to try a sport which is new for most of our campers. On the way back some of them even chose to sledge back down which was lots of fun.

Meanwhile, at the camp, our first school and individuals were arriving ready for a welcome speech, lunch and then ski fitting. It is always an exciting time when students receive their skis and boots for the coming week and find out who will be their instructor while they are here. After ski fitting our first arrivals competed in a Verbier Treasure Hunt to familiarise themselves with the village while our other schools began arriving throughout the afternoon.

After the Verbier Hunt we played some games of Dobble, Jungle Speed and Splat and spent some time with all of the groups learning each others’ names. After some ice breaking games a group of the students chose to sledge while others showered, unpacked, visited the village and played in the snow at the campus.

Dinner was fantastic, Chicken and potato wedges, a hearty meal after a long journey for most. After dinner there was the option to watch a movie but, tired after all their travelling, almost all of the campers chose to have an early night so that they can really make the most of their first day skiing tomorrow.



Sunny, Hot and Perfect for a Final Day on the Slopes 26th February

Well, what a strange week it has been. One minute it is snowing, windy and zero visibility, the next it feels like summer has hit. What a fantastic end of the week for our departing students though! We had great conditions for the ski race and to have final group photos with breath-taking scenery in the background. Our beginners have come so far this week and we are so proud that their skiing and snowboarding is good enough to compete in the race alongside our other groups. For the advanced group it has been a special week too, full of tricks, jumps and even itinerary runs.

Once the group returned from the slopes this evening it was time for most of them to pack their suitcases and buy their final souvenirs and gifts for loved ones. After dinner we had a lovely prize giving with speeches from both instructors and students about how fantastic their week has been.

It will be really sad to say goodbye to these groups after a lovely week together and we look for ward to seeing them again next year.


It’s A Total White Out!

Hello everyone!

It’s a total white out here in Verbier, with the snow constantly falling in very foggy weather! But that did not stop our campers going onto the slopes and having a blast despite the poor visibility.

The effort the campers are putting in is making us really happy because everyone is having a great time!

Tonight is going to be a very relaxing night for some and exciting for others! One group of campers have had a chill night playing games or watching movies here on campus, whilst the another group went for the challenge of the escape room where they had 60 minutes to find enough clues to get out of certain rooms! Great fun!

Tomorrow is going to be a very similar day with the weather not looking to improve, so the campers will once again enjoy the challenge of skiing in such conditions!

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Skiing, Snowboarding, Excursion and Lots of Music Challenges Wednesday 24th February

The snow is back!! After a few days which felt a little bit like summer the snow has returned and we have been plunged back into winter which is great for the ski and snowboard lessons. Our beginners in both skiing and snowboarding have impressed us no-end this week with their determination and their readiness to learn and it is so great to see. For our advanced skiers it has been an exciting day to explore the 4 Vallées and to really stretch their legs.

For some of our individuals it was time to take a bit of a rest today and to soak up some of the local Swiss culture during their excursion day. They travelled to Geneva for sightseeing, shopping and a guided tour of the United Nations.

This evening most of our individuals chose to eat out in a local restuarant and to spend some quality time together while our remaining individuals and school gropu competed in a very lively music challenge, filled with shouting, running, laughter and singing (which sounded a little more like screaching)!


CAMERA CAMERA CAMERA CAMERA CAMERA CAMERA 12527691_10207196342839954_246536438_n 12767675_10207196342599948_771899772_n 12781984_10153985222283708_67421801_n 12782282_10207196342399943_497863561_n 12784333_10207196341479920_1182637639_n 12784412_10207196341399918_339571116_n 12784468_10207196342319941_1496530798_n 12788067_10207196342159937_1273279877_n 12788272_10153985221908708_1211045983_n


Another great day at Les Elfes this morning.

The campers surprised their instructors with their improvement on the slopes although the weather conditions today were not the best.

Once back from the slopes, the students signed up for the afternoon and evening activities. Many children decided to spend the afternoon visiting Verbier town and enjoying some hot chocolate while watching the sunset. On the other side, some students preferred to stay on campus and play games or just chill after a long day skiing and snowboarding.

The activity for the evening was Les Elfes Clubs that included many different activities and the students had the possibility to choose one of them.
For Arts and Crafts,they tie dye t-shirts with many different colors and created their own style.
The children explore their creativity, creating a story and making many pictures of objects on movement for the Photo club. In the cooking club, they prepared chocolate chips and banana muffins and shared it with all the other groups.



Today our campers woke up early in the morning and were very excited to spend another great day on the slopes.
After having lunch on the mountain, they had time to relax and take a break before going back to their ski and snowboard lessons.
As soon as the campers came back from the mountain, they signed up for the activities we offer for the afternoon and then they enjoyed some snacks and hot chocolate, good for them after so many hours on the snow. Some of the children decided to stay on campus, play games at Les Elfes and some others wanted to go to Verbier town and visit the shops. On the other hand most of our individuals students spent their afternoon expanding their knowledge learning a new language such us German, French and English.

The activity for this afternoon was Music Video, so after dinner, all the students went to the cinema room and watched an example of music video to have an idea how to preform it. We had six groups of eight children each one and with help of a monitor they choreographed one part of the selected song, in this case was Rather be. All the groups were very creative and many of them impressed their monitors.
At the end of the activity the monitors set up a disco, so the children could dance for some minutes before going to bed.




Sunday 21st February – Skiing, Snowboarding, Languages & Ice Skating

This morning everyone woke up to delightful blue skies and a spectacular view of the mountains. For most of us here on camp it was their first day and so excitement filled the breakfast room. All the children were eager to get out and hit the slopes for their first time and what perfect conditions to do it in. After a good morning and afternoon of skiing and snowboarding, everyone returned with smiles on their faces and plenty of funny stories. The instructors were super impressed with their ability and effort on day one.

Back at camp, after enjoying some apres snacks and hot chocolate, some of the children took a walk into town to explore Verbier Village and it’s small shops and cafes. Others, chose to chill out and relax, playing games at Les Elfes after a busy few days of travelling and skiing.

Tonight, the excitement and fun continued when we all headed to the nearby ice skating rink, a chance for the groups to get to know each other and mingle. Some opted for a competitive game of ice hockey whilst others enjoyed a more leisurely skate around.


Arrivals Day Saturday 20th Feb. A new week, a new adventure!

It was emotional this morning as we bid farewell to many schools and individuals who have made the camp such a brilliant place to be over the past week. We know that we will see many of them again next year and until them with them the best and safe travels. For photos from the past week please download the Les Elfes App and check out our facebook page Les Elfes International and we hope to see you next winter!

Meanwhile, our existing campers had a choice today between skiing or relaxing with their friends. Most chose to ski ,which was really great to see and the progress they continue to make in their lessons is fab. Throughout the day we had new arrivals, two schools and many individuals to add to the mix.

Our new campers seem full of character and have already begun to mix with one-another and to learn a little about each-others’ cultures which is a really special aspect of the camp here. We have a big mix of abilities and skiers and snowboarders ready for the slopes tomorrow so it will be an exciting day and we hope that the weather treats us well!


Great but emotional end of week!!!

Hello everyone!

Today has been a very long day for a vast majority of our campers! After a long snowy day skiing, most of our campers had to pack before they sadly leave our camp tomorrow!

The highlight of the week would be the smiles on every campers face and also the joy of the instructors at the end of each day! The ski instructors had the most amazing week with every single person that spent the last week or two here! And the same for us animation team that do activities with the campers after their day skiing! Genuinely a fantastic week!

On the slopes today, the campers had some intense but fun ski or snowboard races! The determination that every person put into this race was great to see and the results were handed out tonight and I can tell you that every group was very close to one another!

After skiing the campers had the chance to go shopping in Verbier for one last time before the big day of travelling tomorrow! Tonight we all had a nice time doing a prize giving and going through the best moments of the week looking at a lovely slideshow of skiing, snowboarding and activities! But the highlight of the night was when we all watched the music video that we did earlier this week! I was a very funny one this week and definitely one of the best ones we have done so far this season!

We are all very thankful for the wonderful campers we had this week and we are all sad to see most of them leave!! But we are looking forward to the next week as we get ready to welcome new schools and individuals!


Thursday 18th – Skiing, race day, BBQ, town, prize giving & disco!

It’s been an exciting Thursday here at Les Elfes with lots going on. The morning started brightly with the sun shining and everyone ready to get out onto the slopes. For some it was their last day on the mountain and so they wanted to make every minute count. The groups had an awesome time skiing around and exploring the mountain. It was also race day here and so everyone got the chance to race on our slalom course and see who would be champion racer! There was some super quick times and the instructors were really impressed with all the competitors. Afterwards there was a lovely BBQ prepared on the mountain which everyone thoroughly enjoyed.

This afternoon it was time to head to the village to buy some gifts and souvenirs while others stayed and had snowball fights and played games. We also hosted a prize giving ceremony for one group leaving tomorrow where we awarded them with certificates and medals for all their hard work and achievements over the week. To follow we had a traditional cheese fondue for dinner which went down really well as some had never had one before.

To end the evening we headed to town for our weekly disco at Etoile la rouge! It was buzzing in their and the atmosphere was great. We had many dance offs and some great songs to sing and dance a long to._DSC7089 _DSC7091 _DSC7103 _DSC7106 _DSC7124 _DSC7133 _DSC7164 _DSC7197 _DSC7211 11653284_10201428234824910_1557915008_n 11997352_10153957376503656_676885948_n 12714069_10201428234144893_970984473_n 12714192_10201428234384899_1281770721_n 12722158_10153211861276566_1667150633_n 12746061_10153211861301566_1517961758_n


17th February – Skiing, Snowboarding, Excursion Day, Ice Skating and Music Quiz

We have had a jam packed day today here at les elfes and we’re not sure where to begin with all our excitement!

This morning as usual, everyone was up on time and were greeted by a lovely breakfast and some beautiful sunshine. With the snow glistening all groups hit the slopes to get some hard work done. The skiing and snowboarding today has been excellent and all the instructors have been super impressed with everybody’s effort and dedication. The afternoon continued with more runs being completed in style and some more hilarious stories of trips and falls.

The individual grouptoday had the brilliant opportunity of visiting the chocolate and cheese factory which was enjoyed by all. The chocolate factory was a definite hit with the children as they had the chance to eat as much chocolate as they want and learn about the interesting history of our lovely Swiss chocolate! After, they also had the chance to shop and visit the town of Vevey.

This afternoon, most of the children opted for a visit to town and treated themselves to some hot chocolate and milkshakes in the Milk Bar. Others went for a swim in the nearby sports center.

Tonight some groups headed off to the ice rink which was very exciting whilst others stayed at camp for a fun filled music quiz which got very competitive!

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Another perfect bluebird day in Verbier. Clear sunny skies and great powder set the perfect conditions for the campers on the slopes today.

One of the groups started their epic ski touring adventure today, catching the first lift at 8:30 at Medran, trekking up the mountain. After a tough and rewarding hike, the campers finally reached the beautiful and historic Cabane Mt. Fort, where they will be spending the night. The students were lucky enough to talk to the guest speaker, the legendary Swiss Freeride Snowboarder – Emillien Badoux – who shared with them his many triumphs and snowboarding adventures.

The other campers, after returning from another great day of skiing, wined down with a warm cup of a hot chocolate and snacks. They then were spoilt with the choice of either hanging out in campus, shopping and sightseeing around Verbier town, swimming and relaxing in the hot tub, or sledging in the slopes nearby.

Tonight at Les Efles was club night, where our animation team set up many different activities for the campers. At cooking club, the little chefs made delicious apricot and white chocolate flapjacks, learning about kitchen safety and hygiene along the way. Others explored their engineering abilities at Design and Build, where they designed, produced, and tested homemade airplanes. Others got a bit more artistic at arts and crafts, where they made and decorated beautiful ninja squishy balls!!!! At the photography club, the campers wrote their own story lines and produced and filmed their own stop-motion videos.

The individual students also had an amazing evening. One group went on a scenic torchlight walk halfway up the mountain, where they were greeted with stunning views of the shining lights of the Verbier Valley. Another choice was to visit the Escape Rooms, a new live entertainment facility, where the campers had to figure out puzzles and work as a team to “escape” the trapped room in less than an hour.

15th February – Skiing, Snowboarding, Music Video

This morning everyone on camp was up bright and early and eager to get out on the slopes to show their Instructors what they are made of. Today there has been massive improvements and a lot of impressed instructors. Some groups who were on the beginners slope yesterday have already moved up to the main mountain which is amazing and shows true dedication and determination from all the children. With weather conditions also improving there has definitely been plenty of fun and laughter, with plenty of students eager to tell us their stories of their adventure today.

After refueling with a nice cup of hot chocolate and some bread and jam, the children were back in action with their afternoon activities. Not many of them want to rest so there were lots going on, including trips to Verbier Village, splashing around in the swimming pool and yet again some chose to have a crazy time sledging and snowman building.

This evening, after  yet another lovely meal enjoyed by all, everyone took part in a music video activity where all the children got the chance to dress up and choreograph their own routine to part of a song. They all had great fun and there was some super dancing from all groups, we can’t wait to see the final product.


12736366_10153950409908656_166856820_n 12736357_10153776166235700_418804171_n 12735930_10153950409873656_1803463221_n 12714308_10154061325308706_2059376351_n 12714213_10154061325388706_1975289463_n 12714145_10153776166290700_1277732295_n 12714109_10153776166270700_1758884935_n 12596456_10153239627076744_2136887122_n 12596352_1146990278659484_800846416_n 12516289_10153776166285700_905977560_n 1800937_10153239627101744_1482896147_n12714376_10205631896465087_31610388_n

14th February – Skiing, Snowboarding, Ice Skating & Music Quiz

Today started once again with the students impressing our instructors with some excellent effort on the slopes. Although the conditions in the morning weren’t ideal, with thick fog making visibility poor, the skiers and snowboarders powered through and eventually caught some lovely sun later in the afternoon.

After rewinding with some snacks and scrumptious hot chocolate, students chose to spend their afternoon either exploring Verbier Village, swimming in the nearby sports center, or venturing outside for some snow activities. The heavy snowfall in the last few days provided the perfect snowy playground for the campers to either race each others in sledges, or to take part in a massive snow ball fight!!

After dinner, some of the campers had a blast at the ice-rink, either practicing their figure skating skills or playing a ice-hockey match. The students that stayed at campus had an equally exciting evening, where they got to show off their singing, dancing and music knowledge at the famous Les Elfes Music Quiz. A huge party ensued after our Latino campers shared their funky dance moves and music with the rest of the group.

Saturday 13th – Arrival & Departure day, skiing, bowling & town

A very busy Saturday here at Les Elfes but lots of fun all the same. Most groups departed this morning after an amazing week, everyone enjoyed the skiing and evening activities and can’t wait to return next year. Our remaining guests went for a game of bowling which got extremely competitive and ended with some close matches.

Some of our new guests had their first day out on the mountain in some awesome conditions with the powder super to ski on. The rest of arrivals finished ski and equipment fitting and are looking forward to heading out on the slopes tomorrow! During the afternoon the monitors and instructors introduced themselves and got to know the new groups by leading some team building activities and games.

Our new campers took the opportunity to go to Verbier town this afternoon to have a look round and stop for a hot chocolate in one of the local cafes.

With most groups shattered after a long day travelling we put on a movie this evening in the cinema room to relax. Many also played in the games room to chill out and get to know each other.

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The campers had an action packed day today at Les Elfes. For some students the day started on the slopes, with some super skiing. Though not that sunny, it was snowing the whole night before so the students got to enjoy perfect powder conditions.

For many of the others who opted for excursions, they had an amazing time exploring the nearby city of Lausanne. Firstly, they brushed up on their sports knowledge and visited the world-famous Olympic Museum. This was extremely once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the campers as special representatives from the 2016 Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony were there to great them and give them a private samba dance lesson!!!!!

Following this, probably the highlight of the day for many of the campers was the mouthwatering visit to a Swiss Chocolate factory. Not only did they learn all about the sourcing and production and history of the scrumptious treat, but were able to taste the different varieties of chocolate, and even bring some home to share with their family and friends!

The excursion ended with cultural sightseeing around the city of Lausanne. The campers loved the beautiful scenery and had the chance to do some last minute shopping.

With this amazing week coming to an end, it was extremely sad for the campers and staff at here at Les Elfes. To recognize their fantastic achievements and progress this week, there was a prize-giving ceremony after dinner. Most of the kids won medals and prizes, not only for their excellent performances at the ski-races the day before, but also for winning the Tidy Dorm Prize, as well as Star Camper accolade, awarded by the animation staff.

The day was rounded off with the showing of the “Happy” music video, which the campers put a lot of hard work into.

The End Of The Week Is Approaching!!

Hi everyone!

As the end of the week approaches our campers were ready to face the famous Les Elfes Ski and Snowboard race! They have been training all week to compete against each other and the results have let no one down! Everybody was outstanding today and we all know the results are going to be very close!

After skiing our campers were able to relax and enjoy some free time here in Les Elfes our going for a nice swim or Jacuzzi! On the other hand lots of our campers are still full of beans and wanted to go and do some snow activities! This was amazing fun as we had various groups doing different activities! Some of them were sledging, others were snowman building and as usual there are snowball fights going on! The rest of the campers wanted to do a bit of shopping in town and enjoyed the beautiful snowy Verbier!

Tonight we all had a great time on our Les Elfes Disco Night! Everyone had a fantastic time using the rest of the energy they had to dance and show off some dancing skills! It was a great was to celebrate a the hard work the campers have put in this week!

Many campers are going to enjoy themselves on an excursion to the chocolate factory, cheese factory and to the Olympic museum! The rest of them will enjoy another nice day on the slopes!

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Wednesday 10th February Skiing, Snowboarding, Excursion, Guest Speaker, Music Quiz & Chalet Night

After a week of snow the pistes are in great condition here in Verbier and today the groups had the chance to enjoy a day with good visibility and even some sunshine! The progress our beginners have made this week is staggering. Skiing in challenging conditions has meant that now the weather is nice skiing and snowboarding for them is a walk in the park! Today was also a great opportunity for our more experienced skiers to enjoy the wider ski area of the 4 Vallées and to try out their new skills on a variety of different terrain.

For our individuals they had the choice today to have a rest and to visit the Natural History Museum in Geneva and to do a little sightseeing and shopping in the cosmopolitan lake-side city. Tomorrow will be race day and BBQ on the mountain where all of our skiers can see who can top the leaderboard in a slalom challenge.

This evening we had a vast range of FreeTime activities for the campers. Some shopped, some continued their igloo-building project, the was some sledging, swimming, snowman building and one group even decided to challenge themselves in the Escape Rooms. After dinner we had four different activities running! Our individuals chose to have pizza night in the chalets, one of our groups had a baking competition, most of the schools had a music challenge and one of our schools was treated to a lecture on sustainable tourism by a world-renowned International Environmental Lawyer.



Today was a great day on the mountain, the weather conditions were amazing for skiing and snowboarding and our campers enjoyed their time on the slopes. Our campers are doing a big progress every day and we have only good feedback from our instructors!

Once back from skiing and snowboarding, all the groups had hot chocolate and snacks at Les Elfes and they had to sign up for the afternoon and evening activities. Many students decided to have a relaxing evening and stayed at the campus, due to the weather conditions suddenly changing, in contrast of the morning, we had a snowy afternoon. Other students decided to take advantage of the fresh snow and went sledging and some girls make snowmen behind Les Elfes building.

After dinner, three schools had Clubs Night. We gave the chance to the students to choose one of the different activities we had for the Clubs Night. Many kids enjoy the evening dancing, other signed up for pancakes club, some of the campers wanted to go for a walk at night holding the torches and having fun on the fresh snow and some others built airplanes with cardboard and made them flight from the balconies.
The other schools and individuals enjoyed their evening doing the Music Quiz and having fun with their monitors.