Thursday, June 30th: Sports, Rope Course, Climbing.


Today, the kids woke up like every day looking forwards to doing several activities. After languages and lunch they all had a different activity for the afternoon.

The Discovery group went to Sion (Capital of Valais) to do some rope course. They were like monkeys in the trees enjoying a lot the zip lines and different trees’ obstacles, which were sometime challenging.

The Explorer group went Rock Climbing to Sembrancher. they all improved their climbing skills and all the staff was impressed by them. Almost all of them could do the hardest tracks.

For the pioneers we organized Sports Day. They went down to Le Chable; they first biked in the village then they went to play tennis and grass hockey. The group was really cohesive and energetic.

The evening activity brought all the groups together for a Disco Night. Balloon, smoke machine, disco lights, good musics, mocktails, and, the most important, great people: everything was put together to have an amazing night dancing, singing and laughing.

Wednesday, June 29th: Lake day, Sports Day &co.

Today the kids woke up again delighted to see the beautiful and sunny day outside. After their usual morning routine (Breakfast, languages, free time and lunch), the groups had different activities.

The Discoveries stayed in Verbier to do what we call the “Airplane Challenge”. In teams, they had to create an airplane company and an airplane. The Airplane had to be big, able to fly and able to protect the passengers. First they had to name their company, then to design their plane. Afterwards, they went on a nice walk of about 30min. to 1 hour to collect the material they needed to build the plane. Once the plane  was built based on their imagination and creation, they tried to throw it from the top of the building. It was really fun and the kids were really proud of themselves even if there were some airplane crashes.

The Explorers had the chance to practice many sports today. They went down to Le Chable in where they could first improve their biking skills. They did a lovely tour with the bikes from Le Chable to another village. Afterwards, they played football, grass hockey and as well tennis. They really enjoyed it and put a lot of energy into it.

The Pioneers went down to the Leman Lake (Geneva Lake) to enjoy water sports/games. They did tubing, wakeboarding, SUP (stand up paddle), … etc. they definitely had lot of fun! They also swam either in the lake or the swimming pool, they did a giant water slide and they also were playing some balls game in the grass. What a lovely day they had!


For the evening activity all the groups were together and participated in many different clubs : cooking where they made tasty brownies, arts and crafts where they made finger puppets and football, where they learnt many cool tricks and skills. After filling their bellies with brownies, they went to bed, excited about the activities tomorrow!!

Tuesday, June 28th: Excursion Day!

Today was a beautiful and sunny day. The kids woke up happy and excited to go on excursion. After breakfast, at 9 am, all the groups left for several excursions:

The Discovery group went first to the Servion Zoo and then to Montreux. They really enjoyed the zoo in where they could see many different animals : lions, tigers, bears, lama, … They were really excited! They also had a language quiz about the zoo, which they did conscientiously. After lunch, they left the zoo to go to Montreux. There, they first walked by the Lake Leman (Geneva Lake), where they had the opportunity to take pictures with Freddy Mercury’s statue. Then, they separated into small groups and went shopping. They mainly were going to toys shops. Also, they had the time to eat a tasty and refreshing ice cream next to the lake.

The Explorers went first to the Cheese Factory, then to the Chocolate factory and finally to Vevey. In the cheese factory they learned about Swiss cheeses’ production and could taste some delicious Gruyère. Then, they went to the Chocolate Factory. They really loved this museum which was really animated and interactive.

Pioneers went to the capital city of Switzerland, Bern. They learnt many historic facts and visited interesting cultural muesuem and had a great day.

In the evening, discoveries enjoyed a pajama party with popcorn, movies and cushion! Explorers and pioneers participated in the apprentice, where they had to design a mode of transport that could take them across lake Geneva and back. It was very fun, exciting task and winners were highly deserved!



June 27th. Leadership, Web Identity, Etiquette and more

Today we had a different routine. Instead of languages in the morning, campers rolled into their very special courses and activities lead by teachers and instructors from outside of Les Elfes.

Today every age group had a very special and unique program.
Discoveries participated in Arts, Theater and Cooking classes.
Explorers did Leadership training and Web Identity lesson. Some of the students visited five star chalet hotel and were introduced in etiquette- they learned table service, principles and manners for hosting.
The Pioneers had a very useful First Aid Training with more sophisticated knowledge and skill set.

After having enjoyed free time, the Pioneers went to dine out in an Italian restaurant in Verbier while the other were having their usual tasty dinner in Les Elfes. Afterwards, the discovery group participated in the Bin Bag Fashion Show. How exciting ! they had to design a costume based on the theme : the future, year 3’000. They were surprisingly full of imagination. They created their costume working in teams and finally did a high- level parade. They really enjoyed this activity.

The Explorers went out in Verbier to play some mini-golf. They had lot of fun and were really into it.

Finally, everyone ends up in their bed ready to go to sleep and waiting impatiently for the next exciting day.

Discovery at the cooking class:

Pioneers at First Aid Training:

Discovery Hiking:

Pioneers Dine Out:

Explorers Mini Golf:

Discovery Bin Bag Fashion Show :


Saturday June 26th

This morning Verbier was covered in mist and cloud and the campers woke up at there usual time, ate breakfast and headed to language lessons.

For lunch, they ate a delicious tomato pasta dish, providing them with lots of energy for the afternoon activities – Le Chable Sports day for the discoveries, Ropes Course for the explorers and the Pioneers went mountain biking up in Verbier.

The sports day for the discoveries was a huge success. The campers participated in many different sports, such as hockey, tennis and football. The atmosphere was great for both the staff and children and it was great to see the young enjoying a diverse range of sports.

The explorers were ecstatic about going to the ropes course today. It is known to be one of the favorite activities of the week. They were briefed on the safety and how to use the harnesses and caribenas. It is vital that students understand the safety elements of the rope course and the explorers listened attentively to the instructor before they began the games. They practically looked like Tarzan, swinging around the trees and enjoying the views from above.

The pioneers went mountain biking around Verbier. Once they got their bikes and helmets sorted, they caught the gondola up to Ruinette. Despite the weather being overcast, the views were still stunning and they had a lovely cycle and some great laughs.

When dinner time arrived, they were all starving and enjoyed some Mexican fajitas and tortilla!  Afterwards, all campers participated in a music video, with a song of their choice. It was very funny and they all wore colorful fancy dress and showed us their best dance moves.

It was a busy day in camp and the students retired to bed, buzzing about a new week of new and exciting activities.







Saturday, June 25th

Today was a very important day here in the camp- an international day!!
Following on from the language lessons,  the students were introduced to the dailyplan. For lunch we had an international cuisine, including traditional foods from countries all over the world. For instance, we ate food from  Italy, India, Switzerland, Chine, USA and Thailand. After this tasty meal, the discoveries, explorers and pioneers were organized into groups, in order to to prepare presentations from their countries of choice.

There was great energy in the room! The campers were involved in face painting, coloring, drawing and choosing music to accompany the presentation. Afterwards, we went outside and watched the students prepare their presentations. It was a great afternoon and everyone learnt unique, interesting things about the different countries presented.

In the evening, the discoveries played night line, where they were blindfolded, holding on to a safety rope and the explorers and pioneers participated in a fantastic bin bag fashion show. We had some great outfits and the winners were highly deserved!!


June 24th. Excursions day.

In the morning all campers accomplished their language projects and afterwards went for excursions in their groups.

DISCOVERIES visited Cheese and Chocolate factory, as well as beautiful town by the lake Vevey!
While EXPLORERS, PIONEERS went to United Nations at Geneva, Olympic Museum and had a cultural visit in Lausanne.

In the evening we spend nice time at the campus. We said goodbye to some students leaving tomorrow, wishing them all the best and hoping to see them next season.
After dinner groups had a quiz night where they had to show their knowledge and little bit of creativity.

Discoveries visiting chocolate factory

Explorers and Pioneers


June 23rd. Rock climbing, Mountain biking, Labyrinth & BBQ in the Forest.

In the morning session everyone improved their skills at language lessons
and just after lunch we left for different activities.

DISCOVERIES went to a Labyrinth, where they challenged themselves and worked in teams to get out of a real labyrinth. We played games, had lot of fun and eat some ice cream to cool down in this hot day.

EXPLORERS did a great mountain biking session here in Verbier.
This session included nice off road paths, uphill and downhill tracks with stunning views to mountain range.

PIONEERS participated in rock climbing course on a natural rock wall. The session was led by a professional guide, and although for some students this was the first rock climbing experience, it fit everyone’s abilities.

In the evening all campers went for BBQ in the forest of Verbier, La Hatay. Survival games, campfire, singing and great food!

June 21st-22nd Summer and outdoors

These have been two intensive days full of fun, outdoor experience and finally- real summer.

DISCOVERIES went for a mountain hut in Crans-Montana, where they cooked marshmallows and played campfire games. Next day students went for a ropes course.

EXPLORERS did a good hike up to the mountain before reaching the Lake Taney and a mountain hut just by the lake. Activities, games and learning though adventure!

PIONEERS did a kayak trip in Lake Geneva to reach their camping place, where they learned bushcraft skills, played games and climbed trees.

Today, after arrival our students participated in different clubs at the Campus: Cooking class, Desing&Build, Photo class (light painting) and Football lessons (focusing on passing, design making and shooing by qualified football couch).


IMG_6241 IMG_4523 IMG_4535 IMG_4544 IMG_4548 IMG_4559 IMG_4578 IMG_4589 IMG_4596


13517720_10154339584528060_1064810958_o 13518047_10154339584673060_151034099_o 13493152_10154339585113060_540102937_o 13493258_10154339585403060_434014580_o



IMG_1787 IMG_1743 IMG_1751


Monday, June 20th

Session 2 could not have started better than today: the sun is back, the kids are happy and excited about the activities. After improving their language skills during the morning, campers deserved a delicious lunch : pizzas and quiche. Then, in the afternoon, the discovery group stayed in Verbier and went rock climbing outdoors. For some of them it was the first time climbing but they were surprisingly good at it. Some walls were more challenging than others but everyone was proud of themselves. In the meantime, they were also playing mini-golf. They all had lots of fun.

The explorers went to Lake Geneva. They were so excited to go there, specially on a such beautiful day. They had the opportunity to do many new activities. They went banana boating, they were struggling not to fall from the banana into the cold lake, but were laughing a lot. They also did some SUP (stand up paddle) where they could test their balance skills. They chilled on the beach, swam, played games … What a great day !

The pioneers and Woodward school were together. They went to do bridge swinging. How exciting ! They all were thrilled about this activity  and had so much fun doing it (even though some of them hesitated for a bit) and were so proud of themselves to be able to overcome their fear. They also had a hike in this beautiful valley and then they went shopping.

They all came back to Les Elfes, smiles on their faces, enjoying some free time.

After dinner (pasta party), the groups were reunited together to play an awesome game called La Fureur. They loved it ! Afterwards, they all went to bed to rest in order to be ready for the next amazing day to come !

13499735_10154301289393656_710789979_o 13509835_10154301289078656_949191840_o 13499645_10154301288713656_1472697792_o 13499530_10154301289328656_162571187_o 13493233_10154301273958656_2001889120_o 13493492_10154301289478656_1651110399_o 13493755_10154301273373656_1853276293_o 13499404_10154301289203656_1477256549_o 13410378_10154301288953656_99899997_o 13467284_10154301289568656_760012601_o 13467315_10154301288808656_351673625_o 13467609_10154301289263656_943849462_o

19th June – Arrivals Day

Today the camp filled up with all of our new arrivals.

The kids that were with us last week had an awesome day of activities.  After their lie in they went on a hike, down the mountain to a spooky forest, then a hike uphill to a beautiful viewpoint, and then back down again through a muddy path. Then there was  sports day. They had swimming races and diving challenges to dive through a hoop, they played tennis games, and they played hockey.

The new arrivals played football, basketball and board games. Everyone went on a Verbier Hunt to get their bearing in this beautiful town.

After our first dinner together getting to know each other, the discoveries, explorers and pioneers all split up and played team building games and it was a nice, chilled evening.

The kids went to bed calm and relaxed in their new environment ready for a busy day tomorrow.

13467255_10207782134129920_1984251250_o 13492915_10207782134889939_1199494220_n 13493248_10207782134769936_1693447321_o 13499552_10207782136089969_1530091700_o 13499695_10207782136209972_1833945296_o 13453239_10157144806475599_250876833_o 13460743_10157144803880599_89224475_o 13461306_10157144806200599_1776617070_o 13467406_10157144804520599_1624856599_o 13467543_10157144805825599_332098507_o 13487453_10157144804080599_675371884_n 13499484_10157144805040599_1350054783_o

Saturday, June 18th

Today is a special day because it is the transition from session one to session two. Therefore, some kids are leaving while others are staying and some arriving. The campers who were already there for session one had languages in the morning.

At Lunch everyone had pizza and they loved it! Who does not like pizza anyway?

Then the Woodward school and the staying kids went to bike across the mountain of Verbier. They biked through Verbier, then went up to 2000 m. high with the gondolas and then crossed the mountains before going down the hills back to the Les Elfes camp. Everyone was happy under the Verbier’s sun.

One of our students had a birthday, so we all greeted her with a chocolate cake.
And after diner we watched a movie The Walk in our cinema room.
Ready to start session 2!

IMG_1639 (Medium) IMG_1652 (Medium) IMG_1651 (Medium)


Friday, June 17th

This morning the kids woke up happy when they saw the sunny weather. Moreover, they had pancakes for breakfast. Sun and pancakes : what a great combination to start the day! Then Woodward school had French languages. The Discovery and Explorer groups went together to the Geneva Lake to visit the Chateau de Chillon : a beautiful medieval castle right next to the lake. It was really impressive. Then they went to visit the Salt Mines, it was a little bit cold but everyone was so excited. They ended their day doing some shopping.

For the evening activity, as it was the end of the first session, it was prize giving time! For many kids it was their last day so they were really moved. We also showed them a slideshow to remind them of all the great experiences they had here at Les Elfes.

Woodward school went to hike in Verbier. They took the gondolas to go up to 2000 meters high. Then they had a beautiful walk for 2-3 hours crossing the Verbier’s mountains with beautiful panoramas. For their evening activity, they played together “Who wants to be a millionare?”

IMG_3844 (Small) IMG_3850 (Small) IMG_3863 (Small) IMG_3877 (Small) IMG_3886 (Small) IMG_3901 (Small) IMG_3913 (Small) DSC06144 (Small) DSC06145 (Small) DSC06148 (Small) DSC06197 (Small) DSC06198 (Small) DSC06200 (Small) DSC06202 (Small) IMG_3961 (Small) IMG_3964 (Small) IMG_3977 (Small) IMG_3981 (Small)


Thursday, June 16th.

This morning the campers woke up excited for the day despite the cloudy weather. After their usual language class and their tasty lunch, the discovery went down to the Geneva Lake to the Waterparc! They had so much fun: tubes, slides, waves swimming pool, and many more exciting games. They were so happy in there !

The Explorers had quite a different day, they went hiking up in the mountain. They have enjoyed the day from the beginning when they were taking the gondolas to go from 1’5oo meters high to 2’000m. Then, they had a lovely walk across the Verbier’s mountains.

The Woodward school went down to Saxon where they could improve their climbing skills. Indeed, they were in a huge indoor climbing place. They loved it, and were really proud of themselves to be able to climb all the way up without falling.

For the evening activity, all the groups were reunited together. They had a crazy Disco night : music, dance, cocktails (juice and sirup), games, smoke machine, lights, lounge, balloons, etc … Everything was together to make a perfect disco night. All the campers had so much fun, they were dancing and singing together and finally were exhausted. Consequently, they all went to bed quietly to rest before the next awesome day to come.


IMG_1138 (Small)20160616_204502 (Small)13467759_10157293241730354_1921808456_o (Small)

Wednesday, June 15

Today the Discovery group did a beautiful walk in Verbier’s mountains, after languages. They took the gondolas up to 2000 meters high; they all were so excited. Then they walk around and enjoyed the amazing landscape. They came back to Les Elfes quite tired but their eyes were shining as they were so happy of what they have seen. Therefore, their evening activity was perfect after a such day : they had a proper Pyjama Party ! How exciting ! Movies, snacks, pyjamas, coocooning, …  Afterwards they finally were ready to sleep and have sweet dreams.

The Explorers and the Woodward school were together all day long. After languages, they all went to Aigle where they had for activity : Ropes Course. Lots of fun. They were like monkeys in the trees : zip line, obstacle, everything meters high in the forest. They definitely loved it and both group were getting along very well! For the evening activity, they were dining out in cute place in the mountain. How lovely! they had a beautiful view of the mountains and all Verbier’s village. After eating Fondue, spaghettis, viande séchée, etc. They all had a digestive walk down to Les Elfes, but not a common one, they were walking with TorchLights! They loved it and went to bed looking forwards for the next day.

_DSC6061 (Small) IMG_8333 (Small)

June 14th: Chocolate and Cheese factory, zoo, egg drop challenge and SHARK TANK

Everyone went on excursions today – the discoveries went to Servion zoo and then a shopping trip in Montreux. The explorers and the older kids visited the chocolate and cheese factories, and then there was a shopping trip in Vevey for explorers and the older kids visited the Olympic museum in Lausanne.

This evening the discoveries played the egg drop challenge in the evening, where they tried to protect an egg on a paper aeroplane flight while the older kids played Shark Tank where they had to pitch business ideas to The Sharks for investment. A good time was had by all.

13405321_10157123438380599_1841807095_o 13410922_10206748409333331_2096363656_o 13441514_10157123438365599_409041594_o 13441592_10206748391252879_1457681144_o 13441822_10206748391212878_1259274237_o 13453252_10157123438430599_447539811_o 13453321_10157123438520599_229657278_o 13460781_10157123438440599_1252444179_o 13460851_10206748391332881_687451176_o 13460902_10206748391092875_920581900_o

June 13th. Art&Cooking class, Leadership training and more

What a worthwhile day!

For little ones it was color and tasteful morning. At art and cooking class discovery students presented wonderful creativity, they expressed their souls, played with different colors and had a lot of fun.

At the same time our older students had a very useful training session- leadership for personal management. They developed deeper understanding of themselves, learned how to apply this knowledge when leading the group and how to become more organised.

In the evening discoveries went for a torchlight walk, while explorers and pioneers did photography class and orientation.

In the end of the day everyone feels satisfied about one more great day of learning, gaining, sharing and smiling!

IMG_4456 (Large) IMG_4470 (Large)IMG_4464 (Large) IMG_4465 (Large)



Sunday June 12th: Rock climbing, sports day and Music Video

All the kids finished language classes before lunch and set off for the afternoon activities.

The Explorers went to Saxon for a session outdoor rock climbing with the professional Verbier mountain guides.

The Discoveries had a lovely afternoon down the valley in Le Chable doing some mountain biking and then played football and hockey.

New students joined us this afternoon and they went off on The Verbier Hunt to get the bearings in this new town.

After dinner everyone came together to make an epic music video. We sang and danced to I Feel Good (dun-a-dun dun-dun-dun) and we will see the final masterpiece at the end of the week.

DSC05824 DSC05819 13405462_10154312800013060_608038245_o (1) 13407377_10153451352981566_1922816287_n

13434175_10153451353451566_2096435869_n 13444274_10153451353761566_1045590913_n

13453130_10157115663435599_1376627283_o 13442014_10157115662920599_416068117_o 13446262_10157115663195599_1602988926_o


Satuday, June 11th : International Day.

Today all the kids woke up excited for this really special day : International Day. First of all, during languages, they had to prepare a presentation of their own country in the language they are learning. They all were really invested and proud to work on their country. Then for lunch, we had an incredible international buffet with Raclette, Meatballs, Indian food, Russian food, …. It was great! See link above for all the pictures taken from international day+

During the afternoon, both Discovery and Explorer groups were working together to prepare a bigger presentation of their own country in front of all the camp. They were so excited; they had face painted, music was played and joy was everywhere. After having proudly present their country, the kids had some free time before dinner.

After dinner, both groups were separated. The discoveries played Night Line where they were all blindfolded and had to follow a special rope to safety, involving many obstacles and challenges. Meanwhile, the explorers participated in an intellectual  Les Elfes Quiz which challenged their skills and general knowledge.

Finally, they all went to bed excited to meet the new arrivals of tomorrow. Ready for another exciting day!



June 10th. Chocolate and Cheese factory, Olympic museum, Les Elfes Theatre!

The sun is back in Verbier! And followed by the same sunny mood, both discoveries and explorers visited interesting, educational and even tasty attractions.

Discoveries had an amazing opportunity to visit Cailler Chocolate factory. In this excursion they were brought in a journey from the birth of a cacao bean to a chocolate bar. They also had an inside into process of production and finally- tasting! After visiting cheese factory in Gruyere, discoveries finally realized why cheese from Switzerland is so famous. The last stop before arriving back to the campus was a gorgeous town Vevey, which, by the way, is town of Charlie Chaplin.

Explorers and Pioneers  went to  Lausanne  which is  a dynamic city located  in Canton of Vaud, famous  for  hosting International Olympic committee and  known as Olympic Capital since 1994.
After excursion and Olympic museum, students had to make their own theater performance, which was challenging, but fun attraction in the end of the day.

13396952_10154395752212384_409918278_o 13441683_10154395752597384_391618860_o 13441685_10154395752587384_1991579123_o


13397098_10157106759395599_608367907_o  13405101_10154200721302356_982785647_o (1)


Thursday, June 9th: Sports day, Labyrinth adventure, La Hatay and Torchlight walking.

Today, despite the cloudy weather, the students woke up happy and excited for the day. They had delicious scramble eggs for breakfast. Then, they all were studying French, English, Spanish and German, improving their language skills every day a little bit more. Once their learning time was over, they all had free time before a tasty lunch: spinach tortellini.

For the afternoon activity, the Explorers first played some indoor games because of the rainy weather; but then the sun came out and so they could enjoy playing hockey and tennis. They improved their sport skills while having fun. Everyone was involved with a good competition and fair-play spirit.

The Discovery group had a quite different day. They went on a small trip to the Labyrinth Adventure. This consists in a big maze in where they had to find treasures as well as the exit. Once they were done with the maze, there were a lot of diverse games around it, so they could play together, laugh, and have fun. During the evening, both groups were once again reunited. They had a warm and tasty barbecue in a small refuge “Le Hatay” situated in the Verbier’s mountains. They made a big fire there, had marshmallows and played together. Then, for their way back to Les Elfes, they had a lovely and exciting walk down with Torch lights.

They all arrived safely back to Les Elfes quite tired so they went to bed the mind full of awesome souvenirs.

13383427_10154305152823060_1150087869_o 13396517_10154305153413060_1083130694_o 13396571_10154305153563060_127877360_o 13396695_10154305153653060_230598477_o 13396815_10154305153628060_1791761152_o13388933_10154197980302356_1575742261_o 13396894_10154197979567356_1060370747_o 13396926_10154197979092356_180785196_o 13397012_10154197981027356_1111328662_o 13405365_10154197981357356_1688942649_o 13405530_10154197980637356_384878489_o