Sunday 31st July – Arrivals day

We woke up to a rainy, stormy morning here in Verbier. It was very exciting for all of the existing students that stayed overnight at Cabane Mt. Fort. It was much colder then expected and they even saw snow! They hiked back down to the gondola, wrapped up warmly and had lunch back at camp. After, we organized for the existing campers to go visit the circus based down in le chable. Despite the weather being overcast, they all had a great day, full of energy and stories from what there favourite act was at the circus.

Meanwhile, this morning in camp, all staff were eagerly awaiting the new arrivals for the upcoming session. We had over 80 students arriving throughout the day from Saudi Arabia, France, Brazil, Russia, United Arab Emirates and many many more countries. The campers which arrived this morning, unpacked, had a tour of camp and ate a delicious lunch of lasagne and salad. We also took the new campers for a verbier hunt, showing them the nearest shops, restaurants, bank etc. 4

In the evening, we played lots of team building and ice breaking games to helps students integrate and get to know one another. It was a blast, but the new students were very tired from there long travels, got an early night, excited about the first day of activities!



30 th of July DEPARTURE DAY

It`s always sad to say good bye to students, but the day has come. Morning was really busy: people with luggage were departing while existing students were getting ready for an overnight at cabane Mt. Fort.

Discovery and Explorer groups left the camp with backpacks for an adventure.  First, they took the gondola to La Chaux and then they hiked up to the mountain hut. They will have an amazing opportunity to gaze at the stars while beeing almost 2500 m high. We wish them a good night and we are going to see them back tomorrow at the camp.

Meanwhile we had 6 Pioneer students either staying or departing very early the next day. We took them to the circus to watch a breathtaking acrobatic show and fisnished with a master of laser light performance.

29th July, Bridge swinging, Ropes course, Lake activities & PRIZE GIVING

On this sunny Friday morning campers left the campus early for fun outdoor activities to enjoy the last day of session 4!

Discovey group spent all day by Lake Geneva (Lac Leman). They had fun on stand-up paddle boards, tubing, banana boating, as well as different games on the side.

Explorers went to a ropes course at first and joined the discoveries for lake activities afterwards, while pioneers had an amazing adventure Bridge swinging and went to the lake later as well.

Tonight we had the Prize Giving ceremony where all the campers gathered for the last time this session. We were happy and appreciated each of our students who took part in session4 and were part of our great expereince here, but specially we wanted to highlight those who showed the camp’s values in their attitude every day by being friendly, helpful, active and happy.

Lake activities-

Roupes course-

Bridge Swinging-

Prize Giving-

28th July – rock climbing, sports day, ropes course and DISCO

It’s been another fantastic fun day at Les Elfes today. After this morning’s languages and lunch, everyone in the camp came together for an epic group picture to remember the session.

From there, discoveries went to the ropes course in Sion and had a great time trying the more challenging courses.

The explorers had their afternoon activity in Le Chable for their sports day. They played tennis, had a mountain biking trip and a hockey match.

Pioneers went rock climbing in St Triphon. After their free time we had dinner and got ready for the disco…

The whole camp also went to the disco and they all danced all night long in Etoile Rouge. They went to bed ready for a new day.

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Wednesday 27 July Excursion day

Today was EXCURSION DAY!!! Discovery went to the Nest, an extremly fun and interactive museum charting the birth and rise of the Nestle Group. The Explorer group payed a visit to the United Nataions learning about all the different confrence rooms along with the efforts to keep peace across the globe. The Pioneers excursion took them to Annecy in France where they enjoyed using the pedalos out on the lake along with some shopping later in the afternoon. A great day of traveling and experences had by all. We finshed the day with a nice dinner at one of the restaurants back in Verbier, yum.

Tuesday 26th July 2016 Labyrinth, Sports Day & Mountain Biking


Another lovely day here in Verbier with all students concentrating well in their language lessons this morning and learning a few new things about their chosen language. After lunch our groups split for a range of activities.

Our Discovery group had an animated Sports Day, focussed around water games and a slip and slide activity due to the beautiful summer weather. Meanwhile… our Explorers travelled to the Labyrinth to explore the maze, test their skills on the total-wipeout-style inflatable balls and to compete as gladiators on the podium in the centre of the site. The Pioneers ventured up the mountain, truly making the most of the fantastic conditions with some mountain biking and trottinetting.

Tonight our groups will compete in Tribal games to escpape from the forest at our mountain BBQ site with a campfire and some marshmallows too.

Alongside our summer camp we also have a DofE group completing their practice silver expedition today, hiking for a minimum of seven hourse per day, while carrying all of their tents, food and equipment along the way. These guys return tonight for a much-deserved rest night with Swiss Fondue dinner and an Escape Room challenge if they have the energy left after dinner!


Discovery at the swimmimg pool-


Explorers at Labyrinth-


BBQ and tribe games at La Hatey-

Monday 25th – mountain biking, ropes course, lake day

This morning started off with all the campers developing their language skills. They were all delighted because it was pizza for lunch.
After lunch, the pioneers set off for adventure on the ropes course. The explorers had an adrenaline-filled day on Lac Léman, going banana boating and tubing on the water, and then they played games on the beach. Our discoveries toured the beautiful mountain here on mountain bikes, and came back exahusted. They took a swim in the outdoor pool to relax before dinner.
After dinner we all went ice skating, where some campers were able to show off their moves, whilst others leart how to skate independently. All in all, it’s been another wonderful day in Verbier.

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Sunday 24th July – Rock Climbing, Olympic games, Baratin Lunch; Hike and Cows fights

The storm has passed and it is a bluebird again this morning in Verbier. Campers woke up, ate a delicious breakfast of eggs, cereal and fruits, fully energised for the activities for the day.

Discoveries went rock climbing in Verbier and learnt how to tie a figure of eight knot and tried many different walls with varied levels. It was an active morning and the discoveries had lots of energy and showed great determination and motivation whilst conquering the walls. They then caught the minibus up to Baratin and had a BBQ with the explorers and pioneers in the hot sunshine. After lunch they were very lucky to go watch the cow fighting festival which was right next to the Baratin. It was very exciting and the kids absolutely loved it. They then returned to camp and for the afternoon activities, rock painting was organized for them and then free time and phones.

Explorers catched the gondola up to Baratin, ate lunch with all campers and then hiked all the way back down to les elfes. They experienced some amazing views, saw lots of swiss cows and learnt new facts about the beautiful swiss nature surrounding them. For the afternoon, they relaxed back at camp and had the option to chill, shop or go swimming.

Pioneers played olympic games this morning and divided into teams to complete many different tasks. There was a very competitive atmosphere and the scores extremely close. It was great fun and everyone got involved. For lunch, they also joined the BBQ at Baratin and completed a lovely hike back down to Verbier, getting some group photos and making memories.

This evening they had fahitas for dinner and the schedule for the vening was clubs. The campers had the option of arts and crafts, cooking, dance or volleyball. They all chose well and had a fantastic evening making tribal masks, cooking pizzas and fruit pies, learning new dance moves and playing a very competitive game of volleyball.

After a long successful day, the campers went to sleep, ready for another day of amazing activities!




La Tzoumaz & Chateau De Chillon excursion

Today their were many goodbyes as the majority of campers from session three departed les elfes and flew back to their families.

The remaining discoveries and pioneers enjoyed a day out in Montreux, visiting the infamous Chateau De Chillon. The castle is located on the side of Lake geneva and has many historic facts and beauty surrounding it. They had a picnic lunch by the lake and enjoyed several hours of shopping and ice cream in the town of Montreux. It was a fantastic day out overall and they came back to camp with lots of goodies and treats.

Explorers had a change of scenery and catched the gondola up to Savoleyeres and hiked down to La Tzoumaz ( the next valley across from Verbier ). They stayed over night in our La Tzoumaz campus and played lots of exciting games like poker, charades and pictionary.

In the evening, all campers had a very chilled evening watching movies and eating popcorn!

Overall, it was a much quieter atmosphere in camp today and we are vey much looking forward to our new arrivals tomorrow!!


22nd July- Aqua Park, Nest Centre, Lasertag and PRIZE GIVING

For most of the students this was the last day at Les Elfes, but it was very emotional here for eveyone.
In the morning rain did not stop us and all the capm went out for activities.

Discovery and one group of Explorers went to an Aqua Park and had lots & lots of fun in water activities.
Another group of Explorers and Pioneers went for Laser tag adventure – adrenaline, chasing, hiding and great time.
They also visited Nestle Discovery Centre -Nest.
After these moments of everyone being together for last time in the 3rd session, we got back to Les Eefes campus to say big Thanks to everyone and to highlight specially those who have presented great attitude during this time and being role models for everyone- being kind, friendly, helpful… Or maybe having the most tidy room during three weeks!
We had lots of prizes, lots of memories and moments to look back in Photo Slideshow, lots of Goodbye, tears and … so many emotions in the air!

Nest Discovery Centre-

Prize Giving-

Thursday 21st July – Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking, Sports day & DISCO

Session three is coming to a close and for the penultimate day, the campers enjoyed lots of sportive activities in the hot sunshine.

Discoveries participated in an egg drop challenge, where they had to design a plane that had to hold an egg from a height. They ventured into the woods to find things to build the plane and then there was the final showdown where they through them off the top floor. They had a great day overall.

Explorers went troitenetting up the mountain which they absolutely loved, zooming down the hills at fast speeds. The other half of explorers rock climbing down in Sembrancher and learnt how to belay, tie ropes and climb different level walls.

Pioneers had sports day today and they played many different sports such as tennis, mountain biking, unihockey and lots more!

For the evening… it was time for disco, disco!! Lots of happy faces dancing and enjoying the last night with theirnew friends.

Bedtime came soon enough and the campers drifted peacefully to sleep, excited for what tomorrow has in store!


Wednesday 21st July Sports Day, Hiking, Lake Day & Ropes Course

After an educational morning for languages our students enjoyed a lunch at the camp before splitting for their afternoon activities. The Discovery groups both went to different ropes courses to practice their skills in being monkey… it was really nice to see them helping each other up in the trees and working together. Our Explorers split into two groups. One group challenged themselves in a gruelling but scenic nature hike while tjhe other half of the group ventured to Le Chable for mountain biking, tennis & swimming in the outdoor pool. The Pioneers finally had their much-anticipated second trip to the lake with banana boating, giant water slide & tubing and came back shattered after a really rewarding day.

For the dinner our younger campers enjoyed a BBQ up on the mountain while our eldest group sampled the Val de Bagnes local delicacy, Raclette. After dinner the Discovery group played tribal games and ate marshmallows around a campfire, the explorers had a torchlight walk and the pioneers pitched to the dragons in our dragons’ dan challenge night.


Tuesday 19th July – EXCURSION DAY!!

Today the weather was super sunny and a heatwave is expected for the rest of the week.

All campers woke up elated and excited to be going on an excursion outside of Verbier.

Discoveries went to the Cailler Chocalate factory to find out the history of chocolate and  to see how it is made. They were lucky to try many kinds of chocalate, white, milk, dark and more! After this interesting and tasty part of the excursion, Disoveries visited historic Swiss caves and the beautiful city of Vevey.

Explorers and Pioneers shared their excursions. Some of them visited the Olympic Museum and had a cultural visit to Lausanne. Another group of students visited the very interesting Einstein museum and the capital city, Bern. The third group went to Montreux and Chaplin’s World, a famous Charlie Chaplin Museum located in the house he lived.

After dinner our Discoveries had fun playing competetive games around the campus, while Explorers had a brain storming evening- they showed a lot of creativity and design, inventing new mobile apps, while monitors were judges and invested in their business ideas.
In the evening Pioneers challenged themselves in Escape Rooms, where they had to show their team skills and quick thinking to find a way out in 60 minutes.

The third week of this session is going to be really hot! We are ready for that 🙂


Explorers & Pioneers:

18th July – Leadership day, La Tzoumaz, clubs and optionals day

Today was a very busy day at Les Elfes campus. Lots of the pioneers, explorers and discoveries had the leadership day where they heard inspirational speeches and participated in communication excercises in the campus and around Verbier. They went on a treasure hunt and had a trip to The Escape Rooms.

The other kids enjoyed first-aid training in the sunshine, and then had a trip to the outdoor pool to cool off.

Our discoveries went to La Tzoumaz on the other side of the mountain where they played outdoor games and enjoyed the nature. Another group of discoveries had arts and crafts and cooking club today (where they made cookies) .

After free time, the pioneers played La Fuerer, and the discoveries went on a torchlight walk up the mountain. The explorers had dine out tonight and so they went to the creperie for dinner and had a great time.

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Sunday 17th July 2016 Bridge Swinging & Mt. Fort visit

The students began their day with language lessons, followed by a nice lunch together at the camp before splitting for their afternoon activities.

After lunch the Pioneers travelled to the Bridge Swinging activity, a leap of faith and a memorable experince for all of our campers. They enjoyed a stunning hike through the valley followed by a jump from a platform, swinging 50ft above the river below.

Meanwhile… our younger campers, both the Discovery and Explorer groups, ventured to the top of the highest peak in the resort Mt. Fort at 3330 metres. They took a range of different ski lifts up through the mountains, enjoying the beautiful views before reaching the very top where it is possible to see all the way to Mt. Blanc in France and where some of our students had the chance to play in snow for the first time! On the way back our Discovery group took lifts for most of the journey while some of our more adventurous Explorers chose to hike back down from the mid-station of the lift.

It was a fantastic day full of sunshine so a perfect day to visit the outdoor swimming pool during FreeTime before dinner and evening activities.

Our Discovery students designed superhero outfits with plastic bags, our Explorers worked together to choreograph a music video around the camp and our Pioneers had a choice between a pizza and movie night at camp and eating out at one of the nice restaurants in the town.


International Day

It is always a special day at camp when International Day comes around. It is a chance for us to celebrate the diversity within our camp with each of our students presenting about a country for the other members of their groups.

In Explorers and Pioneers students presented about their home country while, in Discovery, some chose their own country while others chose a country which interests them or even a make-believe country. It is a nice opportunity to hear the thoughts of each group member and to spend a little time respecting their fellow group members and appreciating learning some new things.

Friday 15th July 2016 The students return home

So it has been a busy 36 hours for our students here at camp, after languages yesterday the students packed their things for an exciting overnight stay, with each group travelling to a different location.

Our Discovery students travelled to a different resort, Crans-Montana for activities in the forest, high ropes and sleepovers. Our younger campers had a campfire, made costumes to look like Native American Indians and danced around the fire while our older Discovery students had a big sleepover night at the campsite in Montana where they all slept in a big bunk room and had a slumber party. In the morning the groups had fun in the trees at the ropes course, had a little workout in the outdoor gym and even tried their hand at Slacklining… what a great experience.

Our Explorer groups had an even more challenging experience with the stunning, but gruelling hike to Cabane Lac Tannay they spent their night in a remote mountain location where they could enjoy the natural beauty and really bond with the rest of their group. They have returned to camp and even tighter and close-knit group and its fantastic to see how the experience has impacted many of them.

Finally, the Pioneers had possibly the most action packed activity. They visited the aqua park yesterday before a night of camping (a first experience for many) by Lac Lemàn. In the morning they split into two groups for kayak and paddle-board expeditions to their pick-up points to finish off their unique trip. Again the group has returned to camp envigorated and full of energy!

This evening after dinner we have had a number of different activities. The Explorers, shattered after their difficult hike, had a movie night and a chance to relax. The two discovery groups split with the younger campers making finger puppets while the older ones played mini golf… some of them were so good they may even win an ice cream as a reward tomorrow. The Pioneers had an enetertaining theatre night of sharades.

Tomorrow we have International Day with all of our campers which will be a really great chance for them to truly understand the unique international experience they have here at camp!

Well done to those who really pushed their boundaries in the past 36 hours!

Wednesday, July 13th: Hike, Climbing, Aquapark, Mountain Biking and Disco Night.

Today was another cloudy day. However, the kids woke up happy and excited for the day. They all first had to study several languages, had lunch and then went on activities.

The Discovery Group 1 went hiking in the mountain of Verbier. They took the gondolas up to 2000 meters high and enjoyed a little walk in the nature. The second group went down to Martigny were they could improve their climbing skills. They went in an indoor climbing room and loved it. They all were really good at it and climbed really high and fast.

The Explorer Group were all together today they went down to Bouveret to the Water Park. They had so much fun ! Slides, tubing, waving pool, lazy river, …. Everything was put together to make them have an awesome day. They loved it so much that they did not want to leave the park to go back to Verbier.

The Pioneers went either mountain biking or trottinetting. Despite the cloudy weather they really enjoyed it. They also took the gondolas up to 2000 meters, where part of them went biking across the mountains and then back to Les Elfes, while the others were trottinetting downhill to Verbier. Trottinetting is a kind of scooter without motor on what you stand up.

Once all the groups went back to Les Elfes they could enjoy some free time. Most of them used this time to get ready for the evening activity : Disco Night. After dinner, they all went to a real night club in Verbier called Etoile Rouge that was exclusively open for Les Elfes. They had so much fun, dancing, singing, drinking mocktails (without alcohol), laughing, and so on. Finally they all went back to  Les Elfes, went to bed happy of their days.


Tuesday 12th July – Language excursion day!

We woke up to cloud and rain this morning which was a nice break from the extremely hot weather we have been experiencing in Verbier.  The campers ate breakfast, packed there bags appropriately and gathered in there groups, ready to visit some of the most iconic and exciting places in Switzerland!

The discoveries visited Servion Zoo and they got to see many exciting animals that they had never seen before! They had a picnic lunch of sandwiches and afterwards they were very lucky to be visiting the Charlie Chaplin Mueseum which was very interesting. There were two buildings about the biography of Charlie himself and many fascinating wax figures that the discoveries were intrigued by. There was also a cinema room about the history of Mr Chaplin and the campers learnt lots of new and exciting facts. Overall, it was a great day!

The explorers were ecstatic to be visiting the chocalate and cheese factory and Alimenterium Muesuem in Vevey. The chocalate tour itself was very interactive and they absolutely loved learning about swiss chocalate and also more importantlz, eating lots and lots of it! They also visited the Alimenterium Muesuem where they learnt lots of facts about nutrition, food and how cheese is made and the process of manufacturing.

The pioneers ventured to Geneva for the day and they visited two incredible muesuems – the Natural History Muesuem and more importantly the United Nations. It was a fantastic, educative experience for the pioneers and they also got some time to see Geneva town and go shopping for souvenirs and presents for family and friends.

Everyone arrived back at camp in time for dinner. They were all starving from the busy day and ate lots of pasta with bolognase, cheese or tomato sauce and fruit salad for dessert!

For the evening activities, Discoveries had a Pajama party in the cinema room where they watched a movie with lots of pillows to lie on and ate lots of yummy popcorn flavours!

The explorers put there design hats on and participated in a very successful bin bag fashion show. They were put into teams of six and designed an item of clothing and then made it out of a black bin bag, string, tape, coloured paper and glue. The end products were amazing and there was great song choices and the models really worked the catwalk!

Pioneers played who wants to be a millionaire which tested there general knowledge and proved very competitive but an enjoyable activity all the same.

After a misty, foggy day, all campers went to bed, ready for the next day of camp!

11th July

This morning everyone carried on learning their languages, and then there was pizza for everyone for lunch.

This afternoon our little Discovery 1 team went to the St Bernard centre, where they were able to stroke real St Bernards, learn about the dogs and the area, and then they went to the gift shop to buy the cute cuddly toys.

The Discovery 2 team had sports day in Le Chable, and even though it was really hot, they were fantastic.  they played football, hockey, basketball and mountain biking.

The Explorers 1 team went climbing in Verbier, and then had a round of mini golf.

The Explorers 2 team went on trotinnettes and mountain biking up the big mountain.

Meanwhile the Pioneers went underground to escape the heat on a tour of the swiss salt mines. They were able to dig for salt using a chizel, they rode the train, they pushed the wagons and they tasted the natural salt.

This evening we all went ice skating together, and those that were too tired to go out played board games all night.  A good time was had by all.

13646779_1089950117717828_1814565247_o 13621624_1728116427443334_1623811745_o IMG_20160711_141602 13639934_10153595115676576_11378198_o 13616381_10157403914405354_62534329_o 13639580_10157403914305354_500150660_o

Sunday 10th July – Olympic Games, Baratin BBQ and Hike!!

A very intensive day is passed in Verbier and now we even more as new students have joined our summer camp!

This morning Pioneers came back  from the mountain hut in La Tzoumaz and on the way down they met Explorers who had hiking to have BBQ lunch in Baratin!
Discovery team enjoyed sunny day up in the mountains as well. We hiked and had picnic lucnh with stunning view to the beautiful Alps.
Discoveries really enjoyed the main activity of the day- The Olymipc games!

We welcomed many new students arriving today, but afternoon was spent by the outdoors swimming pool. So good to cool down in this hot day!
After dinner we played team building and fun games around the campus and… of course we watched the Euro Cup Final!

We are excited to start new week with new adventures 🙂