Friday 26th August

Today discoveries had a fantastic day at the lake. They went banana boating, tubing, paddle boarding and played lots of fun games in and out of the water. It was very hot down there, so they put lots of suncream on and had a really really fun time.

Explorers and pioneers went to the ropes course in the morning and then had a great afternoon at the lake, joining the discoveries.

It was a super way to end an amazing summer camp session and we had prize giving in the evening, where we gave lots of special awards and special mentions out to many of the campers. Lots of photos were taken and happy faces and we then showed them the music video and slide show.

All campers said there goodbyes and got eachothers phone numbers and emails and then went to there rooms to pack ready to leave in the morning.

We will miss you all 🙁 !!! It has truly been a FANTASTIC summer!!! 🙂

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Thursday 25th August

It is the final day of language lessons today and I think the students were quite happy about this! The planned activity of the day was for discoveries to go mountain biking and explorineers went rock climbing in Sembrancher. It was a very hot day reaching low thirties and it was very important that everyone put suncream on because the sun was super strong.

The discoveries had a super afternoon on the bikes looking at amazing views, taking photos and eating ice creams. The explorers and pioneers split into two groups, one went climbing on the many different rock faces and the others relaxed in the sun playing cards or played a game of football. They then swapped over and the other group got to take it in turns for climbing.

They came back to camp and enjoyed their free time by chilling by the pool, shopping for souvenirs in town or just relaxing in camp starting to pack up their belongings, especially the children who have been here for a month or even two months.

Dinner was fish, cocktail sauce and tomato rice. Then, we went downstairs to the DISCO!!! At the disco, we saw everyone dress in their best clothes, dance, laugh, sing and just have an amazing night with their new friends from all over the world.

Night everyone 🙂

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Wednesday 24th August – Sports day and Rope course

Today we woke up to boiling hot sunshine here in Verbier and lots of energetic, happy campers.

They ate a healthy breakfast and went to their designated language classes. The planned activity for the day for discoveries was to visit the ropes course in Sion and explorineers participated in a sports day.

Before they went on the ropes course, they were given a strict safety briefing on how to use the harness, caribenaas and safety locks. It was vital they listened to this carefully and they all remained quiet and well behaved listening to the chief ropes guide. They had a wicked time swinging through the trees like tarzan and testing all the different games, whether it was swinging ladders or logs or climbing poles up in the trees, they did it all!

Explorineers played golf in the morning and then they went to the sports centre and tried their luck at tennis. They were given rackets and balls and played either doubles or singles and also king of the court. It got extremely hot playing, so they eventually went to the outdoor pool to relax and some decided to play a competitive game of volleyball whilst others tested their diving skills on the big diving board. The campers who did not want to play tennis and golf, caught the gondola up the mountain and went trotinetting, speeding down the hills at fast pace with the wind and dust blowing in their faces.

After an extremely action packed day, we ate cheeseburgers and fries for dinner and then went to the organized evening activity. Discoveires played a music quiz outside, guessing song names, dance offs and many more fun activities. Explorineers played the apprentice and had to design and build a monument that they would give as gift to Switzerland from their home countries as a gesture of good will. It was essentially a gift tower and the ideas and products were immense.

Thats all folks for the news for today,

Goodnight 🙂

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Tuesday 23rd August

Today was an excursion day for everyone 🙂 Discovery group went to Gruyeres Cheese factory and Callier chocolate factory. Can you imagine how excited they were..? From the distance you can feel amazing chocolate aroma ..mmm..:) During the visit they were learning about chocolate orgins, the tour was finished, chocolate tasting!! Thats what everyone was waiting for :)) In the cheese factory they met “Cherry” – the cow, which told them story about milk and cheese production. They could even see a bit of cheese making process in practice. The excursion finished with suvenires shopping in Montreux near the Geneva lake. Explorers and Pioneers went to Olympic Museum in Lausanne. To get inside you need to walk many steps up. On every second step its written the olympic date and place from the beginning. Museum is situated on the hill close Geneva lake with beautiful scenery all around. With the olympics having just finished, it was a great time to go and visit this fantastic museum, where you can feel the atmosphere and inspiration of Pierre de Coubertin. Excursion finished with suvenire shopping in center of Lausanne. At the evening all our campers went on an ice rink for ice skating and play some hockey. It was a great fun for everyone 🙂 Yes it was a long day full of atractions, now its time to sleep, get rest for next comming day.

Good night 😉

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Monday 22nd August

Today was an interesting and very intelluctual day in les elfes – Optionals day!!

Discoveries had the choice of either doing arts and theatre down in le chable. Here they participated in painting and exploring their creative minds.  or a visit to a historic castle in Martigny and the Western world attraction close by where they played on trotinettes and mini ropes courses all wild west theme. It was super cool for them!

Explorers and Pioneers who had signed up for leadership and career day went up the mountain with our resort manager to learn about the skills you need in later life. They were first tested on their teamwork skills and were told to build a tower out of marshmellows and spagetti. They also had lots of discussions on what makes a great leader and advice that they can take on board when they are starting to think about colleges and later life.  The other half of the group went to web identity where they learnt about the safety measures on social media and how important privacy settings are. After they relaxed at the pool before going to their etiquette session at Chalet Adrian. Here, they learnt how to set tables formally and many other interesting things.

In the afternoon, some campers had intensive languages and headed off in the mini buses. Others went shopping in town or chilled by the pool.

In the evening, we ate dinner and then all campers joined together to make one massive music video. We chose the song `no money’ by Galantis which all students knew very well. They got into groups and chose dance moves and funny fancy dress and the end product will be shown to them at prize giving on friday. I bet they cannot wait to see it!!

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Sunday 21 August – BARATIN BBQ

This morning, campers were a little tired from a long week of exciting activities and learning through adventure. They had language classes as per usual after munching a delicious breakfast of french croissants, orange juice and an assortment of cereals. After, they had their daily group meeting to explain the plan for the day.

Lunch was different because we had organized a big mountain BBQ over in Savoleyeres. Discoveries then participated in a sports day where they played tennis, golf and football with the monitors. Some had a great afternoon on the driving range practicing their gold shots. Other discoveries who were not fond of golf,  went cycling instead around Verbier and up the mountain and had a terrific time. Explorers and Pioneers either cycled back down on mountain bikes or the more extreme, more adventurous campers decided to Trotinette. Trotinetting, essentially is a fast mountain scooter! It was a very sportive, exciting and energetic afternoon for all and it was also great because the sun came out for us too!! 🙂

In the evening, discoveries designed some incredible itmes of clothing made from only bin bags. They chose the music, model and they really worked the catwalk with great dance moves and poses. The older campers played who wants to be a millionaire, a quiz, testing their general knowledge and the the prize is to win ” a million pounds ” .

The evening came to a close with lots of tired but happy faces ready for a new day tomorrow.


Today, rain clouds surrounded Verbier but it did not matter because we had far more important things to be excited about, celebrating the one , the only international day!!

Students went to their daily language classes and then enjoyed a gigantic international feast where they ate different cuisines from all over the world. After filling their bellies with delicious food and desserts, they divided into groups of their home countries or they could choose a country that they were studying as their language. We gave them pens, paper, paints etc and they created beautiful brightly coloured presentations. Some were seriously impressive and it really showed their artistic and creative personalities.

Afterwards, we sat down and watched all the individual or group presentations. It was a very interesting afternoon and we all learnt many new exciting facts about countries all over the world.

In the afternoon, students went into town to go shopping or others stayed and chilled, playing games inside because it was rainy outside. Dinner was served and then this evening was clubs. Discoveries had a great time making bracelets and designing and building bridges. Explorineers cooked a batch of magnicent, not to mention extremely tasty brownies and the others had a laugh playing WII dance downstairs in the cinema room 🙂

Goodnight 🙂

19th August – Excursion day

After the rains of yesterday Les Elfes campus woke up to a beautiful blue sky and a great day.

Today was excursion day. The discovery group travelled to the city of Vevey nestled on the north shore of lake Geneva. Whilst there they visited Chaplins world, a museum dedicated the life of famous actor and silent comedian Charlie Chaplin. The kids learnt about his life and his greatest films, some even talked about becoming comedians or actors themselves.

After the visit the kids then had a relaxing picnic lunch out by the lake before doing some site seeing and shopping in the city.

The Explorer and Pioneer groups also went on their own excursion to the Cheese and Chocolate factory. Everyone knows that Swiss chocolate is the best in the world and here the kids learnt about the history of how this chocolate is made along with how the company “Cailler” came into existence.

After the tour of both factories we then took a small bus ride to the city of Montreux, home to famous Queen lead singer Freddie Mercury. The kids enjoyed site seeing and shopping before heading back home to Verbier.

In the evening the older two groups enjoyed a movie that we had set up outside on the football field and the younger ones battled it out for the prize of music quiz champion.

A fantastic day enjoyed by all.

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August 18th: Rock Climbing and Labyrinth

Discovery students are very happy little campers. Running around, smiling but b

est of all these students have managed to create a very cosy and comfortable atmosphere at the campus. They have bonded very well this session, making new friends and following instructions very well. Today the students started with languages, practicing new words, sentences, learning new and exciting games. The students headed off to the Labyrinth after lunch with Les Elfes buses. They had a wonderful experience finding the way around inside the maze. There are many games to play on at the Labyrinthe therefore the children were busy for the whole afternoon. After challenging the students with games and quizes the students headed back to Les Elfes.

Explorers / Pioneers students, had a great time at the outdoor rock climbing center. The group leader was impressed by the effort the student made to get the most out of their climbing. We taught the students how to climb with correct posture, style and gave them new tips on how to make knots for climbing. All of the students climbed.

This evening our students will head to the mountian for a BBQ dinner and walk back with torches. Meanwhile Discovery students will join them but take the bus home for an early evening to bed after a long day at camp.

Please check out these photos below… very exciting indeed!

August 16th-17th: MOUNTAIN HUT TRIP

This morning, students were very excited about going to stay overnight somewhere new and different in Switzerland. They went to their daily language classes, filled their bellies up with pizza, salad and quiche for lunch, packed their rucksacks for the adventure and jumped onto the buses.

Discoveries went to the Bonatchiesse teepes near Verbier. It was very cool for them to be staying in big tent size teepes and some slept in normal tents too. It was a beautiful area for a trip away and they made a big campfire and ate lots of marshmellows and smores. They told lots of stories and sang camp songs and had a great evening, laughing and sharing memories with other campers from around the world. The following morning, they woke up and ate a yummy breakfast of cereal, bread, jam and butter. They then built shelters out of wood and took an amazing trip to the dam near by. Some younger campers took the bus and others walked through a very long tunnel where the kids shouted to hear their echos. It was a great 48 hours for the youngsters and they returned to les elfes in the evening with beaming smiles and many stories to share with the older campers.

Explorers and pioneers went to Lac Tanay, a beautiful picturesque lake situated an hour away from Verbier. They took the bus and hiked up to the traditional mountain hut. The landlady explained the rules and showed the campers to their assigned dormitories. It was very hot and they even could use their pocket money to buy ice creams. After, they went into the forest to collect firewood to make a big camp fire next to the lake. They had a delicious dinner of salad, spagetti bolognase and creme brulee made especially for them by the landlady. They then cooked marshmellows outside over the fire, told ghost stories and even sang songs. It was a warm evening and they all throughly enjoyed themselves. The following day, they hiked up to a stunning waterfall, had a picnic lunch by the lake and even went swimming in the lake. Some were very adventurous and jumped off the rocks. After, they played a big game of capture the flag and then hiked back down to the buses.

In the evening, discoveries had a pajama party with popcorn, sweets, soft drinks and movies. Explorineers played a VERY competitive game of BOYS VS GIRLS and the atmosphere was absolutely brilliant!!

image image image image image image image image

August 15th – Lake day & rock climbing

It is the last session and the first full day of activities for the new campers. They woke up to brilliant blue skies, ate breakfast and went to their language classes. For many, it was exciting going to their first class, learning lots of new useful vocabulary and words.

After, they had a group meeting, packed their rucksacks appropriatley and jumped onto the minibuses. Discoveries went rock climbing down in Sembrancher. They were divided into two groups, one went climbing first and the others had a great game of football on the pitch below. They were given helmets and a safety briefing on how to wear the harness and they began with the easier rock face. They had a fantastic afternoon climbing different walls, testing their abilities and all came back to camp with beaming smiles.

Explorineers went to the lake this afternoon in the port du valais. They set up base with their towels and belongings and ran straight into the lake to cool down. It was extremely hot down by the lake and the campers swam, went on the gigantic blow up waterslide, paddle boarding and tubing. It was an extemely action packed afternoon and they returned to camp just before dinner, tired but very happy with their experience.

Dinner was served and then all campers went ice skating down at the sports centre!! We made sure they were all wearing helmets and took sticks for them to play hockey too. It was a very enjoyable evening for all! 🙂

New Magazine 2017

The new Magazine is here!

Les Elfes is extremely proud to announce the launch of its first magazine, hard copies available now for free delivery, simply request from the contact form below, alternatively you can download an e version.

Why a magazine after all these years I here you ask? We have always used separate brochures, winter, spring and summer, however it is 30 years next year since the founding of Les Elfes and we wanted to bring all aspects of the company into one magazine.

Covering all aspects of the camp whether it is how the activities are structured in Winter, to which excursion destinations are visited each week, or even information about the food, staff or rooms, it is all there. Don’t miss out and order now, our team of postmen will send them to you swiftly. See the link attached to receive a copy accordingly.

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August 14th – Arrivals day, Welcome speech, Ice breaking games

Today we had arrivals day for students comming for Session 6 Summer Camp. For those students who came quite early in the morning we went to the town to show how nice and beautifucl it is here 🙂 Students were arriving throughout the day, so our Welcome Speech was at 18.00 (6 pm). The resort manager, Adam welcomed everybody, introducing the Les Elfes Staff, explaining expectations from students and finally the camp rules. Students are split in two groups – DISCOVERY and EXPLORERS&PIONEERS. After meeting with the RM,  we had one more meeting in the smaller groups with Groups Leaders where more rules were explained and the weekly schedule of all the exciting activities they were going to be doing. After dinner we played Ice Breaking games. Discoveries and explorineers had their seperate integration games. Now we are sure that everyone knows each others names and knows a bit about new friends. We are so happy to start Session 6 Summer Camp, cant wait for tomorrow.. :)))

14037498_10208194615681701_1294420785_o 14037407_10207162328921062_101903058_o 14037421_10207162329161068_1804079476_o 14037834_10208660049592054_849415729_o 13918710_10208660049632055_2117908756_o

August 12th – Lake day, ropes course and bridge swinging

It is the final day of activities for many campers and what better way to spend it at the lake tubing and banana boating or swinging through the trees!! No one had languages this morning and they were all very pleased about that! They ate a big breakfast, packed there bags and jumped on the minibuses

Discoveries spent the entire day at the lake in the glorious sunshine. They went tubing, kayaking, banana boating and paddle boarding. It was very hot and the youngsters enjoyed splashing in the water, going down the big blow up water slide and playing bat and ball. Others who felt tired relaxed on there towels in the sunshine and even got ice creams.

In the morning, explorers went to the ropes course situated in Aigle. They listened to the safety instructions attentively and began on the yellow and green courses. Once they got the hang of it, they advanced to the blue and red courses. They climbed lots of wobbly ladders, bridges, zip lined and it really tested there independence as the safety is completely up the the individual. They had a delicious picnic lunch of sandwiches, farmer bars, fruit and water and then jumped on the coach to the lake in Bouveret. They had a fantastic time banana boating, tubing and paddle boarding and they even joined in with the discoveries.

Pioneers were ecstatic to be going bridge swinging and even though the majority were scared, they thoroughly enjoyed the morning testing their fears. They had a yummy picnic lunch also and then headed to laser tag. Now, this was a very competitive and exciting afternoon. They split into two teams, red and blue, got there gear on and went into the laser room. There were three different rooms and the teams used tactics to hide and try shoot the other team. Their were even some very sneaky snipers!!

In the evening, they enjoyed there last dinner and then attended the prize giving ceremony. There were many awards given, laughter, cries and great achievements. The star campers were highly deserved and we even allowed campers to show their hidden talents. We showed them a slideshow of there time here at camp and the music video they made a week ago.

After saying there goodbyes, exchanging numbers and emails, the campers got an early night ahead of departure day tomorrow.



This morning started bright and early with language classes. After some free time and lunch of pasta, the three groups separated for the afternoon activities. Our discoveries tested their nerve at the high ropes course where they jumped and climbed, and swang, and played all afternoon. The explorers went off to Sembrancher to go rock climbing on the natural rock in the warm alpine sunshine and the pioneers enjoyed their lake day by the beautiful clear water where they went tubing, banana boating and paddle boarding. This evening after dinner was a very special night because it is the disco to celebrate the end of session five. All the campers set off to Etoile Rouge (a very exclusive nightclub) looking extremely glamorous and ready for a party.

10th August. Sports Day & Aqua Park, BBQ & Clubs night

Today students did a lot of sport activities. After language lessons Pioneers went to Aqua park and had an amazing time. Explorers had sports day- tennis, volleyball, minigolf and trottinettes, while our little ones went for nature hike and played tennis and minigof in Le Chable village.

This evening pioneers and explorers had BBQ & games night in La Hatey, while discovery were split in two groups- one had cooking class and Dance club.
Kids really enjoyed playing with ingredients and decorating cookies. In dance club they learned ceilidh- Scotish dancing.

14001941_1108649455847894_1695311613_o 13977993_10208167193036152_934549206_o 13987277_10208167194196181_663781492_o 14001747_1108649602514546_1264218647_o

Tuesday 9th August – EXCURSION DAY

Today campers were buzzing like bees to be visiting lots of iconic places in Switzerland.

Discoveries visited the brand new Nestle muesum called `THE NEST` based in Vevey. The brilliant thing about this muesum is that it is interactive with lots of sounds, games and moving animation. They learnt lots of interesting facts about Nestle and got to try out 3D glasses and have a virtual tour , as if they were flying across lake geneva! After they went to a big shopping mall in Vevey and it was the perfect place to buy souvenirs for families, friends and themselves.

Explorers were super excited to be visiting the Cailler chocalate factory. They went on an interactive tour, learning about the start of chocalate and how it originated to the actual processsing and factory making. They tried lots of samples of white, milk and dark chocalate and even got to buy lots in the shop for loved ones!! After they visited the cheese factory in Gruyere and learnt about how it is made etc. They even saw the workers manufacturing the big blocks of cheese. After, they visited a beautiful castle and they had a picnic lunch there too in the basking sunshine.

Pioneers had a fabulous day out visiting the infamous Einstein muesum. They learnt all about the history and life of Einstien and the reason as to why he is such an iconic scientist. They also visited Bern, another important place in Switzerland.

In the evening, discoveries and explorers had a pasta party for dinner with tomato, cheese, bolognase as sauce! Discoveries played Apprentice, explorers cooked some magnificent pizzas ( both sweet and savoury) and the sportive ones played football outside. Pioneers went out for a lovely dinner in verbier town and had great fun chatting, eating delicious swiss food and generally enjoying the ambience.

Monday 8th August

Today was a new and exciting day in camp, a day full of learning!

Campers woke up early, ate breakfast and had the usual group meeting. The campers were told the schedule for the day and were designated into the following groups – leadership, etiquette and web identity, first aid, arts, cooking & theatre , career and fitness.

In leadership the children learnt lots of facts about teamwork and played many games involving critical thinking and concentrating on working as a group. They also went to the escape rooms in teams of seven or eight and had a really exciting time trying to get out of the room in under 60 minutes. They also did a scavenger hut, testing there team work and group knowledge!

The first aiders learnt how to use CPR and to tie bandages and slings and many more interesting facts about giving first aid to an individual. They did lots of practical exercises and after the course had finished, they really felt like they learnt something new and could even help in a first aid situation if needs be.

The etiquette and web identity group learnt about the safety online using social media and were asked questions of what they think is the right or wrong thing to do whilst using networks such as Facebook, Instagram etc. For etiquette, they were taught table manners and how to set a table correctly for a formal dinner occasion. It was a very worthwhile and informative day for sure!

For arts and cooking, they went down to le chable, did lots of painting of nature ( animals, sunsets and planets ) . They also made some cookies and decorated them creatively. The theatre group also had a great time testing there acting skills and playing lots of acting games.

Fitness group went up the mountain with one of our staff members (Eddie) and did a workout with beautiful scenery and also participated in a yoga session. It was very relaxing and some great photos were taken to show the stunning views.

In the evening, discoveries played boys VS girls, involving lots of games and competition. Explorers played La fureur, a song competition with lots of sing offs, dancing etc. Pioneers went on a peaceful night walk around the old town of Verbier. They used maps and compasses to guide themselves backt to les elfes. After a long day, campers went to bed, ready for what is in store for tomorrow!13987711_10208609883657937_1586920937_o 13932156_10208609883337929_1266496082_o 13950861_10208609883257927_1180188624_o 13932083_10208609883177925_2145170267_o 13936625_10153574543791566_1107801709_n 13957385_10153574543706566_287572588_n 13957480_10153574543541566_740452776_n 13941107_10153574543021566_1561636962_n 13918529_10154442650103656_863531249_o 13931666_1107069789339194_327028595_o 13932163_1107069902672516_795815819_o 13951038_1107069822672524_1731816455_o 13977930_10154442650153656_1572126917_o 13978359_10154442650318656_1184552069_o 13987064_10154442650058656_360944714_o 13987944_1107069879339185_1823524715_o

Sunday 7th August

Yesterday, students woke up, ate breakfast and went to their designated languages.

Lunch was different because all campers jumped into the minibuses and drove up to the Baratin to have a BBQ with amazing views of Verbier. Each group had a team photo and then the discoveries and explorers hiked back down to Les elfes. They stopped at many beautiful waterfalls and streams and even took there shoes off and had a paddle barefoot because it was so hot up the mountain. The pioneers either mountain biked or trotinetted down the mountain at fast speeds, it was a great adventure for them all.

After the long hike, they reached camp and signed up for the free time or optionals. Many decided to visit the town and go shopping and bought lots of yummy treats and swiss chocalte. Others decided to go hang at the swimming pool, jumping off diving boards and buying ice creams.

In the evening, discoveries group made a music video and we saw some very funny, creative dance moves and some great costumes from the fancy dress box. Explorers either went on dine out, to a restaraunt called Pergola and had lots of yummy pizzas and pasta. The others stayed at camp and had clubs evening where they cooked lots of pizzas and pastry fruit pies. Pioneers also joined the clubs evening, joining the explorers for cooking or learning cool new football tricks outside or playing a competitive volley ball match.

Overall, it was a very successful day!!!




6th August – ** INTERNATIONAL DAY **

This morning as per usual, the campers woke up, ate breakfast and headed to there language classes.

Today was a special day because all campers were going to be representing their home countries and nationalities. They also could choose a country they were passionate about or did not know much about, to research and present.  They divided into groups, dependant on how many were from the country itself. They were given paper, pens, face paint, to devise a fantastic performance and presentation. They mentioned the national flag, traditional food, drink, festivities and values.

They also consumed a mighty international feast of swiss racelette, kebab, flafel, meatballs and many other traditional cuisines from all over the world. This evening the dicoveries went ice skating, and the explorers and pioneers teamed up to do the music video to Justin Timberlake Can’t Stop The Feeling, and they went crazy dancing and having fun.

5th August – Excursion Day

Excursion day today!
Our discoveries all went to the chocolate and cheese factory to find out how Switzerland’s most famous exports are made. They even got to taste the cheese and chocolate.
The Ideas team went over to Italy for a tour of the castle and the ancient town where they were able to eat Italian gelato.
Explorers went to NEST – the awesome interactive museum of Nestle were they learnt about all the things Nestle does for the community. After their picnic lunch they visited the mall in Vevey for some retail therapy.
Pioneers went to Geneva for a tour of the United Nations, the second largest UN offices in the world. They had a guided tour before visiting a park for lunch in the sunshine. Then they had some free time to discover the city, eat some snacks and buy some souvenirs.

When everyoner came back we had dinner and then the older kids had fun ice skating. For some it was the first time with skates on, and others were able to show off their skills. Our discoveries made amazing postcards for the evening activity to tell their family all about their Les Elfes adventure.