Friday 31st March. Ski race, Prize giving and packing.

Crans Montana. Friday 31st of March.

All the campers woke up on their final day of skiing to beautiful blue skies. All the ski instructors have been highly impressed, the beginners have managed to accomplish their first red run which is a major achievement. The advanced groups has conquered the glacier run with great skill and style whilst improving their technique. In the afternoon all the groups participated in the ski race, which showed us some amazing new little ski racers.

This afternoon all the campers came back for hot chocolate and snacks. We then had prize giving where the results from the ski race where announced and special prizes given out. There where smiley faces all around at prize giving. Packing and games followed. All the instructors and animators have had an amazing week teaching these campers.

Looking forward to our last night with these campers and looking forward to welcoming are new set of campers tomorrow.


We have had a fantastic day to highlight the end of a brilliant with our schools and individuals here on camp. Everyone was full of energy this morning and ready to get out skiing for the last time. They have improved tremendously since the start of the week and their attitude on and off the slopes has seriously impressed both the instructors and animation staff.

This afternoon we had outdoor and indoor games as well as town to buy those all important souveniers. One group also enjoyed a milkshake at the milk bar and had a look round the free ride world tour stalls in the village. This evening we all celebrated everyones achievements at tonights prize giving. The instructors awarded medals for yesterdays ski race as well as special prizes. The animation team gave out prizes for this weeks star campers and the tidiest rooms. Afterwards it was time to head down to the cinema room to watch the slideshow and the music video. We have had a brilliant week and want to thank our campers here for their enthusiasm and energy and hope to see them again next year!


30th March – Skiing, Snowboarding, Race Day, BBQ and Disco!

Today has been full of action with our ski race taking place in La Chaux. All our groups had the opportunity to take part in an exciting slalom style race, where they were competing for a first place position with the quickest time. Everyone had a great time, and are now eager to find out their results which we will reveal at our prize giving on Friday. After they were treated to a lovely BBQ in the sunshine, enjoying the views and of course the food! What a day!

Back at camp on of our schools headed out to enjoy a milkshake and a crepe at Café in town, a great way for them to socialise and laugh about their funny moments so far. Others chose to do some souvenir shopping, buying presents for friends and family back home whilst the rest chilled out at camp and made the most of the great weather by playing games outside.

Tonight everyone had lots of fun at our weekly disco. Everyone had been looking forwards to it and it great seeing everyone smiling and dancing away with old and new friends!


Crans Montana. Thursday 30th March. 149 726

Another action packed day in Crans Montana; with a full day skiing on the mountain for all the campers. We had beautiful warm sunny weather here which all the campers enjoyed. The beginner groups continue to improve; with the intermediate groups impressing their instructors at every turn.

Everyone came back for hot chocolate and snacks; then this afternoon we hosted a wii and table football competition, which all the campers enjoyed. Followed by the legendary disco held at the pub in Crans town. We had some amazing dancers this year, with everyone pulling out their best moves.

All the campers are looking forward to their last day of skiing in Crans Montana.







29th March – Skiing, Snowboarding, Excursion, Outdoor Games and La Fureur!

Today has been full on with plenty of activities and excitement. One of our schools were up and out skiing and snowboarding in the beautiful sunshine, learning more from their instructors and exploring new slopes. One group took a picnic and enjoyed their lunch in the 4 Valleys – what a treat!

For one of our schools it was excursion day, a chance to have a rest from the mountain but to explore different parts of Switzerland. They headed to the chocolate and cheese factory which they loved and then on for some shopping in Vevey. For our individuals they had the opportunity to go to Chamonix and visit the Glaciers by train. After they had lunch in town followed by some retail therapy.

This afternoon we made the most of the sunshine and had activities and games outside including basketball, volleyball and Smite. Tonight was pretty craz


Crans Montana. Wednesday 29th March.

Day four with are campers here in Les Elfes. Again it was another blue bird day on the mountains. All the groups have continued to impress their instructors with their progression in skiing from both the beginner groups who are starting to parallel turn to the advanced who are now accomplishing more difficult techniques which they could not do at the beginning of the week.

The campers all came back for hot chocolate and snacks this afternoon. We then all went to the cinema where we saw the new Beauty and Beast movie, which everyone enjoyed immensely. After this we played the music quiz, which included guess the song, artist and act out a song name given. All the campers loved this and we found out they all had very loud singing voices.

Everyone is looking forward to tomorrow for more skiing and activities.






Tuesday 28th March Fashion show, Torchlight Walk, The Cube


Today was another fun filled day and the weather was great once again. Most campers have progressed to the mountain and it was some of their first time up there are they all said they really enjoyed it. All the instructors are very pleased with how hard everyone is working and how much they are progressing each day.

After skiing the camper had the chose of different activities which they all really enjoyed. These activities were to pop into town for some more shopping and maybe even a milkshake, play games at les elfes for example: football, basketball, card games, table tennis and many more. Some campers even got the option to do a fashion show where they dressed one of their friends up with different craft materials and they went down the catwalk showing off there creation.

In the evening the individuals had the option to go on dine out where they went to the village and had a lovely meal out. Another group here went on a lovely torchlight walk around verbier looking at the stunning views. The final group of campers did an activity called the cube which they all got very competitive at and competed against each other to win points for their teams.


Crans- Montana. Tuesday 28th March.

Another fun filled day had by all the campers. Again we woke up to a beautiful blue skied day. All of the beginner groups started on the mountain where they successfully navigated blue runs and a pommel lift. The more advanced groups tackled the glacier run which all groups enjoyed immensely, especially with the fantastic view.

All the campers came back for hot chocolate and snacks followed by shopping in Crans town. Where all the campers brought souvenirs for their families and amazing cakes from the bakery. This evening we played Crans vs Montana a game where two teams go head to head in games such as orange pass, balloon game and the mummy game. The teams where called the pink fluffy unicorns and the rainbow penguins.

All the campers have gone to bed now and looking forward to their fourth day skiing in Crans Montana.





Monday 27th March – Skiing, town, & Music Video

It has been a lovely sunny day here in Verbier with all our campers eager to get out this morning and get back on their skis. Our level ones were excellent again today and showed real determination to practice and pick up any tips their instructors gave them. Our more advanced skiers took the opportunity to explore more areas of the mountain and were practicing their parallel turns and carving. Everyone had a lot of fun and really impressed the instructors today.

This afternoon after some hot chocolate and snacks it was time for afternoon activities. Some ventured into town to see Verbier village and buy some souveniers for the family while others chilled back at camp playing in the games room.

This evening everyone took part in a music video where we filmed different groups performing their own choreography in some crazy fancy dress! It was an entertaining evening and everyone is looking forward to watching the final piece at prize giving.

Saturday 26th March – Skiing, baking, town & ice skating

It has been a wonderful first day for our new arrivals as they settle into camp. This morning they met their instructors for the first time and were introduced to the rest of their ski or snowboard  group. Everyone new to skiing went along to the beginner slope where they practiced putting skis on and off. Afterwards it was time to learn how to stop and do snow plow. The more experienced riders explored Verbier mountain and practiced improving their technique.

Everyone had a really fun day and returned to camp with smiley faces and lots of stories. This afternoon one school headed into Verbier town to have a look round while another group baked some delicious cookies! This evening we all went to the ice rink to do some skating and ice hockey before having a cup of hot chocolate back at Les Elfes.

Everyone is super excited to head back out tomorrow.



Crans – Montana. Sunday, 26th March.

We have all had an amazing first day skiing with all are new campers in Crans Montana. Everyone was woken up at 7.30 am to enjoy a filling breakfast and to get ready for the first day of skiing. All the new campers where split into 5 ski groups with 2 beginner groups. The beginner groups went to the magic carpet, where they learnt how to snow plow with some managing to parallel turn by the end of the day, whilst the other three intermediate ski groups explored the rest mountain and started to improve their individual ski technique ; even though the weather conditions where slightly foggy today all the ski groups managed amazingly well.

After skiing everyone came back for snacks and hot chocolate. This afternoons activity was Bin bag fashion show where all the campers split into 4 groups and made a costume based on the theme animal kingdom, we had a killer mouse, Tarzan, sausage dog and a narwhale. Following on from this we had a delicious dinner and then went bowling, which all the kids enjoyed with many of them getting strikes.  Everyone can not wait for Skiing tomorrow.   

Friday March 24 2017 – Skiing, Snowboarding, Excursion, Prize Giving and Departures.

Another great day has come to a end here at Les Elfes.
Today some of the campers headed off on various excursions some to the famous Cailler chocolate factory which was thoroughly enjoyed by our group, and then on to the Gruyure cheese factory. Some also visited the Olympic museum which was a lot of fun with its interactive games.
Everyone else here at camp headed up the mountain for one last day of skiing and snowboarding really getting to perfect the skills they have learnt over the week and try some new harder runs.
In the afternoon we sadly had to say goodbye to some of our campers who are heading off home after a super fun week here but before they left we had a small prize giving where the instructors got to give out some special prizes and say goodbye.
The other campers enjoyed a well deserved hot chocolate and snacks and used the afternoon to relax and pack after the big week skiing and snowboarding.
After dinner we had a prize giving for the rest of our camper where our instructors revealed the all important race results and congratulated everyone on their performance throughout the week. Afterwards everyone enjoyed watching the slideshow of the week and the music video we made earlier on in the week. It has been a brilliant week and we are all sad to see these groups leave.

Thursday 23.03.17- Skiing, Snowboarding, Town, Egg Drop Challenge, Swimming, Games, Disco

Today was a bit cloudier here on camp but it didn’t stop any of the campers having an amazing day. The instructors are very pleased with everyone’s improvement today and the children also took part in an exciting ski race. We will find out the results tomorrow evening!

After skiing everyone had snacks and signed up for activities. The younger children participated in an egg drop challenge where they had to protect an egg with materials and then they dropped it off one of the balconies to see if it survived. Lots of campers decided to just chill at camp and play in the games room as well as card games. Some people decided to go to town to get some more souvenirs. A couple of campers went to the pool for a relaxing swim.

In the evening after dinner we had a Disco in our cinema room. Everyone really enjoyed dancing the night away. Some of the older children decided to play some card games upstairs and a casino night.

Wednesday 22.03.17- Skiing, Snowboarding, Baking,Town,La Fureur, Fashion Show, Chalet night

Today we welcomed lots of new campers and sadly said goodbye to some others. The new campers went straight up the mountain and had a great first day. Everyone came back and signed up for many different activities. Lots of campers chose to go to town to the Milk bar for milkshakes and crepes and also do a bit of shopping. Many other campers chose to do some baking and they made some very yummy brownies which they ate for pudding.

After dinner half the campers did a music game show called La fureur which they all eally enjoyed and got very involved with. The individuals had a chalet night where they got the chance to make their own dinner and play some chilled games. The older ones chilled in the games room and played pool and table tennis and also watched a movie to chill out. The younger campers had a bin bag fashion show where they designed their own costumes and performed them down a catwalk.

Very busy day here on camp and everyone looking forward to tomorrow.

Tuesday 21.03.17 – Skiing, Snowboarding, Team building, Swimming, Town, Fashion Show, Yoga

Another lovely day here at camp. The snow conditions still great and everyone still improving on their skills.

After skiing the campers signed up for many different activities including swimming, team building games, town to enjoy crepes, fashion show and even a bit of relaxing yoga. Everyone then had a yummy dinner and went onto their evening activities.

In the evening we had a few activities going on. The younger children enjoyed a game show called The Cube then went off to pack as it was their last night here. We also had another game show called The Fureur which is a music game show which they all got very involved with and they then headed up to pack. All the other campers went on a nice relaxing torchlight walk through verbier.

One schools last day up the mountain tomorrow so they are looking forward to making the most the snow.

Monday 20.03.17 – Skiing, Snowboarding, Baking, Shopping, Swimming & Music Video

Today was an awesome day here at Les Elfes the sun has been shining all day and we also welcomed a new school to camp. They arrived and went straight up the mountain to make the most of the lovely weather and soft snow. All the other campers headed up the mountain early this morning and improving all their skills and constantly challenging themselves which is making the instructors very happy

In the afternoon the campers signed up for various activities from, baking, swimming, games both inside and outside and heading into town.

After dinner all the campers participated in a Music Video, where they were split into groups and had to choreograph a part of a song which they are super excited to see come the end of the week.
Everyone here is off to bed now to catch up on some sleep before the big day tomorrow.

Sunday March 19th 2017 – Skiing, Snowboarding, Baking, Swimming, Shopping & Ice Skating

Today has been a awesome first day at Les Elfes the sun is shining, the snow is soft and the campers having lots of fun, learning new things and getting to know each other.
This morning was super exciting as the campers got to meet their ski instructors and groups for the week ahead and head up the mountain for the first time whilst some of the campers who are spending two weeks with us skied all over the mountain learning new skills and tricks.

Back at camp we had a fun afternoon with loads of activities some campers enjoyed swimming, baking yummy chocolate chip cookies and heading to town to do some shopping.

After dinner we went ice skating whilst some enjoyed just skating with their new friends others played a mini game of hockey. Before heading off to bed to catch up on some much needed sleep the campers enjoyed a much needed hot chocolate.
Goodnight from us here at Les Elfes.

Saturday 18th March Arrivals, Departures, Ice Skating & Excursion

It was a quiet morning here on camp. Throughout the night our school groups from last week departed until we were left with only a small group of individuals. It was a lovely week and a shame to see everyone leaving but it is arrivals day so we are greeted with new faces and some very familiar faces.

The existing individuals chose to have a cultural excursion to Geneva with some sightseeing and shopping and a chance to rest their legs after a full week of skiing. Throughout the day our new school groups began to arrive from India, Malaysia and Switzerland. They took turns being ski fitted, clothing fitted and visiting the village to buy any last-minute essentials.

We had a lovely chance to meet in the evening over dinner and to enjoy a curry together before almost all of our campers turned in for an early night. Our Swiss group also went for a spot of ice skating before bed.

We would like to say a big thank you and farewell to our fantastic groups last week and we look forward to a new week with lots of new campers and new energy.


Friday 17th March – Excursion day, skiing, torchlight walk & Music Quiz

It has been a wonderful sunny day here in Verbier with all our groups enjoying their last day on the mountain and really making the most of it. Lots of our groups were working on their angulation and carving. They have all done brilliantly this week and have made so much progress up the mountain with their instructors.

Some of our campers were on excursion and they had a lovely day visiting the Cailler chocolate factory, Cheese factory and a bit of shopping in Vevey.

In the evening some of the campers did the torchlight walk. Some other campers had a games night and also did their finally bit of packing.

16th March – Skiing, Snowboarding, Town, The Cube and Prize Giving

Another spectacular day on the mountain with the sun shining for our weekly race day. There were some brilliant races which got very competitive and the children had the chance to really show off their speed and technique. After all the groups enjoyed a lovely BBQ on the slopes, taking in the views Verbier has to offer. For some of the groups it was their last day on the mountain and they definitely did it in style.

Back at camp a lot of groups had the chance to venture into town for last minute shopping whilst others took the opportunity to relax after a busy week. One of our school groups took part in our game show The Cube, which challenged their agility, speed, coordination and most importantly their team work.

Tonight we had our prize giving, awarding medals to our race winners and certificates to all our children. We also gave out star camper awards, followed by a slideshow in the cinema room. We have had a great week so far and are looking forwards to one more day with our amazing children!!

15.03.17- Skiing,Snowboarding,Excursion Day, Bin Bag Fashion show,Swimming and Shopping

Once again another beautiful day in verbier. Most of the campers got up to go skiing and the rest of the campers went on a excursion to the chocolate and cheese factories and some shopping in the town. After lunch some of the campers got the chance to go look at the amazing views at the highest part of the mountains called Mt Fort they were amazed at how beautiful it was.

In the afternoon the campers came back and got to sign up for lots more interesting activities including a very animated and entertaining bin bag fashion show, some souvenir shopping for our older students and even a swimming session for some.

Some of our campers had dinner on camp while others went for a nice restaurant meal with their monitors. After dinner everyone danced the night away in our local Disco Venue in town. With lots of great moves and singing. All campers had a fun filled day and are looking forward to what tomorrow brings them.


March 14 2017 – Skiing, Snowboarding, Scenic Walk, Dine Out & La Fureur

Today was another beautiful day full of sunshine and clear skies.  This morning all the groups headed out to the slopes some to beginner slopes to continue to perfect their skills so they can move onto the big mountain in the coming days and some went straight up the mountain to enjoy leaning some new skills and trying some new runs with their instructors.
After a big day of skiing and snowboarding the campers signed up for various afternoon activities some went on a nice walk which offered some awesome views of the mountains at sunset, some did a water balloon drop challenge and some went to the village for some shopping.
Tonight some of the campers went to dine out at various locations around Verbier whilst others stayed at Les Elfes and participated in La Fureur which is a super energetic music and game quiz
Everyone now is heading off to bed to catch up on some sleep and get ready for the exciting day to come tomorrow.

13th March – Skiing, Snowboarding, Egg Drop, Town, Music Video, Torchlight Walk

Yet again we’ve had another brilliant day at Les Elfes. The sun has been shining all day and the children are progressing with every run they make. A lot of the groups are heading up the mountain tomorrow so they are super happy with their achievements and will be challenging themselves even more on the blue runs.

After a very hot day the children were pretty tired back at camp but the activities didn’t stop there. We made the most of the beautiful blue sky and outside we had 60 children taking part in an egg drop challenge. The children got competitive and creative, having to design and build an object to protect an egg that we throw from a balcony. They all did very well but there were a few smashed eggs. We also had a cooking club, making some yummy cookies for desert and most our individuals walked into town and to the park.

Tonight, energy levels were still high and everyone danced away during our music video. They all had great fun working together and mixing with new people. Our individuals and one school went on a torchlight walk up the mountain and took in the Verbier views at night. They loved it! It is now time for bed as another big day skiing and snowboarding tomorrow.

12th March – Skiing, Snowboarding, Swimming, Cooking, Ice Skating & Games

Today has been a brilliant first day in Verbier with all the children having lots of fun, learning new things and getting to know each other. This morning we took over the beginner slope, with our first time skiers and snowboarders learning to turn and stop. They have progressed massively already and are listening closely to their instructors. Up the mountain our more advanced groups got to know their surroundings and explored many parts of the mountain including Mont Fort.

Back at camp we had a very busy afternoon with plenty of activities on offer. These included swimming, cooking, games, football and a trip to town. This evening we went ice skating followed by hot chocolate back at camp, as well games and a music quiz.


11th March – Departure Day, Arrival Day, Ski Fit, Verbier Hunt, Movie Night

Today has been a busy day with plenty of departures and arrivals. It was sad to say goodbye to our school from Dubai as we’ve had a great week getting to know them all but we were all excited to welcome our new schools and individuals.

After a quick welcome speech we were straight into action, getting the children ski fitted and ready for their first big day on the mountain. A lot of the children also had the chance to explore Verbier village and enjoy a hot chocolate in the afternoon.

Tonight after a long day, we chilled out watching a movie and had an early night.



10.03.17- Skiing, Snowboarding, Swimming,Town, The Cube

Today was the last day of skiing for most of the campers because sadly they will be leaving tomorrow. The weather has been really sunny so it was the best day to do the last bit of skiing.

In the afternoon everyone packed their suitcases but also did lots of fun activities like swimming and last minute souvenir shopping in town.

In the evening everyone got very competitive in a game show called the cube where two teams competed against each other to win points for their team. It worked on the children’s team work, coordination, agility and speed! After an active evening everyone had an early night as they have long days travelling back home tomorrow. Thank you for being amazing!