30th April Arrival day Camp and transfer to Zermatt

Meanwhile in Zermatt

The students from session 1 & 2 gathered their belongings and loaded the bus ready to visit the Charlie Chaplin Museum. The students were full of joy telling jokes and singing very loud on the bus journey.

We arrived at the Museum, and the weather was beautiful, everyone was very excited. As we entered into the mannor of the famous actor, we all felt a sense of respect for the movies Charlie has made during his Career. As we walked around we learnt stories of Charlies life as a director, actor and comedian. After this fantastic Museum we had lunch together and set off for Zermatt.

Arriving in Zermatt we walked around the village, admiring the historical building, streets and churches surronding us. Arriving in the 4 star Hotel the students collected their bags and started to unpack in their new rooms. After a very tasty dinner the students gathered for team building games then set off for a torchlight walk.

29th April – Skiing, Excursions, Ski Fit & La Fureur!

Today has been extremely busy here at Les Elfes in Verbier with skiing, excursions and arrivals. Our existing individual students were up and out in their ski gear this morning and were greeted by great snow conditions and a beautiful day. They had lots of fun out on the mountain and made the most of the powder, exploring new slopes and perfecting their parallel turns. For our school groups from India they headed out to explore Vevey and had the chance to look around some shops and experience our Swiss culture at the chocolate and cheese factory. They absolutely loved it, especially all the chocolate tasting.

We also welcomed a new group today who were very excited to get outside and play in the snow. We spent the afternoon ski fitting them with their ski’s and ski clothes and are now all ready to leave for Zermatt tomorrow morning and get out on the mountain.

Tonight we hosted a big music quiz which was extremely energetic and involved lots of singing and dancing. Everyone went to bed very happy and had big smiles on their faces.

Friday 28th April – Ski race, excursion, core clubs & prize giving

It has been a brilliant Friday here in Verbier with tons and tons of snow! It has literally not stopped for 24 hours giving us so much powder to play and ski with. All our campers have found it amazing building snowmen and having snowball fights. They had their ski race today which went really well, we had some super quick times and some individuals really shone through when it came down to the final race.

Elsewhere we had one group visit Vevey to do some sight-seeing and shopping. They also had a brilliant time at the Charlie Chaplin museum. This afternoon when our campers returned from the mountain we enjoyed some snacks and hot chocolate before taking part in our final core clubs. We had presentations to conclude the sessions and show off what they have all learnt.

Tonight we enjoyed prize giving where our animation staff and instructors got to hand out special prizes and award the medals for the race results. We ended the evening with a slideshow of the weeks highlights. It has been a really fun week and we hope to see these campers again next year.

Thursday 27th April – Skiing, mountain biking, problem solving, journalism, etiquette & Web identity

Another snowy day here in Verbier and it looks like it will continue through the night which is great! Our skiers had another superb day out on the mountain and are now up and about the slopes starting to get some good turns in. Again it was quite difficult conditions with bad visibility so our groups did fantastic.

Another group were on excursion today visiting the United Nations which they found extremely interesting. They then had the opportunity to explore Geneva and do some shopping.

This afternoon our journalism class continued with their interviews and articles which are really starting to come together. Our mountain bikers braved the weather and headed out to improve their riding. Back at camp our leadership group took part in various problem solving activities which went down really well.

Tonight was the last evening of etiquette class and web identity. Both have been a huge success and everyone has shown real enthusiasm and interest throughout.

We are all looking forward to another day in the snow tomorrow!

Wednesday 26th April – Skiing, mountain biking, leadership, Journalism, Etiquette, Web Identity

Another fantastic day here in Verbier during our Spring camp. Our skiers did another brilliant job out on the mountain with some tough conditions. It was pretty cold and snowy at times and our instructors were very impressed with our campers attitude.

This afternoon our mountain bikers headed out to the mountain and really enjoyed their ride down. During leadership we learnt about different types of leadership and roles. In journalism the group were interviewing each other ready to write up their articles.

This evening we had a debate about online accounts and discussed how long we should be on the internet for, while in etiquette classes they learnt about meal times and different scenarios.

Tuesday 25th April journalism, etiqutte classes

Today has been a really busy day here in Verbier, our campers this week are making leaps and bounds on the mountain their instructors and are really enjoying the new experience. It was snowing at times during the day making conditions a bit trickier but everyone did really well.

This afternoon was the start of our core lessons. Our students chose between mountain biking where today they learnt the basics of the bike itself and how to do repairs on tyres and chains. They managed to get up the hill and have a practice on the off-road conditions which went really well. Elsewhere some opted for leadership skills where they had some ice-breaker games as well as an overview of what makes a good leader. Lastly we had a journalism class where the group had an introduction to the world of Journalism and looked at topics and ideas of magazines and newspapers.

This evening our classes changed and everyone now either took part in etiquette classes or web identity. During etiquette classes they learnt how to act in public, how to greet people formally and informally as well as role play and scenarios of good and bad examples attitude and behaviour. In web identity the main focus today was how we present ourselves online and awareness on social media.

Tomorrow it is forecast to snow which everyone is super excited about!!

Spring camp, first day skiing

Beautiful sunshine on the slopes of verbier. As the students woke up and got themselves ready for skiing our chef were preparing the breakfast. After some time the students came downstairs and started eating breakfast.

What a superb morning it was, the instructors were ready and waiting for their new students. The students were collected by our buses and taken to the slopes. Up, up, up they went to reach 2000 meters above sea level.  Once the students had reached the top of the slopes, they begun their morning warm ups, lots of games, running, jumping and much more.

For some students it was their first time on the slopes, with skis, ski boots, and poles. Such a big achievement indeed!

The instructors were very impressed with the students first day progression, they were all quick at learning and picking up their newly learnt skills. Turning, stopping and breaking using the skis is not an easy task on the first day but somehow theses students managed to push ahead and get it done.

After a long day of skiing the students came back to les elfes for a shower and to change their clothes. Then we go them into smaller groups and started our leadership team games. We played spiders web, mine fields, pipes and blind basket ball. It was a fantastic afternoon and the students really enjoyed their time.

After dinner we sent the students to Ice Skating. Many of the students tried ice skating for the first time and they did great. What a wonderful evening they had together on the ice. We played music, danced, laughed and really had a blast!


1st day of Spring camp

Arrival day today!

The students arrived for our first day of spring camp. Such an exciting time for everyone. As the sun was shinning and the snow was waiting the students flooded out of the buses one by one with glorious smiles and exciting spirits.

The students were distributed their rooms and key and sat down for a warm lunch. After lunch we introduced the team at Les Elfes and went on to explain our house rules.

Once the rules were done we organized the students for ski fitting and clothing fitting. The students brought gloves, google, socks and sun cream ready for their first adventure of the slopes.

After the ski fitting we gathered the students are afternoon tea, hot chocolate and bread. Followed our adventurous “verbier hunt” the students were keen to explore and look around their new village.

Upon their return we served a beautiful hot dinner cooked from our chefs, then we watched a calming movie and played quite games. Our youngest students went off the bed and prepared for the next day



Bronze OPEN Adventurous Journey

New this summer…

New to Les Elfes for summer 2017 we are offering a unique chance to complete your Bronze practice and qualifying expeditions at our international camp.

Open to individuals and groups the open Bronze trip will run at our Crans-Montana campus, nestled on a stunning plateau of the Swiss Alps with views of Mt. Blanc from 12th August to 19th August 2017.

Come and join our international group of participants and complete your Bronze expedition with students from around the world.

What is included in the trip?
Our trip includes two bronze expeditions, training, all equipment, a day of adventure activities and a full programme of evening social activities run by our international team of assessors and supervisors.

Who can apply?
The open Bronze programme is perfect for anyone who has not managed to find an expedition group or perhaps you did not have the chance to complete your journey when the rest of your year group did theirs or maybe the autonomy of organising your own AJ and making a brand new group and is really appealing to you.

Whatever your reason we have 8 days packed with challenges and limited places which are filling up fast!

Price without additional extras:
Price without option: 1,250CHF per student

Detailed Program?
Please find below the detailed program for the week. Click to download in PDF.


Please fill up this contact form if you are interested to register for the expedition. We will get back to you shortly.

Saturday 15th April Arrivals, Departures, Skiing & a day of Relaxation for some

The rather-confused weather of Verbier has decided to be colder this weekend and even a little bit cloudy after a week that was starting to feel like August. It is the final change-over day of the season here at the camp and a very hectic morning.

After a lie in and a late breakfast it was time for our school groups to depart, each wih a different itinerary. Our Malaysian school, accompanied by some of our individuals, transfered straight to the airport for an early afternoon flight while our remaining two schools had an excursion day.

Our Zambian school had a fun-packed day with a Château Chillon tour and a relaxing afternoon sightseeing in Geneva and enjoying the Park Anglais by Lac Lemàn. Our remaining school, from the Philippines, ventured to the chocolate factory to eat as much chocolate as was humanly possible before a little shopping in Geneva and a final evening transfer to the airport.

Some of our individuals were feeling prett tired today after such a busy week of skiing and decided to relax at the camp, watching movies in the morning and visiting the village for a hot chocolate in the afternoon. Our other campers revelled in their one-on-one lessons with their instructors and made the most of the specialist tuition.

In the evening the new arrivals and existing individuals baked together to make some delicious treats and enjoyed having the camp to themselves with music and friends.

Friday April 14- Skiing, Snowboarding, Packing, Shopping, Football & Prize Giving

Today was a super exciting day here at les elfes. The sun was shining and all the campers were eager to get up the mountain today for one big reason the ski race as due to a broken gondola yesterday it was postponed. 

The morning consisted of all the campers competing in the ski race and racing everyone in their groups and after the race everyone got to enjoy a yummy BBQ outside in the sunshine and just enjoy skiing and snowboarding all over the mountain with their instructors for the last day on the hill for most of campers as they head off on excursion and to the airport tomorrow to head home. 
This afternoon after enjoying some hot chocolate and snacks all the campers packed their bags and played football and did some last minuet shopping. 
After dinner everyone had prize giving with all of the animation team and their instructors where they got to see who won the ski race. 
Everyone now is off to bed to catch some sleep for the big excursion and departure day tomorrow.

Thursday 13th April- Skiing, Snowboarding, Milk Bar, Swimming, Games, Disco

Today everyone really enjoyed another day on the slopes and the weather was lovely once again they were learning their final skills and techniques ready for tomorrow as its an exciting day on the slopes with a ski race and a BBQ.

In the afternoon one school were very lucky to get the opportunity to go to the milk bar and have crepes and milkshakes. Others got the chance to play games at les elfes and get ready for the disco early and some campers even went for a nice relaxing swim at the local swimming pool.

In the evening everyone jumped on the buses and went to the local disco venue and danced the night away which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. Lots of tired but happy campers this evening.

12.04.17- Skiing, Snowboarding, Excursion,Games, Town , La Fureur, Escape Rooms.

Another full packed day here at les Elfes with many different campers going on excursion where they got the chance to have a day out of camp and visit the chocolate and cheese factory and also a bit of shopping. If the campers didn’t go on excursion they decided to do some more skiing and snowboarding which they all enjoyed as the weather here was great.

In the afternoon everyone came back and had some snacks and hot chocolate and signed up for activities they had the choice of town for a bit of souvenir shopping on stay and chill on camp and play some games in and outside.

In the evening all the schools took part in a game show called la fureur which is a music game show where they competed against each other to win points for their teams. Everyone really enjoyed with lots of interesting dancing and singing. The individuals got the choice of going to the Escape rooms or having a competitive games night downstairs which involved playing pool, table tennis and also playing on the Wii to try and win themselves points.

Everyone had a lovely day and their are lots of happy faces going around camp today. Everyone is looking forward to another fun filled day tomorrow.

11th April – Skiing, Snowboarding, Ice Skating,Baking, Dine out and Torch Light Walk

Another brilliant day out on the mountain for all our groups in Verbier. Some of our beginner groups who have already mastered their snow plough turns and stops hit the chair lift for the first time which is a great achievement considering it’s only their third day skiing and snowboarding. Our more advanced groups today had the chance to explore a new area and headed off to the four valleys. There were some tricky slopes to conquer but they all did amazing and impressed their instructors massively.

Back at camp this afternoon we had various activities on offer. Some children went Ice skating and made cookies whilst others made the most of the nice weather and wandered into town to treat themselves to milkshakes and crepes. As well as this we had outdoor and indoor games at camp.

Tonight our individuals had a great time on Dine out in town! For our schools, they enjoyed a torchlight hike up the mountain and took in the views of Verbier at night.

Monday April 10th 2017 Village Visits, Swimming

Today was another super warm day in Verbier. This morning the sun was shining and all the campers heading up the mountain bright and early to enjoy the sunshine. Today for some of our campers was their first day on the slopes after arriving yesterday afternoon so they were super excited to meet their instructors for the week and get up the mountain. All the groups today were practicing their turns and getting more confident coming down the slopes.
This afternoon all the campers enjoyed some hot chocolate and snacks before heading out on various afternoon activities some campers went swimming, some stayed and played basketball and ping pong whilst others opted for heading into town to do some shopping and get hot chocolates and milk shakes.
After dinner half of the campers showed off their best dance moves in making a music video whilst others went on a awesome torchlight walk to star gaze over verbier at night.
Everyone now is off to bed to catch up on some sleep before the big day tomorrow.

Sunday 9th April – Ski camp, village, relaxing walk & Ice skating

It has been a beautiful sunny day here in Verbier with lots going on for our new groups. It was the schools first day on the mountain and they were all super excited to get out and meet their instructors for the week. They all got on really well and were very happy with the progress made.

On return to camp we welcomed our campers back with hot chocolate and snacks and signed them up for optional activities this afternoon. Some opted to go on a relaxing walk up the mountain where as the rest headed into town to check out the shops.

Tonight we welcomed one more arrival who were ski fitted and then had a movie night to chill and relax. The rest of camp visited the ice rink for some fun skating around and a game of ice hockey! It has been a brilliant day and we are all looking forward to tomorrows activities.

Saturday 8th April – Arrival day, skiing, escape rooms & movie night

Another beautiful Saturday here in Verbier where we are all ready to welcome our final schools and individual campers for the Winter season. Our remaining students headed up the mountain with their instructors for another day of learning and improving technique.

Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to one school this morning who left for excursion before going to the airport. They have been a fantastic group and we hope to see them again next year. This afternoon we checked in our new schools and had ski fit so they are now all equiped and ready to go tomorrow. Some individuals also went out for a relaxing walk up the mountain and enjoyed the view of Verbier.

This evening we had a chilled movie night on camp and games as many of our new arrivals had a tiring day travelling. Everyone is super excited ready for the first day tomorrow.


Friday April 7th 2017 – Skiing, Snowboarding, Town Visits, Escape Rooms, Casino Night & Quiz Night

Today was a awesome day at Les Elfes the sun was shinning and the snow was soft so all the campers very much enjoyed the day up the mountain skiing all over and enjoying their last day before going on excursion tomorrow and departing in the afternoon.
The campers who are staying for another week got to practice all the skills they have learnt over the week and try some new runs.
This afternoon after enjoying some yummy hot chocolate and snacks the campers all packed as tomorrow majority or them leave early in the morning on excursion and other check out of their chalet.
After packing most campers went to town to pick up some last minuet gifts and chocolate.
After dinner the campers did a split in activities some did casino night and others did trivia night before heading off to bed to catch some sleep before the big departure day tomorrow.

Thursday April 6th 2017 – Skiing, Snowboarding, Ski Race, BBQ, Prize Giving & La Fureur

Today was a super exciting day here at les elfes. The sun was shining and all the campers were eager to get up the mountain today for one big reason today was the ski race day. 

The morning consisted of all the campers competing in the ski race and racing everyone in their groups. 
After the race everyone got to enjoy a yummy BBQ outside in the sunshine and just enjoy skiing and snowboarding all over the mountain with their instructors for the last day on the hill for most of campers as they head off on excursion tomorrow before departing home.
This afternoon after enjoying some hot chocolate and snacks all the campers had prize giving with all their instructors and all the animation team. 
This evening all the campers had an exciting night playing La Fureur which is a interactive music quiz. 
Everyone now is off to bed to catch some sleep for the big excursion and departure day tomorrow.


Wednesday April 5th 2017 – Skiing, Snowboarding, Swimming, Village Visits , Games at Camp & Disco

Today was an amazing day here at Les Elfes. The campers started the off with a lot of clouds and light snow fall but once they got up the mountain they broke through to sunshine and had a awesome day skiing and snowboarding some new snow.
The day was spent really toning the skills they have learnt over the past days and all the beginner groups are now starting to link turns and show real control and confidence on the mountain.
Some of our campers also had an exciting excursion today to the chocolate and cheese factory where they got to taste some of Switzerland’s most finest chocolate and cheese.
After chilling out and enjoying some hot chocolate and snacks the campers that went skiing today all participated in different activities some went swimming, some stayed at camp and played games outside, some went to town to enjoy crepes and do some shopping and some went to the escape rooms to try their luck.
After dinner all the campers headed into the town for tonight’s disco where they got to party the night away with their new and old friends and enjoy some awesome music and show off their dance moves.
After the huge day here everyone is off to bed to catch up on some sleep for tomorrow.

Tuesday April 4th 2017 Escape Rooms, Chalet Night, Torchlight Walk

Today was another awesome day here at Les Elfes and campers made sure they made the most of the great weather and snow.
All the groups headed out to practice all the skills they have been learning over the past days and a lot of the groups have progressed from the magic carpet to the big slopes now hitting blues and reds and really toning their skills.
This afternoon after relaxing over hot chocolate and snacks the campers all signed up for various afternoon activities some got to go try their luck escaping from the Verbier escape rooms, some baked some yummy chocolate chip cookies, some visited the village for some shopping and crepes, others had their language courses and some stayed at les elfes and played games.
Tonight all of the campers who live in the Chalet got to enjoy their at the chalet and hang out their for the night.
The rest of the campers after dinner went on a awesome torchlight walk up the mountain to check out the stars and  others participated in the cube which is a bunch of different games to beat the clock.
Everyone here is now off to bed to catch up on some sleep for the big day to come tomorrow.


Crans Montana. Tuesday 4th April.

Day 3 with are new campers in Crans Montana. The sun was shining and the snow was excellent. All the groups have done amazing with the beginner groups mastering how to turn and stop on the magic carpet, whilst the advanced groups are learning how to carve on red runs.

The campers came back for snacks and hot chocolate this afternoon. We then went to the cinema in Crans to see the new Beauty and Beast film, which all the campers loved they even cheered at the end. We then came back for a delicious dinner at les Elfes with a table football competition where all the campers got competitive.