Monday 29th – BBQ, Aqua park, prize giving and disco

It has been an amazing day here in Verbier with loads of fun activities! This morning we began the day with our etiquette and web identity classes before a lovely BBQ out in the sunshine. Our group then went to the Aqua park and had a brilliant time running around and whizzing down the slides!

This evening we had a prize giving to award all our special campers for their hard work and enthusiasm throughout the week. Afterwards we watched the slideshow and had a disco to end such a fantastic week.

Sunday 28th May – activities, music video & clubs

Our groups had another amazing day out doing their activities. They enjoyed some adventurous activities like bridge swinging, high ropes course, rock climbing & mountain biking. They had lots of fun and challenged themselves at the same time. This afternoon we made a music video to a popular Hindi song which was hilarious! Everyone is looking forward to watching it at tomorrows prize giving.

This evening we ended our leadership class with a presentation of what they have learnt this week. Our mountain bikers rode around and tried out some new tricks. In journalism they finished editing the magazine and it looks amazing.


Saturday, 27th May – Ropes Course, Rock Climbing, Bridge Swing, Mountain Biking

Today was another beautiful, sunny day up in the Swiss Alps – perfect for a busy day exploring, adventuring and being active.
It was a very eventful day for our campers!
The kids had an opportunity to mountain bike through the beautiful Swiss mountains and forests, challenge themselves by testing their limits and being brave with a leap from the epic Valais bridge swing, climbing and exploring the treetops along the forest ropes course, and taking up the challenge of rock climbing as high as they could.
The team of camp leaders were all very impressed with the bravery, willingness and ability that all the campers have shown today.
The fun early-evening activity options; which consisted of fruit sculptures in design-and-build-baking, exploring Verbier town to do some shopping, or some quiet games and relax time; was well deserved. After a delicious dinner cooked by our wonderful team of chefs, the children set off to their optional clubs. They continued on from their previous sessions; working through their modules and progressing forward into the new phases of their educational clubs.

It was another fantastic, warm day for Les Elfes Camp!

Friday 26th May – Excursion day & clubs

We have had a fun busy day here with our campers out on excursion with some having the fantastic opportunity to visit Milan, Italy. They visited the Doumo cathedral and milan castle before enjoyeing some famous pizza for lunch. Afterwards they did some shopping in one of the malls before returning back to camp. They had a brilliant day and came back with lots of souveniers.

Our other excursion went to the Gruyure cheese factory and the Cailler chocolate factory which was super fun seeing how the famous products are made. Obviously the tasting part was most peoples favourite bit as well as having the chance to buy lots of cheese and chocolate for family. Afterwards they visited the town Vevey to some more shopping.

This evening after some free time playing some football and games we had our clubs night. In web identity we learnt how to use our time on social media productively and had some debates and discussions which got pretty deep! In social etiquette the younger children did some role play and scenarios on how to be in certain situations. They also learnt how to put out a formal dinner table out for future occasions!

25th May – Hiking, Olympic Games, Leadership, Web Identity and Social Etiquette

Today has been the children’s first full day in Verbier and haven’t they been busy! We kicked off this morning with a mixture of fun and crazy activities in our Olympic styled games. The children had to work in teams and get competitive in activities around the camp! These included shooting games, Basketball, challenges and an obstacle course. After a lovely BBQ in the beautiful sunshine we then switched it up and headed out of camp on a hike up the mountains and through the woods in Verbier. The views were stunning and even though some of the children found it tiring they loved being outdoors and took on the challenge. Well done to them all!

Back at camp after some well deserved snack, we had Leadership, Mountain Biking and Journalism. The bikers set off yet again, having a go at some down hill trails which they found very exciting. Our leadership groups put their brains to the test in some hard problem solving activities whilst others took on a role as an instructor/leader, explaining and running their very own games. Tonight we finished off with our new clubs, social etiquette and web identity which was very interactive and interesting.

24th May Transfer from Zermatt to Verbier & Final Day of Skiing

Today was the final day of skiing for our Young adventurers and an exciting chance to spend a final day on the mountain with their instructors and see how much they have learnt. Each group had a ski race followed by an awards ceremony on the mountain at lunch where even some instructors won prizes awarded by Veeraj! After a full day skiing the groups visited the high street for some last-minute souvenir shopping, gift shopping, crêpes & ice creams before boarding the train down to Täsch.

The transfer from Täsch to Zermatt took around 2 hours through beautiful Alpine scenery of mountains, glaciers, waterfalls and the Rhöne river before a winding climb up to the resort of Verbier to settle into our main camp for the week. The group quickly unpacked, showered, returned their ski clothes, filled their laundry bags and had a lovely meal of cheese fondue (and daal and rice for those not fancying cheese) before an early night and a chance to have some proper rest. What a busy day!



Tuesday the final night in Zermatt with Skiing, Fondue & Optionals

The progression the groups have made this week with their skiing has been astounding! We have complete beginners who are now turning confidently down the steep red slope and are ready and raring for their ski races tomorrow! After a sleepy morning with some very tired looking faces at breakfast the fresh air and sunshine seemed to breathe new life into our snoozy campers and they were full of energy on the mountain and really enjoying their new-found skills.

After skiing the campers had an hour to pack their suitcases, relax, eat snacks and use their phones before their optinal courses. From 16:30 until 18:30 our older leadership group split between the escape rooms and delivering their sports sessions to groups of 20, our younger leaders finished planning their games and began leading their games for their our budding journalists began using editing software to create their magazine and our mountain bikers travelled down to Täsch for an adventurous mountain biking session.

For dinner most of our older campers decided a nice Swiss experience was in order and we went out for fondue while many of our younger campers stayed at the hotel for dinner before all heading out for a moonlit hike to see Zermatt at night.


23rd May – Verbier

This morning the children were full of energy and super excited about a whole day of activities. All the groups are taking it in turn to have a go at each activity on offer so it has been a busy day.

Some of our children were off on an adventurous hike into the woods of Verbier and up the mountain. The views were stunning and the group returned to camp very hungry. Our other groups had the chance to visit the local farm, try some local cheeses and say hello to the Cows. Our other two activities included Rock Climbing and an Egg Drop Challenge.

It has been a fantastic day and after a lot of Fun and Games it is off to bed to get ready for their last morning in Verbier!!

Zermatt Spring session 4 – Monday 22nd May

Another beautiful sunny day here in Zermatt and our skiers are making great progress with many of our groups now onto the chairlift which is amazing! They have all been fabulous to teach and work with and have got endless amount of energy and enthusiasm.

This afternoon we had a big football match which all the boys loved while some chose to get ice cream and chill at the park. Afterwards we had our optional activities with some groups presenting and leading their own games and sessions which were brilliant. One team headed to the escape rooms and got out in a very fast time due to some brilliant team work. Our mountain bikers headed out up the mountain for a quite intense ride and although they were tired afterwards they were very pleased that they completed it.

This evening our photography club finished their slideshows off which look fantastic. The theatre group filmed their mini productions and the orienteering lot learnt some more map and compass techniques to get around the town. It has been a wonderful day and we are looked forward to tomorrow.

22nd May – Rock Climbing, Hiking, Farm Visit and Quiz Night

Today we welcomed a new school to our camp in Verbier! We were straight into action on arrival, checking in the children and having a well deserved lunch. After this the children were split into groups where they met to find out what exciting activities they’d be doing for the rest of the day. One group were off rock climbing in the village which they loved and welcomed the challenge. Two of the groups ventured off to visit a local farm and had the pleasure of meeting all the animals and their young. The last group headed off on a hike, taking in the beautiful views of Verbier.

Tonight after dinner we had a variety of activities. Two groups got competitive during our music game show, dancing, singing and joining in with funny games. Our other three groups put their brains into gear as they took part in our Who Wants To Be a Millionaire Quiz. After a long day it was time for bed, as we have another action packed day tomorrow!!!

Sunday 21st May – Skiing, basketball, leadership, journalism & mountain biking

Today all our skiers headed up the mountain for another sunny day on the slopes. They were straight onto skis practicing snow-plow and parallel turns. Some groups are even starting to learn 180 degree turns and backwards skiing. It was a tiring day for everyone but they all did a fantastic job.

This afternoon some of our campers chose to go to the sportshall to play some basketball and do some gymnastics. They had a great time running around and getting competitive. It was also the final of the IPL cricket league and so lots of our campers relaxed back at camp watching the game cheering on their favourite teams.

This evening we had some more fun doing our optional activities. The younger leadership group went to the escape rooms to try their luck at solving the problems and clues to escape. They all tried really hard and worked great together in teams. The older ones went to the sports hall to do some problem solving activities and work at different roles in a group. The mountain bikers headed out on a new route around Zermatt learning some more things about the bikes. Our journalists continued taking photos and interviews for the magazine and have done a brilliant job and starting to edit it.


Saturday 20th May leadership, mountain biking journalism

We had a brilliant day up the mountain learning how to stop and turn and everyone is coming on leaps and bounds. Our campers enjoyed a day of sunshine compared to yesterdays bad weather and had a really positive approach to the days lesson.

This afteroon some of us headed down to the football pitch for a kick around while the rest stayed at camp or headed out on a relaxing walk. Afterwards we enjoyed an afternoon doing leadership skills and games in the sports hall to work on types of leadership and communication. Our journalist team started interviewing other campers and instructors for their magazine which is looking really good.

To end the evening we had a really fun clubs night with our photography group filming their stop motion videos and taking some brilliant perspective photos. The theatre group did some acting games and drills which they really got into. Orienteering went out into town using maps to find different photo clues around. All teams got really involved and ran round trying to be the first team back.

Friday 19th May – Skiing, leadership, journalism, mountain biking and clubs

It has been an interesting day here in Zermatt with the weather not on our side this morning. There was snow storms and some very cold conditions with bad visibility so not ideal for the first day on the mountain. However the campers had great spirit and attitude and didn’t let it spoil their fun or learning. They never complained and really impressed the instructors. They all did really well getting to grips with the ski’s and learning how to stop and start.

This afternoon was the start of some of our activities after some well deserved snacks and freetime. Our mountain bikers learnt how to put a bike together and all the important things like repairing tyres. Afterwards they went out and explored the town which was really fun. In leadership our groups were split so some had a turn in the escape rooms and worked together as team to solve all the problems and clue to make their way out in 60 minutes. Mean while our other group took part in some ice-breakers and problem solving games to get to know each other and improve their communication and listening skills. In journalism the team began to design the magazine and came up with some ideas for the stories.

This evening we began our clubs night with our photography club creating their story board of ideas for the stop motion and perspective slideshows. The theatre group started with some scenarios and rotated around doing different acting games. In orienteering the teams designed maps of the camp and hid some clues around for other groups to find. It has been a brilliant day here and we are all looking forward to what tomorrow brings.

Thursday 18th May Paragliding, Sion Castle, Transfer to Zermatt & Zermatt Hunt

What a busy day! We have been so impressed with all of our new campers today, we have started the week really well. At 09h01 all of our campers were assembled in an organised with their luggage in front of the camp and ready for their respective activities which is unprecedented when working with a group of 84 campers! We even have older campers who organised their fellow students, carried their luggage and organised the paragliders into groups, arranged the phone boxes and made sure everything ran smoothly. Not only were our campers punctual and helpful today they have already fostered a warm and welcoming atmosphere here in the camp and it is really nice to see how quickly they are making friends and beginning to work together.

18 of our campers paraglided today, soaring 1000m above Verbier from the stunning ridge point of Croix de Coeur all the way to the camp. The excursion today was a welcome stop half-way between Verbier and Zermatt at the beautiful historic Sion Castle, with a short hike to the castle followed by a picnic lunch in the sun before continuing the transfer to Zermatt. Zermatt is a car-free resort, whch is one of its inviting characteristics so all of our campers took the panoramic mountain train from Täsch to Zermatt before a little ski-supplies shopping and checking into the hotel.

They had snacks, phone time, settled into the hotel, explored a little & unpacked their suitcases. In the evening our campers had the opportunity to explore the town, navigating their way through the infamous Zermatt Hunt to answer questions and race the other teams back to camp with varying success! Tomorrow we are looking forward to a full day of skiing and snow!


Thursday 17th May – Arrival day Verbier

kArrival day today!

The students arrived for our first day of spring camp. Such an exciting time for everyone. As the sun was shinning and the snow was waiting the students flooded out of the buses one by one with glorious smiles and exciting spirits.

The students were distributed their rooms and key and sat down for a warm lunch. After lunch we introduced the team at Les Elfes and went on to explain our house rules.

Once the rules were done we organized the students for ski fitting and clothing fitting. The students brought gloves, google, socks and sun cream ready for their first adventure of the slopes.

After the ski fitting we gathered the students are afternoon tea, hot chocolate and bread. Followed our adventurous “verbier hunt” the students were keen to explore and look around their new village.

Upon their return we served a beautiful hot dinner cooked from our chefs, then we watched a calming movie and played quite games. Our youngest students went off the bed and prepared for the next day


Friday 12th – Ski Race, Last Day, Prize Giving!

Today has been fantastic and to top off a brilliant two week in Switzerland our group of students finished with their ski race. Everyone was very excited this morning and eager to have a go at our slalom course. The groups battled it out between themselves for those all important Bronze, Silver and Gold medals. They have improved massively over the last week and their instuctors are very proud of each of their achievements.

This afternoon there was no time for chilling as we had to head off and catch the train, sadly leaving Zermatt behind us. However, we were heading back to Verbier where we were welcomed with a lovely dinner followed by a prizegiving, where all the awards won over the two weeks were handed out. We had prizes for our tidy room competition, a football competition, star camper awards and much more. All the staff here at Les Elfes has had a brilliant two weeks with the children and it will be sad to say goodbye. Thank you all for being amazing and we hope to see you all again soon!!

Thursday 11th May – Clubs, football, town and gameshow

Unfortunately the lifts up the mountain were closed today due to high winds which was a shame for all our campers here. Hopefully tomorrow everything will be up and running so they can continue learning and have their all important race.

Instead of skiing everybody finished their clubs of theatre, photography and orienteering. They have all done brilliantly and we are looking forward to seeing the final videos and productions tomorrow at prize giving. After lunch we headed to the football pitch for a tournament which was super fun. Everyone got really involved and played really well together. A big well done to Iggy’s team for winning the final on penalties!

Following that our campers had the opportunity to visit Zermatt town for some souvenier shopping and bought some lovely gifts for their families. Tonight our younger group took part in our quiz and did amazingly well while our older ones enjoyed a music game show. Even though we couldn’t ski today we certainly made the most of our time here and had a brilliant day.


Wednesday 10th – Skiing, leadership, journalism, mountain biking and Dine out


It has been a beautiful sunny day here in Zermatt with all our skiers making massive progress and are all now on the chairlift and T-bar. They are working really hard and very determined to learn and improved.  All of them are now confident snow-plowers and many are working towards their parallel turns.

This afternoon our mountain bikers headed out exploring different paths around Zermatt while our journalists continued interviewing and getting content for the magazine. It is all coming together and looking really good. Our leadership groups focused on personality and leadership and how they can be linked together for a successful work unit. This evening we enjoyed dine out at a local traditional swiss restaurant. We had some delicious food and a good chat about the week.

5th May – Mountain Biking, Basketball, Aqua Park, Leadership and Journalism

Today was our groups final day in Verbier before they head to Zermatt for their final week. We’ve had such a jam packed, exciting week here and today was no exception. We started the day with our optional activities which included Journalism, Leadership and Mountain Biking. All our children have excelled this week and today we reviewed what we had learnt and put it into practice. We are super impressed with their level of knowledge and proud of all their achievements.

After a lovely BBQ lunch outside in the sunshine the children grabbed their swim suits, jumped on our coach and were heading off for the Aqua Park. They absolutely loved whizzing down all the slides, racing each other and splashing around in the wave pool. They returned to camp full of excitement and chatting about how fast the slides were and which on was their favourite. Unfortunately it was time to pack as they are all going to Zermatt tomorrow where they will start their Ski week. After a long day it is now time to rest and get some well needed sleep.

Verbier – May 4, Thursday: United Nations, Cern, Science Museum, Geneva and Clubs Night

Today our Les Elfes campers had an exciting day exploring Switzerland and its beautiful scenery. The groups had the opportunity to experience the incredible United Nations building in Geneva this morning. The groups were guided through the historic building, and taught about many happenings and processes that have taken place inside, and are currently taking place. It was a wonderful experience to have the opportunity to take a walk through one of the most important and iconic locations in the world, one where many world leaders have walked, and where many important decisions have been made.

The older children had the chance to visit the largest science research facility, in the world. This facility is in Cern, and has been the centre of many important scientific discoveries about our Earth. The younger children visited the science museum, along the beautiful Lake Geneva. They actively participated in many educational (and fun!) activities, and were guided through the museum to learn more about science.

Our day out ended off with a visit to the iconic city of Geneva, where the campers walked along the picturesque streets and had the opportunity to visit the shops.

The evening was spent having a fun dinner, where the children could build their own burger. This was followed by their clubs night – Group A learnt about formal and informal etiquette while dining in different settings. Group B learnt about responsibility when it comes to the internet.

Zermatt, May 4th, Thursday – Skiing, Optionals, Clubs Night

It was another beautiful day in Zermatt, with blue skies to start the morning off. During the afternoon, the Les Elfes team were lucky to have a fresh dusting of snow up on the mountain. The conditions have been absolutely perfect.

The campers then headed off for their optional activities. This meant mountain biking through Zermatt, journalism, and leadership.
The campers then had another great dinner at the hotel, which is known for its incredible food.
After dinner, the children began their chosen clubs.