Friday 30th June – Excursions, PJ party, the cube and dine out

It has been a full on day for all our campers who have been out and about visiting new parts of Switzerland. The discovery group enjoyed a day tasting chocolate at the Cailler chocolate factory before heading to the the cheese factory and Vevey for some shopping. The explorers went to the Olympic museum and learn’t some more things about their favourite athletes. Afterwards they walked around Lausanne and did some shopping!! The pioneers went to the U.N and Geneva and a small group went to Aosta, Italy to visit the chateaux and the town.

Tonight the younger ones had a PJ party and watched a movie, the explorers got competitive in the Qube and the older group went out for dinner at a nice italian restaurant. It has been a great day all round!

29th June – Languages, Rock Climbing, Sports Day, Quiz Night & Games

We kicked off this morning with some more language classes and all the teachers are super impressed with their children’s improvements.

Straight after lunch everyone split off into their age groups to do some exciting activities. The discovery group challenged themselves at our indoor rock climbing wall in Verbier whilst the Explorers had a sports day which involved Golf and indoor and outdoor games. The Pioneers headed to Saxon and also had a go at Rock Climbing, with most of them reaching the top!

For dinner we had a BBQ outdoors and after, again got stuck into more activities. The younger ones had loads of fun getting creative with a Bin Bag Fashion show and the Older groups got competitive during a game show and a quiz!!

28th June – Camping, Aqua Park, Hiking & Clubs Night

All our campers were up early today after their adventurous night camping. After breakfast they all set off on different activities around Switzerland. Our Explorers and Discovery had an exciting time at the Ropes Course, zip wiring around and climbing in the trees. Some of the routes were quite hard and a good challenge for the children. The pioneer group were straight off to the water park after taking down their tents. They had great fun on all the slides and splashing around in the lazy river. Back at camp they had time to chill out and venture into town.

Tonight was Clubs night, so there was a variety of activities on offer for the children to take part in. There was a cooking club and a arts and craft club for the younger ones which got very messy and looked super fun! There was also a Just Dance group in the cinema room and a photography club for our younger children. Over all a great day and some very tired faces now. Off to bed for us!!

Monday 26th June – Sports Day, Lake Day, Ropes Course, Games Night

A super busy first day for all our campers here but a really exciting one as well! This morning started with languages for our students, they met their new groups and their teachers before beginning the lesson.

This afternoon the discovery group had sports day which involved lots of games such as

The explorers drove down to the lake to take part in some water sports. They got to try banana boating, paddleboarding, kayaking and enjoyed chilling out by the lake

The pioneers went to Sion ropes course this afternoon and tried lots of different routes some extremely challenging. They had a great time swinging around and zip wiring through the trees!

Tonight the discoveries took part in Boys v Girls game show with lots of challenges, the explorers enjoyed a loud and competitive music quiz and the Pioneers joined in the Cube game show to test their skills and reactions.

Sunday 25th – Arrival day, verbier hunt, team building games

It has been a very busy day on camp with all our staff welcoming the new arrivals. It is great to see children from all over the world here and everyone is starting to mix really well which is good. We played lots of games throughout the day and then visited verbier village this afternoon. On the way round the groups filled in a quiz to learn a bit more about Verbier itself.

This evening we did lots of team building exercises and games to get to know each other which was lots of fun! It was a chance to learn names, have a laugh and have a run around.

Everyone is now in bed getting some rest for tomorrows activities!

Friday 23rd June – Lake day, Bridge Swing, Prize Giving

It is our final day here for the majority of our campers and it has been an excellent day all round. The discoveries and explorers all went down to the lake to do some watersports such as banana boating, paddleboarding and kayaking which was super fun. They also played lots of games and enjoyed eating ice creams in the sun.

The pioneers had a brilliant time bridge swinging flying through the air. It was great to see them all challenge themselves and try something new. After that they all battled each other at laser tag running around trying to shoot the opposite team.

Tonight we had prize giving to celebrate an end to such a fantastic two weeks with our fabulous campers. We awarded prizes for tidy room, a mixture of games, special awards and finally our star campers of the session. It will be sad to see them leave and we hope to see them again next year!

Thursday 22nd June –

A fun filled day for all our campers with lots of activities to get stuck into. Our discoveries headed off to Sion to do an exciting ropes course. They found it quite challenging but also really enjoyable as well. This evening they had a game show of boys v girls, it was very loud and competitive and super fun for our youngest campers!

Our explorers did some rock climbing and tested their skills at a parkour vitta. It was a very active day for them all so it was nice to chill out and have an ice cream afterwards. This evening they all ate out at a lovely Italian restaurant with some tasty pizza & pasta.

The pioneers had a mix day today doing some tennis and golf as well as some mountain biking which was great fun. They also went into town tonight to enjoy some Italian food.

Its the last day tomorrow for most campers so they are definately going to make the most of hanging out with new friends and taking part in the final activities.

21st June – Languages, Sports Day, Aqua Park, Hiking & Disco!!

We kicked off today with our intensive and conversational languages and as they have been attending classes for a week and a half now everyone is really improving and their teachers are super impressed with their progression.

After our yummy BBQ lunch outside in the sunshine it was time to shoot off for our daily activities. Our youngest group the Discoveries went on an adventurous hike up the mountain to a beautiful view point and played some team building games. For our Explorers, they had an exciting sports day down in valley which included Mountain Biking, …….. Our oldest group hit the road and headed for the Aqua Park. They all had great fun whizzing down the slides and taking a dip in the lake.

Tonight we all ventured into town for our local disco which everyone enjoyed. We had some classic tunes and a lot of dancing with plenty of smiling faces. A great day all round. Only a few days left here for our campers so bring on tomorrow!!

Tuesday 20th June – Excursions to Bern Einsteain Museum Chocolate and Cheese Factory

Another scorching hot day today as all the campers went on their various excursions. All the campers headed out all around Switzerland for a taste of Swiss culture.

The Discoveries visited the Servion zoo in the morning, where they got up and close to some of the animals there. In the afternoon they then headed to Charlie Chaplins World and discovered lots of interesting facts about Chaplin and how he lived. On the way home, there was time for a stop at Chateux Chillon for a nice cooling ice cream and a quick shop in the castle. When they returned it was a quite night for the campers as they enjoyed a pajama party and p     popcorn.

The Explorers ventured out to the Swiss famous Caillier Chocolate Factory, where the tour itself takes you through the history of the chocolate, where it comes from and how it is made, also with the chance to taste lots of delicious chocolate along the way. Following on from this visit, the campers then went straight to Gruyere Cheese Factory. After being full with cheese and chocolate, it was time for a bit of shopping in Vevey. The campers enjoyed an evening playing the Apprentice, having to come up with and design a superhero T-Shirt. May the best superhero win!

The Pioneers headed to visit the Einstein Museum and had an amazing afternoon wondering around the city of Bern, doing a bit of souvenir shopping whilst also lapping up some of the culture the city has to offer. In the evening, the campers had some fun with the mini golf in Verbier.


All in all another smashing day for all the campers!!




Monday 19th – Optional activities & clubs night

Another fantastic day here with all our campers here in Verbier. Everyday they have so much energy and enthusiasm which is great to see. This morning we had optional activities such as arts & crafts, cooking, leadership, etiquette, first aid, career advice & mountain fitness. Each group got really into it and took a lot from the sessions such as teamwork, communication, life saving skills, manners and creativity.

This afternoon we had some golf lessons, tennis lessons and horse riding for those taking the courses. Similar to yesterday they were all ready to go and learn some new skills and techniques. Some campers chose to hang out and chill, play games or walked into the village to grab and ice cream and some snacks.

This evening we had clubs night where everyone got to choose their own activity to join in with. We had a football tournament, some volleyball and basketball drills to practice before a little match, a design and build competition and a journalism club. All of them were very successful


Finally Summer is here

Dear Parents, Friends and Campers,

Finally Summer is here, our first session begins and we are excited to welcome our first arrivals.

Summer brings a fantastic atmosphere to Les Elfes, the diversity in cultures and nationalities provides a unique atmosphere and special environment. Camp life offers so much to the campers, the activities on offer are broad, and campers have fantastic opportunities to learn and experience new things. Being away for two or three weeks can be tough for many, especially first time campers, with our dedicated team of staff and positive atmosphere campers will develop a little independence and learn how to manage life away from home.

Above all else, camp is a global community, all ages from every corner of the globe come through our doors, and from day one are treated the same, emphasizing on respect and caring for others, no matter the race, religion or gender. At Les Elfes our mission is not only to ensure our campers have a fantastic time, enjoying new activities, and take valuable skills away, but to educate our campers on how to value one another as people, to forge friendships for life.

Day Camp

This summer our day camps also run alongside our residential camps, campers can be dropped of to Les Elfes in time for languages at 9am, and picked up in the evening after dinner or evening activities between 7pm-9pm. Day camps offer a good insight into life at Les Elfes, and for younger children works very well, if parents wish for campers to try a night at camp this can be arranged.

Duke of Edinburgh Bronze trip

As always our Duke of Edinburgh programs are taking place and new to Les Elfes for summer 2017 we are offering a unique chance to complete your Bronze practice and qualifying expeditions at our international camp. Since 2014 Les Elfes has been licensed as one of the first International Trained Activity Providers (ITAP) worldwide to deliver the Adventurous Journey and/or Residential Project of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. We are the first ITAP based in Switzerland. Open to individuals and groups the open Bronze trip will run at our Crans-Montana campus, nestled on a stunning plateau of the Swiss Alps with views of Mt. Blanc from 12th August to 19th August 2017.

Sunday 18th June – Hiking, orienteering, mountain biking, music video

Today has been a super active day for all our campers here in Verbier. This morning our youngest group the discoveries had a sports day which involved some golf, tennis and mountain biking. They all did really well and had loads of fun trying new and different activities.

The explorers went on a hike and also learn’t some orienteering skills. The weather was very warm today so they also did brilliantly in the conditions. Some of our campers had their optional activities of horse riding and tennis today as well. The progression is amazing and they are having a really nice time with their instructors.

The pioneers had the opportunity to do some mountain biking as well as trotinetting up in Verbier from Ruinette all the way down to Medran. It was a difficult route but they all did a great job and stuck together helping each other out. To cool off after they had an ice cream break in the sunshine!

We had some well deserved free time this afternoon relaxing, playing games and having a catch up with their parents. Tonight we had music video which was super fun. In groups they had to create their own choreography to a piece of music in fancy dress. Once we have put the video together we will watch the final piece at prize giving!

Saturday 17th June

It has been an excellent day here with us all celebrating international day in style. In the morning our campers enjoyed their language lessons and they are all doing brilliantly. They helped with an environmental mountain clean up and managed to collect a lot of rubbish. Some of our students had the fantastic opportunity to try paragliding and had a great experience.

For lunch we had a buffet with food from all over the world which was delicious. Afterwards they made their own presentations in groups about their home countries to show everyone else. They got really into it and researched lots of new interesting facts. This afternoon we celebrated India’s Holi colour festival with lots of coloured powder, water fights and games.

Tonight we have a music quiz for the older groups and postcards home for the younger campers. It has been a brilliantly day and we are all looking forward to tomorrow.

Friday 16th May – Excursion day & evening activities

It has been a beautiful sunny day here in Verbier and we were all up bright and early ready for our excursions. Our discovery group headed off to the Gruyure cheese factory and Cailler chocolate factory before going to Vevey shopping. They had a really good day finding out all about the local chocolate and tasting them!

The explorer group visited the Olympic museum this morning and enjoyed learning more about their favourite athletes and sports. Afterwards they had lunch by the lake before doing some shopping in Lausanne. The pioneers visited the UN building this morning for a tour round and then went to Genenva to do some shopping and sight-seeing.

Tonight some of the group are off to play some mini golf and have a nice meal out for dine out while the youngers ones enjoy a bin bag fashion show.

Thursday 15th – labyrinth, verbier sports day, rock climbing, bbq at le Hatey

Today was another fun filled day, taking the Discoveries to the Labyrinth for team games and a variety of different slides! Everyone got stuck in, encouraging those who were slightly more apprehensiveto try the taller slides.

The Explorers did the Verbier sports day today! Some went mountain biking, some played golf, some played tennis and others played ball games on the Les Elfes site. It was a lot of fun and everyone unleashed their inner desire to win the competitions!

The Pioneers headed to Sembrancher for an afternoon of rock climbing! Most had a go at the hardest ropes, whilst others encouraged from below.

In the evening, the whole of camp headed to Le Hatey for a delicious bbq, bonfire and camp games! It was one campers birthday, so we sang ‘happy birthday’ around the bonfire whilst tucking into some tasty cake!


Wednesday 14th – Camping, hiking, high ropes and lake activities

Yesterday, the Discoveries travelled to Crans Montana for an action packed day of hiking, team games and yoga! Everyone got stuck in with the team games ‘capture the flag’ and ‘chicken in a hen hut’, with a Les Elfes souvenir as a prize for the winners! Today, everyone had a go at the ropes course (even our monitor Jon who is normally afraid of heights!)

The Explorers drove to beautiful Lake Taney, where they were met by a 2 hour hike to their campsite. Of course, there was time for an ice cream stop along the way! Once at the campsite, everyone joined together for some crazy camp games, songs by the bonfire and a delicious bbq dinner. Today, explorers started off the day with more team exercises and then a hike down from the lake. They then went to the ropes course in Aigle, where everyone had a go at some of the scariest and tallest ropes!

Pioneers went to Bouverey, where they had a 2 hour kayaking session in order to reach their camping destination. It was quite a long way, but the campers’ team morale and high spirits pushed everyone through to the finishing line! The weather was really warm and su    nny, so a few campers decided to jump in to cool down! Once they reached the campsite, the Pioneers learnt how to put up their tents themselves, and how to avoid any flooding in case of rain in the night. A long day of kayaking, tent building, games and Bouverey quizzes was followed by a huge bbq and campfire.

All round, a lot of happy campers at Les Elfes have now returned to Verbier, ready for more fun over the next few days!


12th June – Languages, Ropes Course, Lake Activities, Rock Climbing & Mini Golf

Today was our first full day of activities at camp and it has been very full on! This morning we kicked off with our language courses which all the students enjoyed and were very keen to learn new things!

After languages we had some free time with a competitive game of football and some chilled out table games inside. For lunch we enjoyed a BBQ outside in the sunshine.

This afternoon there were a mixture of activities for our different age groups. Our Discovery group had fun rock climbing and pushed themselves to new limits. They then got competitive at mini golf. The Explores ventured off to the lake and had heaps of fun splashing around, banana boating and had a go on a giant slide. Finally our Pioneers headed off into the mountains and the woods to have a go at the Ropes Course. They absolutely loved zip lining and found a few of the courses quite challenging.

Tonight we had a music game show which involved dancing, singing and going head to head against each other to win a prize. Bring on tomorrow!!

11th June – First Day of Summer, Arrival Day and Games!

It’s been a brilliant first day on camp for all the children and staff here in Verbier. Throughout the day we have welcomed new arrivals and it has been great getting to know them all. The sun has been shining and it’s been super hot but great for us to get out side and play loads of ice breaker games and visit the local area. We all took a walk into Verbier town to show the groups the shops and some treated themselves to an icecream! We’ve also played plenty of football, volleyball and basketball. The groups are getting on nicely and everyone are already integrating and making new friends which is great to see and hopefully continue throughout the next two weeks. We can’t wait!!