July 31st – Mountain Biking, Trotinetting, Rock Climbing, The Cube & La Fureur

It has been a fun active day for our campers today. We began with languages this morning where everyone is learning lots of new vocabulary and sentences and impressing their teachers.

This afternoon the discovery group had sports day where they enjoyed some mountain biking, tennis and football in Sembracher. The explorer group spent the day mountain biking and trotinetting up the mountain which was a fantastic experience for them all! The pioneers headed to St Triphon to do some climbing which was great fun. They all progressed a lot and learnt some new things about knots and belaying.

This evening our groups took part in different game shows, a music quiz, and the cube which tested their speed, reactions and memory!

30.07.17 – Arrivals, Verbier Hunt, Team Games

It has been a super fun day here at camp.  Our existing campers headed up to MtFort to look at the view which they all enjoyed and then went to the forest to do some fire building and various challenges. We also welcomed our new arrivals today and spent the afternoon playing games and in town having a look around Verbier. This evening we enjoyed playing some team building games with the groups to get to know each other. It is great to see everyone start to mingle and see friendships emerging!

27th – Hiking, Rock Climbing, Sports Day, Holi Festival and Dine Out!!

We’ve had a brilliant day on camp full of super fun and crazy activities. We kicked off today with our final language classes for most of out students which was followed by different activities for our different age groups.

The Discovery children were off on an exciting sports day, involving biking, swimming and sports and games! The Explorers had a go at rock climbing, making their way to the very top and impressing all their monitors. Finally our oldest group the Pioneers had a fantastic hike in the beautiful Verbier mountains. This afternoon during free time we had a new activity called the Holi Festival of colours. It was amazing to see all our children mixing together, throwing paint in the air turning les elfes into a rainbow of colours! Everyone loved it.

Tonight we had a movie night, casino nights and a dine out. Off to bed now ready for our last day tomorrow for most our campers!

Wednesday 26th July – Sion ropes course, mountain biking and lake day!

We kicked off today with languages at Les Elfes and a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast!

The discoveries spent the afternoon at the ropes course in Sion, testing themselves and for some, overcoming their fear of heights! Everyone worked well together, encouraging those who were more nervous.

The explorers spent the day doing the Les Elfes Olympics! There were three groups, rotating between golf, mountain biking and games on camp! Games on camp included making a national anthem, slip and slide and an army-style assault cause!

The pioneers headed to Lake Geneva today for an action packed afternoon of banana boating, swimming, kayaking and paddle boarding!

In the evening, the whole of camp headed to Verbier’s Cash Bar for a Les Elfes disco with DJ Rich dropping some funky tunes!


Tuesday 25th July – Excursion day & Carnival Night

It has been a really exciting day here for all our campers who have been out on excursion! One group visited the chocolate and cheese factory before having the chance to shop in Vevey, they loved tasting all the different chocolates on offer!

Another group were up early and had a thoroughly enjoyable time site-seeing around Milan with their Italian tour guide. Some others visited the Olympic museum and found out lots more interesting facts about their favourite athlètes. Afterwards they had a cultural visit of Lausanne and did lots of shopping!

This evening was Carnival Night which was fantastic! All the campers took part in different games and stalls to try and win top score before we did a raffle with lots of prizes to be won. The children loved it and it was a great atmosphere.

Monday 24th – Clubs and optionals day

Another brilliant day here with all our campers here in Verbier. Everyday they have so much energy and enthusiasm which is great to see. This morning we had optional activities such as arts & crafts, cooking, leadership, etiquette, first aid, career advice & mountain fitness. Each group got really into it and took a lot from the sessions such as teamwork, communication, life saving skills, manners and creativity.

This evening, the discoveries played ‘la furreur’, a Les Elfes favourite, getting everyone up dancing, singing and doing team building games! We split into two teams of mixed boys and girls and mixed nationalities, making sure all the new campers get to know everyone really well. We saw a competitive streak appear in some unexpected characters, which was great to see!

The explorers played ‘Escape Les Elfes’, requiring brilliant team work and communication. The pioneers had a casino night! Many had never played the game before, so everyone came away feeling really satisfied that they had learnt something new.

All in all, another crazy, fun and busy day at Les Elfes!

Sunday 23rd July – Mt Fort visit, mountain biking & climbing

Today has been a lovely sunny day and really active one for our campers on site. We began with languages for a couple of hours where they are learning more and more each day! It is great to hear them speaking different and new phrases!

This afternoon our discoveries enjoyed a trip in the gondala up to Mt Fort to look at the view and have a walk round. This evening they enjoyed a BBQ and games up at Le Hatay which was super fun with a fire and some marsh mellows as well!

Our explorers took part in Mountain biking and trottinetting today which was amazing. It  certainly was a challenge for most but one they will remember for ever! They all did brilliantly and made it in one piece. This evening they had a Boys v Girls game show with lots of fun team games! The girls came out on top winning by just one point!

The Pioneers spent the day down in St Triphon doing some rock climbing and then baked some yummy cookies this evening before a chilled movie night in the cinema room.

20th July – Mountain Biking, Sports Day, Rock Climbing & BBQ Night

Another brilliant day here at camp with some new extreme, adventurous sports for our campers! After languages and a lovely lunch, the Pioneers headed up the mountain for some fast, down hill mountain biking which they loved and found challenging. Those that weren’t so keen had a go at trotinetting. The explorers had a day at camp, having a mixture of basketball, football and volleyball, getting very competitive and for some of them improving their techniques in new sports. Finally, our youngest group went rock climbing and did extremely well and worked together as a good time encouraging each other.

Tonight the explorers and the pioneers enjoyed a relaxing bbq up at La Hatay and then we played a game of predator, followed by a hike down. Our little ones went on a treasure hunt. Bring on Excursion day tomorrow!

19th July – Sports Day, Hiking, Ropes Course & Clubs Night

There’s been loads of fun activities today with all our groups jetting off to take part in new adventures. Our youngest group had a brilliant time whizzing about in the trees on zip wires and obstacles and did very well at challenging themselves to get up high! Our Explorers had a hike in the mountains with a trip to the highest point in Verbier – Mont Fort to take in the stunning views. The pioneers took part in a competitive sports day with a mixture of mountain biking, tennis and football. They loved it!

Tonight after our Pasta Party dinner Clubs Night was held for all the children to pick their favourite activity to take part in. Some opted for a baking club or football whilst others enjoyed some arts and crafts or yoga and smoothie making! A great night indeed and well done to everyone.

17th July- mountain biking, sports day and ropes course!

Today was a lovely warm, sunny day in Verbier! Campers woke up to a delicious breakfast of homemade croissants and a morning of fun language classes. Lunch was a bbq at Les Elfes, consisting of famous bbq dishes from all over the world!

The discoveries spent the afternoon doing Verbier sports day. Everyone had a go at golf, tennis and football! We split into several groups and had some fun games and competitions!

The explorers went mountain biking by Savoleyres, getting an amazing view of the whole of Verbier! Some even had a go at trottinetting, which for most was a new experience!

The pioneers headed to the ropes course in Sembrancher, which was an exciting and challenging course, testing everyones confidence at heights and team work.

All round, a great day for Les Elfes campers!

16th July – Hiking, BBQ, Volleyball, Climbing, Game Show!

Today was a beautiful day with the sun shining up in the mountains. We enjoyed an amazing BBQ with a stunning view, followed by a hike to the highest point of Verbier, Mont Fort. Our discovery children had fun playing games, having a go at orienteering as well as hiking. Well done to them! The Explorers were off rock climbing after lunch, a great challenge for them and pretty much everyone got to the top! They also got competitive at a game of crazy golf.

Back at camp everyone enjoyed some free time, a chance to hang out with friends, play volleyball, basketball and football as well as trampolining! There were also some optional activities in action with our tennis coaches!

Tonight our youngest group got arty and made some postcards to take home to their family whilst our oldest groups had fun singing, dancing and taking part in some crazy challenges!

15th July – Languages, International Day, Dine Out

This morning kicked off with our conversational and intensive language courses in which all our students are working hard to learn and improve on a second language. They are doing a fantastic job and our experienced teachers are very impressed.

After a massive international themed buffet for lunch it was time for our campers to start researching their home countries so they could present them to the rest of the group. Everyone had great fun, getting involved and learning some new interesting facts they didn’t already know.

This evening we had a mixture of activities, including a dine out for our explorers. A lovely treat and a great way to finish their first week!

13th July – rock climbing, mini golf, sports day and ropes course!

We kicked off today with languages for all students, with some finally cracking basic conversational phrases in their new languages! The morning was very productive and the teachers were very happy with the progress that their students have made over the past few days.

The discoveries headed to the rock climbing wall in Verbier to learn how to tie ropes and climb like a pro! Everyone got involved and even helped those who were slighty more apprehensive to climb. After climbing, we all had an icecream (or two…) and then went to the mini golf course for a competition. The Chinese students ended up winning, with several hole-in-one’s flying around!

The explorers had sports day today! They split into 3 groups, the first group heading to play golf at the driving range. We saw some excellent hits, and some not so excellent hits! The second group went to play tennis at the courts in Verbier. Everyone managed to nail the forehand and backhand, so the coach Rob was very impressed! The last group started off with basketball and football at Les Elfes, with a few tournaments going on. Everone seemed to get really competetive with huge smiles and laughs all round, which is the kind of attitude we love at Les Elfes!

The pioneers spent the day at the ropes course in Sion. Everyone tried at least the beginners ropes course, which was great! Some even tried to show off by going upside down on the ropes!!

Dinner was scrumtious tonight! We had mexican fajitas, with all the trimmings, followed by our patissier’s famous pinapple cake!  

12th July – Lake Day, Ropes Course, Optionals, Clubs Night

Today all our students woke up after a night camping out in different places around Switzerland. There was no time to chill as they were straight into activities, some hiking whilst our Pioneers were off kayaking. Once at the lake they had a go at banana boating, paddle boarding and the giant inflatable obstacle course in the water. The Explorers and Discoveries today had a go at the ropes course, a mixture of zip wires and challenges up in the trees which they loved!

Tonight, there were plenty of activities on offer for all our children to get involved in. There were lots of baking clubs, where they made smoothies, brownies and cupcakes. There was also a photography club where they had a go at making a stop motion video. Finally there was a design and build activity, an exciting challenge for our younger students in which they had to create a robot out of scrap materials!


10th July – Languages, Aqua Park, Rock Climbing, Crazy Golf and Labrynth

Today was most peoples first proper day on camp so there were some very excited children and new friends being made. They started their day with their language classes, a variety of French, English, Spanish and Mandarin followed by lunch at camp.

After this everyone split into their groups to head off for their activities for the day. Our youngest group the discoveries were off on a Labyrinth adventure where they had to try and get through a maze and had a go on all the fast slides and rides. Our Explorers were very excited about their trip to the Aqua Park where they enjoyed the afternoon splashing around, whizzing down slides and relaxing on the lazy river. Finally, our Pioneers challenged themselves at some rock climbing which we were very impressed with and also had a go at the crazy gold which got very competitive!

All in all a great day! Bring on camping tomorrow.



Sunday 9th July – Excursion, Arrival day, verbier hunt & team building games

It is the start of summer session three here and a busy arrival day! It has been exciting to see some familiar faces and has been great to welcome our new campers. We walked into Verbier town this afternoon to have a look round and played lots of games at camp. This evening we did some team building games which was good fun and a great way to start to get know our students. Everyone has been super positive and is mixing in really well, all the staff are really excited to get to know the groups and start all the activities!

8th July – Departure Day, Hiking, Movie Night

It’s been a sad day at camp having to say goodbye to a lot of our amazing campers who have spent at least 2 weeks with us here at Les Elfes. We’ve made some fantastic memories with them and hopefully they will all return next year.

Howver, for our existing students, they were off out this morning for a hike in Verbier, taking in the stunning scenery and enjoying a picnic lunch up the mountain. Back at camp we played some basketball and football whilst welcoming some new campers!

Tonight we chilled out with a few exciting games and a movie in our cinema room!!

July 7th 2017 – Lake day, bridge swinging and prize giving!

We have had a fantastic final day of summer session two doing lots of different activities. The discoveries and explorers headed off to spend the day chilling at the lake taking part in all sorts of water sports. They had the chance to do a bit of paddle boarding, kayaking, tubing and banana boating which was great fun.

The pioneers had the opportunity to do some bridge swinging which was challenging but awesome and then tried some laser tag afterwards. This evening we all got together for prize giving where we handed out certificates and prizes to all the campers. We had a lovely evening celebrating everyone’s achievements. It has been an emotional evening with lots of tears as everyone said their goodbyes

Thursday 6th July – hiking, mountain biking and bbq at le hatey!

We kicked off today with another morning of language lessons and scr  ummy breakfast of home-made pain au raisin! Everyone was sad to say goodbye to their teachers at the end of the class, as this was their final lesson of the session.

This afternoon consisted of a bbq lunch at the Baratan, which is a beautiful setting overlooking Verbier! After lunch the discoveries ventured down the mountain on a 3 hour trek, looking out for typical insects and birds of Switzerland and of course, singing some (slightly out of tune) woodland chants!

The explorers spent the afternoon rock climbing at Sembrancher, testing their own limits and helping each other to finish the harder walls. Everyone got stuck in and supported each other throughout the afternoon, even encouraging some to climb that had never climbed before!

The pioneers had a fun afternoon mountain biking back from the lunch spot. Some managed to master some tricks on their bikes, like skids (safe skids!) and step jumps. Most of the pioneers have now reached level 2 of their mountain biking certificate, which is fantastic after only two weeks of practice!

This evening the explorers and pioneers headed to le hatey for a delicious dinner, bonfire and fun camp games! They headed back to les elfes as the sun set with their head torches, and then straight into bed, preparing for another amazing day tomorrow at Lake Geneva!

Wednesday 7th July – Ropes, water sports, sports day, disco

It has been a superb Wednesday here in Verbier with all of our campers getting involved with lots of activities. The younger Discoveries enjoyed a challenging day at Sion ropes course but had a great time swing through the trees on the different elements. The explorers took part in various sports such as tennis, football and mountain biking which they loved. Our Pioneers spent a lovely day at the lake taking part in all the water sports and activities!

This evening we all partied the night away at our local disco with DJ Massive and the kids had a fantastic time dancing and singing along!


4th July

All our children have had a brilliant day on excursion, exploring Switzerland and for some, even venturing into France.

Our Discovery group were up and out on an exciting trip to the Zoo in Servion, and had great fun looking at all the animals. After a picnic lunch they headed off to Chaplin’s World followed by an icecream treat at Chateux de Chillon. A very beautiful castle and great for photos.

Our explorers jumped on to their bus and headed towards the amazing Caillier Chocolate Factory which is a favourite of evryones. They had the opportunity to travel back in time and discover how chocolate came to Switzerland and have a go at being a chocolate taster! After their lunch they were off to the cheese factory followed by shopping in Montreux , a stunning location on the edge of the lake.

Finally our Pioneers visited the Charlie Chaplin World, which they enjoyed and found very interesting. After lunch by the lake in Vevey, they hit the mall for some much needed shopping which of course went down very well.

Tonight there were a mixture of exciting activities which included a music game show, a design and build challenge and a well deserved movie night for the little ones!!