25th August – Last Day, Lake Day, Bridge Swinging and Prize Giving!!

It was everyone’s last day on camp today and we have gone off with a bang! Everybody has had so much fun and there have been plenty of smiling faces. The discovery and explorer groups were straight off to the lake in the beautiful sunshine. They have had an amazing time playing games on the giant inflatables and having a go at water sports and paddles boarding. On land there were plenty of games to keep them entertained with badminton, football and a classic bit of bat and ball. The Pioneer group had an adrenaline rushed day with a bit of bridge swinging to wake them all up this morning followed by a very competitive, exciting game of lazer tag which they loved!

Back at camp it was sadly time to pack and buy some last minute souvenirs from town. Tonight we finished on a high with prize giving and an emotional slideshow highlighting the amazing memories made at camp. Thank You and See you next year guys!!

24th August- Sports day for all campers!!

We kicked off today with languages in the morning, followed by a delicious Thai lunch! After eating, the pioneers split into 3 different groups and rotated between mountain biking, tennis and football. Everyone g  ot stuck in and had a go at every sport, encouraging others along that hadn’t tried a particular sport before which was great to see.

Explorers headed to Sembrancher for an afternoon of rock climbing. Despite the sudden spurt of rain, everyone kept high spirits and had a go at climbing. Some have even managed to achieve their Les Elfes level 3 climbing qualification!

Discoveries also had a fun afternoon involving hiking and mountain biking! On the hike, Ruby the team leader set the challenge of who could find a wild blueberry first! One of the Chinese campers Isabella was the winner! We also made bouquets of wild flowers and played ‘spot the bull’ (which no one ever won as weirdly today there was not a single bull in sight in the Verbier hills!)

In the evening, the pioneers enjoyed a meal out at a pizza restaurant in Verbier, explorers played ‘The Apprenctice’ and discoveries did the ‘Bin Bag Fashion Show’!

23rd August – Lake Day, Sports Day, Ropes Course & Disco Night

Today has been another beautiful sunny day and we have had plenty of activities on offer to entertain our energetic campers! This afternoon our Discovery students were super excited to put on a harness and climb up into the trees and have a go at some fun and challenging obstacles and zip wires. They absolutely loved climbing around and acting like monkeys swinging through the trees. Our Explorers had a brilliant sports day where they had the opportunity to try some new activities like golf, tennis and mountain biking and after had a splash around in the outdoor swimming pool, doing flips and tricks off the diving boards. Finally our Pioneers had another lake day which they said has been one of the best days they’ve had, as they had the chance to chill out and relax on the beach as well as have a go at paddles boarding, tubing and a giant inflatable obstacle course in the water. They had great fun and there were plenty of smiles as they returned to camp before dinner.

Tonight was amazing seeing all the groups mix together and enjoy a dance at the Disco in town. The atmosphere was bouncing as everyone danced away to their favourite songs and showed off their best moves!!

Tuesday 22nd – Excursion Day and Clubs night

So today all the campers were very excited to get off campus for excursion day. The Discoveries really enjoyed visting the nest museum and Charlie Chaplin museum they all came back telling the mointors what they learnt and how fun it was. Explorers had a wonderful day visting the chocolate and cheese factories finding out how each thing were made. After they visited the factories they got the chance to go somewhere different for shopping, they went to the beautiful Montreux. Our Pioneers also learnt a lot at the Charlie Chaplin museum and got to spend the day shopping in Vevey.

After dinner the campers got the chance to sign up for many different activties in our clubs night. The options were mountain biking, Ping Pong, football, art and crafts and also smoothie making. Things got very competitive as the campers all wanted to beat their friends at some of the activties. The smoothies all tasted wonderful.

Tomorrow is another exciting day at camp starting off with languages then in the afternoon ropes course, sports day and lake day.


21st August – Clubs and Optional Day, Dine Out, Treasure Hunt and Casino Night!

This morning it was time to get ready for Clubs and Optionals Day. The children had signed up for different educational courses prior to coming to camp and so were excited to find out what they were going to learn. For our younger students we had a Theatre and Cooking class where they had a chance to act out and make pizzas from scratch. They had loads of fun! For our older students we had a mixture of Leadership Skills and Mountain Fitness which they found very interesting, learning some new valuable life skills.

Tonight we had a mixture of activities including an exciting treasure hunt for our discovery students and a casino night and pizza making activity for the older children. All in all we’ve had a fab day at Les Elfes and are ready for our excursion day tomorrow!!

20th August – Sports Day, Hiking, Trottinetting, Music Video!

We can’t believe most of our campers have been here a whole week already but we are certainly having more and more fun everyday. This morning everyone was back to their language classes eager to find out what topic they would be learning about today.

After a lovely lunch at les elfes everyone split up into their age groups to start their activities for the day, some of the pretty extreme but very exciting! Our Discovery children had a sports day organised where they had the chance to try out mountain biking, tennis and golf which some of them had never tried before so it was great to learn a new skill. They all did very well. Our pioneer group took a trip up the mountain and took in the beautiful sights of Verbier whilst on a small hike. After we jumped on our trottinettes and headed down hill, whizzing round the bends and having a go at some tricks. They were all very happy at the end. Our Explorers also ventured up the mountain and had a go at some orienteering skills whilst hiking. Back at camp everyone then enjoyed some free time, with some heading to the pool for a dip whilst others took a trip into town or played basketball at camp.

Tonight we had an amazing time dancing away and acting in our very own music video created by all the children on camp. It’s been great fun and we can’t wait to find out what we’re up to tomorrow!!


Saturday 19th – International Day, Holi Festival of Colours, Dine Out, Crazy Golf & Pyjama Party

This afternoon after our amazing International Feast for lunch which included a variety of food from around the globe we kicked off our international day! All our children got themselves into groups and made posters of their countries, finding out interesting facts about their cultures which they then presented to the rest of their camps. We learnt about their religions, cuisine, traditions and even had some dances!

After everyone got ready for our Holi Festival which everyone was super excited about! We played loads of games and got competitive to gain colour sachets for our teams. We then danced around and threw colour in the air and over each other until everyone was multi-coloured!

Tonight we had a mixture of activities, with our explorers playing crazy golf, our pioneers heading into town for dine out and our discoveries had a fun pyjama party eating popcorn and watching a movie!

18th august- excursion day!

Today the discoveries headed to the Cailler chocolate factory to understand the process of turning a cocoa bean into a delicious chocolate bar! Everyone tried (one too many of) the free chocolates! They then headed to the Gruyere cheese factory, and later to Vevey for some shopping!

Explorers went to the Olympic museum for a fun day, learning all about the different games and host countries.

The pioneers went to the UN in Geneva, lead by a superb tour guide who explained all the ins and outs of the organisation!

Returners of Les Elfes went to Aosta in Italy for a cultural mini break! Everyone had a fantastic day looking around the castle and tucking into a nice big pizza at lunch. 

14th August – Lake Day, Ropes Course, Rock Climbing and Games!

Today was the first full day for many of our campers here at Les Elfes and so there were a lot of excited children, eager to find out what activities they would be doing today.

They all kicked off this morning with Languages, and settled into their classes nicely. After a BBQ outside in the beautiful sunshine they all set off for their activities. Four our discoveries, they headed into town to have a go at rock climbing and crazy golf followed by a splash around in the outdoor pool. They absolutely loved and had great fun pushing themselves out their comfort zones. Our Explorers headed out of Verbier to the lake and had a go at banana boating, tubing, paddle boarding and some water games. They’ve had a fantastic day and have been making new friends easily. Finally, our oldest group the Pioneers were off into the trees putting a 100% into the ropes course in Sion, zipping around and tackling some tricky obstacles.

Tonight everyone finished off with some competitive games which included singing, dancing and getting active. Overall it’s been a brilliant day on camp!!

We have had a busy day here in Verbier seeing off our departing campers and welcoming our new ones for summer session 5. It is great to see some returning faces and meet all the new students as well. Today our existing camper spent the day hiking around Verbier and then visited the outdoor this afternoon for a relax and a splash.

We took our new campers into town to have a look around before doing some team building games this evening to get know all the groups.

11th August – Aqua Park, Bridge Swinging, Lazer Tag and Prize Giving

For a lot of our campers it was sadly their last day at les elfes but we’ve definitely ended on a high! For our discovery and explorers they were straight off to the Aqua Park and had an amazing time splashing around, chilling in the lazy river and whizzing down the slides. Our Pioneers pushed themselves out of their comfort zones and loved bridge swinging and a hike to the waterfall! After they got competitive in a game of lazer tag.

This evening after packing we had an emotional goodbye to all our children at our prize giving but did give out a lot of prizes!! We had most improved campers, star campers and winners of all our games. Well done everyone, we hope you’ve all had an amazing time and we hope to see you again soon!


9th August – Lake Day, Sports Day, Labyrinthe, Disco Night!

Everyone here at camp kicked off this morning with their language classes which they are all doing very well and progressing massively.

After lunch, the Pioneers set off for their lake which they were very excited about and had the chance to go banana boating, tubing and mess around in the water on kayaks and paddle boards. Our explorers had a very fun sports day involved plenty of different activities, some of which they had never tried before. They had a go mountain biking and tennis. For our discoveries they were off on a very exciting adventure to the Labyrinthe, a series of mazes, slides, games and inflatables. They loved it!!

Tonight all our groups mixed together and rocked out at our disco in town. Everyone danced the night away and there were plenty of smiling faces. A great day all round!!

Tuesday 8th August – Excursion day & Music Video

Today we had excursion day to various parts of Switzerland which was fantastic despite the rainy weather! Some went to the chocolate and cheese factory and to Vevey to do some shopping while others went to Chamonix, France to visit the Alpine museum. The rest went to the Charlie Chaplin museum and the Neste factory. This evening we had a music video where the groups made a choreography to a dance which was pretty cool!

Monday 7th August –

We have had a wonderful day here at camp where all the students took part in clubs & optionals activities. The clubs on offer were leadership training, etiquette class, first aid, web identity, mountain fitness and cooking, arts & theatre. It was a great chance for everyone to meet new campers from different age groups and of course learn some essential life skills.

This afternoon many campers wandered into town to have a shop, some went to the outdoor pool for a swim and sunbathe and some stayed at camp for the volleyball and basketball. This evening the discovery group had a bin bag fashion show which they all enjoyed and had some great final outfits! The explorer and pioneer group had a BBQ at Le Hatey with a fire and some marshmellows. It was a lot of fun and we had an awesome game of predator afterwards! Tomorrow is excursion day which everyone is looking forward to.

Saturday 5th October – International Day, Boys v Girls, Dine Out

It has been a beautiful sunny day here in Verbier and another exciting day for our campers. We began with languages before having an International feast to celebrate having lots of different nationalities here. Everyone enjoyed lots of food from all over the world! This afternoon in our groups we made presentations about the countries we are from so we could share with others the different cultures, and funny facts! It was really interesting and everyone got involved which was great to see.

This evening our Discovery group had a scavenger hunt around the grounds finding different objects and photos which was amazing and very competitive. The Explorers had a Boys v Girls game show with lots of different challenges and games to complete with both teams performing brilliantly! The Pioneers spent the evening dining out in town at the local Italian restaurant which was nice and chilled with some tasty food. It has been a wonderful day and we are all looking forward to tomorrow.



Thursday 4th October – Excursion day & Clubs Night

Everyone had a lovely day on excursion today visiting various places around Switzerland. One group had a great opportunity to visit Aosta, Italy tasting some yummy pizza and ice creams! They also enjoyed walking around the historic town and seeing the castle. Another group went to the chocolate and cheese factory to see how it is made and to taste lots of samples. The last group went to Geneva to sight see, visit the UN and do some shopping. It was a great day had by all!

This evening we had clubs night where they had the choice to do football training, ping pong clubs, games night, baking or smoothie making club. It was lots of fun and the kids got very creative.

04.08.17 – Camping, Lake Day, Ropes Course & Games

Today has been a brilliant day with all our campers waking up from their overnight camping trips! They were straight up, having a yummy breakfast and off on their way to their fun activities.

The Discovery children went swimming in the lake and had a go at a crazy but challenging ropes course. It was also the same for the Explorers however they were up on the blue and red courses which they really enjoyed!! For the Pioneers, they were up on a two hour kayak trip and straight into lake day, having fun banana boating and paddle boarding!!