Wednesday 31st Jan, excursion day

Another great day just ended at les Elfes international. Once again we had such an awesome weather here in Verbier. The kids were so happy to go to excursions today that is wasnt hard at all to make them get out of bed. After having a good beakfast with croissants and the belly full our little fellas were ready to get in the bus and head to their various excursions.

They had three posibilities today :

  • The Charlie Chaplin museum, with picnic and shopping in the afternoon
  • Visit of Bern and Einstein museum with some free time during the afternoon
  • Visit of the Chocolate and the Cheese factory and once again some free time to do shopping

They all came back around 6pm and we let them some time to rest a bit and have a shower before dinner.

After a good dinner we started the evening activities, the kids abolsutely loved it, especially the Fashion Show and the casino night!!

See you tomorrow everyone


30th Jan- Skiing, Ice skating, baking and Clubs Night

Skiing was great today, amazing weather and good snow, could not ask for better conditions! Having skiied for a few days already, everyone seems to be making good progress. Even some of the beginner groups are starting to get down blue and red slopes with greater confidence. Let’s hope our little campers keep up their efforts and keep improving their technique as the week goes on.

On their return from the mountain, they left for their afternoon activities. Some went to language class, some took part in a cookie baking challenge, some went ice skating and the remaining opted to rest and watch a movie.

Following a delicious dinner, consisting of Mexican fajitas, they chose their preferred activity for Clubs night. A group of them left for the Sports Centre, where they chose between Trampoline, Football and Hockey. The rest of them went on the torchlight walk around camp, enjoying the view of Verbier by night!

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29th Jan Skiing, Languages, Quiz, Music Video and the Cube

Today the kids woke up to another beautiful sunny day! They were up and ready in no time, and left the camp eager to get back on the slopes. They skied all morning, stopped for a quick lunch and then kept skiing in the afternoon.

When they came back from the mountain they enjoyed some well-deserved snacks and hot chocolate before getting ready for either languages or their chosen optional activity.

In the evening, our school groups took part all together in producing their very own music video! Our individuals groups instead played the Cube or participated in our Quiz night.

It was another lovely day at Les Elfes, and we hope the weather will stay this good the rest of week!

28 Jan – Skiing, languages, shopping, dine out and escape rooms

Today was a busy and exciting day!

We started the day with ski fitting for some of our new individuals and two school groups!!! The campers were really excited for their first day on the slopes!!! Most of them had never seen snow before today, hence, it was a memorable day for them!

After a wonderful day on the slopes, we ran optional activities for our campers! Besides those who attended language class, the rest chose between shopping, sledging and snow man building.

In the evening, our individuals went for a dine out in town whilst the school groups went to the sport center!

Finally, tired and quite a few of them jet lagged, they made their way to bed for a good night sleep, eager to find out what tomorrow will bring!

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Saturday 27th January Arrivals, Departures & Bowling Excursion

All of our campers this morning woke up at 9am after a much-needed lie in. For some it was then time to bid Farewell to the camp and to their friends until next year. For those who were not leaving it was a chance to visit a bit more of Switzerland and rest their tired legs after a busy week of skiing and Snowboarding. The had a relaxed morning and mooched about the village before an early lunch at Les Elfes. In the afternoon they experienced Swiss rail in all of it fabulousness and travelled to the local town of Martigny for some bowling, arcades and a bit of shopping.

Meanwhile at camp our new students were starting to arrive with welcome speeches, ski and clothes fitting, tours of the campus and tours of the village throughout the day to welcome all of our groups. In the evening the students had a chance to mingle, play some card games together, get an early night (for those who have travelled a long way), some watched a movie in the cinema and some of our individuals even had a spa night with face masks and pampering. The atmosphere on camp this evening was lovely, what a nice way to start the week.


Friday 26th January Skiing, Snowboarding, Departures, Excursion & Prize Giving

For our Swiss school this morning it was all systems go with the students bringing their lugage down, heading out to ski for the morning, returning at lunch for some quick food and a prize giving presentation with their instructors before returning to school to greet their parents. It was a busy, but fun, final day.

Meanwhile our school from Jordan got dressed in thei regular clothes for a day off the mountain visiting the Chocolate Factory in Broc to sample their delights and to shop for gifts (and trainers) in Aubonne at Etoy, a small lake-side spot just outside Geneva.

Finally our Individuals had a final day on the mountain with their friends. Half of the group will be departing tomorrow so it was a final chance for photos, laughter and fun. After skiin and snowoarding some needed to pack their suitcases, squeeze in some last minute souvenir shopping and even some sushi before their prize giving ceremony with their instructors. The evening ended with hugs, thank yous, good byes and a slideshow of photos to remember the week before our campers headed to their rooms to return home or to ready themselves for another week packed with sports, excursions & new students from around the world!!

For more videos of the week visit our Facebook Page at Les Elfes International.


Thursday 25th January – Ski race, Mountain BBQ

What a busy day with many students choosing lots and lots of different activities. It started with some stunning weather, beautiful snow and a ski race within the ski groups to see who will be the reigning champion of the week. After the ski race all of our groups enjoyed a BBQ at the snow park on the mountain where they could relax, enjoy some delicious food and also Watch some of the pros showing their skills on the kickers and rails.

In the afternoon the groups split for an afternoon of exploring the mountain and enjoying the lovely sunshine. After skiing & Snowboarding some students visited the village for sushi, some went Ice Skating, we had sledgers and spaghetti tower builders, snow tunnel architects and some campers who decided to unwind and Watch the Parent Trap in our cinema room. After a much-enjoyed dinner together the students headed out to the buses for the D.I.S.C.O. a chance to let off some steam and even make unlikely new friends between our younger school campers and our elder individuals. What a crazy day… it is most definitely time for some sleep!


24th Jan Skiing, Sledging, Languages, Torchlight Walk and The Cube

Another sunny day in Verbier! Our campers woke up this morning with perfect weather conditions for a great day of skiing. With quite a few parts of the resort opening up again, they explored different parts of the mountain in preparation for tomorrow’s race.

On their return from the slopes, they had a quick shower and then some went to language class, whilst the rest went sledging. Everyone then had dinner in the main campus, enjoying our weekly pasta party dinner. 

During the evening they challenged themselves with The Cube, a game that requires a lot of agility, coordination, speed and memory. Another small group went on the Torchlight Walk, enjoying some fresh air and Verbier by night! For everyone today was really fun day!

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23rd Jan Ski & Snowboard, Languages and Clubs Night

Bad weather never lasts forever, and for instance, today was finally a bluebird day in Verbier! Our skiers were delighted to head back to the slopes with amazing powder snow conditions and a beautiful blue sky.
They left for the mountain with a lot of enthusiasm as they kept on improving their ski and snowboard technique.

When they came back for some hot chocolate and snacks, some of them went straight to attend their language class, whilst the rest signed up for optional activities. After a delicious dinner, composed of a salad buffet, cured burgers, chips and a birthday cake, they had the choice to choose their preferred activity. Some went to play football or to rock climb and the Sports centre, some went to the escape rooms and are more tired campers decided to stay in and watch a movie together.

Sun in the sky, spirits are high, what a great day to be alive!

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Monday 22nd of January, arrival and excursion day.

Hi everyone, hope you’re having a good day as much as we do !

Unfortunately the montain was closed today due to high avalanches risks so we had to modify our schedule a bit. Because of theses high risks on the slopes we had to use our back up solution : excursions !

Therefore some of our kids left to the Charlie Chaplin museum, some others went to the Nestlé museum and the others went to Bern. After their picnic they all kids had a bit of time to go shopping in the cities their were at. They all came back around 6pm and had a bit of extra free time to chill before dinner.

Our new arrivals got there around midday, just on time for delicious lasagnas for lunch. Right after that they all went to the sport center to play games such as dodge ball, hockey, basketball and finally practice on their trampoline skills. The next step of the day was to handle the organisation of the ski gears, followed by one of our favourite games : La Fureur.

When all the groups were back from excursion we had a a nice dinner out in town!

See you tomorrow !!

21st Jan Ski, Snowboard, Sledging, Design and Build and Winter Olympics

Snow, snow and more snow! There have been a lot of stories in the news about Alpine Ski Resorts getting dumped with heavy snowfall, but its another thing to wake up in the morning and witness this beautiful landscape!

The kids left this morning with a sense of wonder glooming across their face, as they witnessed beautiful snowflakes falling from the sky. Even if the higher parts of the resorts were closed, it was an awesome day skiing as they enjoyed fresh powder conditions and few people on the slopes.

When they came back from the slopes, our campers were delighted to sip some warm hot chocolate and snacks. Our school group then went back outside for some sledging whilst the remaining individuals either attended language class or partcipated in other activities.

After dinner, the school group split up into teams to compete in Design and Build, whilst the Individuals group left for the Sports Centre.

Finally, tired but with a smile across their face, our campers made their way to bed.


Saturday 20th of January, arrival day, ski fitting, chill night

Hi everyone, today was a pretty chill day, a lot of our little campers left during the night and some more arrived during the day while the ones who stayed were skiing in our great resort or went on excurtion to the laser tag. A lot of snow had fallen during the last past days so skiing has been amazing today. After a good day on the slopes we all had a hot chocolate together and a bit of free time to socialize with the new arrivals.

During the afternoon we had the choice between going to the village to do some shopping, or doing a Verbier Hunt or even staying in the camp to play games and relax. Our little campers that just arrived got ski fitted to be ready for tomorrow’s ski session.

For dinner the individuals went for a lovely dine out in town. After a good dinner the new arrivals had a chill movie night because a lot of our new little fellas were quite jetlag after their long journey to come here.


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Friday 19th January Skiing, Snowboarding & Prize Giving

Today has been a crazy, crazy day at camp. We had the departure of a school of 100 campers, follwed swiftly by the arrival of another school while our 65 individuals remain at camp, most of whom will depart tomorrow. Fortunately the horrid wind is gone and we now have the chance to enjoy all of this fabulous new snow and the sun even came out to give us the most stunning views of the mountains, all dramatic after the new snowfall and beautifully lit by striking clouds and sun beams.

Our individual students had their race day this morning and, as a special treat, they all took their phones skiing and took photos with their friends and instructors. In the evening we had to quickly pack suitcases, collect pocket money from reception and hand in keys so that the students could dash to the village for some final souvenir shopping and sushi snack. After a nice dinner together it was finally time to say goodbye to the campers and for them to see their instructors for the final time.

It was an emotional prize-giving ceremony with plenty of tears and touching speeches. After the prize giving we had a nice slideshow of all of the photos of the week to reflect on the campers’ time with us.

They have been a fantastic group and it will be a shame to see them leave. I hope to see them again next year!

Thursday 18th of January, skiing powder practice, disco night

Hi everyone, here are the news from Les Elfes international camp! a few of our little campers were sick this morning so they stayed at the camp to rest and be in a better shape for tomorrow. The rest of them went on the slopes to have a great day of powder riding. We had some great fresh snow falling all night so it’s the perfect opportunity for our little riders to practice their skills on powder, they all loved it for sure.

After a cold day on the slopes and a good lunch they came back for the usual and delicious snack with hot chocolate that all the kids are fond of ! After a quick shower and a bit of free time we started the afternoon activities. As usual they had various options such as going to the village, do card games here on camp, play foosball, table tenis and pool in the basement or even do outdoor activities such as sledging, snowball fight…

Tonight was the night everybody was waiting for : disco night fever at l’Etoile, one of the greatest club of Verbier. Our personal dj was absolutely banging the box and the kids were all grooving on the dancefloor, such a great atmosphere. But for now its time to rest because another great and busy day is starting tomorrow and our little fellas need all their strengh!


17th January 2018 – Excursion, Casino Night, Dine Out, Escape Rooms

Today all the kids went on excursion which they had a lot of fun! one group went to the chocolate factory and the cheese factory were they could eat all the chocolate they want!, while the other group went to Geneva for some shopping!!!!

For dinner some kids had a lovely dine out in town or pasta party at camp!

For the evening activities we had casino night (we discover the competitive side of the campers) and escape rooms (they were so into getting out before the time wqas out and they did it successfully)!!!!!


Association Annapurna Nepal – Fabiana Report September 2017

Strong relationship with the Association Annapurna Nepal

Les Elfes proudly continues its strong relationship with the Association Annapurna Nepal, working with mainly young girls either orphaned or with very little in the way of a supporting family.

In 2017 we sent 6 staff members to Nepal including Fabiana our staff member from La Tzoumaz who had some fond memories to share with us.

Fabiana Report September 2017:

At ANA- Association Annapurna Nepal- I had opportunity to spend time with a host, at that time in  September, their were 13 girls and 2 boys.

The volunteering schedule was based on a visit twice a day. The first one in the morning, to help the children getting ready to school. The second visit in the evening, to help with homework, studies and recreational activities.  Saturdays were different though, I could spend the whole day with them and full day of different activities.

Exam Time 
It was exam time when I was there, therefore in the first week we were doing mostly studies. I was more related with the younger ones, since the older had already a well organized study method and  it was in these moments I learned a lot, mostly about their culture and how life is so different to here in Europe.  Furthermore, we had good laughs together about how different these “two worlds” are. As the time  passed  by I could see how hard working they are through good life habits, routines and studies. I am not  used to seeing children who really like to study it was so impressive.

Dashain & Tihar
We were also near the time for the biggest festival celebrated in Nepal- Dashain & Tihar- which I would say is like our Christmas in Europe. Everyone gets home, from all over, to get the blessed “tika” (red dot in the forehead) from the elder relatives.
With this came a great invitation to attend at their celebration in school. The subject was “Talent show competition” for which the girls, in between studies, were practicing. The school was decorated and all the children were very excited. Once again I had the opportunity to get a bit deep into their culture through the performance of the children from this school and was amazed.
I sweetly remember at one point the teacher presenting the show asked two of our elder children to switch the language to English so I could understand.

After School Activities
When the school was completely over we had more time for some activities such as crafts,  some necklace making, baking, playing traditional games from Europe, among others. Also I had the time to show them a presentation about my Island- San Jorge- Azores-Portugal- and along some of the dances from Portugal and Brazil. How great are the differences but how connected all the people are through singing and dancing. Continuing in the subject we also did one of the most famous après-ski activities from Les Elfes- the music video. This one consists in dancing and mimic-off a song that afterwards will be edited with some effects and mixtures. They were very excited with it.

Perfect Farewell
As all the pleasant times fly by, my great time with these children was about to finished and nothing better for a perfect farewell than some ice cream to delight all the taste and a big “thank you” video to send to Les Elfes and all the supporters.
After this time the children went to their villages to visit some relatives or close neighbours and therefore get their blessings as well.
My journey in Nepal was not quite finished as I had the opportunity to explore a bit of the beautiful Annapurna’s mountains, the amazing Budist temples in Lumbini and finally the wild jungle in the Chitwan National Park.
This experience was one of the kind and it really took me out of my comfort zone to a beautiful place and to a beautiful home where so much values are being passed to these children who somehow lost the base of support at a very young age. But they are doing the most out of this opportunity at ANA and really prepare themselves for a bright future.
I can only finish by recommending to all the colleagues who feel somehow committed with doing some service out of their comfort zone, to join the family in Nepal and get ready for an enriching exchange.

To Philippe and to Les Elfes’ family (including staff, partners and supporters) as he proudly calls us, a big “Dhanbad” (thank you in Nepali) for the lovely opportunity that now I can share with others.

16 January 2018 – skiing&snowboarding, sledging, baking, rock climbing, stopmotion

Today is snowy, the kids went skiing and snowbaording as usual with high spirits. The weather did not stop their enthusiasim.
In the afernoon, the kids came back from the mountain and enjoyed hot chocolate and tasty snacks, including the cookies they baked yesterday. There were several options for them, like sledging and visit town.

After dinner, it was the highly expected evening activity. Today, we had clubs night, they had three different options, baking, photo club and rock climbing!


15th January – Skiing, Quiz, Dine Out, Escape Rooms

Everyone woke up with a lot energy and motivation for another day of Skiing. The good weather and nice breakfast helped with it. So everyone went to the slopes to keep improving their skills.

Today we had the arrival of a Swiss school around noon. All the kid came ready to check-in, take lunch and to go directly to the slopes for some Skiing.

After a nice lunch at the mountain and more Skiing all the kids came back to Les Elfes were they could sign up for tthe activities in the afternoon, chill for a bit, take shower, take take out their mobile phones and the most important eat some snacks to take some energy after a long day Skiing.

Some of the kids had langages in the beggining of the afternoon while other could enjoy some Ice skating in the village. After that everyone came back to Les Elfes then some kids went to dine out and another kids took dinner here as usual.

For the evening activities some kids were playing Quiz while other kids went to the village and enjoy playing in the escape rooms and a nice dine out.



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Sunday 14th Ski, Snowboard, languages and Winter Olympics

Today, was the first day of skiing for our new arrivals. They left with a sense of excitement in the morning, and by the looks on their faces when they came back, skiing in Verbier sure met their expectations. For the campers already with us last week, they were happy to progress in a more advanced ski group, and we hope to see them improve again as quickly as these past few days.

On their return from slopes, they enjoyed a warm hot chocolate and some snacks. Quite a few of them then had languages, ensuring also the educational purpose of their holiday. The rest signed up for different activties offered by our animation staff.

After dinner, whilst a small group left for the escape rooms, the rest went to the Sports Centre nearby to participate in our weekly Winter Olympics games, including obstacles race, handball, hockey and soccer !

Finally, tired but glad to have a positive start to the week, they made their way to bed !

Saturday 13th Skiing, Montreux, Bowling and Dine out

Today our campers woke up to a beautiful sunny day, without even a cloud in sight. Some of them opted to ski yet another day. The rest of them went on the excursion to visit Montreux down by Lake Geneva, followed by a bowling session in Martigny. Either way, it was a great to get outside and enjoy the nice weather.

When they came back in the evening, our campers decided to go into town to dine out. Options included, pizza, burgers, or a traditional Swiss meal. What a delicious treat!

For those leaving us today, we wish them a safe return to their home countries and hope to see them again soon!

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Friday 12th Prize Giving, Skiing, Town

What a beautiful day for skiing !!, said our campers this morning. The weather has been absolutely amazing and despite the tiredness, campers couldnt wait to go up and improve their skiing or snowboarding skills ! The day was followed by a lunch break, eating our master chefs sandwiches and getting some tan while chatting with friends. In the afternoon, after skiing, some campers improved their skills in langages or learned how to rock climb or did ice skating. We all couldnt wait for tonights activity-Prize Giving ! Such a special and emotional moment for all the campers  and staff !
Finally, everyone is super happy, some campers had some special prizes, but we are all saying a massive thank you for coming here and having the best time with us, here in winter paradise-Verbier !

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