28th Feb Skiing, Escursion, Ice Skating and the Cube

Hi everyone, another great day just ended at Les Elfes. Since its the middle of the week the kids struggled a bit to wake up. Obviously after half a week on the slopes having fun we all reach a point when we are starting to be a bit tired. Anyway, as soon as they saw the sun showing up they all new that today was going to be fantastic.

Our little campers had two options today : going on the slopes of the 4 vallées resort or going on excursion at the chocolate and then cheese factory where they ate many free samples of the delicious Swiss Cailler chocolate and Gruyère cheese !

After a good dinner our fellas still full of energy played the very famous Cube game here at the main campus. They had so much fun, it was great !

See you all tomorrow for new adventures!

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Wednesday 28th February Skiing, Snowboarding, Excursion, Arrivals & The Cube

Our students had a mix of activities today with some enjoying the sunshine and the milder temperatures on the slopes while our other groups had a nice rest day to exlore a little more of Switzerland. Our individuals and our Indian group travelled to the Swiss town of Broc to visit the Cailler Chocolate Factory then to Gruyere to see how cheese is made.

Our skiers and snowboarders enjoyed the lunch on the mountain while our campers on excursion had a picnic lunch by the shores of Lake Geneva at Vevey the adopted home of Chalie Chaplin. After lunch our skier and snowboarders has time for some final runs while our excursion group enjoyed a bit of time to explore the shops in Vevey and buy some gifts for their family at home.

In the afternoon some of our students decided to Ice Skate, others visited the village to buy souvenirs or drink hot chocolates and some needed a nice rest. It was pasta party for dinner and after dinner we had the arrival of a new school and ski fit for them and at the same time had The Cube group activity for all of our other campers. It was a fun night of challenges with lots of games, cheering and competition.


27th February Skiing, Snowboarding, Sledging, Escape Rooms & Music Challenge Night

Another exciting day here at Les Elfes! Despite the freezing cold, our brave campers set off to ski wrapped up with many layers and hand warmers. Today they made huge strides forward, perfecting their techniques and getting a lot of practice. Even our beginner groups are getting ready to move from Les Esserts up to the top of the mountain maybe even tomorrow!

For our afternoon activities, as usual they had the choice to sign up for different options. Some of our more tired campers decided to stay inside and play some indoor games, or even competed in our design and build challenge. This involved to come up with a creative invention for a real life issue.

After dinner, our campers all warmed up their throats and vocal cords to compete in our favorite music based activity, La Fureur. The two teams challenged themselves in musical chairs, guess the song, and a number of other games.

Finally, it was time to quiet down and slowly everyone made their way to bed.

26th of February of 2018 Skiing, languages, Ice skating, baking

Today has been a snowy day in Verbier with lots of fresh snow high on the slopes. This week we have 4 different schools plus the individuals and all of our campers are mixing and making new international friends.

In the afternoon when the students came back from skiing, the had time for a quick snack and shower before heading to their chosen activities or language classes. Some of these activities  were ice skating, baking, village, just dance, games competition.

After a great mexican dinner the students mixed up and worked in teams to create an amazing and original music video. Even though they were very very tired after a long day skiing, they were committed and dedicated to make one of the best production Les Elfes has ever seen!!! Everyone was really impressed by our campers moves and choreography

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Sunday 25th february. Skit fit, skiing, optional activities and sports night

Today was slightly foggy but all of our campers loved it as it was there first day skiing, and for some the first time they have seen snow. The trees in Verbier are all looking beautiful as the new lower temperatures have covered them with a nice blanket of sparkly frost. A real winter experience for a new campers!

After having a quick shower and a snack our pupils headed out to do their optional activities… today they had a choice of sledging, ice skating, card games or a competition in the games room. Tired and full of fantastic stories about their day the campers sat together at dinner to talk about their first day of camp and to enjoy a nice hearty meal and to refuel after a busy day.

After dinner we visited the brand new sports centre next door to the camp and really made the most of the fantastic facilities with tournaments in basketball, street hockey and football before an early night and some time to relax ready for another fun-packed day in the mountains!


Saturday 24th February Arrivals, Departures and lots and lots of smiley new faces on camp!

Typically Saturdays at camp are hectic with students packing and departing, new students arriving, settling in and making new friends and today has been no exception. We have spent the day saying tearful farewells to our campers from last week before greeting our new cohort of students ready to hit the slopes first thing tomorrow. Before our students can start skiing there are always a few things we need to do first so, today we have shown the students to their rooms, they have unpacked, had a welcome meeting with all of the rules and expectations for the week, been fitted for ski clothing & ski equipment where necessary and some have even had a tour of the village. Today we said good bye to our students from China, Peru, Uganda, Dubai & Egypt and we have welcomed new students from Algeria, India, Kuwait and various countries in Europe.

We have a busy week ahead so after dinner tonight it was time for showers, a movie for some and some much-needed rest and relaxation ready for the first morning of skiing with their new instructors tomorrow. Already the stuents from the various schools have begun to mix with our individual students and the energy on camp is fantastic… we are expecting this week to be brilliant. Each day we will update you about our progress here on our blog 🙂

23rd of february, Skiing, Snowboarding, Souvenir Shopping and Prize Giving

It was a beautiful last day of skiing and snowboarding with lovely sunshine and sparkling snow especially for all of the groups’ final photos with their instructors. It was their last chance to explore the mountain, drink their final Swiss hot chocolates and final Crêpes in the Dahu before skiing back to the camp.

In the afternoon most of the students needed to pack their suitcases and organize their belongings, return their ski equipment and their ski clothes and finally some of them chose to squeeze in some souvenir shopping.

After dinner it was an emotional evening of thank yous, speeches, certificates, medaly, prizes, awards and photos before a slideshow video to recap the week. What a wonderful week it has been. We wish all of our campers a safe journey home and hope to see everyone again next year.

Please keep in touch with your favourite instructors on the Les Elfes International Instagram and Les Elfes App.

Thursday 22nd DISCO, Race Day and BBQ Lunch

The students woke to beautiful skiing conditions this morning, glorious sunshine and nice wintry temperatures made for some lovely snow. For some of our students this week the cold has been a bit of a challenge but it has been really great to watch them embrace their new winter surroundings and to enjoy spending time in the snow and learning how to keep themselves nice and warm throughout the day… of course, the occasional hot chocolate has helped at times too!

This morning it was race day! Time for the students to test their skills against their team-mates in their groups and see who has made the biggest improvement. For the beginners a slow and steady test of control and turning which some of our advanced groups tried their skill on the ski-cross course… we shall find out who will emerge victorious tomorrow night at the Prize Giving ceremony. After the race the students enjoyed a BBQ together in the sun while watching some of Verbier’s pros making shapes in the park.

In the afternoon some students had languages lessons, others sledging, some shopping and even a few ice skating before getting dressed for the D.I.S.C.O!! The campers enjoyed a lovely fondue evening together before heading to a local spot to boogie on down to the latest tracks. A fun night was had by all… for many it is time to get some sleep in preparation for their last day of skiing this year!

WEDNESDAY 21ST FEBRUARY: Excursion day, skiing, Escape Rooms, Fureur Games

The weather finally became clear today, a sunny day without wind is just perfect for skiing or for the excursion.

Our students went to the Charlie Chaplin Museum to visit the famous actor’s house and the studios where they got the chance to play with different scenarios. After a good lunch next the lake the got the chance to do some shopping in the city of Vevey and enjoy a day away from the slopes.

For the ones which decided to ski, in the afternoon, they had quite a few options, some of them made a cake, others went to the village and the rest of them decided to relax after the long day skiing.

For dinner they had the famous Pasta Party and after for our schools it was  time to challenge themselves with our musical game, La Fureur; meanwhile our individuals went to the Escape Room. Did they manage to get out of the rooms in less than 60 minutes?


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Tuesday 20th of February, skiing, ice skating and rock climbing

All the kids woke up with a lot motivation and after a great breakfast they were full of energy and ready for a good day Skiing on the slopes.

The staff checked everyone was wearing the proper equipment for the weather conditions of today. It was a bit colder than yesterday but still it was a good day for Skiing.

All the groups independent of their level had a nice day up in the mountains and the Ski instructor could checked how their level and skills improved really fast already.

After a lomg day Skiing the kids came back to Les Elfes where they could signed up for the afternoon activities, chill a bit and they had time to take their mobile phone or electronic devices to contact their families or to relax. Some of the kids had langage lessons as usual.

This aftrernoon our campers went ice skating and absolutely loved it and after dinner had a rock climbing session at our local sports centre. 

For dinner we could enjoy the famous burger night with burger and chips. Everyone loved it !

Right after dinner we started our evening activities. This time was the moment for torchlight walk and bin bag fashion show, so some of the kids enjoy a small trekking in a snowy path and the others had time to show their creativity with a amazing fashion show. (write about the individual activities)

Finally and after a long day it was time to go to bed and to rest. Goodnight !

19th of February sports center, movie, games, baking cookies torchlight walk and “The Cube”

Today was a beautiful sunny day here in Verbier and the kids were all so excited to go up on the mountain. They skied all day, enjoying the sun and perfect snow conditions. Our groups stopped in different parts of the mountain for lunch. Some ate in Les Esserts, others in Savoleyres, and the rest in La Chaux.

When they came back from skiing, they enjoyed some hot chocolate and snacks whilst signing up for their afternoon activites. Some of them had languages lessons where they could learn more of French, English or German. And the rest could sign up for chilling, so they could enjoy a movie and played some card games, others for baking, so divided by teams and with the help of a recipe they baked some cookies, to play pool, football table and tennis table in the games room, to play tennis in the sport centre and to go to the village for some shopping.

After dinner, some of the kids participated in the Cube. This one of our favorite evening activities that we run here, which involves a series of agibility-based challenges. Meanwhile the rest of the kids did a torclight walk.

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Sunday the 18th Feb- Skiing, Ice Skating, Design and Build, and Sports Centre

An exciting first day skiing in Verbier Four vallées for the new campers that arrived yesterday.  A fresh layer of snow leaving the slopes firm and grippy for their first run of the day. While some campers were resting their skiing legs, some were skiing for the first time ever and loving it.

After coming back from an adventurous full day of skiing the campers then got to rest and relax before the afternoon and evening activities. For the afternoon some campers got to go ice skating in the picturesque centre of town. Others that stayed at the main campus had a snowman building competition.

After eating dinner half the kids set off to the sports centre while the other half stayed to have an arts and craft evening. At the sport centre the kids played hockey and football being divided into multiple teams, it was an evening of fun and energetic games. Back in the main campus the kids put their minds together to make the coolest creations they could.

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Saturday 17th Feb- Departures, Arrivals, skiing and movie night

Big day today at Les Elfes! We said goodbye to the schools that spent last week with us, and prepared ourselves to welcome the schools from Uganda, Dubai, China and Egypt and a lot of individuals from all around the wold! This is the perfect mix for a great international week!

The students who are staying for another week went up to the mountain to not miss out on skiing and are really excited to meet the new campers.

For the ones that just stepped into our camp they were welcomed with a nice meal. Then it was time to hear the basic rules of the camp and get ski fitted by our ski instructors. They can’t wait to go up on the mountain tomorrow!

Overall, it was a really chilled night with a nice movie playing in our cinema room and time to take some rest before putting their ski gear on tomorrow!!!

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Friday 16th Feb- Skiing day, souvenir shopping and prize giving

Hi everyone, another great day just ended at les Elfes. Our day started so well, all the kids were really eager to go on the slopes for their last day skiing after a good continental breakfast.

After a marvelous day on the slopes they came back to the camp to have a hot shower and a hot chocolate. This was followed by a visit of the village and a bit of souvenir shopping for their families and friends.

Tonight was the much awaited Prize Giving ceremony, our campers were so impatient to recieve their ski certificates. See you tomorrow for new adventures.



Thursday 15th Feb – Skiing/ Snowboarding/Rock Climbing/ Disco

This Thursday kids woke up at 7:30 for a foggy day. Weather was not the best but kids were excited to go to the slopes anyways. After a delicious breakfast they left to go skiing and although the weather was miserable, all campers did their best and made the most out of it. All of the campers were really happy as it was ski race day. Very competitive, but all campers are looking forward to finding out of their results tomorrow at prize giving. Coming back in the afternoon for hot chocolate and bread with Nutella was well deserved by all the campers.

For most of the campers who didn’t have languages, either signed up for shopping in town or a bit of rock climbing. After dinner it was time to head to the Disco, which was enjoyed by all. So many different nationalities from our six schools this week on camp and also all our individuals. Was really nice to see that whatever country you are from, everyone can get along and have fun together.


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Wednesday 14th February Excursion to the UN, Cheese and Chocolate Factory

Another beautiful sunny day here in Verbier, and as we have reached mid-week, our campers had the option to continue skiing or go on an excursion for today. One group went on excursion to Geneva to visit the United Nations. The other group went to a combined visit of both the Cheese and Chocolate Factory. For those who went on either of these trips, it was a nice break from skiing. It was a chance to rest their legs but also make the most of the cultural excursions Les Elfes has to offer.

In the evening, most of our campers decided to go on dine out and enjoy a nice meal after the long day.

Tuesday 13th Feb Skiing, Village and Carnival Night!

Today the kids woke up on time and got ready for breakfast. Besides the cold weather, it was very sunny.  Everyone was very excited to go to the 4 valleys for their third day of skiing. After a delicious breakfast, all the kids put on their equipment and left for the mountain.

In the afternoon when they came back, we started the Carnival celebrations. We face painted the kids and took them to the village to enjoy the parade and to see how we celebrate this popular holiday in Switzerland. They all had lots of fun hanging out with their friends and participating in the activities.

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Monday 12th Feb- Skiing, Rock Climbing, Village, Baking and Cinema

A typical Monday involves a struggle to get out of bed, and a reluctant return to work or school. However, here at Les Elfes we have put an end to the so-called “Monday Blues”. A typical Monday at Les Elfes involves our campers jumping out of bed, rushing to get ready to hit the slopes and of course, always with a huge smile upon their face.

Today was indeed another typical Les Elfes Monday. It was a great day skiing on the mountain, with a fresh layer of snow and hence, perfect conditions to practice and improve technique. On their return from the slopes, our campers signed up for different activities. In the afternoon, some went ice skating, some to languages and the rest went shopping in town.

After a delicious dinner composed of Mexican Fajitas, our oldest campers left for a cinema night. The others either participated in baking cookies or rock climbing at the Sports Centre.

It was another great Monday at Les Elfes, and we hope the week will continue along these good vibes.

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Saturday 10th of Feb, arrival and departure day

Today was a big day for a lot of our little campers since they were or arriving or going home.

Next week is going to be one of the busiest week of the season at les Elfes, let’s hope we’ll have good weather throughout the week.

A few of our little fellows went skiing on the 4 valleys today, what an adventure to go exploring the unkown. Hopefully to sky cleared up a bit during the afternoon after a pretty fogy weather.

After a marvoulous day on the slopes our campers came back for the usual snack and chill time before dinner.

The program of tonight was some team games and an easy and chill movie night since a lot of our campers were really tired and jetlag.

See you tomorrow for new adventures!


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Thursday 08th of Feb, skiing day and disco night

Today as usual our kids woke up around 7:30am and had a good continental breakfast before their long and great day skiing. A lot of them improved so much it’s unbelivable. Shredding like crazy on black and red runs. After a good lunch at la Chaux and a bit more of skiing , they all came back to the campus to have a shower and a delicious snack. This was followed by a chill afternoon where they could go to the village to do a bit of shopping or have a crepe or a milkshake.

After dinner all our kids were so excited because tonight was the great disco night at l’Etoile !! They had so much fun grooving on the dancefloor. Disco night fever baby. After that we still had a bit of time to play pool before a good night of sleep.

Good night everybody !

wednesday 7th of feb skiing, exscursion, afternoon activities.

Hello everyone, today was excursion day for most of our little fellows. They had the choice between an excursion in Italy to the costa Aoste, where they could discover the great italian culture and food. The others when to the olympic museum and then to Lausanne to eat a pic nic and do a bit of shopping.

They all came back around 6pm and had a bit of free time to have a shower and chill before dinner.

The day ended with a torchlight walk for some and the very famous Cube game at les Elfes.

See you tomorrow for more adventures.