30th March- Skiing, Escursion to Olympic Museum, Souvenir Shopping and Prize Giving

Alas, the week has come and gone so fast. As the sun rose from behind the mountains are campers set off to make the most out of their last day. Nearly everyone went skiing as usual, enjoying their last views of the Swiss Alps, an exotic landscape for those that have travelled here from so far away. A small group went to visit the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, resting their tired legs and trying out one the cultural escursions we offer here at Les Elfes.

The afternoon and evening here at camp were quite heptic. Most campers were busy packing their bags, whilst a few them went into town for some last minute souvenir shopping. After dinner, we had our Prize Giving ceremony, where our campers received prices from both their Ski Instructors and Animation Team. They then viewed the Music video they created and a slideshow of all the photos from the week.

Finally, it was time to say goodbye and goodnight. Despite the cultural differences, it was quite an emotional parting, with so many of our campers having bonded with others from all over the world.

We have had a great week here at Les Elfes with this lot and hope to see them all again next year!

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28th March- Skiing, Afternoon activities, Torchlight walk and The Cube

A new day, a new dawn, behold our mighty campers have risen from their beds and have armed themselves with their skis and snowboards. Upon the Les Elfes vessels they have made their way up the mountain to confront their fears and challenge themselves. No time was wasted on the slopes, as every moment, every second counts towards improving their technique and preparing for the much attended ski race scheduled tomorrow.

Upon their return from the mountain, they rejoiced at the sight of some hot chocolate and snacks, a key moment in order to regain their strength. They showered under the refreshing mountain water and made haste to attend their afternoon activities.

Following the evening meal, our campers split up into two groups. One group left for the torchlight walk, their flames lighting up the sky whilst enjoying the view of Verbier by night. Another group stayed indoors and competed in the Cube, a game testing a range of abilities such as memory, agibilty and strength.

Finally, it was time for everyone to make their way to bed, and before we knew it, the whole camp fell silent.

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27th March- Ski, Village visit, Egg drop challenge, La Fureur and Sports Centre

Today our students woke up really excited for their ski and snowboard lessons. They already can see their progression. Our beginners can’t wait to make their way up to the big slopes on the mountain, whilst the more advanced groups are eager to explore the four Valleys ski area.

After a good lunch in one of our spots on the mountain, our campers continued their lessons with a lot of enthusiasm and a big smile.

Here at the camp we had hot chocolate and a good snack waiting for them when they came back. It was a nice moment to relax after all the physical activity and to share their experiences and funniest stories of the day with their friends.

In the afternoon they signed up for different activities. One big group went to the village for some shopping and some crepes. Another group participated in the Egg drop challenge, which consists in designing a box that can protect an egg from cracking after being dropped vertically from a few meters.

In the evening our students were splitted into two groups: one went to the sports centre to challenge themselves with different kinds of sports such as unihockey, volleyball and basketball. The second group stayed at the camp and played our famous music game: La Fureur! Our students were really involved singing, dancing and cheering their team!

Everyone at the end of the day was tired and the building was soon silent. Our children are now sleeping, refilling their energy and dreaming about the new adventures awaiting them tomorrow.

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26th of March skiing, snowboarding, sports center, village, music video

It has been a sunny day in Verbier with lots of snow up in the slopes. One beginners are progressing well and all of our campers are mixing and making new friends. It has been so nice to see them smiling even through difficult conditions and for the older kids to be taking care of the younger kids and making the camp a real family atmosphere.

In the afternoon, the campers choose between three different activities: sports center, visit to the village or playing games at the main campus. They had their usual snacks and hot chocolate before going for their chosen activity.

After dinner the students mixed up and worked in teams to create an amazing music video which they can take home with them as a souvenir to remember their week at camp and their new friends here.

Tomorrow the students will wake up for their third day of skiing or snowboarding too keep practicing and improving their skills.


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25th March Skiing, Snowboarding, Baking , Sledging, The cube and Torchlight walk

Today was the first day of skiing for most of the campers and many of them were very excited to try it out! Luckily, the weather was really sunny which provided the perfect conditions for their debut.

They also enjoyed the lunch in our restaurant up on the mountain, getting ready for the second part of their lessons.

After skiing they came back to the camp where a nice snack and hot chocolate was waiting for them, and also chose their afternoon activities. Some of them showed us their masterchef skills making really yummy cookies. Some weren’t too tired to play outside and decided to go sledging, whilst the rest decided to relax, play some card games or watch a movie.

Today we also welcomed our last school for this week which made the journey all the way from the Philippines and joined the schools from Africa, Malaysia, UAE,  and Hong Kong that had already arrived!

In the evening most of them got very competitive playing The Cube. There were two teams competing against each other to win points. The Cube besides being fun for everyone, also challenges our kid’s coordination, agility, speed and ability to work in a team!

Others went for a nice and relaxing torchlight walk discovering the local town.

After the evening activity everyone was very tired from their journey in the mountains and headed straight to bed to rest and recover their energy for tomorrow!

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Friday 24th March Departures, Skiing, Arrivals

Last night we were sad to say goodbye to our two schools from India. It has been a great week, full of excitment and we hope to see them again soon.

Today, some of our individuals that are staying for two weeks went skiing as usual enjoying the bright sunny day.

At camp, we had a lot of departures but then again, a lot of new exciting arrivals from all over the world. The ones that arrived early had time to get fully ski fitted and then enjoyed playing in the snow. The others that arrived later in the evening had dinner, unpacked and then headed straight to bed, tired from the long journey.

Finally, we hope everyone gets a good rest ahead of a big day tomorrow!

Thursday 22nd March ski race

today was one of the best ski days ever. All the kids were in their competetive mood for the ski race. Trying to ski as fast as their feet allow, the kids really felt the wind on thier face. Luckily, the sun was also bright and shining, which just made everything about the day sweeter.

For lunch, the kids had a lovely barbeque on the mountains. To top it off, there was a super fun snow game between the kids.

After skiing, the kids enjoyed  the hot chocolate and some nutella bread to fuel up on energy. After snacks, the kids were prepared for their evening activities of visiting the beautiful village and playing cool games.

While some kids had a yummy home cooked meal, the famous swiss fondue, perfect to warm up in the winter nights, and some went into one of verbier’s restaurant for a fancy italian meal.

After dinner, the kids had a blast on the torchlight walk or playing our favourite music game:  la fuerer.

After this day full of good memories our student went to bed thinking about tomorrow…last day on the slopes, excursion and for everyone the prize giving cerimony.


Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for the last bit of excitement of the last day!



Wednesday 21st March Disco dancing

Today the kids woke up full of excitement with the shining sun at 7:30. Rushing through breakfast, they just wanted to go to the slopes as soon as possible. Even though the temperature was quite low, everyone did not let it stop them from acquiring some killer skills.

they enjoyed a nice meal prepard by our chefs on the slopes to regain the energy, ready to ski again!

After the long day of showinng of their ski techniques, the kids ate the beloved corn annd cheese toast back at the schalet.

For the afternoon, the kid got to choose whether they wanted to go into the bautiful village for some snacks and shopping or play some fun games and relax.

Everyone really enjoyed the make your own pasta bar and all the plates were dishwasher clean!

Although the best part of this spectacular day was the disco night.

Everyone bursted the tunes with rocking moves and it was the perfectway to end the day.

hope you also had a wonderful day like the kids! see you tomorrow.


Tuesday 20th March, Torchlight walk, fureur

Today the kids, full of energy, smashed through the powder snow. Even after two tiring skiing days already, they were still super excited to put on their skis and learn some awesome skills. They reminiscised home by having some lovely hot chole-puri.

After the re-energyzing lunch, they continued to enjoy the wind on their face while skiing  through the day.

Once they came back from skiing, they were welcomed with some hot chocolate and pizza bread while decided to choose their afternoon activity from: sledging, shopping in the village and competing in some fun games such as pool and fooseball.

For dinner, the kids feasted on fries and burgers after the long tiring day.

Following dinner, some kids chilled in and watched a cool movie, some played a lovely game which tested their knowledge of music while some walked up the hill on their torchlight walk.

See you tomorrow for more fun updates!


Monday 19th March, Skiing, Escape Rooms, Music video

Today the children were woken up at 7.30am and sent upstairs for breakfast. The weather today was not as good as yesterday and the visibility was reasonably poor however the children didn’t let this slow down their day, they all made a vast amount of progress!

Skiing until 12pm, the children then stopped for lunch to refuel themselves, then back on the slopes.

After a cold days skiing the snack of the day went down a treat and the hot chocolate warmed the kids back up. They then had time to go and relax and take a shower.

For the afternoon activities the kids had a various amount of choices : baking cookies, shopping in the village, playing pool and table tennis or even relaxing and playing card games ! Then we had dinner which was garlic and pepper sliced beef, it was really delicious. Some of us had the chance to experience some indian food, yummy.

After dinner the children were transferred over to the main camp where they made a music video, this consisted of dancing and acting out scenes which will be incorporated later into a video which will be presented at the end of the week with the slideshow!

Now exhausted after a great day skiing its time for bed for all of the children at Les Elfes!

See you all tomorrow for new adventures.



Sunday 18th March Skiing, Snowboarding & Music Video

Today was a challenging day on the slopes for all of our students with snow and difficult visibility throughout the day. The groups perservered like champions and many learnt so many things we were really impressed with them.

After skiing we had a snowman building competition, baking challenge, shopping & a games competition in the games room but the most energetic activty bay far was the impromptu Just Dance session in the cinema room with over 30 kids participating.

After dinner one of our groups had a sports tournament at the sports centre while the others had a design and build competition.


Saturday 17th March Arrivals, Departures and Sleeping Time

It has been a busy but lovely day of arrivals and departures. Early this morning we waved goodbye to our schools of last week. We wish them a safe journey and would like to say a big thank you for a fantastic week of fun, snow and games.

Then… it was time for our fantastic new groups and indivudlas to arrive. They arrived at all different times and we had a rotation of ski equipment fitting, ski clothing fitting, village visits, snacks and orientations of the camp. After a nice dinner together it was time for everyone to get some sleep, unpack their luggage, have showers and get some much-needed rest ready for Day 1 of skiing tomorrow. Woo!


Friday 16th March. Skiing, Excursion, Packing and Prize Giving

Today our campers were ready really quickly to engage the last full day here at Les Elfes.
For some of our schools was the last day of skiing and the weather donate them a really nice day and for other today was the chance to visit the famous Cailler chocolate factory and the cheese factory based in Gruyere!
It was on the mountain or next to the lake, the lunch was really great and loved by our student, then let’s go to skiing again or to take shopping in a big mall where they could buy a lot of presents for their families!
Once at the camp was the time to pack and put a lot of good memories in the suitcases, leaving a little bit of space for the ski certificates they received during the most emotional moment of all the week: the Prize Giving Ceremony!
They could listen from their instructors about their progression, the good laughs they had in the mountain and the race results!
We show them also a slideshow about they week we just spent together and then was already time to go to bed.
We are sure they have plenty of stories to share with their parents and friends!



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Thursday 15th March. Skiing, village, the cube

Today the children got up ready for their last day on the slopes, they were all really exited to compete in the end of week race! They were all really enthusiastic and ready to go.

On the slopes the children skied all day and built up to the momentous race which was carried out near the end of the day! The winners to be presented with a prize at prize giving.

After a hard days racing, the snacks were ready for the kids when they returned and the children enjoyed the snacks. We went with all kids to village where they could enjoyed some walk and shopping.

For dinner we had the expected Fondue, everyone was excited about it, it was the first time for some of them. The evening activity was The Cubewhere the children had to compete against each other in a several mini games, their great competitiveness showed tonight!

The children went to bed slightly early tonight as they are up nice and early to go on the excursion to the chocalte factory! Exiting!


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Wednesday 14th March, skiing, games at the camp, dine out and torchlight walk

Good morning, all the kids woke up excited about the day. The weather was even better than yesterday. The sun came out and it was a perfect day to enjoy in the slopes. So after a good breakfast to take energy all the kids and instructors went up the mountain.
After breakfast and preparing themselves for the day, they were ready to go.
Today We took lunch in the slopes where they could enjoy a nice BBQ. It was the perfect weather for it. Then they kept Skiing and enjoying the weather a bit longer in the afternoon.
When they came back to Les Elfes, they signed up for different activities in the afternoon. After they had time to take off their wet clothes, hang them to dry, take shower and of course to eat some nice snacks with hot chocolate. They then got the choice of playing a big game all together.
Later, some of our kids went for dine out to Le Shed one of the best restaurant in the village, while the others kids took dinner in the campus as usual.
In the evening all the kids participate in our famous torchlight walk where we enjoyed all together a nice trekking.

Then it was time to sleep. Good night


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Tuesday 13th March- Skiing, sledging, design and build

This morning in our campus of Medran everyone woke up full of energy and looking forward for Skiing. The weather was better than yesterday. It was less cold and the visibility was better.

After a great breakfast and dressing with the proper clothes for the mountain all the kids went with their instructor up the mountain.

They enjoyed skiing and kept improving their skills with the help of the instructors. They took lunch in the slopes with their groups. They kept skiing a bit longer after lunch and in the afternoon all the groups came back to campus.

First, they signed up for different activities in the afternoon like for example, sledging. After they had time to take off their wet clothes, hang them to dry, take shower and of course to eat some nice snacks with hot chocolate.

Later, some of our kids went for dine out in one of the best restaurant in the village, while the others kids took dinner in the campus as usual.

For the evening all the kids participate in one of our best activities Design and build, where divided by teams they could work in different designs and after to do the presentation of their own projects.

Then it was time to sleep. Good night.

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Monday 12th March, skiing, Verbier visit and Fureur


This morning when the children looked out of their windows they were surprised by the amount it was snowing. It definitely  was a magical sight, ask them!

Breakfast was at 8am and the groups ate a good amount of food as they knew they had a physically demanding day ahead, however later they found it was also a very rewarding day as the kids managed to make great progression on the slopes!

A full day of skiing today ensured that they were ready for their snacks when they came back. A hot chocolate definitely warmed them up.

In flexi time today the campers went to discover the village where their are spending this time, did some baking or play the cube, a challenge game that the other can play later in the week!

Hungry after all this activities, the students enjoyed a really tasty cumin and coriander lamb dish that was served with couscous.

The evening activity was a music game: La Fureur, where we tested their musical knowledges and their dancing skills. Well…we were actually surprised!!!

Then they were definitely ready to go to bed for a good night sleep! Up early tomorrow for a big days skiing.

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Sunday 11th March first day on the slopes, sport center and quiz night

The day started at 7.30 when the children were woken up for breakfast! After breakfast the team here at Les Elfes ski fitted them giving all the necessary equipment to carry out a days skiing.

After ski fitting our campers made their way by mini bus to the slopes with their instructors, however due to the rain they ate lunch at the main campus to avoid getting cold and wet! Shortly after lunch they went back out to the slopes with their groups and finished off a first day of skiing.

Upon returning from skiing the kids then had a snack and a hot chocolate to warm them up and after was Flexi Time: of course the decided to play in the snow with sledges!

At dinner they had a delicious coconut prawns curry which was well learnt after a physical first day.

The evening activity was split between a quiz night which challenged the children knowledge and play at the sport center. They all seemed to really engage the activities we offered them and enjoy the experience.

Roll on the rest of the week!

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Saturday 10th March Departures, Arrivals

Saturday is always a special day at Les Elfes. Whilst we are sad to say goodbye to our campers leaving, we are happy to fill this emptiness with our new arrivals!

Most of them arrived quite late today, but were happy to see loads of snow and a cloudless sky with bright stars in the night. As soon as they arrived they had a nice dinner composed of paprika chicken and rosti. They then went up to their rooms to unpack and following that made their way down to the boots room to get ski fitted for tomorrow. It was quite a chilled evening with some games and a movie to watch.

Finally tired from the long journey, they made their way to bed eager to get on the slopes tomorrow!

PS: Farewell De La Salle and Swiss International School!

Friday 9th March Skiing, Escursion to Lausanne, Shopping and Prize giving

Alas, the week has come and gone by so quickly. It is already Friday and hence, time to start packing and preparing for departures tomorrow. Today some of campers went on the escursion to the Olympic Museum and then for some shopping in Lausanne. It was a nice opportunity to explore some of the cultural experiences Switzerland has to offer!

The rest of our campers went skiing as usual trying to make the most of their last day. Everyone went up the mountain, even our groups that started skiing from scratch at the start of the week. Our more advanced groups took some packed lunch with them and went off to explore the 4 valleys, one of the largest ski areas in Europe. It was a lovely as everyone was able to put in practice and enjoy what they had learned throughout the week.

In the afternoon, whilst most of campers were busy packing, some went to the village for some last minute souvenir shopping. After dinner, it was time for our long awaited prize giving ceremony. They received awards from our animation team and from their instructors and with a final certificate indicating their achieved ski level!

It was great having these kids this week, and we wish them safe travels and hope to see them again soon!


A wonderful bluebird day gave the good mornig to our campers. They woke up really excited for the ski race and after a good breakfast they head up to the mountain where our istructors setted up the track for the competition. All of them put a lot of effort on it and they can’t wait for the results that will be announce tomorrow evening at the prize giving. After the race they well deserved the bbq on the slopes in the mountain to chat with their friends and enjoy the sun. For some of them today is the last day skiing and they want to enjoy every moment.
After skiing they had a really good snack and the chance to choose between ice skating, playing snow games and or relax. In the evening they could try the famous swiss fondue and get ready for the evening activities, our favourite musical game: La Fureur!!!