Monday 30th of April- Excursion to Sion, arrival to Zermatt, chill and torchlight walk

Today everyone woke up full of energy and after a nice breakfast all the campers brought down their luggage ready for the excursion to Sion and to move to Zermatt.

The weather was better than the day before so it was cloudy but no rain almost!

During the excursion we had the chance to visit the Sion’s castle, everyone loved the sightseeing.

Then, already in Zermatt the kids had time for snacks and we split them by rooms. After they had time to unpacked and to chill a bit with their phones before dinner.

Right after dinner it was time for our evening activity. Today it was the turn of our famous “torchlight walk”. The oldest kids enjoyed a nice walk up to the hill. It was a nice moment for all together!

And when we were back to the hotel it was already bed time. Everyone went to sleep, to rest and be ready for Skiing the next day.

Sunday, 29.04.2018

We are all super excited to welcome our new arriwals from India today!They had a super tasty pasta carbonara from our chefs and after that-ski fit!!! Woohooo its so exciting to get all the equipment and get ready for skiing in wonderful Zermatt!! Our campers were tired after a long journey, but they still had a great time participating in La Fureur with a lots of singing and dancing followed by Swiss cheese fondue and after that-sweet dreams and CANT WAIT FOR TOMORROW!!!!

Friday 27th April

Welcome to sunny beautiful Verbier. Blue skies and incredible spring snow throughout the 4 vallees had our ski groups loving life. With all groups proving their progression and all the skills they have learnt in our timed slalom race. Celebrating the results together with a barbecue and prize giving on the slopes with amazing views of the valley.

The Afternoon was filled with activites throughout verbier. Leadership skills have been improving back at Campus with the second session working on how students can work well together to create a better outcome for their group with many successful results. Bushcraft had the group learning how to read maps, use compasses and then put this into practice to explore the beautiful terrain surrounding the camp, finding checkpoints  to reach their end goal. While the mountain bikers ventured further learning new skills off the beaten path.

Our evening has had the lovely scent of cookies from our baking club drifting throughout the camp, with many tasty treats being shared. The students taking part in photography had an extremely difficult task of creating their own stop motion videos with most achieving not only one but multiple movies, amazing! Our apprentice program is working on ideas to help our environment and how to implement these ideas in real life.



Ski race, sport center, shopping in the village, music video.

Today was one of the most exciting days for our campers: today was ski race day! They competed with in their team to see who could get fastest in the track we set up in the mountain. After they had a really nice BBQ where they could share the emotions of the morning and enjoy their last afternoon on the slopes. Indeed today was also the last day skiing for most of them so we decided also to give them the choice to go to the village to see the town and buy some presents for their family or play again in the sports center and we can tell you that our camper are really active!

Tonight we also tested their dancing skills with the music video, and because they are so great we made two different ones in the same night! What a day!

They were really happy, but also really tired so we let them take some good sleep to make tomorrow another wonderful day.

Wednesday 25.4.2018

A big hearty hello from sunny Verbier. Today has been packed with loads of activites for our campers to enjoy. We started the day by heading up the slopes. The begginner groups have improved a lot over the last few days and are heading of to explore new areas of the mountain while our intermidate and advanced groups have been learning and practacing new drills that should take their skiing to the next level.

Once back at camp they enjoyed a snack with some hot chocolate to relax before diving head first into the afternoon clubs program. Mountain Biking, Bushcraft and the Leadership courses were all on offer. The mountain bikers headed down to La Chable on the gondola where they went on a scenic route following the stream heading towards Mauvoisin Dam, spring has truly sprung down the Valley with new calfs aplenty in the fields. The main focus of the Leadership course this afternoon was “working as a team” and “How could we improve” once the task has been complete. The Bushcraft group worked on first-aid with our campers learning how to bandage wounds and breaks.

After dinner the kids split up into our clubs program. The apprentice, Photography and baking. The kids sunk their teeth into the baking and we can`t wait to enjoy some home made chocolate cookies tomorrow. The Photography group experimented with light exposure and shutter speed creating a barrage of interisting pictures to look through. Our Apprentice groups had to come up with ideas that would help the world with it`s current plastic problem. They have come up with ideas and will have to build and pitch these to our staff in the coming days.




Tuesday 24th April 2018 Skiing, Paragliding, Courses and Sports Night

What a fun-packed and tiring day it has been for our campers! They were up early for a beautiful day of skiing in the sunshine and some even had the chance to paraglide above the beautiful Val de Bagnes and to take in the breath-taking views of the mountains. After skiing they had samosas and some fabulous chutney before beginning their courses. Our school continued their leadership course while our individuals began their chosen activities. Our bushcraft group had a session of first aid with the camp nurse and our mountain bikers tested their skills on the brand new Les Elfes mountain bikes.

We had a build-a-burger dinner and some of us tucked into the finest Biryani ever made before changing into our sporting gear for an evening of football, basketball and hockey tournaments in the sportshall. What a busy, sporty day. Our campers have been absolutely fantastic and now it is time for some much-needed rest!

Sunday 22nd April 2018 Excursion to Olympic Museum & Charlie Chaplin Museum

We first woke up at around 7 in the morning, some earlier. In about half an hour we found ourselves at the breakfast table waiting for our delicious breakfast An hour later we were off to the Olympic museum, the journey was rather calm and more centric on watching the view. Once we reached and left the bus we walked to the entrance to the museum. There were the occasional, and traditional, statues that were stripped of clothing and also the occasional monument dedicated to a certain sport. The beautiful greenery stretched on towards either side of us before stopping at a large group of trees. Upon entering we were greeted by an ornate glass structure depicting the five rings that represent the five continents that were united by Olympism. The museum educated us on many things related to the history and the other aspects related to the Olympics in great details through highly interactive machines and games and the occasional video. After the highly enlightening trip we moved across town to the mall, to buy some souvenirs for our family and friends. All of the different shops we entered had many things that aren’t available in India but many more that were already available. Once we finished buying all sorts of gifts and other souvenirs we headed back to the vans from where we headed towards the Charlie Chaplin museum. Here we entered the house where Charlie Chaplin himself lived in, after his move to Switzerland, and learnt all about him and his life before and after America. They also had many interactive machines to help us learn about the comedic genius. And finally after visiting the museum shop in this wonderful place we left with the buses to come back to camp and enjoy pizza dinner followed by ice cream.

Written by our campers…

Saturday 21st April 2018 Day 3 of Skiing

This was the day we started coming together as a group along with all the peers not only with our friends alone. Although the previous 2 days were tiring from all the skiing, we got up early to play basketball with all our peers to start our day fresh. As soon as we got up today we realised it was the last day of skiing, but that did not discourage us and we got ready earlier than ever before. Today is the day we were all were anticipating as we were going for paragliding. Once we started going in small groups we started sharing our experiences with each other about it. The experience is truly once in a lifetime opportunity as it was one of the most moving moment of the trip. Those of who were scared of heights put their fears behind them to enjoy the experience which was truly worth it. The rest of the day we enjoyed our last few hours of skiing and practiced the few tricks that we learnt to try and perfect them. We came back after a tiring day to freshen up and eat some snacks to get ready for the evening activities. In the evening we played a team game that helped us to cooperate better as a team. The game we played was called Mine Field. As we all got closer to one another we started enjoying our meal times more and more and the dinner was never ending as we could not stop having fun. After dinner we started on the various tasks assigned to us in the different clubs. After the clubs we could not help but fall asleep after these tiring days of skiing while looking forward to the days ahead.

Written by our campers…

Friday 20th April 2018 Skiing Day 2

We were tired from the previous day’s events, we could not wait for another day of skiing. After a healthy breakfast, we were ready for the day. The struggle of putting on our equipment from the previous day was not felt today. We were divided into two groups, one went up the mountain with Devon and the other continued on the same slope with Becky. Those who went to the mountain started off by skiing down half a mountain which we all found very interesting as we could see the racers from Patrouille des glacier. Devon’s group went higher up the mountain and practiced skiing. Becky’s group, the one that was down the slope, were perfecting their skiing. Becky’s group learnt a few tricks such as backward skiing. Both the groups enjoyed the feeling of home by eating Rajma Chawal for lunch. After the tiring day, we came back to the camp and did team building and leadership activities. We played a game that helped us get to know more about the surroundings of the camp, which was a game to match the pictures of our surrounding to the surrounding to try and complete a map given to us. For dinner we enjoyed a barbeque with the group. After dinner we played some basketball along with the staff after which we continued to work along with the members of the club to complete our tasks.

Written by our campers…

Thursday 19th April 2018 Day 1 of Skiing for our school from India

We started the day with an energizing breakfast, which kept us going for what was coming today. We started putting on our equipment which was an experience within itself. We did have a bit of trouble at first, but we got the hang of it. We started off by doing a few warm ups to get ourselves ready for the day ahead, followed by learning how to balance on skis by doing basic activities. We started with very easy slopes but we slowly learnt to tackle the harder ones. The lunch break was very refreshing as we could feel like we were back home by eating chole bature. By the end, even though a few felt hurt and tired, we knew the pain was worth it. After we came back to the chalet, all of us were ready to pass out but after a refreshing shower we were ready to begin the evening activities planned for us. The activities we did were very unique as we learnt about leadership through a practical method. The games that we played helped us bond with our peers. There were two clubs organized for us. The clubs were animations, in which we learnt to make stop motions films to present it at the end and the journalism club, in which we started planning to make a magazine about our different experiences in Switzerland. These clubs helped us create more experiences and memories.

Written by our campers…

Wedensday 18th April 2018

We started the day with an energizing breakfast, which kept us going for what was coming today. Every moment of the day was exciting right from the start to the end. At around 8.30 a.m. we were putting on our equipment which was an experience within itself. We did have a bit of trouble at first, but we got the hang of it.
Our anticipation could not be missed even during the ride. Some of us had never been in snow before today so the excitement was understandable. We started of by doing a few warm ups to get ourselves ready for the day ahead, followed by learning how to balance on skis by doing basic activities. No matter how easy the coaches made it look, we can assure that it was not but we got the hang of it by the end. The coaches never gave up and were understanding as they were there during our every fall. We started with very easy slopes but we slowly learnt to tackle the harder ones.
The lunch break was very refreshing as we could feel like we were back home by eating chole bature.
The coaches after lunch, were taking us through harder and harder challenges and we have to admit it wasn’t easy but it was satisfying to complete the challenges put forth by them. By the end, even though a few felt hurt and tired, we knew the pain was worth it.
After we came back to the chalet, all of us were ready to pass out but after a refreshing shower we were ready to begin the evening activities planned for us. One group is working together to write a magazine while the other has been learning about making stop-motion movies.
Written by our campers…
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Tuesday 17th April Skiing and Excursion to Geneva

It was a lovely sunny day in Verbier and Geneva today and the spring is starting to sneak in and the milder weather is providing a welcome break from the chills of winter this season. For our students from India this week it is a nice transition from Indian summer into a ski week in Switzerland.

This morning we said farewell to two of our individuals as they head home. Wishing them safe travels and hoping to see them again soon! Meanwhile…

Our individuals had ski lessons today, a chance to improve their skills and explore the mountain a little more with private ski lessons for the day. Our school group today had a cultural exploration day in Geneva. We began with a tour of CERN the Hadron Collider hidden beneath the city of Geneva, followed by lunch at the lake by the famous Jet D’eau in the Jardin Anglais and finally a tour of the United Nations.

After dinner this evening we had team building games for our school and our individuals together before an early night ready for a busy day of skiing for everyone tomorrow.


Our new students have arrived in Les Elfes Verbier Campus!

As the students arrived we gave them their rooming numbers, checked them into their rooms and gave them some time to unpack. After lunch we informed them our les elfes of rules and regulations. Once all was clear, we started the ski fitting and clothes fitting. After some time our students were fitted and ready for skiing on Wednesday.

As dinner was served the students sat around the tables talking about their journey to Les Elfes, explaining their adventures so far and expressing their excitment for the days ahead.

After everything was done we played basketball before watching the movie. The students are excited for the excursion day tomorrow!


Friday 13

Amazing last day at Les Elfes. Our kids woke up today with their best disposition to ski. Some of our schools visited the chocolate factory and museum and enjoyed every second of it. On the afternoon our kids came back and hung out with all of their friend for the last day. Our last prize giving of the season was a bit nostalgic for every one but at the same time amazingly fun and exciting. Instructors and animators gave prizes to their kids and thanked them for their amazing attitude over the week. Our individuals went for some delicious hamburgers to Le Shed and the schools had a delicious last dinner at Les Elfes main campus with all their friends.

Thursday 12th of April, skiing sesh, afternoon activities, fondue and disco night fever

Our little fellas woke up so pumped this morning, they were so happy to go on the slopes of the 4 vallées ski resort. The sun was shinning and we could have almost say that it was gonna be a blue bird day until we realized that it was also quite windy ! Due to this strong wind blowing some of the lifts had to be shut down. Hopefully we had a back up plan : every campers came back to our main campus for a nice barbecue party.

During the afternoon our little fellow campers had to start packing their bags since a lot of them were leaving the day after. They also had the opportunity to go to the village our play games on camp.

We had a delicious cheese fondue for dinner followed by the very famous disco night at l’Etoile Rouge. Everyone had so much fun, that was such a great day !!!

See you tomorrow for more adventures at Les Elfes International Winter Camp.

Wednesday 11th of April excursion and skiing

This morning was a little bit cloudy for our skiers and snowboarders but then it brightened and it was a beautiful day on the mountain.

We also had a bunch of our pupils that went to Aosta today on an excursion. They popped over the swiss border into italy to check out the old town and all that it has to offer. Had a lovely time eating Italian ice creams and shopping around, buying some delicious cheeses like the very famous parmigiano and of course the aosta ham !

When the ski groups got back they had a quick snack and a shower before moving onto our afternoon activities which were mainly : going shopping to the village or having a milkshake or a crepe snack. They also had the choice to play games here or even relax and watch a movie for the ones that were tired.

For the evening activities we had three options tonight in order to satisfy every single camper : torchlight walk, the cube famous game, or even escape rooms.

Tuesday 10th of April. Skiing, languages, village, La Fureur, torchlight walk.

Today the weather was quite good, and even when the visibility was not the best in the slopes still It was a good day for Skiing.

Everyone woke up early and with a lot motivation for the day. All the campers head with their groups to the slopes after a nice breakfast and to wear the proper equipment. It was nice to see how all the kids had improved since the first day.

Some groups took lunch up in the mountain while some of them came back to main campus for it. Then all the groups kept skiing and enjoying the time in the mountain.

In the afternoon all the groups came back to main campus where the kids could singed up for different activities. Of course they had time to chill and to eat the nice snacks that our kitchen staff prepared for them. It was the time for our afternoon activities at 17h, some of the kids went shopping while others stayed on camp.

For dinner it was time for the famous and expected Mexican fajitas and Nachos. All the campers really liked it!

Right after that We started our evening activities, so while some kids were playing the great game of “La Fureur”, the other group enjoyed the really nice torchlight walk.

Finally after a long day all the kids were tired and it was time to sleep. Goodnight!

Monday 9th April. Skiing, sport center and Music Video

This morning It was not necessary to wake up our campers as there were already up and ready to head up in the mountain! But first They had a good breakfast to have to take enough energy to deal with a full day on the slopes.

The different groups went all around the mountain exploring different slopes in Verbier and making their progression. All the kids kept improving their skills really well.

For all of them was more than deserved the good lunch up in the mountain!

After the second part of their lessons they came back to choose their afternoon activities and have a yummy snack. Most of them went to the sport center to challenge themselves with different sports, some went to town and others just chilled in the camp where they could watched a movie and to do some Yoga.

The dinner was really good, but they couldn’t wait to play the evening activity: the music video! They had the chance to show us their performing skills and It was really funny!!! They couldn’t wait to see the final result on Friday evening!


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Sunday 8th – Ski Fitting, Skiing/Boarding, Aft Act, The Cube at camp; Sports Centre

The first morning of the week is always a little hectic for the new campers not only are they getting of jet-lag they are also getting used to the busy Les Elfes Routine. However, the campers enthusiasm was high to get out onto the slopes, especially due to the beautiful weather we have been having.

After the awesome day shredding on the mountain, the campers returned to camp welcomed by hot chocolate and everyone’s favorite Nutella and bread. This also gave them the chance to chose their afternoon activity for the first time, their choices were:

Once afternoon activities such as visiting the lovely village of Verbier and languages  finished the campers had a delicious shrimp curry to fill them with some more energy for the evening activities. For BIS Phuket and IBStock they had The Cube for the evening, a set of physical challenges from ‘The Plank Challenge’ to ‘Blind Pathway’. For French International School, individuals and AIS Malaysia they had the sports center for the evening, this comprises of hockey, football, and basketball.

As expected the campers were tired after their first day on the mountain and all had a deserved sleep.

Departures, New arrivals, Ski Fitting and Movie Night

Very busy day today at Les Elfes! We said goodbye to our campers from Hong Kong and Doha that spent last week with us. It was sad saying goodbye to them after this amazing week we had in Verbier, but we were vey excited for the new arrivals. So we wiped the tears and prepared ourselves to welcome the schools from Malasya, Hong Kong, England, Thailand, Ethiopia and indivuals from Mexico! This is the perfect mix for a great international week!

After having a delicious welcome meal  it was time to hear the basic rules of the camp and get ski fitted by our ski instructors. Tomorrow morning they will be ready to go straight to the mountains for their first day skiing! They cannot wait for it!!!

Overall, it was a really chilled night with a nice movie playing in our cinema room, some kids playing cards or games in the games room. Everyone was very tired (and some jet legged as well) so we did not have any problem sending them to bed. 

6th April- Last day skiing, Shopping in Town, and Egg Drop Challenge

Today was the last day of skiing and snowboarding for our campers. They woke up to a beautiful blue sky and were eager to get up on the mountain and enjoy the sun and spring vibes. They had lunch at La Chaux and then did a few more runs before parting with their instructors; grateful for their lessons and fun times they shared together.

When they returned to camp, they started packing and a few of them went into town for some last minute shopping and sandwiches.

Dinner consisted in battered fish acompagnied with vegetables and rice. For their evening activity they worked hard to create and build a box for the Egg Drop Challenged. It was exciting to watch them place the egg inside the box and drop it from the second floor. Surprisingly a few of them survived the fall, whilst the rest turned into scrambled eggs!

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