Bridge swinging and evening clubs

The campers woke up at 7:30 and ate breakfast at around 8:15. One part of The older group left for bridge swinging while the others had an activity where they had to make a path for an egg to land from the first and second floor without breaking. The younger group went rock climbing and to the rope course. After the older group returned and had Pizza for Lunch, the other group went bridge swinging where they had to jump off a platform. After returning, the older group went for a dine out while the. Younger kids had dinner at the camp. Evening clubs took place at 8 and everyone went to bed by 9:30.

Rope course and music video

The campers woke up early at 7 and ate breakfast by 8:30. The older group went rock climbing first. After playing football and managing to scale the wall, the hungry group ate lunch at 12. The younger kids went bridge swinging, where they had to jump off a bridge. After lunch, the older group went to the rope course, where they had to walk over tightropes and zip line. When everyone returned to the camp, they were divided into 7 groups and shot the les elfes music video on the song thriller. After dancing and singing along, they ate dinner and had a leadership course which included a volleyball match. After the match, everyone went to the cinema room and watched a live football match between Real Madrid and Liverpool. After the match was over, they finally went to bed.

Visit to UN, CERN and shopping

The campers woke up at 7 am and ate breakfast. Then, the younger group left in a bus to shop first while the older group headed off to the European headquarters of UN in Geneva. There, we were briefed about the history of the UN and the buildings. Then, the older group went to CERN where we learnt facts about the collider and the Higgs boson. Then, we ate lunch on the grass and left to the mall where we shopped for clothes, shoes and accessories. After The younger kids shopped , they went to CERN and UN. The returning students went to France to visit Evian water factory where they bottled  their  own water. Everyone returned in time for dinner and as soon as dinner was finished, their evening clubs started. The clubs finished at 9:30 and they went to sleep soon after.

Hiking and Les Elfes olympics 24th may thursday

the campers were woken up a little later today at around 8:30 and ate breakfast at 9. After breakfast, the older group went hiking through a scenic route for an hour and stopped at migros for a drink and a small snack. the younger group competed in the Les Elfes olympics where they had to choose an existing country and draw its flag and write its national anthem.

after the older group returned to the camp, the campers had barbecue for lunch. then, the younger kids went for a hike and the older kids participated in the olympics. The older kids had to make up a country and write its national anthem,rules and make the national dance. after that, there were a few games like egg and spoon race, relay race and volleyball jail. at 4, they got their phones and sat around for a bit. their  daily courses started at 5 and ended at 6:30.

dinner was served at 7 and their evening clubs ( photography, baking,journalism and sports coaching) began at 8. at 9:30, the campers were ready to hit the sack.

Cycling and zermatt hunt

The campers woke up early at 7 am and went skiing. They ate spinach ravioli for lunch and continued skiing till 2. After reaching the hotel, they went cycling and shopping. At 5, their courses started and some of them went to the escape rooms. After getting back, they were served dinner and the zermatt hunt started at 8. The younger kids had a photo hunt, where they had to find some locations based on the pictures given to them while the older kids were given some Riddles and challenges like dancing and planks.v Continue reading “Cycling and zermatt hunt”

Shopping and evening clubs

The campers went skiing at 9 and skied down the blue slope. After returning to the hotel at 3 :30, some kids went into town to shop while others went to play football. After shopping for chocolates and souvenirs, they returned to the hotel at 5. Their courses started soon and some kids from the leadership course went to escape rooms to test their abilities. After dinner at 7, they had their evening clubs and went to sleep.

Skiing and dine out

The campers woke up early at 7 am and rushed off to the slopes. After having a lot of fun, they headed back to the hotel at 3. Soon, it was time for their courses. After their daily courses ( leadership, mountain Biking ), the older kids headed off to the restaurant ‘grampis’. The younger kids went to mallinos to eat dinner. After delicious dinner, they returned to the hotel and went to sleep.

Sunday Skiing, Courses, Dine Out & PJ Party

It was a tough day on the slopes today with some snow and tricky visibility and it was really nice to see how well all of our campers coped with the conditions and continued to progress in their skiing lessons. Some of our groups ventured to Italy, others are now turning confidently and others stood in the snow for photos for the first time in their lives.

In the afternoon our tired campers had a chance to unwind, chat to their parents, eat snacks, shower, change and spend some downtime with their friends before embarking on their next session of courses. Our younger leadership group did a problem solving session at the nearby escape rooms, the older leadership consider Ethics in wider society and in politics through the fun Ethical Islands activity and our orienteering group ventured out into the mountains to complete a route they planned yesterday using a compass and 25,000:1 scale hiking map for the first time.

For dinner our different groups had a chance to eat in 3 different restaurants with their friends or have a PJ party with popcorn and a movie… a welcome mid-week opportunity to relax. Our older students even played some pool and table football after dinner.


Second day on the slopes and evening clubs

The campers woke up early at 7 am and rushed off to the slopes
By 9 excited to Ski again. After many falls and a lot of fun, they headed back to the hotel at 3. Soon, it was movie time and the movie was enjoyed by campers of all ages. After their daily courses ( leadership, mountain Biking ), a healthy dinner of spinach lasagna at 7 pm, they had a half an hour break. At 8, They headed off to their evening clubs and then finally hit the sack at 9:15. I

Friday 18th of may ski slopes and evening activities

The campers were woken up at 7 am and were given a healthy breakfast . They were ready for their first day at skiing in Zermatt. There were many falls on the slope but our campers were determined to learn how to ski . Everybody had a blast . We finally started our descent by 2 p.m after a tiring day on the slopes .

Everyone hit the showers as soon as they reached back at the hotel and then went into town for ice cream or played football . Some people chose to stay back and relax. Then came their courses (leadership,bushcraft,etc).

Then came our delicious  dinner  of burgers and fries  after which we started with our clubs (apprentice,photography,etc) and the the first day of skiing ended just like it started on a happy note .

Thursday 17th May Transfer to Zermatt, Excursion & Torchlight Walk

What a busy first day at camp. We began with a hearty breakfast and met with the campers with all of the luggage on the basketball court ready to leave at 08h30. By 08h45 everyone was on the buses, luggage stowed away safely and ready for a big excursion day. Our returning campers transferred directly to Zermatt, had a nice picnic lunch and an afternoon together of team building at the ropes course.

For our new campers it was a nice opportunity to visit a Swiss town called Sion. They had a scenic stroll up to the castle and to visit a quaint chapel before a picnic lunch and an afternoon of lively team-building games to begin building friendships. In the early evening the students arrived at the hotel, checked into their rooms, had a chance to call their parents and to shower… some even squeezed in a football match before dinner.

Dinner was Pad Thai followed by chocolate and Caramel ice creams. In the evening the students let their food digest and took in their new surroundings with the torchlight walk. A beautiful route to the top of a col to get a night-time view of picturesque Zermatt, a nice team picture and an exciting adventure for everyone for their first evening.

Tomorrow we start early for our first day on the slopes and we are all excited to see our beginners progressing on the slopes and learning new skills.


Wednesday 16th of May. Arrival day, Ski fitting, Verbier hunt, Fondue dinner

Today We were pleased to welcome a big group of Indian kids to Les Elfes. Even when they were tired after the long trip still they had some energy left for the day. When they arrived we did the check-in and assigned their rooms. Right after that everyone was Ski fitted with all the equipment needed for our week in Zermatt!
Then It was time for lunch to take some energy for the rest of the day.
In the afternoon, all the campers were splitted in five groups and with the supervision of a staff member they went to village to play our famous “Verbier hunt” so they could get to know more the place.
Afterwards everyone was back to campus where we had a important speech about the rules of the camp and the schedule for the following days. By then It was already dinner time so we could enjoy all together the delicious Fondue and some Indian food.
After dinner and the long day for our campers It was bed time, so everyone prepared their things for next day and went to sleep!


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Saturday 12th of May. Courses, Aqua park, packing, dinner, prize giving and slideshow

Everyone was so excited about the last day at camp, all the campers woke up full of energy for the day. The weather was amazing today and after a nice breakfast we had the last session of courses. The kids could enjoy activities like leadership, bush and craft, orienteering and mountain biking where they had a nice ride to La Chable.
After the courses everyone came back to Les Elfes where we could enjoy a nice BBQ outside. Right after lunch everyone went to Aqua park . The kids had so much fun in the wave pool and in the different slides.
Then in the afternoon all the kids were back to camp. They had time to pack their luggage and it was time for dinner already. Everyone enjoyed the great Raclette.
Afterward it was time for the expected Prize giving., all the campers received their certificates for courses and clubs plus other prizes for the life in the camp.




11.05.18 A day of crazy travel.

Once again the day started with the annoying call of the interns busy at their morning duty of waking the elfes up. A healthy and quick breakfast was downed before we finally left for our  excursions. While the second timers enjoyed a 2 hour scenic drive to France where they spent the day strolling through the luxurious town of Annecy, the first timers spent their day at UN headquarters , Geneva  followed by  a short trip to CERN where they learnt more about particle physics , particularly the higgs bozon particle.

After the once in a life opportunity at cern , the elfes then rushed to the nearest mall to relieve their brains of the science overload. The journey back for both parties was one to remember with a  massive traffic jam blocking the way back to Verbier. Extremely hungry and tired elfes , on returning to camp , had a pleasant surprise to see the north Indian feast that awaited them for dinner. With heavy yet joyful hearts , they performed the last session of their clubs bidding adieu to their instructors and interns .

Another day bites the dust as the elfes looking forward to the final day of camp went and grabbed a goodnights rest.


Thursday 10th May Ropes courses, bridge swinging, rock climbing, MTB

As we near the last few days of camp, the wake up calls are received with  less resistance but rather with a smiling morning face as the elves look forward to the many fun activities lined up for the day.

The day began with the different groups A, B, C and D assembling with their instructors to head to their various activities for that morning. The different activities included rock climbing, mountain biking, rope courses and bridge swinging with each group completing the activities they could not finish yesterday.

Rock climbing channeled the inner Bear Grylls of the elfes. They thoroughly enjoyed challenging themselves to push further and try and reach the top. Mountain biking was appreciated by all for it included a visit to the nearby market place. Some found it difficult to cycle uphill, but succeeded in the end. Bridge swinging for many, was an opportunity to overcome their fear of heights and relish the adrenaline rush that the activity brought. Finally to top it all off, the afternoon was spent at a rope course centre forty five minutes away from the camp where all the children, despite their ages, had a blast trying out the different courses, each modified for each age  group. The elfes then returned back home where they had burgers for dinner followed by chocolate cake for desert.

The Elfes spent their evening completing the final session of their courses of bushcraft , leadership , orienteering and mountain biking after which they headed back to their rooms for a good nights rest .

09/05/2018 Exciting Adventures!

The day started like any other, with the interns screaming at the top of their voices, “Wake Up!” Today was an interesting day where all students had their various activities, which included; rock climbing, ropes course, bridge swinging and mountain biking. The Elfes were distributed into 4 groups according to age. Every group had two activities today.

Groups A and C had gone for rock climbing and ropes course. Rock climbing was a thrilling experience where surprisingly the younger children were much faster than the older children. The younger children had a great time swinging. After an exciting ropes adventure, the children had mouth-watering biryani. The older children didn’t get to do the ropes course due to bad weather so they went to a sports complex near the camp. The game of basketball was very competitive. Groups B and D went for mountain biking and bridge swinging. In mountain biking, they went out to town for a well-deserved supermarket spree where they bought ice creams and chips. Both groups had immense amount of fun. Next they went for bridge swinging, where everyone had butterflies in their stomachs. It was an experience most of us would never forget.

Back at the camp we had lovely pasta, with some delicious banana cake for dessert. Then, everyone got together for their courses, which was fantastic for both staff and students. The mountain biking students went for their course despite the atrocious weather. The leadership club had some interesting debates about current political affairs. At the end, everyone reluctantly headed back to bed after a tiring, yet exciting day.

08/05/2018 – Excursions to Italy and the cheese and chocolate factories!

The day started of with an early wake up, leading up to the long awaited excursion. The excursion for the first time students was the cheese and chocolate factory, and returning students to a small town in Italy called Aosta. After a long bus journey the Elfes hastily headed towards the chocolate factory. By that time the kids that were headed to Italy had reached a beautiful castle for an amazing photo session.

The kids were split into groups for the tour which was very informative about the history of chocolate. After the tour, the children were trying out various exquisite chocolates made in the factory. After the enriching chocolate experience they went to a cheese factory. The children went on an exciting journey to see how cheese was created. They were given cheese to try which the children seemed to love. They had lunch outside the factory itself.

Meanwhile, the returning students had an amazing time roaming around the beautiful town of Aosta and learning about the interesting Roman history. They ate Italian pizza for lunch and came back to the camp.

After a lovely South Indian dinner, everyone went to their clubs and made immense progress.

Now after a tiring and exciting day, the Elfes are now asleep. 

07/05/2018 – Verbier Arrival Day

The day started off with most people leaving the camp after a great week at Zermatt. The Elves woke up at 7:30 in the morning with a healthy and filling breakfast and headed towards their morning activities which included Olympic Games for the little ones and hiking for the older ones. The hike was an 8km long one that took them all across the entire town and over a few hills with splendid view. Some of us got the opportunity to go paragliding in Verbier which was absolutely breath taking. The view from up in the sky and the feeling of flying like a bird was overwhelming. The view gave the older ones a chance to take multiple pictures and have a little photo session of their own. While the big ones were out and having a fun time trekking along the town, the little ones were fully engrossed in their own little Olympics on the camp at Verbier. The little ones were asked to make up a country with its own flag and national anthem. This activity displayed the hidden energy in these little kids which surpised and made the instructors proud of them all.

There was a barbeque for lunch which the Elves found to be a taste from home. After lunch, the younger and older kids switched places with each other. The younger ones went on the hike while the older Elves partook in the Olympic Games making their own countries and national anthem. They participated in the competition with all their might with the nation of Kronos coming in the first place. After everyone ate some evening snacks, they separated into their courses while the hailstorm and rain proved to be a bit much for our mountain biking crew so they joined the bushcraft course.

After dinner, we distributed the prizes for the Olympic games to the winners. This was followed by everyone going into their clubs. The Apprentice and Photography club joined together to make groups in which they came up with the basics of some ideas  and products which they have to present at the end of the week along with a fully detailed pitch and an advertisement. More interviews were collected by the Journalism Club to put into the magazine which was being edited as well. As for Sportscoaching, they were first given a brief on the 3 main skills to have when teaching sports, mainly to know the students, how to keep them engaged and being safe. Then, they took part in a competition to test each of their personal skills.


04.05.18 Clear skies and a late morning!

Today’s wake up call, much to the joy of the campers,was delayed by an hour due to the tiring, cold and wet weather that greeted us yesterday. The weather today, to our surprise, was warm and welcoming.We headed to the slopes taking full advantage of the good climate and enjoyed a long and satisfying pre-lunch session of skiing. The T-Bar claimed the most victims today with a lone ranger accidentally taking it too far and almost reaching Italy! Another incident took place when a skier fell off and in an attempt to get back on, claimed the spot of two other skiers on the T-Bar.

After a nourishing lunch on the slopes, we came back to the hotel. Skipping our post-lunch skiing session, we went on a shopping spree in Zermatt Village instead. Souvenirs, chocolates and ice creams were the popular choices of the day. Once back from our outing, we split into our groups for the various courses.

After dinner we split into our different clubs. The photography club was sent to make a short film for which they started gathering footage already. The journalism team went and asked thought provoking questions to a plethora of people, trying to understand their insights on the given topics. As for the sports coaching club, they were sent out on a walk to the indoor sports center of Zermatt where they started practicing techniques for coaching. Thinking that shouting the loudest means you win the argument for your side, the debating club valiantly fought between each other in an attempt to reign victorious. And lastly, the baking club baked cookies in which, each of them added a secret ingredient to spice up the mix.


Thursday 3rd May Skiing, Courses & Dine Out

The weather has been persistently trying to ruin our day today, snowing, raining sleeting but our campers have not been defeated. They have battled on with smiles on their faces and the sound of giggling in the air. Throughout the day on the mountain the campers have looked after each other, kept spirits high, made the most of the new powder snow on the slopes and returned in the afternoon shattered but happy.

After a relaxing snack, shower time and a chance to speak to their loved ones at home our students began their optional courses. All of the courses this afternoon were run inside, in the warm. Our mountain bikers learnt about bike maintenance and route planning. Our bushcraft group prepared an adventurous journey for their session tomorrow. The orienteering group made their own maps today and learnt about scale, using a key and producing their own accurate maps. Our elder leadership session learnt about teamwork under pressure in the escape rooms while our younger leadership group made the most of the fantastic sports hall for their problem-solving session.

For dinner tonight our younger students chose to eat Thai food or take-away pizza before a PJ party at the hotel. It was a much-needed calm evening for many of our younger campers with plenty of popcorn and pillow fights thrown in. Our older students all chose to at in a local pizzeria and to taste the beautiful Italian food.

Tomorrow the students will have a bit of extra time in bed in the morning to recuperate before another action-packed day on the slopes and evening of activities ahead.


02.05.2018 – Skiing, Courses & Clubs

The day started of with the sound of doors banging as a few of our interns got to work- waking up the elfes! Half dressed and half asleep, everyone had breakfast and headed to the slopes. Unlike the cold and windy weather that greeted us the previous day, today it was considerably hotter. This caused the snow to stick causing some, actually a lot of falls. Through the course of a very interesting day of skiing, Iggy’s and Fernando’s group actually went to Italy and ate pizza, Eddie’s group made their way from the T-bar to the chairlift, Elliot’s group skiied in deep powder snow although it proved quite disastrous. Over all every ski group had an amazing day, with a whole lot of exhausted but excited discoverers and pioneers returning home.

After all of that it was still only around 3:30 in the afternoon. Every smelly and sweaty skier was sent to their room, some surprisingly against their will. Then came phone time. Every singe person crowding to get their phones, sitting downstairs to get better internet, telling their parents about their day, before being chased around until they finally gave in their phones and headed to the courses. A flurry of footsteps resulted in all the instructors having their full groups and starting the activities. From the sounds of it, all the elves had a fabulous time in their respective courses as the interns prepared for the evening. After a really good dinner of lasagna, fries and chocolate mousse, children scattered to their respective meeting points for the clubs.

The clubs went off amazing as well. The debating kids impressively potrayed their opinions without planning, the journalism buffs got an amazing amount of work done, the photography fans had a passion filled relaxed and interesting evening, the sports coaching apprentices had a nice visit to the gym and were introduced to circuit training, the little baking chefs had the time of their lives planning their cookie company.

At the end of this eventful day, the most appealing prospect for the kids, interns and instructors was undoubtedly heading to bed.