The kids got up this morning and there were many new faces, just arrived from different parts of the world yesterday. Many needed ski fitting and other ski gear, but that was all taken care of by the instructors. Once they all gathered their skiis and boards, they made their way to Medran lift station to meet the rest of the students and instructors. After a filling lunch and more skiing under the sun, they came back to the campus.


They had a snack and those who had language lessons left quite soon after. The rest of the kids enjoyed the village during the afternoon or did ice skating with the music and the lights from Verbier town in this time of the year.

After the delicious dinner and a bit of free time to relax, it’s time to go to the Sport Center to play the Olympic games. They enjoyed a lot being competitive and sharing moments with the kids from the main campus all together.

December 29th, another new week begins!

After a farewell for the group who left today, it’s another blue bird day in Verbier!

Some of the students who are here for another week went to bowling, Olympic Museum and enjoyed the Christmas market in Martigny, while other people had an amazing day on the mountains.

We also welcome some new arrivals who just had a relaxing day, enjoyed the nice supper with a card game. Making some new friends and get ready for the first day skiing tomorrow!


After a big and energetic breakfast, some of the kids from the Perin campus, went on excursion to Aosta, Italy, on a very exciting day. For the others, it was an amazing sunny skiing morning. A very special one, because is the last day for a big group of them, the last day to enjoy the ski with the new and old friends, and to spend time with the monitors having fun.

In the afternoon, the kids had nice snacks and they started the afternoon activity, some had languages lessons, some enjoyed the scaperoom and for the others it’s time to packed the lugagge.

In the evening, we had prize giving to close an incredible holidays for some of the kids, and the Cube for others  that stay longer with us. An enjoyable and happy night for everyone at camp.



Thursday, 27th December. SKI RACE, SCAPE ROOM AND DISCO NIGHT!

At Les Elfes campus, today we enjoyed a lovely sunny day, perfect for the Ski Race. Our students woke up ready for the amazing competition, where they can show all that they learnt this days and their skills skiing and snowboarding. They breakfast a lot to have energy for the whole day. After the Ski Race they have a special dinner in the mountain: a barbaque is served! Is a wonderful moment to take a break, share moments with their instructors and chat with the other individuals.

After lunch, they have more time to ski and snowboard the slopes. But at 16.00 they all came back to the campus, to take a relaxing shower and a recovey snack, with a yummy hot chocolate, as everyday. It’s time for language lessons and one of their favourite actvity: scape room!

Between 18 and 19 it’s time for dinner, and then the night activity started. The kids go to Etolie Disco in Verbier to listen music and dance. The busy and funny day was finished and it’s time to brush teeth, wear pyjamas and sleep, waiting for an other incredible day.

Wednesday 26th December

Excursion day. A busy day of excursions and skiing for all of our students. Some went to the chocolate and cheese factory, some visited the fresh water aquarium in Lausanne and others enjoyed a full day of skiing in smaller ski groups with their friends.

In the afternoon students chose between rock climbing, ice skating, relaxing & a trip to the village. In the evening our groups split for movie night, torchlight walk, the apprentice and sports at the sports centre. It was a fun evening with lots of smiles and laughter.


Tuesday 25th December: Merry Christmas!!

Clear skies this morning, promising a day of visibility for all skiers and boarders. Everyone was up and ready on time and our cook made delicious pancakes for them for breakfast. Since they were so fast yesterday morning, they could take it easy today and relax a bit longer before putting their boots on. Soon after with sun cream on, off they went to the slopes. Once they marched back to the campus from the slopes, with big smiles on their faces, they either had some time to relax or they went to language classes in the Verbier Language School. Following from that, they all gathered with the schools in the Périn campus for CHRISTMAS DINNER!!! After eating a delicious and abundant meal full of typical Christmas goodies, they all got together with the animation staff to do the Cryptic Christmas Challenge. At the end of the evening, when all fun and laughs were had, the Médran kids made their way back to their beds as the Périn kids went upstair to do the same. This concludes yet another fantastic day in Christmassy Verbier.



Monday 24th December: CHRISTMAS EVE!!

This Christmas Eve morning everyone got up, and despite the struggle, they all went upstairs one group at a time for croissants, scrambled eggs and cereal. Today is a rainy day down in Verbier, but that didn’t stop those who were looking forward to the snow up on the higher slopes. At midday they had lunch as usual in the Les Elfes eatery and skied their hearts out until it was time for a snack back in their campuses before language lessons and various other activities such as shopping in town and baking brownies. The remaining kids had some time off to get ready for the Christmas Eve dinner in the main Perin campus with everyone else. After dinner they all made a Santa Christmas Video to celebrate this special day. Finally after the late hours, the Médran kids went back to the campus and stumbled into bed looking forward to CHRISTMAS DAY at Les Elfes the next morning.

Sunday 23rd December – Skiing, Sports centre and The Cube

Another very busy day here at Les Elfes! With over 100 students here from around the world it is all stations go for staff as well as students. As normal the students had an early rise for a full fun day of skiing and snowboarding. Already we are seeing some great improvements with our students. We are so excited to see what the coming days have in store.


In the afternoon everyone returned to sit by the fire to warm up and drink some hot chocolate and chat with friends old and new. In their free time some baked cookies, done arts and crafts and some went in to town. In Medran, it’s time for language lessons, snowman buildings and rock climbing in the Sport Center.

After dinner the students from Beijing, Ethiopia and India went to the sports centre where they competed against their friends in football and basketball. It was great to see the girls taking joy in being better than the boys.

Our young individual students stayed at camp to take part in our take on a very popular British TV show, The Cube. The students were split into 2 teams and competed against each other in challenges such as drop stick and dance off. The oldest ones went outside for a relaxing and beautiful torch light walking arround the town.


We really require all the energy from our students here! After a full day all of our students are now in bed and hopefully will be sleeping soon. It will be another full day tomorrow.














It was an exciting morning here today at Les elfes, for some students from Medran Campus is the last ski day and they enjoyed a lot. It’s so good to see how much they have progressed. It’s time to have fun in the slopes, share a delicious picnic with the group, continue learning and say goodbye to their instructors.

After a long day it’s recovering time with hot chocolate and snacks. On one hand, Medran Campus is ready for the afternoon activities.

On the other hand, time was coming to an end for some students from Medran Campus and this meant time for prize giving. This gave a chance for us to give special mention to students that have really impressed us with their ability of skiing or snowboarding or for us to give praise to those who have come such a long way from the start of the week. We also give out prizes for those students who have kept their room the tidiness and has just been an all round amazing camper here at Les Elfes.

After then, the best choice for dinner: dine out in a very good restaurant or stay in Campus eating a delicious swiss raclette.



At the Medran campus, this morning the students were woken up but most, if not all, were already ready with their ski gear on excited to start a lovely sunny day skiing. But first a delicious breakfast was served!

It was a long wonderful day, learning and sharing unforgatable moments with their instructors in the slopes, and eating a lunch in the mountain, with amazing views, to take a necessary break. It’s a special day because of the Ski race, where the kids shown their competitivity and all the new skills that they were learned for the whole week.


At 16.00 they all came back to the campus, to take a relaxing shower and a recovey snack, with a yummy hot chocolate, as everyday. It’s time for language lessons, snowman building or village shopping.

At around 18.30 they all came back from their different activities, they had some time to get ready for dinner which was at 19.00 and then, plenty of time to chill, play boardgames or make teams to play at design and build game.

Once all the kids got into their pyjamas and brushed their teeth, they are ready for the tidy room competition before bed time. Dreaming with another incredible day in the mountain.

Wednesday 19th December EXCURSION DAY

The day was not like any other. The kids got up and ready, but instead of wearing thermals and jackets, the majority, were wearing every-day clothes, but warm nonetheless. This is because they went on a day trip to… AOSTA, ITALY!!! They were all very excited, and despite the cold weather, the castle they visited was beautiful and majestic. Maintained to give visitors the best idea of what the structure was like when it was lived in.








After the castle tour, they all went for pizza and souvenir shopping in the cute town nearby.








However, a few members of the group decided to stay and continue working on their skiing and snowboarding technique. They had favourable conditions, not necessarily weather wise, but space wise, as they had fewer people to share the slopes with. Once everyone got back, they were still full of energy. So after a hamburger and chips, the younger groups went to do escape rooms in a newly developed escape rooms in Verbier. The remaining few stayed on campus and played poker and other card games. The ones who went to the escape rooms, arrived back late. This was due to the difficulty of the game and without a doubt, their determination to complete the challanges involved. By that time they were due a good night’s sleep. they slid into their pyjamas, brushed their teeth and settled down for the night.


Wednesday 19th December: Excursions day ! Chocolate factory & Milan

Today was a big day and a bit different than the others. No ski for our schools but a beautiful day away from Verbier to discover new places in Switzerland but not only !

After a big and energetic breakfast, all the kids from our Nigerian school took the bus to a really nice city called Milan. They had the chance to spend two amazing days in Italy before going back home.

For our Dubai School the day was a bit different but still really interesting. They took the bus around 9am and after two hours they were in the Chocolate factory Cailler. This factory trace the history of chocolate and explain to the kids how chocolate is made. And the most important : you can try all the different types of chocolate made by Cailler right in this factory ! At the end you can find a shop and buy some chocolate to bring with you home.

After this new experience, everyone went to the lake to discover a really nice Christmas Market in Montreux. Next to the Leman lake this market is famous for its small houses and its big wheel. The kids spend the afternoon in this extraordinary christmas atmosphere in Switzerland !

This evening the animation staff prepared a Quiz Night for our remaining students. All the kids had a lot of fun playing against each other and trying to find the right answer to get the most amount of points and to win !

At the Medran Campus, today the kids had the option to choose between skiing in Verbier and going to Aosta in Italy, which is a really nice city to discover near Switzerland. After this big day and a good dinner at the campus they went to an amazing Escape Rooms in the village to have fun and also to make them a bit thinking!


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Tuesday 18th December – RACE DAY and Prizegiving!

It was an exciting morning here today at Les elfes, as for the students staying at the Verbier campus it was RACE DAY! This gives the students a chance to show off what they have learned during the week of skiing and to compete against each other to see who will be crowned the champion. The students really enjoyed this and got very competitive. All were really proud of their achievements throughout the week and enjoyed showing off to their friends, old and new, how much they have progressed. Over in our Medran campus it was a usual day of ski lessons for the students. After lots of falls it seems the students have really come leaps and bounds in such a short space of time.


After a fun day it’s recovering time with hot chocolate and snacks. On one hand, Medran Campus is ready for the afternoon activities, and that means rock climbing at the sport center or play boardgames and then, during the evening activities we played The Cube, a game full of funny activities, competition and challenges to finish our day.


On the other hand, time was coming to an end for our students from Regent and Victoria IS and this meant time for prizegiving. This gave a chance for us to give special mention to students that have really impressed us with their ability of skiing or snowboarding or for us to give praise to those who have come such a long way from the start of the week. We also give out prizes for those students who have kept their room the tidiness and has just been an all round amazing camper here at Les Elfes.


Some of our students will be leaving in the morning and the rest another exciting day of skiing and snowboarding.

Monday 17th December White Peaks and Torches!!

Some tired and others full of energy, but all excited to improve their skiing, all went up to breakfast, where the smell of fresh croissants filled up the dining room. They were soon devoured by all and everyone came to life again.
Boots strapped and clenching onto their skis, they all rushed to join the rest of the instructors  to make the most of as much of the freshly fallen snow before the crowds arrived. It’s lunch time and the kis eat to be ready and full of energy to come back to the slopes.The afternoon it’s time for a hot chocolate and snacks, language classes and indoor activitites like climbing or boardgames sharing good moments together. After all the excitement, the kids met up again back at the campus for a hot dinner. Food that will help them recover to further improve and grow. Once they were all fed and watered, they went downstairs for the final activity of the the day.

They grabbed some torches and lit them. The large flame was used to aid their vision as they strolled through the night around town. They eventually made their way back, quenched their torches and went inside.

After a long funny day it’s time to sleep, Another day in Verbier came to an end and all that is left is to rest our heads.



Sunday 16th December Getting the ski legs back!!!

At the Medran campus, this morning the students were woken up but most, if not all, were already ready with their ski gear on excited to start their first day skiing. They all came up for breakfast and helped themselves, piling up their plates with deliscious food such as: toast with jam, fried rice and bowls of cereal.

After stacking their empty plates and bowls, they all went down to their rooms. They picked up their: helmets, goggles, gloves and warm coats. They ran down to put on their boots and grab their skiis. Furthermore, two by two they went outside and waited for their instructors to finish helping the last few kids. They split up into different groups and made their way to the slopes.

For lunch they went to dine an eatery up on the slopes, owned by Les Elfes, to fill up on some more deliscious food provided by our chef. Once they finished eating, they got back on the slopes to enjoy the last part of the skiing day.

Meanwhile at the main campus, both schools enjoyed another fun-filled day of skiing! It snowed last night here in Verbier, so there was plenty of lovely, fresh snow to play in!

At 16.00 they all came back to the campus, put their skis back and took their boots off. They went upstairs to sign up for the different activities and have their mid afternoon snack of hot chocolate and bread. While most of them did activities, others had language classes.

At around 18.30 they all came back from their different activities, they had some time to get ready for dinner which was at 19.00.

After dinner we headed down to the sports centre and spent an hour there playing all sorts of games with and without balls, previously set up by our animation staff. Once we finished all the games, we all went back to the campus and started getting ready for bed.

Once all the kids got into their pyjamas and brushed their teeth, they got into their beds to get a good night’s rest to recharge for another day full of skiing and more activities.


Today was a really busy day here at Les Elfes! We said goodbye to our schools from Singapore and Nairobi hoping to see them again next winter, meanwhile the school from Nigeria and Dubai went to ski and snowboard in a cold bluebird day. Winter is here and we are awaiting more snow in the next coming days, due to the falling temperature.

This morning in the Medran campus, we welcomed other international individual students and after the ski fitting they all head up to town to discover the resort. After a bit of rest everyone went to play  “capture the flag” at the playground in the snow and had a good laugh.

Meanwhile at the Perin campus, the ski lesson took all day and once the students were back at the camp they filled up their energy with a really hearty snack. After this, and a good hot shower, they went to the different activities they chose to do during the afternoon.

Tonight we had different plans for each group, the students in the Perin campus played a game called The Apprentice, the Medran students had the chance to watch a movie and get ready for their first really exciting day!

Now everyone is getting their beauty sleep and maybe dreaming about this great experience they have the chance to live.

Racing day!

Another amazing day in Verbier!

A perfect day for our Ski Race. The kids were all amazing and have given their best. They will find out the results of the race tomorrow at the Prize Giving ceremony and some will even receive medals.

In the afternoon, the intermediate skiers have taken the chair lifts for the first time. They were all thrilled.

After skiing, the kids had the opportunity to bake, shop and relax watching a christmas movie.

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Wednesday 12th December, Skiing & Quiz Night

What a sunny day ! This wednesday was amazing.

9:30 this morning : everyone was on the slopes ! After a good breakfast,all the kids were ready to go skiing.


In the afternoon, the kids have been shopping and building igloos.

The kids had really enjoyed themselves.

The day ended with a quiz night.

Tuesday 11th. Skiing & Torchlight walk

Finally, after two days of constant snowing and strong winds up on the slopes, the sun is peaking through the clouds and the fresh snow will be enjoyed all the more.

After a good hearty breakfast, the kids went down to put on their ski boots and one by one they all made their way to the front of the hotel and joined their instructors for another full day of skiing and learning on the snowy peaks.

For lunch they dined at one of the buildings reserved for Les Elfes where the chef and cooks prepared a delicious meal for all the kids and instructors.

Once the day of skiing came to an end, they all made their way to the bottom of the Medran cablecar and waited for the buses to head back to the camp one group at a time.

They got in from the cold and took their ski boots off, they went upstairs and signed up for the evening activities just before having a rewarding mid-afternoon snack of hot chocolate, bread, jam and fresh fruit.

For the last meal of the day, we had an asian themed dinner with noodles, shrimps and spring rolls. After dessert, everyone dressed up in their warmest of clothes and got ready for the torchlight walk around les elfes.

Everyone back safe and sound , tired but happy and ready for a good night’s sleep to recharge their batteries for another funfilled day.

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Monday 10th December, First Ski Day

Snow just won’t stop falling at Les Elfes !

It has snowed all day today, and it looks like it is going to stay that way for the next couple of days. Yay! Excellent, because today was the first day of skiing for both the school from Singapore, and for the school from Nairobi. Everyone managed really well to get their ski gear on and we departed to the ski slope at 8.45 am, as planned.

After a well deserved lunch in one of our restaurants on the slopes, the students went back to their skiing lessons. Afterwards, students were welcomed back with a tasty snack which had been baked the night before by the students that partook in the baking class activity. Yum!

Later on this afternoon, the students chose between three activities: Arts and Crafts, Snowman Building and Shopping in Verbier. Those in Arts and Crafts made lovely cards, origami figures and christmas tree decorations. Those in Snowman Building made fantastic big fat snowmen, and those who went shopping in Verbier bought treats and gifts for themselves and for loved ones.

After a delicious dinner, the students partook in a “Design and Build” evening activity. Younger students had to design and make a contraption that would protect an egg from breaking when dropped from a balcony in one of the Les Elfes buildings. The older students had to invent and present the most effective machine that could clear snow. Winners will be chosen tomorrow!




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Sunday 9th December. Skiing, snowshoeing & sport center

Snow is still falling here at Les Elfes !

Finally, a real Swiss winter day here in Verbier! It snowed during all the day and it is going to be the same for the next two days.

The school from Nairobi went snowshoeing this morning up in the mountains. They played with snow, it was really fun ! Today for the school from Singapore it was their first day on SKIS ! They couldnt wait to put their skis on and head up the mountain to enjoy the powder.

After a well deserve lunch in one of our restaurant they went back to their lessons.

To welcome back them there was hot chocolate and a great snack for all of them.

After a shower they went for their afternoon activities, some of the students baked some wonderful tasting cookies, others played a games competition and had a go competing against each other in fooseball, table tennis and pool, whilst other students decided to have a well deserved break and watch a Christmas movie. 

Everyone was hungry for dinner time after the big day they just had, but is not over: all of them went to the sport center to have fun and play some games. We did a group game followed by a bit of basketball and also dodgeball.


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