Thursday 31st January – Skii race, skiing, prize-giving, and disco

Another very snowy day here in the mountains! But, that didn’t deter the students or instructors. After a tasty breakfast of pankcakes, bacon and eggs, we went up to the slopes for a fun morning of skii races! After a lunch on the mountains, we continued the day skiing until it was time to come down, warm up with a hot chocolate and get ready for languages or flexi-time. Some children even decided to have a go at ice skating which was super fun! This evening, we joined the main campus groups after dinner at the Disco. It was good and everyone danced the night away!


Wednesday 30th January – Olympic Museum, Lausanne, Skiing, Dine out and Music Quiz

It was a very snowy day here in Verbier, and we were all very excited for the funfilled day ahead! After a delicious continental breakfast, students not going on excursion went up into the mountains for a snowy day of skiing and snowboarding. Those on excursion had a fun day visiting the Olympic Museum in the morning and shopping in the pretty town of Lausanne in the afternoon. Once home, after snacks and a bit of free time, students had the option to dine out pizza or sushi in a good restaurants or enjoy chesse burger and french fries at camp and partake in a music quiz.


Tuesday 29th January- Skiing, languages or flexi time and Escape Rooms

It was another beautiful, snowy day in Verbier. The snow was good and the skies were clear, a perfect day for skiing and snowboarding, after a delicious hot breakfast. After another funfilled and enjoyable day on the slopes and a tasty lunch on the mountain, the students returned back to camp for language classes for some of them or to enjoy flexi time as shopping in the village for others. In the evening, after dinner, the students ventured out in to town to the Escape Rooms. We had so much fun racing againist the clock to “escape” the puzzle rooms.



Monday 28th – Snow!! Skiing, Snowboarding, Languages & Free Time at Camp; Night Sledging.

This morning we all woke to more snow and a very white Verbier. It looks like a winter wonderland outside! After a tasty continental breakfast, all the children wrapped up warm and headed out with their skis and boards. The conditions were great today, lots of beautiful, soft powder to play about in and practice new techniques. The children had a great day out on the slopes! Back at camp we jumped straight into our afternoon activities and language classes. Tonight, those who were up for a fast, exciting and adventurous activity took part in some night sledging. We also had the option to do the “Selfie Challenge” game at camp for those who preferred to stay indoors and play a team game. Tidy room competition followed once everyone was back at camp. Shortly after they all headed to bed to get an early night for another big day of skiing and snowboarding tomorrow.




Sunday 27th – ski day, language classses and sports centre!

Today, the snow began to fall here in Verbier as begun a full day of skiing and snowboarding. After wrapping up warm and eating a good, big breakfast, we headed up the slopes. Although cold up on the mountain, we enjoyed an active and fun day with our instructors and friends. Later on in the afternoon, we attended our language classes before rewarding ourselves with a tasty dinner at camp. In the evening, we had lots of fun playing different sports and activities in the sport centre.

Saturday 26th – Lazer Tag, Excursion, Arrival Day, Ski Fit and Movie Night!

This morning our remaining children were treated to a well deserved lie in! They loved it and had homemade pancakes for breakfast. They were then off on excursion for an exciting and competitve game of lazer tag. After a picnic lunch they hit the shops and had a look round one of the towns in the valley. Back at camp everyone was busy welcoming the new children, ski fitting them for tomorrow and playing games in the snow! Tonight everyone crashed out in front of a movie or played card games together.

Friday 25th January. Ski and Snowboarding, Languages lesson, prize giving and escape room!

Today our students woke up in a bluebird day and really happy they went for another day on the slopes. For some of them this was the last chance to enjoy the snow and the views that the ski resort offer. One back, after the snack they had the prize giving of the week with the result of the race and the chance to see some a slideshow of the pictures we took through the week. After dinner everyone went to the escape room to play a game all together for this last night in Verbier!



Thursday 24th January: Ski Day & Disco Night!!

This morning was just like another ski day with great snow, however the visibilty was not great. So the kids and the instructors took it easy today taking a few hot chocolate breaks throughout the day. They headed down the slopes and made it back to the camp to have a snack before languages or flexi time. Dinner time approached and the kids ate up their chiken nuggets and rosti before they all started getting dressed up for the DISCO! They all made their way to the Disco “Etoile Rouge” where they danced until the late evening. Once they got back to the campus, they were still excited after their boogying so they kept extending their bed time, but eventually they went to their rooms and fell sleep soon after.


Wednesday 23th January. SKI, EXCURSION DAY AND DINEOUT!

Today, the day started really cold in Verbier, but kids enjoyed a delicious warm breakfast with homemade porridge. And then, we left Verbier in our minibuses to go to the Chocolate Factory. They saw how Switzerland produce the most popular chocolate here: Callier, and of course, they tasted the amazing flavour of the different kind of chocolates that they have. They bought lots of souvenirs and chocolates in the factory shop and they had a lot of fun. After that, they went to Gruyere Castle, and during the aftermoon they had plenty of time to shop in an amazing mall there. Others decided to stay in Verbier for an awasome and sunny ski day in the slopes.

Around  6, all of them came back to relax and take a shower, to get ready for dine out. They really enjoy going to a restaurant with friends and eating yummy food. Half of the group decided to go to the pizzeria and the other half prefered to eat fresh sushi at Tbar.

Between 8 and 9 we came back to the campus to play some cards and drink  tea in the dining room before going to bed. Another fabulous day finished and all of them are know sleeping and recovering for the next exiting day.

Tuesday 22nd January – Skiing, Snowboarding, Flexi Time, Languages & Games Night.

Yet again everyone was awake early and tucking into breakfast, enjoying the chocolate croissants, bacon and eggs and cereal. It’s also another bright sunny day outside meaning the conditions are ideal for our beginners. Some were back at the beginners slope this morning, hoping that after lunch they may be able to progress up the mountain. Their achievements and stories have been great to hear when they returned back to camp. Out intermediate and advanced groups ventured to a different part of the mountain today to explore new, challenging runs. They all had great fun. Flexi time back at camp included games of uno and cards, whilst some took a walk into the town. After languages we all sat down for dinner which was followed by much more fun at the sports centre doing Rock Climbing or at Medran Slope doing sledging. It’s been an exciting, full on day so off to bed we go!!

Over in main camp, students were eager to begin activities after a action packed first day of skiing. On arrival back to camp they were able to recharge their energy with a delicious snack of jam filled doughnuts and a cup of hot chocolate to help warm up. They had the possibilities of ice skating or a range of team games in the sports centre which they all enjoyed thoroughly. We all headed back to camp for dinner and closed out the night with a couple of games bringing out bursts of laughter and joy from everyone involved.


Monday 21st January – Skiing, Snowboarding, Languages, Free Time and Torch Light Walk!

It’s another lovely day here in Verbier and the children were up early eating pancakes and cereal, energising themselves for the day. The instructors were eager to get outside this morning and make the most of the time, teaching all the children how to stop, turn and control their speed. A lot of the children are progressing on the beginners slope whilst others were back up the mountain for another exciting day of fun and adventure.


This afternoon the children relaxed with some hot chocolate and signed up for activities, they could play competition games or go to the village for shopping. Language classes went well in town.

Tonight our star activity was the torch light walk, so we wrapped up in warm clothes and went for a stroll and took in the views of verbier at night!



Today most of the kids woke up fast and happy to enjoy a sunny and wonderful day in the slopes, the last one for some of them. They was so hungry this morning and ate lots of scramble eggs, bacon, croissants and cereals to have lot of energy for the all day. It is a great opportunity for them to enjoy the ski day with the old and new friends and to spend funny time with their instructors. After that, they ate a yummy picnic on the mountain to continue skiing in the afternoon.

At 4pm it’s time to come back to the campus to drink hot chocolate and eat snacks, take a shower or relax in the apartments for a bit. Then, some of them had language lessons, other played boardgames and others packed everything to come back home tomorrow morning.

At 19.00 the delicious dinner is served, without forget the dessert! During the evening, they had the Prize Giving. A beautiful and grateful activity to close an incredible holiday for the kids and gave them some prizes for their good days here. An enjoyable and happy night for everyone at camp!

20th January – First Day, Ski Fitting, Free Time, Language & Quiz Night

This morning everyone was up bright and early, excited to go out skiing. After eating a lovely breakfast all the students headed down stairs to be ski fitted. For some it was their first time skiing or snowboarding but they did so well and have already learnt a lot. For those that already had experience, they were straight up the mountain practicing their parallel turns. It’s been a lovely sunny day in Verbier so perfect conditions for everyone! This afternoon the children signed up for activities, such as swimming, shopping or relaxing,  whilst others had languages in town. Tonight we finished the evening off with a Quiz night which went down well and got quite competitive!!


Thursday 17th January – Skiing, Snowboarding, Free Time & DISCO!!

This morning, after a delicious breakfast all the children headed out with their instructors for another fantastic day of skiing. The snow rolled in around lunch time making the conditions hard but everyone tried super hard and perservered. They have achieved so much since they have been here and are all poud of their progress. Back at camp they signed up for activities in their free time, most of them chosing to dine out or shop for some last minute presents for home. Tonight, we partied the night away at the disco which they all loved. No one wanted to leave.


Today, the day started different at camp because most of the students had an excursion day. They went to the Chocolate Factory to see how Switzerland produce the most popular chocolate here: Callier, and of course, to taste the amazing flavour of the different kind of chocolates that they have. They bought lots of souvenirs and chocolates in the factory shop. After that, they went to Gruyere Castle, and during the aftermoon they had plenty of time to shopping in an amazing mall there. Others decided to stay in Verbier for and awasome and sunny ski day in the slopes.

Arround 5 all of them came back to relax in their appartments before the dinner was served, a delish turkey, with brocooli sauce and cheesy potatoes and a brownie for dessert.

Between 8 and 9 most of them went to the Scape Rooms, to enjoy this incredible game in the town center. Tired, happy and already thinking about tomorrow our students are now sleeping and recharging themselves for the next day!



Tuesday 15th January. Skiing, Languages, Free Time, Sports Centre!

Its a beautiful day here in Verbier, with bright blue skies and the sun shining. Nearly all the children headed out to ski and snowbaord today which is great news! They are progressing massively and it is great to see all the children having so much fun outside. They all returned back to camp smiling and ready for some well deserved snacks. This afternoon we had languages for ones, and a variety of activities on offer in free time such as shopping, ice skating or relaxing for others. Most opted for some shopping and food in town.

Tonight after pasta party for dinner, we hopped on our transport to the sports centre for our very own winter olympics. We played basketball, football and rock climbing! We all got very competitive but had great fun. Now back to camp for a good nights sleep.



Sunday 13th January. SKI, FLEXI TIME AND LA FUREUR!

Today the day started really cold and snowy here in Verbier. The kids needed a full energetic breakfast to go up the mountain to enjoy the new fresh layer of snow that felt during the night and all day. This afternoon, when all of them came back they had a yummy snack and hot chocolate and then they chose between relax at camp, go to the village to do some shopping or had language lessons at Verbier Language School.

After the dinner in the main campus, with cheese burgers and fries, most of our students were playing a fun competition game call La Fureur. About 9.30 all came back to their appartments, tired, happy and already thinking about tomorrow. Our students are now sleeping and recharging themselves for the next day!


Saturday 12th – Lazer Tag, Shopping, Montreux, Arrival Day & Movie Night

Today we surprised all the students with a well deserved lie in. After a lazy morning and full with pancakes the children all jumped onto our buses and headed down the valley for a game of lazer tag. All the children loved it and got very competitive, running around and shooting each other! Back at camp we prepared for our arrival day, welcoming students to our campus, giving them a tour of the village and ski fitting them ready for their first day on the mountain tomorrow.

Tonight, we had a movie and chilled out with the children, some opted to hang out in their apartments whilst others unpacked and played cards. Everyone is very excited to ski tomorrow! 

Wednesday 9th. Excursion day, skiing, dine out and quiz night

Today the day started really early here at the camp: some of our students went on excursion in Geneva and Bern and some went up the mountain to enjoy the new fresh layer of snow that fell during the night and all day. This afternoon for most of them the choice was between….. Tonight a big group went on dine out in a typical swiss restaurant or for an italian meal in town, meanwhile most of our students were playing a fun quiz or a casino game (obviously without money!) to try the thrill of the gamble. Tired, happy and already thinking about tomorrow our students are now sleeping and recharging themselves for the next day!


After three days of snowy weather, today the sun rised up, and we enjoyed a beautiful day in Les Elfes. The kids woke up with an energetic breakfast with bacon, scramble eggs, bread and cereals to be ready for the Ski Race competition. Today they had the opportunity to show all that they learnt this week and their skills skiing and snowboarding. After the Ski Race they took the lunch in the mountain to restart with more ski lessons until afternoon.

At 16.00 they all came back to the campus, to take a relaxing shower and a recovery snack, with a yummy hot chocolate. For one group it’s time for language lessons, for other group it’s time to enjoy a bit of free time. They chose between go to the Village to do some shopping or to dine out with the new friends from the campus, but also they can stay in the campus playing some board games or chilling.

Between 18 and 19 they took the dinner, and then the night activity started. The kids went to Etolie Disco in Verbier to listen music and dance. The kids are satisfied and waiting for another incredible day.

8th January – Snow, Skiing, Rock Climbing & a trip to the Sports Centre

Snow has begun to fall here in Verbier so the skiing conditions were excellent and all the children were excited to get out on the slopes. Lots of groups have progressed up the mountain today which is great news and a real challenge to set their minds on. This afternoon a few children opted to go Rock Climbing in their free time whilst others chilled out at camp or wandered in to town for some shopping and dinner. Tonight after a lovely meal everyone took part in some fun and games at the sports centre, including Football, Basketball and Hockey!!