Wednesday 27th February. Skiing, snowboarding, flexi time and Scape Rooms!

Another sunny day today, lovely weather here in Verbier for our Medran kids. All of them enjoyed their fourth day on the slopes, improving their skills massively. After a tasty lunch up on the mountain, they came back to camp to drink a hot chocolate and eat some delicious snacks. After a warm shower they had plenty of time to choose a fun activity like going to the park, shopping or just relaxing and playing games at camp before the dinner started. At 7pm they had yummy Mexican dinner and then, all of them had fun with one of our Star evening activities: The Escape Rooms!

Before 10pm it’s time to bursh their teeth, put their pyjamas on and dream of the following day on the slopes.


Tuesday 26th February: Skiing, Languages & Dine Out!!

They rose up this morning with great energy, all excited to improve their skiing under the sun. They devoured their breakfasts and went down to slip into their boots and grab their skiis. Lunch was had on the mountain, and a few hours later, they made their way to the camp for a snack. Those who had languages, left for them shortly after, the remaining campers chose from a variety of activities. For dinner tonight nearly all went for Dine Out until late. They then made their way home from the restaurants and went to bed already looking forward to another day of skiing.

25th February – Skiing, Snowboarding, Free Time, Languages & Torchlight Walk.

Today all the children enjoyed their time on the mountain and really worked hard on improving their technique. They came back to camp with big smiles and a sense of achievement! This afternoon some of the children were back to their language classes, whilst others had fun in town doing some shopping, with their monitors or by themselves. Tonight after a tastey dinner all of us enjoyed a special birthday celebration with an amazing homemade chocolate cake. After that, all the children got wrapped up warm for a torchlight walk which they all loved and took in the amazing views of Verbier!

Sunday 24th – First Day Skiing and Snowboarding, Languages, Free Time & Sports Centre!!

Everyone on camp woke up to a beautiful blue sky in Verbier and the smell of bacon, eggs and pancakes cooking. After a scrummy breakfast all the children were downstairs ready to ski and snowboard, eager to show their instructors what they are made of! This morning the beginner students learnt all the basic skills to become great skiers and snowboarders like learning to turn and stop whereas our experienced individuals explored the mountain and jumped straight into parallel turns. This afternoon language classes kicked off whilst others ventured into town or chilled out at camp. Tonight we had an exciting evening at the sports centre playing loads of games and getting a little bit competitive!!

Saturday 23rd – Arrival Day, Ski Fit & Games Night

Today we have been busy welcoming new children throughout the day and getting to know all their personalities. A lot of the children were full of energy so we took them outside to play in the snow and have a go at sledging! After a welcome speech and a delicious dinner we fitted all the children with their ski’s and snowboards so they are all ready to jump into action tomorrow. This evening we chilled out and played board games as well as pingpong and table football.

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Thursday 21st february skiing, barbecue & disco night

What an amazing day in Verbier, the kids had a nice barbecue all together under the sun and enjoyed skiing with this unbelievable weather.  During their free time most of them went to do shopping in town or watch a movie at the camp or went sledging.

Tonight it was Disco night, everyone danced and spent a good time together.

Wednesday 20th: Excursion day + Skiing for Perin camp!!

Today our students had the choice between going on an excursion at The Charlie Chaplin Museum and skiing.

Most of them went on excursion, discover more about this iconic personality and then enjoyed an afternoon shopping in Vevey.

While others chose to go on the mountain and to get the most of it during their stay at Les Elfes.

“Après-ski” they could either make chocolate mousse, go to the village or play some card games.

At the end of the day, ice-skating was offered to them as an evening activity. The individuals went for Dine Out either to the pizzeria or the fondue restaurant for an authentic dining experience.



Tuesday 19th: Great skiing and The Cube for Perin Camp!

Another sunny day skiing in Verbier with a great lunch on the moutain.

Our students had plenty of options for their “après-ski” activities: they could either do card games, play “Capture the flag” in the snow, go shopping in the Village or chose a more relaxing activity such as watching a movie.


Tuesday 19th February: Skiing, Flexi Time @ Camp; Quiz Night!

Sunny and beautiful day here in Verbier starting with a delicious breakfast. Everyone went skiing or snowboarding and had lunch on the slopes. Coming back from skiing they had  flexi time with a variety of activities such as: shopping in town, sledging, card games or snowman building.

After a really good dinner the evening activities started.

For tonight at the medran campus we did a quiz night. The kids enjoyed themselves and had fun all together trying to answer all the questions. The Ideas kids went to the Perin campus to play an amazing game called “The Cube” with the other individuals and the Hartland school. Patana school and North London Collegiate went to the Sports Centre and played a number of ball games and more. The kids were knackered after that and they went straight to bed.


Monday 18th – Second day skiing and torchligh walk for Perin camp

Our students woke up quietly and ate a great breakfast in order to get plenty of energy for the day to come: bacon, variety of cereals and eggs were on the menu.

Another skiing day has passed remarkably. As expected the sun has been out all day and our students truly enjoyed it. They are becoming progressively more confident.

Tonight, our student had the surprise to do a real torchlight walk and to discover Verbier village in a totally different way.


18th January – Skiing, Snowboarding, Village and Torchlight walk for Medran Camp

We all woke up to another beautiful, sunny day here in Verbier. After a delicious breakfast all the children geared up for another day on the mountain, ready to follow their instructors and learn even more skills. A lot of the groups were working on perfecting their paralell turns and pole plants. This afternoon we offered a chance to head into the village or relax at camp, playing some games with their monitors, whilst a small group of individuals headed to main campus for a fun time of sledging with their peers! Tonight, after dinner we went on a torchlight walk, lighting up Verbier with our flamed torches and seeing the views by night.

Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th of February: Arrivals, Nice first day skiing and Sport center for Perin campus

Saturday 17th of February:

Plenty of individuals students arrived yesterday. They had the time to become familiar with the facilities and to play with the snow before they headed to the village.

After a sunny walk in Verbier, they came back to Perrin camp to enjoy an easy night and watch a movie.


Sunday 18th of February:

Today was the first day skiing and the first time ever for many. And they could not wish for a better weather. They have enjoyed a delicious lunch on the mountain and went back to the slopes.

After a great day skiing, they could choose their “après-ski” activities; the options were baking, sledging or snowman building. Some made amazing cookies while others had even more fun with the snow.

This evening, they went to the sport center and had fun playing bench ball and other collective games.

After such a day, all our students went happily to bed in order to get ready for another skiing day under the sun.

Sunday 17th – Ski day, arrival day and sports centre for Medran Campus!

We have been blessed with another beautifully sunny day here in Verbier. For those already on camp, it was another great day of skiing, and another tasty lunch on the mountain. After skiing, as the skiers came back and got ready for activities at the main campus, another school arrived at Medran to begin their Verbier adventure. The students who had just arrived unpacked, and had dinner at Medran Campus, whilst the others stayed at the main campus for their dinner. This evening we went to the sport centre for games and activities.

Saturday 16th – Excursion, skiing and movie night for Medran Campus!

It was a lovely, warm sunny day here in Verbier. Some of the students opted to go skiing and snowboarding on the mountain as normal, whilst the rest spent a day in Martigny, playing lazer tag! Everyone had such a funfilled day! After a busy day, the skiiers came back and relaxed whilst the lazer tag players visited the toy shop before joining the skiiers for a tasty dinner of duck and rice. This evening, the students had a chill night, some choosing to watch a movie, whilst others choosing to play card games.


Thursday 14th February: Valentine’s Day, Prize Giving & Disco!!

A bright and sunny morning welcomed the kids to another ski day. They cleaned their plates and put on their warm gear. Today was race day in La Chaux and everyone was buyzzing with nerves. It was followed by a BBQ at the bottom of the Snowpark which was as good as a feast. After their BBQ in the sun, they did their last bit of skiing and made their way back to the campus. Following that, they were all brought down to Le Chable campus for prize giving so they could all conclude their stay altogether in one location. Once the kids were awarded with their well earned medals and prizes, they had their dinner and quickly got ready for the DISCO! All dressed up they marched to the disco, danced their hearts out and before they knew it, it was time to head back. After all the excitement, they were ready for bed and off they went, for their last day of skiing awaited.

Wednesday 13th February: Skiing, Aquarium & Dine Out!!

Everyone got up at the usual time with half of the group going to the aquarium in Geneva and the other half skiing on this clear and sunny day. The skiers went to the 4 Valleys for the day so they brought a packed lunch to waste as little time as possible. When they came back to the camp, they had their snack and then relaxed while they waited for the ones who went on excursion to arrive. Once everyone was back, they showered and changed for the restaurant as tonight was “Dine Out” night. After a long and leasurely dinner in the Pizzeria, they made their way back to the camp. They tidied their rooms, brushed their teeth and slid into their beds.

Tuesday 12th February – Skiing, Snowboarding, Rock Climbing, Languages & Night Sledging

We all woke to a beautiful blue sky in Verbier, with the sun shining. After a cooked breakfast at camp, the children were all outside eagerly waiting to get the first gondola’s up. Conditions were perfect today and all the children pushed themselves to learn new skills and explore new areas of the mountain. Even our beginners are now practicing their parallel turns. Back at camp they were welcomed with some hot chocolate and tasty snacks before getting straight back into action with some rock climbing. Tonight, we all had great fun hitting the slopes again for some night sledging and some crazy races!

Monday 11th February – Skiing, Snowboarding, Ice Skating, Languages and Torchlight Walk

The snow was still falling here this morning whilst the children tucked into a huge breakfast. Out on the mountain the children thoroughly enjoyed skiing and snowboarding through the powder. They have learnt a lot of new techniques already and their instructors are very pleased with their progress. This afternoon a lot of the children went iceskating during flexi time whist others attended their language class. Tonight we all went on a torchlight walk, taking in the beautiful scenery of Verbier under the moonlit sky.

Sunday 10th February. First day skiing, language lessons and Sport Center

First day on the slopes for our campers! They woke up really excited about the day and all the fun they could have on the snow! For some of them also was the first day doing languages lessons and meet their teachers. After a yummy dinner all of them went to the Sports Centre to play games all together and know each other better. We are expecting a lot of fun during this week!

9th February – Arrival Day, Village Hunt, Snowman Building & Games Night.

This morning we had some extremely early departures and it was sad to see the students go. However, we were very excited to meet the new children and welcome them to our camp. After a quick ski fit the children were off into town to explore the shops and local area. Back at camp we played games and went snowman building! Tonight, after a delicious dinner some children watch a film whilst others continued to play games and get to know each other.

Friday 8th February. Last day skiing, excursion, Prize Giving.

Last Day for our schools here in Les Elfes, a lot of emotions are going on and sad goodbyes with the instructors and between the students. We are sure the memories they’ve build during this week will stay with them and also the friendships they made on the slopes.

Everyone got their ski and snowboard certificates and knew their results for the race of thursday.

We hope to see them back next year here in Verbier!

If you want to see all the pictures of the week click here!